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11-10 6:30pm Countdown to Kickoff

Nov 10, 2013|

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New Orleans Saints radio network and -- radio or dot com. -- -- -- -- fly floodlights official beer of the Saints Bud Light here we go Benjamin more -- doing it right cost less than doing it over. Also by. I hop restaurants everything you love about breakfast at AT&T the nation's fastest broadband network AT&T rethink possible. Louisiana homebuilders self insurance fund. Workers Cubs were hard workers. DMR southern recycling recycling to -- resources the support of New Orleans, Louisiana economic engine. So -- countdown and also drugs -- -- he's local sponsors. The all -- 2014 GMC Sierra truck. -- -- -- greater New Orleans GMC -- people's health is the official health plan of the New Orleans Saints and I BW local 130. -- -- -- M HM urgent care because great fans deserve great health care Winn-Dixie official cruise through the Saints. River -- disposal -- business stinks but it's picking up. -- -- -- Jewelers the exclusive jeweler of the New Orleans Saints. The cajun cannon take on today's game. -- -- -- New Orleans Saints radio network. Thank -- -- you -- a -- of -- countdown to -- -- the -- the Mercedes-Benz superdome where a couple of thousand New Orleans Saints. Open up the it's unique way against the Dallas Cowboys in prime time Bobby. What is the toughest ticket not only in town this season but across the NF Mayo. Through the first few weeks of the NFL's Vietnam with the season is that the hardest to continue to think that now. Yeah the people like it -- the Cowboys prime time. But this they are winners in prime time. That's all I know him and I just need to prove in the putting. If you look at this thing that you that the regular season our our our post season. The Saints have won nine consecutive prime time -- with these games. Now I'm gonna go one better they've won eleven. Including playoffs consecutive night -- home games. Mistake that one of that it straight at night if priest about it and I think about it night and they get it done the bottom line is you look at the average. Margin of victory. It's like 35 to fifteen I don't think we get away by that much -- -- keep it I think we'll win about a -- I think we're better than the Cowboys. But it -- -- -- 35. The fifteenth average margin of victory at -- what we've done in night games. You look at our own thing through the open accident in if he felt we needed to execute. Hope that Dallas cowgirls at 54 in and ask how -- 7:30 AM confident that the statement superdome. This will be the cowboys' first trip to the global -- superdome which it states that 2009. -- Dallas. And that to me if I'd be thirteen in those things efforts laws. To show you how relevant you all of continues to be tonight's contest. Will mark the fourth time in the last five meetings that the battle which means the two franchises. Will be on national TV. This I don't -- NFL Bulls balance the over the Perth have a disease in their ranks seventh offensively and that night he definitely. Making them one of only fourteen. Do you rate in the top ten in both categories. When you look at regular season history Dallas leads the series fifteen to stand but. And I save but you all of -- on the last June at seven at the last contests dating back in 1998. If you go even further in this series the last quarter but sit and think about this. The last one everything I do think that line nine out of thirteen games. But what -- apartment lately the Cowboys have lost -- the things lately that the bottom line. All of that at 53 reckoning -- has played in the superdome. Every car that won't shut out against the Cowboys. 28 to zero in 1989. I can't then head coach Jimmy Johnson. And quarterback Troy Aikman. And I think about this that was -- their first game in the NFL will always Jimmie Johnson. It Troy Aikman accomplished. In that game Dallas when it was held the blame rushing yards. We'll get a -- ironically last -- game vs the Vikings the -- I had a team bracket all of nine rushing it to him. With the things given up five Arctic cat right now. And running back and if you look at it which is ironically we've given -- the art that's -- -- bit last in the league. Running back DeMarco Murray averages four point eight yards. I would be shocked if he doesn't get -- -- twenty carries in the game against the things he does that help out normal. Earlier this season he rushed 175 yards and 26 carries. Vs the Rams. A lot I think it a lot like -- -- I'll be surprised. If both teams don't have -- -- when he felt that rush him and nothing you know the team went off and done. Even with both teams having great scoring offenses. It not passing attack to pick up down to which team can run the ball to stop the run. I think -- -- got tight game like last year 34 to 31 thing victory in overtime. Not only do the Cowboys have the one before last -- little -- they are also right about 31 against the path. If Crowell like gives protection. I think you go to -- that doubt that Dallas thing. Big team like in every game. Will win the turnover battle and that's going to be crucial to thank the plastics. That would definitely with the Cowboys applause then. Which is second in the NFL. You always circle which they talked about it yardage in the game. Well the thing special teams out there that would challenge of this season tonight trying to contain. Look at them with seventeen Dwayne Harris but the Cowboys who already had 86 yard. But return but I've done in ninety yard kick return. To go along with a fifteen yard. But return average and everything that all the time he averages fourteen yard. My return your pro bowler and -- average -- 35 yards a kick returns so. We anymore then the kicking out and -- and outlet Dwayne Harris returned those vehicle. That day you would also added Dunn. Tonight the things. Would have beaten the cowgirls -- actually believe. Me in a row. You know wrote that it was our. The bottom line it's just the way it I think I think it's got to writes that seven point. I think will win. Like thirty what won twenty or something like that coming up and -- we will we that was one of the all time greats now boys who attempt to -- tonight's game -- I'll bunt with -- on -- on next thing I -- negative makes sense you look of veterans they come and and what better. Represented at the naval academy at -- Dolphins. I mean it about old school. I mean I always know who he -- like. The original -- -- the original running quarterback and try to buy and make plays that is -- he could still throw the ball. He's about the only -- wild like it -- -- Well let's check out everything else that's happening in the NFC felt if we go on the road with -- think that that reporter -- here. -- -- the wheels are off and Atlanta the Falcons fall to two in seven. After being down. At the hands of the Seattle Seahawks. Refrigerant that left guard personal -- to receivers courtside. On. Third and goal from inside the one Paulson and I -- it's. -- town -- handful. An awful lot of life going on tonight. I save all Marshawn Lynch plumber yard now and the Seahawks. Stretched their lead to a it's been. The extra point made it 33 to ten Seahawks over the Falcons hail land out rise up. The Carolina Panthers out west today taken on the -- go 49ers -- come and who -- one week from today. Two of the hottest teams in the NFC battling it out right now I Candlestick Park. The winless Tampa Bay Buccaneers host the Miami Dolphins tomorrow night on Monday Night Football the bucks to get their first win of the season against the Dolphins team. That is been distracted by the Richey and -- you know Jonathan Martin's story all week Miami hey coach Joseph Philbin says. His team most -- together throughout the situation will find out tomorrow night and finally the Saints -- at home tonight taken on the team formally known as America's team the Dallas Cowboys new loans come off a loss last week in New York Jets the Cowboys. Sit atop the NFC east at five and four Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan will get a shot of the team they can him this past offseason Bryant says this is no grudge match. It's just I mean if I worry about every team is fired me MNL if I have a kind of a grudge every week so. You know we just this is a huge game it's a big game for for -- for both teams in and you know I mean hey that's what it is and that's what this board is in and people change scenes that you know it's they got to -- ice hockey coaches ship where they just keep changing every period. Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo excited about the chance of facing rob Ryan's. You know to bring a lot of different pressures and down. You gotta be able to period for a lot of different stuff so you know there are some new stuff set up for this game and we -- you prepared for when -- see it. I think we can expect a lot of points tonight the Cowboys are fourth any NFL averaging 28. Point six per game -- Saints are seventh. In scoring with 27 points per contest the Dallas defense ranked 31 in the NFL the Saints are ranked ninth four on the road any NFC south I'm Kristian garic. All the New Orleans Saints radio network. I Grissom and authority Christians actually -- -- 32 and it fills out that reporters he greets throughout the game problem on social media. It on Twitter at Christie Garrett want. Well I think any brought up how this -- hall describes the Falcons and let me tell you what if you're probably the coordinator. And you look at the best team in the NFL. Why you have to run the ball and you think well it's the hat you know pass happy leave him. But you have to attempt -- run. Knowledge that this is that then I -- the Cowboys right. And where teams whoever loses. If you look at the Falcons the Cowboys right now the average -- rushing attempts. Making nice you know I think we need to be somewhere. In the high one equally six to 29. And help out Drew -- while he's not throw the ball 4550 times. We're here the Cowboys get one before last at -- -- time to -- in the league in rushes per game only at the Falcons. -- at the Falcons have run the ball fewer times at eighteen at halftime of the game you look now look at these teams. The Pittsburgh Steelers. Run the ball what at what time easily the Giants -- wanting to. The Falcons Steelers and the -- all glory -- this -- it -- what their record is there were all good things. I'll tell you gotta get that run the ball it helps out your quarterback and not put it all upon their shoulders. And and that is the winning formula if you got to have balance now the Saints are not getting it done as far as average. We got at least a tenth -- run the ball they can't help the defense. And talking about a winning formula. Tonight we get a witness a ring Nevada. Tonight's contest against doubtful market debut of the team's ring of honor that will pay tribute to form a player that administrators I've played. Significant role -- on the field and off the field in the franchise's history. This -- that introductory class. They'll recognize at halftime tonight. Before -- nationally televised audience. In an article class of 2013. It -- of Archie Manning. Quarterback Archie Manning linebacker Rickey Jackson. And I think the best most dominant player State's history of the tackle Willie role. So they can at halftime. And recognize those great -- players and our contribution. -- the volatile we've launched a ring of -- and we happening that night at halftime. It's all right today's game is being delivered by the satellites and if it's a transmission provider to the Saints radio network called the satellites and at 5044660s. To brought it to a sports. -- -- -- -- -- Radio network studio food delivered five written at least pizzeria dine in or take out delivery reds and at least beat Serena is the time. For the game -- in Dallas Cowboys committed five and boy know who their losses maybe as it is -- presidents. Some of their wins a walk -- also undefeated Kansas City at three pong balls. To be -- Denver Broncos coach teams have a combined record of legal sixteen and no one on the season so. Then they went they were tough with the two best teams that record wise though right at the top along with Seattle and yet there. Well they'll listen. The Cowboys -- -- an ankle update you playoffs and you just never know. And -- it's comical about the Cowboys. When they. We knew that you are Cowboys fans and you all excited and I think we've turned around you know break your heart. Yeah what about the Cowboys were you don't think they could do anything. They can beat anybody. I think got to happen in 2913. You know got we got the Cowboys have -- bit dangerous team. But the expectations -- -- they had the NFC east right now so they'll probably live -- I'm not down. It's nothing I would expect things to happen but the Cowboys. They don't happen it's got a bit -- that it can't handle the pressure not only that you want players that can handle the pressure. And I don't know poverty as last time it was 32009. It would hurt any kicked aren't you got a -- markets where. Yarder that -- that where. Now that's what I respect. He has only behind Reggie White it took a 113. Games. To become does that second fastest player. To reach a hundred sacks. Reggie White didn't that you -- this class Reggie White did in 96 games. With its unbelievable the get dollars that the markets where it didn't hurt at thirteen. Submitted a Buffalo Bills -- 115. Jared Allen Vikings did -- -- 122 and Lawrence Taylor. With that giant body is -- -- that largely to -- Now there's no way you all golden -- -- come on keeping Charles rocket block DeMarcus Ware no way so coach Peyton. Have to utilize this team whether it's been tight ends. Yet for the help and about other running back where are you almost have to catch the market square off balance. And maybe I hit a minute can't -- indicated he shot. Where he cut his hand. -- -- Yes that those kind of things to get and because if you leave one on one against solid round. Notes -- is gonna get him a lot. That's -- got to make so be it that is the cat and mouse game with a capital markets where. Well early this week we caught -- -- saint -- it's more to give his take on tonight's game against them. Glanced back home in the dome primetime Sunday night big game and the Dallas Cowboys. Fusion. You know it's a great opportunity for us that not only play on national television with a huge audience but to give back right on track. -- -- -- went. Granted when you had a difficult loss -- -- his name is costing me means not just put that behind this is mainly seventies before we -- nick on the field again absolutely I mean at best it's every game is you can't wait to get back out on the -- -- -- and showed the serve much better team and you -- the -- time in. I'm the best part of business -- you learn from it and and you move forward what are some things you see on tape and Lance defense and it is doing to try and throw you guys off you have to do tonight. What they -- their a lot of different looks they do some different things they dropped safeties down in the boxing. Have a lot of eight man fronts up there that you know to try to stop the run and I'm healthy got to give us some some you know some opportunities down the field to make some big plays and doesn't have to block them up and -- coming -- -- -- nineties -- had a tribute -- what were you a Cowboys -- and -- not at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Management you can have some weeks back in the rotation where would you say you on them on to his game against Dallas health wise. I feel great. You know I can't really give your percentage. You know mom's close to a hundred as I've been all season right now and I'm just rated go out there compete and excellence planes -- tee project. He's one of the greatest players ever break play the game a college football hall of fame at a Pro Football Hall of Fame eleventh seed in the things that broke both the one who will both. -- that's not a welcome and a great ride to stop by Roger thank you so much for joining us our. Not a great spirit being here. Was so much success this franchise can't get to -- if you Walden dropped out of -- I'm not a cowboy fans. When he -- -- it brings back a lot of effort. Not -- brings back great memories and memories for me two lane stadium and seven the 71 and 71 season and then we came back in the -- superdome and and won two Super Bowls there and I go to Florida and I don't feel the same as we lost the Steelers there are so. New Orleans as the first thought that's a great city and we we had some really. Very important games in the history of the Cowboys. Now -- you look at both quarterback that's been through everything Tony Romo you look at a number of categories. Throughout their career since 2006 city this season that there are ranked in the top five look at it. You know the quarterback touchdown interception differential. Since 2006. Drew Brees is -- behind. Tom Brady and then you got Tony Romo. Behind at those guys and Aaron Rodgers Peyton Manning I mean sometimes. I don't know because that gets them in a microscope playing in Dallas. Then maybe Tony Romo gets a lot of flack because I'll look at it this talk about -- about -- and afford water right now he's fifth in the league with a 114 and a half. Fourth quarter passer rating that you look throughout his career he has the highest. Then not one of the highest the highest all time. -- water quarterback rating and a record of three. That's ahead Aaron Rodgers Ron Amadon. Tom Brady so why is it that people look at Tony Romo as the Joker in the fourth quarter when you look at that if not the numbers. Well it's at its that they they have really. Pick on a few things that don't look at the big picture and Tony wrong when you look at the big picture is one of the really fine quarterbacks in the National Football League and you know it's a lot of it's you know grated on playoffs and you don't get the playoffs without him right team effort and Tony is is a winner and he's you know -- When he lost. Denver 51 the 48 he had he a magnificent football game at five touchdowns and be an interception at the end and they blame game on Tony Romo and not everybody -- this year's installment group that don't. Quite see the big picture we're lucky to have a quarterback like. The great route to stop by the witness of veterans day weekend rock and a lot of stuff going on you've been here doing a lot of things meeting with those in the service. -- of about the salute to service program your photo. While the US today is. Is that official appreciation sponsor. With for veterans with with the National Football League and I had I've I've been involved with USA since -- graduated the Naval Academy I was a member and they ask me to have helped represent. What the great things are going in football in including me colleagues in the army navy game responsibly army navy game and now they have a real strong partnership the NFL and you just lose the services is a big part of it then. And you know like the cards -- You know thank you better thank you military here being around the league this year. So there they're doing a lot of really good things honoring veterans that a lot of NFL games and I get to go to one -- one or two of them a year. Using that been in Dallas but with the Cowboys here or ones I I get the privilege to be some betterment -- -- -- After we. We get finished talking to QB with the veterans downstairs and I have dinner down there now. So it's it's a great program with great depth partnership with the USA in the NFL. And it's it's just it's so important to honor veterans this is you know this it's veterans day weekend them. The it's a volunteer service them what they do for us. Put their lives at stake. Wounded Warriors they lose or arms or legs that loss. There we lost better lives on and on behalf this country and saluting veterans. It's great to see how how much we've come around since Vietnam as far as are better -- I USA. Is. And I've been a fantastic. Sponsor along with the the NFL. And the more information on how the US a in the NFL saluting our military all the time throughout this veterans day weekend. You can busy nfl.com. Slash from the and Roger wrote what you look at what you brought to the table at the quarterback you know you look at Disney and they -- threat quarterbacks. They look at it individuals that can make plays at their feet. And I'll -- -- pass the football. I mean -- get the name -- -- not different but nothing personal outlook it. What you did as a young blog and I'll watch that you -- part in ideal could extend plays. Did you pattern your game. After that maybe being that mobile quarterback or you just that are threats that are just let instincts take over. Well I was I was a running quarterback at navy and coach -- put up with me and put some running plays in and I I had the instincts to run in and I -- how to run them and it. I need defense as they say hey you know we're we're gonna get give him a few runs that they hated to see quarterback runs and you have one of the great -- here to -- Archie Manning and prior choose. Just because if you would end up the Cowboys I would agree with the -- and I think we -- -- we would have been. Still good quarterbacks but he would have had a better I have better better team around -- and he went through a lot of coaches but he was a runner to end in -- to scramble them in and made things happen and the fact that you couldn't you know you can still hit receivers. Until balls in the air so once they. Once they change that rule them buying time for quarterback this. The people are going to be open downfield so. The the mobile quarterback you're not gonna make your living running but it sure helps that you know have a run -- you could make -- play now and then. And move around and there's in the cap for Nixon Russell Wilson's -- arching threes RG three. Probably slowed down a little bit when he got hurt last year yet but it's still it's still. It is it's still as important to be able to be it even if you're in the pocket getting hit instincts to move the right to left like Peyton Manning and and if you can you can buy time in the NFL. It's it's it's very helpful especially. You know quarterback and find receivers open down field isn't he can't hit -- past five yards throughout the night. Brock has and through Monday Night Football look for the U is eight -- and Theo giving up all sorts of -- and they'll be -- -- thank you guys disrupted Spain's. They can be seen saluting all US military on this veterans' day weekend for more information. Go to nfl.com. Slash salute -- to stop -- thank you so much for the time we appreciate. You know thank you thanks for coming up after the game not it's a locker room so. And -- point out there with Bobby a bit eating seafood the world famous for its what -- you -- the sound off with the case again. On tonight's game. Well we'll go inside a Mercedes-Benz superdome which on now Bob ball -- -- and saint commanders hope outside could even help. Do they mean -- I know you and Bobby -- young and Roger Staubach you know there but. Eat your heart -- a little bit deep that you he'd let -- in my head that my chair while he was doing that he'll. The area I. You know you guys had the privilege of talking to -- -- one but I don't think I'll watch the headsets again. I thought you know OK you know it don't matter we talk about a guy like Iraq to stop -- -- -- what would -- he -- have -- a college football hall of Famer. Pro football hall of my mind you know you want full five Super Bowls with that -- Pittsburgh you want to New Orleans but. -- -- -- -- country it don't matter way he's probably would be who we play book you can respect the man like that. -- wrong -- well they think that is ludicrous that it's just the reception. I mean he's what football glared down at my daughter day. And I don't know that well but he's that much of an outstanding citizen you know that he's truly. Really he's made the issue proud nordic trying to protect the NFL shield it and get better Rockets over. He had a you know real quick. Heavy heat up here talking all of -- in the -- like. We don't we will talk we play against the Cowboys didn't I hear topped the UFC one and only -- good visit when everybody what a very genuine man he is. No doubt that anyway I just thought I'd pass it on you guys to panic -- and to the the Saints Cowboys game which was at the last thing he said when he walked Johnny he interacted look they'll take any young today it -- -- dilemma cowboy but. And I think that kind of brings up the point yet. Then I'm trying to make here is that nobody has given Dallas a chance in this ball game we all know what they're optics has done but. They just they look at that defense is that they just cannot hold up against Drew Brees in the tank top and well. And we've certainly seen in the eighth game -- the -- to play that you know you go out there and you could force the Saints in the mistakes there's there's no. Overlooked in the fact that the -- -- -- line is not very good you can put pressure on Drew Brees in you can. Hurry him in the throat I've noticed here the last couple weeks they're locked down that -- Mike stepped drop back in the pocket and he's playing from the standpoint of they've really know urgent. Reason to get rid of the foot volley he's not give them my right we can kind of see him get a little bit. Harvard because those guys have been in space and they had been pound the name. Here over recent weeks in -- my point of all -- is that you know certainly this the Saints team is not gonna overlook. The Dallas Cowboys but. I don't I just don't think that people across America need to be overconfident with the -- just because they -- helmets out against that Dallas defense. That no doubt -- -- -- roll over and do nothing and with the market where coming back. Today we I mean he'll be the best are one of the best fans -- that -- thing to paste it here. They had marry only him their couple -- knowing he would -- too much but. I don't look for this thing to be at one sided and maybe some people think it's going to be because. Dallas' top fifty but not a huge number Tony Romo played some good football. They don't run the football just like we don't run the football. I do think our defense is better and I do think the -- probably have a better overall team but. I certainly don't see this in the run away in. That's not really what you know that I think all the other pundits across the nation are I think you need to be a runaway. I think it vehicle ball game but. All you need for the Dallas defense and for those guys in a couple of breaks -- dislike it gets defense did last week in. They can stay right in this ball game in. You know this this stretch of four ball game that despite -- not going to be very few the next month. And I hope you bring up at that defense that now I heard this at the midway point right now. You wanna talk about and I it will become a household name -- -- continued this. Is that the Cowboys middle linebacker Sean Lee now this is the Cowboys -- that the statistics. But they have right now I think he has 87 solo tackles. A 112 total. Five tackles while laws. And he can pass coverage has four interception six passes that ended. You know we take a look equally. From the Carolina Panthers practice we'll look at a party niners. We you can be looking -- wanted to verify bags in the NFL it's only Woody Dominic cowboys' defense in a pocket recall that he was hurt last year. Again this thing still you we got to get wanted to advance and especially their lead on their -- -- -- side. And Bobby certainly those numbers. Indicate it and really that would be a solid season for some people. Those numbers that you -- they gave out right there so I mean -- that young man plays and some outstanding football now. I'm not listed here and say that he's the best of a bad lot but if it would ever. It. If it is that makes him that the player that he had you know waited like -- -- At least in my mind -- but -- was talked about keep a car when the Saints got him. Going into the trap on people that let it seemed like he makes all the the tackles with a the Texas defense in knockout well that because he's the best of a bad lot knowledge because he is actually that good. And that could very well be the case with Stanley is that he did -- feel better than everybody else on the Dallas defense. And now oh -- in advance of the advance and I think it's going to be a challenge that you can recall. Last year now I heard he got epidural. And that being wide receiver Dez Bryant hurt his back all jacked up. Now I got shot up a number of times -- I've never had a epidural -- alive. Who had four tickets he's had an epidural but I never had one but I hurt death cry tonight got an -- girl -- you looked to me at no point. Did you think show any ability to stop Dez Bryant last year and now right now if you look at him in the midst of a breakout season. He -- this thing -- nine catches 224 yards two touchdowns. Now well -- rob Patrick Robinson. Out those 224 yards allowed 198. Now to me that's going to be -- also. What is Keenan Lewis. Do we get to get Bryant because you look right now he's yet to allow more at four receptions. Or 44 yards in any game this season now I -- Johnson. Detectives had success against him in the pre season. But I know like times' Rob Ryan puts you lose one don't want it Dez Bryant throughout the week -- in those that do. So -- interested to see Woody does act up again there's Bryant. If you know Tony romo's gonna go to considering. He's had his best game ever in NFL history as far as heat goes against the thing. Yet and Bobby I heard the same thing that you heard about the epidural so you know it just snapped but. Figure that whoever is getting any information now than it corrected even if it's not that makes a good story line. You know it. And I have heard you several times talked about what Andre Johnson did -- -- in him in the -- appears he -- right yet but you know I mean that I recall watching that game everything up it -- like to think we're doing anything deep offensively right. You know -- you weren't getting -- phone lines could be jamming guys coming off the coming off the ball game. -- warrant you know kind of one of those preceding game that -- the regular season right around the corner gonna save myself make sure I don't get hurt so. Yeah I mean not all that stuff. It was correct you mean not great got to did have a big night but I don't think that -- Lewis. Was playing he was just playing good defense that was Kolb. On that particular night OK okay -- plan he had basically don't do anything they Christian back and I had that the discussion little while ago. Is that it might be a situation where. Maybe Rob Ryan in this game he gets Mikey Keenan Lewis -- in the entire game because he'll -- got that. The late the most long -- and -- but I always talked about that he's obviously the guy that has the best match yup. Again it's been -- bright side I can probably ability last now. Yeah I mean it be no reason to put Jabari Greer against him because -- right from the get go he's got that. Obvious size mismatch though. And we'll see when the game starts but it would surprise me if Rob Ryan you're stuck him one on one whoever did Franco that's where you don't keep him -- I'll write it thanks guys -- you guys now earlier this week Saints out of Puerto Christian -- visit with big deciding Jimmy Graham -- they call that night matchup against Dallas. They're pretty it's pretty big day. Considering Dallas moves and stuff on offense. You know -- phenomenon -- it's -- really giving him. You know you can never know what to expect to take into -- program this week in. Newman's -- in my grosser or really needs him everything's -- pro players and I'm here and there have a game plans are cigars -- of the game so I mean you can ever. Never expect anything that you know you guys handle this week to an awful last week as far as going back to. They're cutting out the mental errors in his -- have played you guys offensively. And you know we do we did what we do every -- who's there every time we lose we come in here and then we look and Amir crowd ourselves I individually and then as a team and and try to correct those mistakes you know you can. You obviously can't win against fresh on the road when you have come -- through those nine penalties and and when he had whenever you have turnover like ourself. I mean we have to do all that we cancer it's a correct those mistakes as soon as possible and when you look at Dallas on someone is in the rush and defense that. -- do they do well. Won't Wear suits him -- he's and he's a monster. You know are putting in some of -- gospel for years and then you'll just two years as a player in. -- -- you -- he'll make plays you know you know he's gonna do something to disrupt what you're trying to do so. And we'll have to know he's out and and their middle linebacker fifty thing. He's a great player and he really is to watch him on film his. You know his activity worries you know. You know his AB and his ability to cover tight ends -- feeling I think she's. And I think he's a great player. -- -- Saints ninety degree. Well they -- that you look at it and you're going to be looking at the best I -- in and an NFL and NFL history realistically when you look at it. The top receiving a close by NFL tight ends in the last three and a half seasons. It's been not normal want Jason Witten at the cowboys'. -- with Jimmy Graham. Witten had the 34 receptions Graham had two to 33. But Graham had thirty touchdowns to Witten eleven. On the reds don't Jimmy Graham been happiest now you look at just repeating the football. Whether you're a receiver or running back. Wes Welker is one Calvin Johnson alliance make -- front and Brandon marshall's three then you got. Jason Witten or it Jimmy Graham five the big in the top five -- -- NFL receiving the ball so you benefited he would JC Whitney Jimmy Graham do tonight. It's not -- take a look at the resident as a -- buddy and -- we talked about this for the last few weeks the only thing keeping him from being a playoff team with us the most thought what the date. They fall behind and zero in the game wanted to hit no run hold sentences go to two point nine yards a play. In a 151 yards total offense. Here come the Carolina Panthers in my I think we all would agree they all -- -- theology in here to vote behind you computers like I mean -- put a lot of pressure on you to continue -- Along with two solid yeah I'll be in Atlanta but the most impressive what that was. If I would -- give you an opportunity you get it in one offensive line in pro football today. I think most people would hit it happened just -- on -- on an offensive line who helped build from that unit. They get get what you did it all over the fact I'm the optimal and it would have been missing -- -- -- But at Carolina corked his bat but there aren't part of out there and let Kolb couldn't -- there all well and manhandled. You've got offensive linemen at the pro football. Are within everybody who won for the score a lot of points will be those who will be a good. But we haven't -- he didn't surprise me which often. With Kolb as the Golden Globe with the 49ers that you are not open the -- -- I'll let you blow up the game everything low. You're not well impolite and so you know you walk good football team it. I'm not have a matchup will welcome them and you're going to be ample wide. That's sticking it in the box with say that I hope you guys out for the -- it report of I'd peak in your timing was perfect right there I was just handed the inactive for today in the tank -- game injury report. It brought you back to -- institute of sports medicine for the athletes in all of us now. You're enacted for the Dallas Cowboys Miles Austin Morris Claiborne JJ Wilcox. Dovonte Holloman Darren leaned Andre Smith and Jason Hatcher. The inactive for the Saints today Ryan grip and Malcolm Jenkins Kerry Robinson rod sweeting Roman Harper to Ron Armstead and -- Walker. And that to saint pregame injury report brought you back to playing instituted sports medicine for the athlete in all of us I. Oh thank you very much movement make it NFL analyst Mike the team might not always close that was his take on the Saints matchup but I also around on the -- -- go to San Diego and snakes on a Penske target team they come away with that victory 42 point we talk about is that the article he threw. But the things the way it looks right now. Under the current structure in a failure probably look at it may be a thirteen. Maybe a fourteen win team. That will play on the road. It is the first round of the playoffs. Whoever loses the AFC went between him but he can't the -- -- -- yet. It was 81 Kansas City no. You play twice over the course of the fateful week. Yeah I'd be cute and got up -- almost that you look San prince's -- yet of the same scenario. And that's not gonna change I mean that you you basically. You all. Don't want that division when it -- that home game it's not right but it -- -- one of the system that you gonna happen right on likelihood. And it went thirteen games and and into that yet but when you then you got to just play one home game on the rest -- that's not fair that the that we -- median of well. Now Mike looking at the Cowboys beat and then the challenges. This thing or anything. And not necessarily household names but they -- about production. And a lot of things where economic -- but maybe just a number fifty. Jahri Evans says all of those that would -- he makes a lot of plays for them. Where did -- are dropping back and that's linebacker Sean -- right now is first in the NFL. With ninety tackles. But four interceptions and you look at the Cowboys keep it. They've been very opportunistic -- -- also scored four touchdowns. You know we try to get one you know we -- that oval like you know we at seven with a touchdown that you kind of look at it we think we ratio. The Cowboys -- only behind -- I paused the game on -- week who are let's say. But now we're plus six for the public have been very very opportunistic. And not that Beckett yucky today plus one applause -- I think. With a minus category. That's diluted form against the Cowboys. I agree with you and listen to on the lead. When you think about the Cowboys the markets where it comes to mind immediately. But it is the second best players on -- Smart instinctive all the around the football he's a playmaker and make everybody around him a much better football player. And we've seen more people would come out we merged with Carolina. He's not moved out right at that level he went but you don't why not right below what it means that football weather and on the oh well that is technically over -- -- people other than -- himself. Oh yeah you know not that -- -- go to -- but given how beat up a spot on the money you can come alone nobody likes to run -- comfortably. So it's going to be yet but in the rhythm -- so -- -- spent so long. How much less suited to get on to lead as mentioned -- but they don't want on his team but what you do all season long. Not a given that. Now Mike if you look at any gains any good come down the field goal when you look at the parity. Garrett Hartley. And this great erode any kind of repeat themselves. And outdoor conditions and kicks his long. In his career 55 yarder. But then you look on the flip side of things like every week. You look at full make full. With the Jets have been now you look at Dan Bailey -- he's dealt with the Cowboys. -- sixteen of eighteen field goal attempts. But he made four for five from fifty yards on board and well the last year the game and all the time at 34 to 31. So it's almost you don't want it to come down the aware of their kicker can have you know game winning kick but more likely gonna make it. Bob thing about it is one of the was the one that got addicted it. Because -- fullback at the other with the Cowboys Connecticut and -- And don't. It's rare that they put upon one particular thing welcome none out in the -- -- You love about and kicking indoors nearly went in really. Haven't quite I'll buy it but now you put him indoors at the end I think that we wanted the public you know uncle might actually. But when I was up in what beaten but the -- -- -- -- -- But obviously don't know. You not been the same hype you don't belong but he didn't win the golden door. We're focused on was joking with him and looking -- not with the -- one player like wanna. But I think you're on the road you don't -- -- -- act like that night it'd be critical. On the -- on the -- -- one -- -- got home this in this camp didn't in the pit equipment and I'm not. I it was a predicts. Or one -- and I couldn't. Outscored. All right at my day on Butler and Mike if you are now it's time to take a look at today's opponent the other five and boy Dallas Cowboys go behind him in mind we -- it with France -- avoid the Dallas Cowboys have -- -- baseball clubs have play makers on both sides of the ball both offense and defense. And the similarities -- -- -- would run the football but it will have winning records the Duke do we make too much of how much you have to run the football maybe vs. We knew need to run the football with -- look at some of the Saints gained. Only twice and hit the hundred -- off we we have -- if you know -- the other six. However it's -- -- some of those games we ran the ball effectiveness is made effectively double also picked it up with him real well. Yeah I first of all -- -- -- you guys didn't have enough my nonsense on Monday that you won this event secondly. Yeah you know -- -- -- honestly what I think about that is that I think the problem is with us. I think those of us who are older than probably about 25 or thirty. We start we are accustomed to watching the football we grew up watching this thing that. And so. Like that the the Dallas team. All we've talked about all week. On the talk shows and I just went through this with our pregame guys and it's all the balance -- the Cowboys handed the ball off eight times. Eight times. Don't even try don't even insult my intelligence by handing it topic that just dropped back and throw the damn ball every time and if I'm Rob Ryan I'm telling my defenders. When you see that play fake the first guy that bites he sit next to me so don't even pay attention to it but the but but the reality is. That's us that's not. These guys who are playing and coaching today and today you and it's been this way for a little while you know third and one's a passing down. So I think that the the problem is that we. Have to readjust. The way we view these things I still think and I'm gonna continue to think that if you can run. You can then pass. When you don't want to but. In the saints' case. They've got Drew Brees they can do with is like to think that if they've got 980. And 43. Then they can do pretty much whatever they wanted to whenever they wanna do and not everybody has that Dallas doesn't have that. But Dallas has got some good players and the fact is if you didn't if you took the emotion out of it you took the that the things that we do know out of it and you just put numbers down on the alarmingly similar. And both of them are have as you say that got winning records that are leading their divisions. And they're doing it without even really writing to run the ball I think the Saints have a much more personal Arsenal. -- runners and obviously Ingram had some health issues and and if he's healthy then you know they've got two or three different styles I'm not sure the Cowboys have that but neither one. -- -- -- -- -- -- Me relevant -- that that we eat curry Robinson activated. This week given him every opportunity. He can't hold Chris Ivory jock in the fans are frustrated. No doubt that they're etiquette that we can say here's the problem -- has Darren Sproles who am I I get that the problem the fans here. Is that their watch and SEC football everywhere. That adds up at the fans and. Dallas are watching big twelve football every week and that's like watching it spread a high school football conference USA are they all bracket conference whatever the hell it is. But when you watch SEC football everywhere that you expect to see men knock each other down and brought -- ball in play all that stuff that we he. Grew up watching and knowing his football and that's not what the game is today so the problem I am becoming convinced. Is not with the game it's not with the players it's with us and we got to the end the way we look at. -- now but Brad I think you approach cable line. Dallas it if they don't give DeMarco Murray an opportunity. To have at least when he carries now the realize -- that not an -- healthy years. But if he's healthy -- look didn't I mean against the Rams get a 175 yards in September the 22 -- not -- -- -- that. The states right now he'd definitely peaking right at faster. -- -- bad defense but they're dead last. In large -- -- have -- given up five yards a carry. I think it copilot just they help out normal this year and -- done I do do and that's why -- I I did the tech. Is Rangers baseball games for three years. When they when they won their first division in the late Johnny Oates was the manager and every day. After the next day after the game we go down before batting practice and I'd -- and I'd say it was the last night how come you did this since it and he would look at me and he would say. Well that's why I'm down here in Europe there. And -- so I feel the same way you do shame on them but last week they played Minnesota. And I watched the Minnesota Green Bay game the week before and I looked at that tape. And I saw what the Green Bay running backs did now that's a team that's all Aaron Rodgers and right where we saw a great reminder of that today. But I saw what the Green Bay running backs did against Minnesota and I said in our pregame show. It if I am a Dallas running back having watched that tape I'm lining up in the offensive coordinators opposite I want some of that. And they handed off eight times. Well I'm you know I -- a shame on them yes absolutely shame on them and probably at the end of the night. Win or lose I'll be -- in shame on them -- and. Now brag you know what's great about that I'll hit it it just did it did that all of the Florida has not looked at those rushing attempts -- last year against the Vikings. You -- up our part of head coach Jimmy Johnson Troy Aikman's first game. We've beat him when he had that -- difficult to Bobby I was here I remember that you don't operate that out. Because the novel exactly rushing yards and only hit it -- But I haven't thought Jimmie Johnson will only about the politics guys but that reminded me because -- the Cowboys only have ignited him against the Vikings. But by -- look at that to me. And all of a valuable thing. Now the only thing I can say that I look at what he's accomplished. And -- numbers and everything and I'll look at the best that event. That is because he has not won a playoff game or water bowl championship would you look at top five passing categories. Vulnerable -- out there with the Tom Brady and Brees does. Aaron Rodgers -- Manny that the world him and Philip Rivers might be the best quarterback that ever won anything. But they have the numbers and a lot of fans -- be shocked. Would you look at that and I don't wanna hear it Bobby they don't -- -- -- -- the best passer rating in the fourth water. Is Tony Romo a full time that yes that type of all time about how about this in in. In the land since 1950. Of all quarterbacks with a minimum of 25 starts. There's one quarterback who's got a better winning percentage in the month of November Otto Graham. Well -- That's it it's Otto Graham Tony Romo. Bobby Layne well outfield the Brady's fifth. I can't remember the -- that I mean it's that yeah it's all of that stuff and if remember what they said about Peyton. Before he won a Super Bowl yeah. And and it drew hadn't won one. Then they would be saying the same thing but -- hands and today we measure quarterbacks rightly or wrongly. Not by what they've done in all these games -- their sweat more and blatant form prepared more. We measure quarterbacks. By what they've done when the regular season's over. And Romo has not produced results. When the regular season was over and no one cares why. It's on the quarterback and that's his relatives and -- and it and you know what he gets sixty million dollars to put enough that it's actually the. He is the cause of the Dallas Cowboys Braves Sam Brandt thank you so much for Thomas outweigh the other -- that. He had a great Thanksgiving. All right you too and nobody coming up after the game tonight your chance to go along with the -- to -- Bobby hit the ball enacted the easy food in the record. All the -- with -- -- time. He's thirty I've been 35 minutes to go between the Saints and the Cowboys turn down the sound it sit at the New Orleans Saints radio network. Well earlier this week Saints out of Puerto Christie Garrett caught up with Saints up at the Miami Jahri Evans to get his take on playing the Dallas Cowboys. -- I'm sure you guys are in pretty sick of answering this question went. Guess the three easiest way to protect Drew Brees is there more run plays some that is simple as that. Didn't know you know it's. It would help. You know definitely you know having to balance the weird you know do you design isn't just enough to conduct a few get off the ball you know just ten years that just just run to pass rush. That is definitely help. But you know every game has a flow of his own and when you have until -- just when your body changed your round please don't wanna get to those changes just chucking the ball -- afternoon. We found ourselves in the we'll do more of those situations last week we went to green. I think after we three -- yes. You know keep preaching or anything with the running -- -- not giving contract I'm cool now or halfway through the season can you starting and get a better picture of why. You know I think we're starting to a better pitcher than what pleased you run well and will -- formations we run those plays well out of you know so I think we were doing that a little bit. And no assists. During game means you know you got to have. All ten guys. -- know doing their job one guy can mess up your running game fascist. This is how it is especially an office I think you know when guys breakdown cars not in the right gap where -- -- a proper leverage or. -- -- don't have the proper thing on their guy and it takes a run that's supposed to go this way in the -- goes that way you know and all rest aspect that was so. You know it's just something that. You know we have had to be better at it work harder at it and you know this is just so we easily controlled and we control our pad level you know how dumb that we are on the line of scrimmage. There are you know different things we do have is no different formations we complete -- pass or run we just you know how to percent. Run out of this formation or -- on me that I opus I'll put. Then the main focus is just lineup and some learn about. -- every season has its ebbs and flows through its ups and downs you go through no. For five straight wins a couple of losses. How do you guys handle this one here. You know to -- last three guys have dropped but from then this is one of those those valleys if you -- Yeah you know boom. You have those situations green and delusional to. Last two practices this to a tough but the thing is discussed and of course you know we can't -- in his second guessing ourselves -- Saying no -- you know you know. Just not -- what we can do you know I'm in the trying to real good. You know because Russa has six into a position and reserve guard -- in and win and that's our objective you know. Just dwindled down when the drive and ultimately win a quarter when games so he's our -- -- just continue to do things and trust in our abilities that we do well -- Mexican. You've been around a long time Dallas so the only thing about the Cowboys in the war -- -- has been pretty -- -- last you know eight years or so you have some good games. And not the soft we were on and -- -- year we were undefeated. And you know we found a way to win a couple of times down there so there's some pretty tight close games and is there one of those teams that. You know. They come to bring this question you know primetime -- have been known. And you know there -- vocal charge interest -- for sure eulogized Dallas thank you. -- Saints -- -- the manager every well the there was because Dominik based on that discouraged and right now. And the reason why has the turnaround because of who truly can have a special season. I still have the belief. They get developed to stop the run so life and built to run the football if you look right now. We averaged a 3.3 yards a carry that's at the bottom of the I don't know what. I'm 27 28. You know we had like 75 yards rushing and then we also given up five yards a carry. That's -- last part tip I'll stretch is getting after the quarterback in pass defense. But if you look at it and realistically different teams are structured different ways. But I think we'd be even more deadly. And we definitely not only a top ten. -- -- right now we're number seven we used to being it -- used to being in the top five. We've been number one. If we can run the ball. We were -- and off -- -- the sixth best rushing attack. Global year and obviously -- -- did you -- -- with -- in 2011 but if you look right now. -- they have gone and NFL long 12 games. Without a hundred yard rusher the last running back. The top hundred yards with Pierre Thomas who got a 110 yards against Carolina in week two last season. -- to think what its -- 2009. They have had only 4100. Yard rushers in 56 games. And that that's very disappointed. And three of those were by Chris Ivory who belong here obviously. You rest on -- yardage book the past three games but the Jets and you get to you can have that guy. On board instead Mark Ingram. I don't know I think we messed up as far not keeping Chris Ivory didn't matter where you drafted. But you look at as the AFL and NFL merger in 1970. Only two players gained more rushing yards in their first appearance. Against the former team that RB dedicate you won't. Now the coming out game Chris Ivory was initialed the Saints should it get me. We need the line of fire whether it's an Ingram Pierre. Because I'm talent. -- the Fareed god is coming to town. Having to play -- the Seahawks in Seattle. And then having to win against Carolina. Wise you better built to run the ball. Because the if you look at it since the merger. Section events and had a -- 89 yards against the Bears and Lamar Smith. At 145. To get to see all that 2000. I just doesn't happen usually you're ready five guy in the trying to. You know have a great team get there the former team and beat a saint Stephen did not have that. Against Chris Ivory. We need to make Drew Brees better we got to be able to run the ball coach. Opportunity to be at home tonight against the Dallas Cowboys a big game in Dallas comes him playing extremely well. The other they're playing very well offensively the plated a pretty good complimentary game I know they've they've given up yards defensively but they forced a lot of turnovers so. They've been in couple of their losses have been right down to the wire. Certainly the Detroit game was one that. You don't certainly feel like they they could've and should've won. This is always been I don't know there's rivalries -- what the right word but it's always been a very competitive game and then. -- on Sunday Night Football. And in really. Take two teams that are competing to to be at the top their division compete and two. To get a win this you know here to start the second half of the season -- has all those. Makings of a real good football games so the week of preparations gone well and we're excited about -- coach when you look at what they've done defensively with some guys differently but they made the -- Overcome some injuries where his -- a guy like Jason Hatcher is having a Pro Bowl type season really do well off days. The other there that there -- few few of those players on that defense that that have been their quite awhile and money and his staff. Rod -- only those guys have done a great job of implementing their scheme it's a little different and yet -- the players have adjusted very quickly. They're getting pressure on the quarterback to create the turnovers and their scoring defense has been good. Offensively. You're you start with a lot of weapons -- -- Jason Witten who's now his tenth year I think can. Dez Bryant who's. You know an electric lawyer Tony seven a great year probably the better the the best year. At this stage of the season he's -- is it as he's had his career. We're we're gonna have to play extremely well. The one the one good thing is we're playing this thing at home we'll have the crowd noise especially -- the evening game we're excited about that. Coach each week we talk about some keys ball security is one run the football couple of things you need to establish in his game early on I think the third down. Battled tonight who is going to be extremely important you know who can stay on the field offensively and who can get off the field defensively come I think. You know that's a statistic along with the turnovers have we said -- we're just gonna look at two things. The third down conversions and we're gonna look at the turnovers I think -- a point to win. Coach best of luck thank you very much. Either what's it gonna take to make and I have date for the Saints I hop over the top and beyond the -- give us your verdict well -- I think first off they got it when the turnover battle you look at it we think we reach you know the -- the second definitely get and the thing to number seven hapless snakes. As the even -- -- at home or on the plus side the thing to end up winning. I think Vegas got it right the Bob not a touchdown. Bidders didn't seem go to player almost there you're like utilized Jason Witten. -- -- -- safety sits Roman -- amount of it is not play in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay guys on the boxes Saints -- Citizens Bank into all the Dallas right now on the New Orleans Saints radio network.