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Nov 11, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the locker room -- final score ninety saints' all over the Cowboys 49ers seventeen to all -- now 72 on the season and remained perfect at home. Five and know that it's actually three point kick off it's because it's the San Francisco. 49ers back to the press box reach on them by Saints currently is hoping guys out of the post game injury report hope. All right deacon at saint post game -- reported brought you by the pit lane instituted sports medicine for the athletes in all of us now Ben Watson win out of the game with a concussion. He went into the -- locker room did not return. He's a car also had. A collision with Jason Witten he cannot came off the field. They elected him I don't know whether return or not but it was so late in the ball game that. To be -- we want to -- went back on defense that didn't pay attention whether he was on the field or not but it was -- late. In the game that everything was well in hand at that point in time. Darren Sproles. Came off. For a limited time but he obviously return back to the game I'm sure there's some other bumps and bruises but nothing in. Do serious that we are aware of and that to -- spoke in me and report brought you by the two -- institute of sports medicine for the athlete. In all of us final score New Orleans 49 and Dallas seventeen he -- is 725 and oh at home and take on the San Francisco 49ers. Next week the other's game of the week you will be tomorrow night it battleground South Florida Tampa -- the Saints. Miami look at today's call with Seattle all over Atlanta 33 and the lines -- advanced 41 to nineteen it was Philadelphia 27 to thirteen of Green Bay. The Jaguars breakthrough in the win column beating Tennessee point nine to seventeen the Rams. Deep down the Colts in the big shocker of a 38 -- Indianapolis the Giants for better than the Raiders 24 -- -- And we'll go down to things delusional. You know obviously was important win for us but we do a lot of good things tonight. -- You know we. We want and a lot of the years we we talk about all weeklong and you don't really good -- play games much like this that often. The team we played was banged up. But I thought overall we. We were real good on third down both defensively and offensively. -- a good job with ball security. You know and a stayed at the change offenses in the balance offensively in. Our ability to get to a lot of the third downs were you look at him there shorter. Distances so. Good win for us. You'll get on to this next week after playing this game and be back in Wednesday and it questions. Maybe it's somewhere around the -- last game Thomas -- -- is. Well. Did it it was in support of emphasis although -- -- we've seen a lot of run heavy fronts from his defense. If tonight but that makes a pretty good you know we we got some some pressure looks that seem to be we got more on first down. Drew did a good job -- get the ball out not. You're not get fooled by some of the blitz looks them. We still got a lot of two by show and then their fair share of single safety defense so it was a point of emphasis of our guys handled it well up front you don't know -- the game if it's gonna. Be something that. That is to your advantage to do then that's all we got into pretty good tempo and that's what we're pretty good playing -- -- him with. With what we're doing. Or is. How important that. I think it's. It's important. For us. To have that balance that certainly for the team that time of possession all these things -- you know sway in. In a game like that in your favor looked -- squandered a good job. And you know each week it is different challenge and certainly this week coming up against San Francisco. -- -- our hands full with a very good defensive front there but. Thought. You know that they do a lot of good good things will look at the film. I'm told -- the offensive line I thought mark. Played very well and I was pleased with with his performance. Well no I mean nothing's ever easy look it we played a team that's nicked up we got some players. That play and maybe that played as much. But the third down snaps were important that those were. We felt going into this game that that that. Statistic was going to be along with turnovers the two -- things we talked about your third down conversions both defensively and offensively and then. Also. Turnover battle and you know we had a couple with the punt and then the onside kick. But -- we had the short field pretty well in both cases. -- Security he he felt good I know towards the end of the week in. You know we had a couple good practices and in and so it was good to get him back challenge with with a lot of these receivers just. You know you always have enough touches to go around but. We felt just as important is the receiving that those guys block the safeties and some of these run looks we're going to be important in this game it. That look at the tape though I think we -- it would do that. German -- The I'm not ready just say that I mean listen it was it was a good win for us and you know wont wont get a chance to -- it will go from there. Okay. Well it's just. Look at what we've said the last couple weeks were good throughout the course to start the season was just working to improve him. And -- avoid some of the things that that you know that -- But it's still something that you'll put this tape on it won't be quite as good as we think in it's never usually is bad -- either but. I think that's. The keeper for our guys just understand this process of getting better I know it's cliche a little bit but it's important to do that -- because if you're not here. You're certainly going the other direction. Straight ball. Well. It ended up being another series more than we might have expected you know you. You have them on offense were on defense with three timeouts were thinking about using them. And -- -- they had an incomplete I think another complete -- We were able. Move down the field and then. All of a sudden I think there's there's another possession in there that. That you maybe didn't count for -- still let your timeouts I thought we handled that pretty well. From a time standpoint. Of course we had some big plays in there. We've we've talked about. Three plays earlier -- that screen in and pitchers credit you know in that situation he just got to it. And you know I think the timing was important I thought the linemen did a good job -- -- in the passing get now it appears. You know comfortable obviously. There were in that case their. Did a real good job just find -- so. Lot of times those -- timing related place there there were we got a lot more zone from him first happened in the second half we got all the -- man -- -- so. But I think that that score at the end of the second quarter was very important. In regards to. Like Berkman just in regards to the game interviewer would get a score like that late in the two minute halftime. You know we knew that we've kind of been minus one. Bigger -- unity when the tossed what you give up upon. Fumble. And so get that score there's a lot of ways is almost like get that possession back if you world. He's he's doing well so. Do we. We look at packages each week it kind of decide Dornan throughout the course of the week you know how we're gonna use in the red zone and Hillary's long third down but these -- well. It. Yeah I thought Keenan. You know I just can't single him out the king drew that matchup. At times it's safety over the top help at times he didn't. But I thought. He competed did it in get a real good job will look at the tape but I thought. Do we have that balance of getting enough pressure to get America we contested some throws which was important especially in the first -- So even the guys inside often times if you're playing. A little bit more to myself you know the pressure falls on your nickel here inside linebackers you know the guys that are. You cover in the interior portion of the patterns you know Jason Witten running backs that we do pretty well and that are. -- I mean I think he knows so that doesn't mean we don't need. It was emotional it was a big Raanan. Is that he does. He's pretty Smart so I don't know that. And he's -- kind of addressed that already. He's okay because hello. And of course. Yeah I thought the one thing you did on that play that was impressive as them. -- the ball's in the air quite awhile and I know that he's got pretty goods awareness. Balances to -- to go up. Puts a lot of pressure on a safety you know -- he's trying to run -- located but. He's got hurt her real good knack for playing especially for young player rookies whose real Smart so. It was good to see and it was a third down if I'm not mistaken third down call. Back. And any Saints coach Sean Payton missed the media at that point and seventeen victory over the Dallas -- chopping block for me to be occupied NAPA Auto Parts. NAPA Auto Parts we always -- -- Know -- and it's a final score the Saints win tonight by a school of 49 to seventeen the Blanco 72 overall on the season. And a perfect five and went home what makes -- use. The San Francisco 49 let's take a look at to a final stats in finals that's a -- buys into the service -- we feel inspired apparel. Facilities services first -- safety documents trading Santana they off the service professed it would take a look here -- -- -- -- First downs and NFL record 41 down for the black and gold took just nine -- of Dallas. The Saints defense phenomenal night holding Dallas -- -- 193 yards total -- Dallas was 049. -- nine. On third downs tonight the Saints when well. The -- train eighty offensive plays to 43 of Dallas New Orleans at 608 point five yards total offense ain't going to play. Dallas 43 plays -- 193 you know -- forehand. Your -- -- the Saints 383 yards passing 242. Yards rushing a season high six point four you know it's. -- rough and on the Nike New Orleans Saints -- time of -- 39 minutes and 32 seconds Drew Brees 3441390. Yards. Four touchdowns a quarterback rating of 139 -- counterpart Tony Romo to a point for a 120 yard touchdown rating of 72. Point nine Mark Ingram fourteen carries a 145 yards team point four yards per carry and a score along with 34 going through. The finals their team. And looking at this saint individuals Drew Brees was 3441392. Yards for a touchdown during the 139 point zero. As a team 38 rushing attempts to learn point two yards six point four or Peru is. For the black and gold and three touchdowns on the ground. In receiving department Marcus cold in seven -- 107 yards and a touchdown Darren Sproles and receptions. 76 yards and a touchdown peace deal -- -- three receptions and a score putting them along with 52 and Jimmy -- biography denying your Pierre Thomas seven receptions. 44 yards and a touchdown Ramon Humber are being away for the Saints. With five stops where Hank had 5000 square off Curtis Lofton with forced out on the afternoon to be known him humble ultimate who have stopped. For you lost on me as a team the Saints with three sack him too late in the game for me or six tackles for loss for the black and gold. And then Garrett Hartley is the -- go with them with several points. Thomas -- -- just one point. In the ball game tonight where is that his counterpart mr. Jones 8 months on the evening and the fifty point. For yours -- point. Players interviewed in the locker room receive -- give typically. From emerald Hamels is open at the everything's home game at Julia from top to back down to the locker room where Christie Garrett has that streak. Zach I guess I can ask him what's wrong with the running game because you guys that did pretty well turned out over two yards on -- compliment yeah I -- look -- It's a step in the right direction. There's still plenty to work on it's the same he just is like last week you try your best not to get too down. After a week like that and trying to get two up after -- week like this we've got a ton of stuff to work on. We've got to. Really good football team could physical football team coming in next week and you like to take some confidence out of it. At the same time you know we got when you work on and that would be the goal this week is to keep them better. How big was to get to go on the list the 49ers coming to town I mean that's a team that traditionally. -- physically and stop the wrong move. Yeah it's not a team look we've played them before in a situation where were we got one dimensional it makes things hard. You know you need. You find some only pass rushers you -- real stuff for a strong team physical. So you wanna take some confidence in the game and you know I think from mark. This will be great confidence booster for him I think. You know he was hitting holes he's making reason just going. And feeling comfortable with that you seemed sneak through some tight. This all right every always around there is big you know on a -- sneak and -- some type stuff and and that's what you gotta do honestly I think knowing that all those guys -- their butts -- and -- You know hopefully build some confidence going there as the season. A second thought he had the Jets losses as an opportunity -- team -- -- rally together closed door shut out the noise looks like you guys we will do that this week. Yeah I mean there's a lot of talk about that you know during the week and look this going to be the same thing I mean. Yeah you you shut out this -- as well I mean you do your best. You can go to work and and you do your best to have a good week of practice and we did this week. In the end. You work your butt off and and hope it pays off you know and it's the same thing when all the sudden. You know you were saying good things as it is when you were saying bad things you circle the wagons and go back to work and you know hope to keep improving. That finally we run that 49ers team don't hear you guys dropped two straight to them. Not just this that this could be a big guys having it when you don't certainly I mean look one more you know we're in a race right now. This that's he's got a lot of good teams and it and we can losing games at home and that's team that's. Outplayed us off -- on the past them and we've had some tough ones to him and it's it's -- it's a tall task it's a good team. You know and and we got to have a great week of practice and then -- get everybody back and healthy and you know we've got to put a good week together two good football team. -- of Islam is actually thing's for sure I think you reach on now Saints that I and is -- guys on the Hokies. Final -- -- big gain and I in the dome black and go really putting well. Provide that day would speak you know I backed down made the statement when. But the Hokies to only you and Bobby before with the game you wanted you know all the people cross country talking about how bad that -- statement was -- beautiful. Do you chances he would of called in and -- the if it pretty bad day deal with a lot of injuries over there. But I you know listening to the Saints players on paid him after the game and their approach it the right way and that. You that you can't get too down after last week's game against -- -- you can't it's sensible overconfident by coming out there below the team out I mean that they're say that. The Dallas who could be a long time when they play another game both offensively and defensively. That says they did tonight but. It was the game at the Saints really needed from the standpoint of a confidence boosters. Finally we we got an opportunity to say some very positive things about marquis room. You know that he is this a topic delighted. It's not going to be near that these next week we -- San Francisco come in here. They're not gonna put that much around like he did dallas' defense to line tonight that you not get -- sooner if something yards rushing not gonna happen when he first down but. If nothing else it proved that you can't do it. And in some cases. We knew that situations -- -- you know one time we did well. To me that meet you give it one time when you couldn't do it on a consistent basis and that means that. You know you you. You kind of got the formula down whatever else but. The fact they know that they did it one time against you know pretty storied franchise in. A a team is to a lot of pride on it and you went out there and I mean you beat those guys and treated you no doubt about it good pass protect tonight. Move people off line of scrimmage so you know you had the ability. Could do it and not to that degree because admitted that they get this -- topic may look new lead tonight to. The run the football but just the fact that -- in the back of their minds they know when that we can do that we can improve on we can get better in. I couldn't come at a better time at the midway point of the season -- because without question at least. -- back in. Training camp you look at that four -- -- to -- that's going be a tough four game trip right here they can definitely come out the blocks on the third quarter of this season. Smoke in pretty good so they keep keep. Go on with that. Kind of -- remember. Just how good it they'll be out there and be complete control involved gave like -- -- I don't think it comes at a better time than in. In his second half of the season in the beginning of that third quarter of that on they'd like to talk about -- much to break down and if we're being that. Alright hope -- -- great caught my hotel makes we will take points and it's as though I think might be. All right -- for you guys now fall on. CT VP thinking of occupy Oakland -- Oklahoma Jerusalem that are real exclusive Q -- of the New Orleans Saints on politics that out here tonight of course as the offensive line -- wait to turn 42 you know it's. Rushing on 38 carries six point -- we -- -- Drew Brees. 34. Passes completed a 41 attempts return Ankiel scored touchdowns and rating of 130 Marcus Colston seven receptions and touchdown. Pierre Thomas the big night as well and Ramon humble with five stops on who to contact what's foremost on the last in the McKnight will go with. Won't -- fourteen carries -- 145 yards and eighteen point four yards per rushing attempt and a score. As Mark Ingram is on Saints in BP the game for a -- by -- went -- Well let's take a look back at the highlight -- and see how this game unfolded tonight. For the black and go away and how -- -- by -- soul into it he's not putting your money where the sun doesn't shine. And start saving all your energy -- -- julep solar energy that's GO UL east to look excellent hands and go back. In the first quarter of the ball game at Dallas goes down the field they call on Dan Bailey play 37 yard field. Dan Bailey wood and nine. To attempt a 37. Yard field goal right hash mark snap placement kick on its way and it is good. Dan Bailey with a 37 yard field goal against the Cowboys the early lead after the schools muffled on the money to the Saints. And the Cowboys well by a score of three since that you -- in it come to New Orleans Saints. Marcus Colston eight with a two yard reception from Drew Brees. Greens in the shot gun readings right -- alongside who's left -- up the blitz. -- he breaks good it's been. Or let's go. There and public Drew Brees aerial 122 yard touchdowns right. And the Saints the seven to three for the cal cause would answer a DeMarco Murray seven yard. Runner thrown out of the shotgun seems creeping up to the line of scrimmage -- handed off to -- running -- ninth. And he is going to sprint to the goal line in the event for the touchdown. A seven yard touchdown run as -- runs it weak side and puts it in. And Dallas and it's in the seventh but here -- the black and gold back with a theory closing hole or the and the rest the first -- starting with a Pierre Thomas one yard reception from Drew Brees. Every. -- in tonight Jackson and tailback this time it's gonna throw it right at the time has been good. Touchdown. -- tennis -- -- for the corners and the Saints in the end zone. Touchdown pants and tennis with a single guy in reaching the. And the Saints a fourteen to candidate on the black and gold again this time Darren Sproles the three yard run. Schools behind greens in the shotgun and not schools outside my team. The touchdown. Sproles rolls in from three yards out and the Saints extend their me it. And I think that when he won the team and at the end of New Orleans blew the game wide open in no less than a minute and thirty seconds later. Drew Brees to Darren -- Brees sets up a little flare -- to the right side Sproles. -- its own -- then five could stand. Well -- wrong. And this 128. Yards right. And New Orleans up comfortably eighteen point cushion to have 2815 and then the Saints worth and more the carnage continued this time Mark Ingram with a four yard run. First Eagles scenes from the four yard line into the -- -- to their team. And not thinking -- It's the word game winning ways heading back there and tonight. It's been ruling in the -- continues. And the Saints hooked up 35 the team in Dallas that little window dressing Tony Romo experience we. Normally treat bonds throws downfield he's -- receiver wide open taking in and for the touchdown and Terrence Williams. Five yards deep in the end zone -- 21 yard touchdown strike. So that would cut the lead at 35 to seventy could do all of looks close on all fourteen old run. The long ball Drew Brees took -- needs field. Third and six from 46 greens -- -- off throwing deep for stills. Still makes the catch to put a bit more -- -- the touchdown Kenny stills gets into the act on a 52 yard touchdown strike. He'd be happy. Nabisco. And the Saints a 42 to seventeen in the final dagger. This time -- Pierre Thomas one yard run they handed off to Pierre Thomas and Pierre Thomas battled his leg of the. Pierre Thomas incident the end zone that is his first rushing touchdown of the season. And the Saints close out Dallas 49 to seventeen to improve to seven and do. They are five and oh at home this season where they average margin of victories over twenty points per game and the black can -- And I allow more than seventeen points in five home games. It's the season hone your point to seventy points. On less time I think those behind the scenes that bring you Saints radio executive vice president general manager Chris -- operations manager and program director. -- didn't associate program -- at the top Manassas the director of -- -- the policy and it. Our contributors Jordan -- and Stephen Gillick and Dave colon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our studio producer of the lovely Allison ransom on network control board operator of a masterful Balkman hour on behalf of our broadcast team. Barometer Carroll -- out -- Christie Garrett -- guys down and the fourth and Saints GM candidates we thank you listen to the Saints 4917. Victory. Over the Dallas Cowboys be sure Jonas Sunday every morning when the Saints can -- The San Francisco 49ers up -- it's a point out though with the KG can't name Bobby Mayfair. Final score New Orleans 49 Dallas seventeen got -- ability and this is a New Orleans Saints radio network.