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11-10 11pm the Point After with the Cajun Cannon

Nov 11, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good -- -- -- to the point -- did he seafood in the world famous French squad on -- gonna live a virulent off the Conan gets delicious fry it all falls seafood. As a Saints -- the Cowboys 49ers seventeen opponent is also brought you back to keep those handmade vodka. And Budweiser but might want to have a great time but he's bought into the designated. Final score -- can. The Saints 49 and the Cowboys seventy. How bout -- cow girls. Out there cowgirls. Turn out the I have the party who -- account with that -- Barrett and -- what I didn't know where to start you know I'm gonna start. We got that down the -- that hey you're not out now ready. Yeah. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Not did not know. That was not an athlete and I know I need to start. I mean but what looked at a junior college team -- Texas out there and it was that book NFL team. And if it was so bad at one point big about this. The Saints had 311 battled the Cowboys only ran a play and I played. I think -- that -- that has to be a bit. I can not be reality. Is that it followed a Dallas fan I'd be burning my Jersey right now because the Cowboys thought. Get that back and think god they're asking you that was not even close at the show you why -- -- irrelevant at the cowboys' all our. We want to think about this we've won now three in a row it's Dallas. We've won eight of the last nine. Nothing about this. Big what you're doing it wanted five years ago that's a half an hour quarter of -- 625. Years ago. We've now beaten the Cowboys -- on -- fourteen times. So when you hope I. What have you but -- they played well lately this state that picked the copilot pocked golf girl that basically -- that that is the bottom line. I didn't know where to start. I mean there's so many. Think that the states dominated you -- at the misprint. At that think we -- a minus one and a turnover ratio we won plus or -- anywhere like that ridiculous now we will minus one. We -- the chance world decided just doesn't. Played -- -- the -- -- but -- Cowboys great deal with -- and he could not take advantage now. You look at time of possession. -- once basically RD minute that want him and it. Third down efficiency. Pay -- -- -- coordinator Rob Ryan Callahan asked. Jerry told me grow values that it took care rob -- I'm glad he's certainly -- it was carried the Cowboys. They're all but nine on third down. We went nine to 1275%. Knew we were six to twelve that that it's -- good at that get in the NFL gave any team out. Total net yards against what. 600 at 185 total net yards -- -- franchise record. We can't fault what else we don't watch in his gave -- and I thought -- it is like golf than eleven. We gave me great initial third we cannot be stopped. And that we look at it's we have had we had 320 yards and -- Have -- any obligated at this at at halftime. They have for a first out we have to what they want a -- -- plagued junior college team out there it was that bad I think you look at -- Daughter plays we had eighty play to their party three net yards rushing to look good party. That -- Now we gotta give up football aren't in there and play hard hard and out that. Clark into play if that's -- athletic -- -- they -- -- and all that took my final nailed them both. Not -- we gonna do it but it we could -- got to get replied I think Seahawks I'm telling you interviewed available once the not you can instead indicted that's odd on the don't a couple of stats are I don't know I -- ball we can run that. We can do that to happen this. That that this is unbelievable wouldn't look at total rushing yards. 240 do we need -- at one point what fifteen I'm thinking it's Carolina against Seattle picked apart united. When -- then. The -- we can run the ball. 330 or a party won 390. Yards four touchdowns. Tony Romo. Tony Romo looked good on that big a problem the public's -- wanna refund they go to college let me play and you. Dinner wanting more 128. Yards and one touchdown. Now DiMarco what Byron I thought you know what they want that around him in there and not and I figured because you know we were last. He'd given up five yards a carry as far as average defense and I'll look in the first half he had eighty yards seven point three. Who would you look at it the only ended up with 89 yards so we made adjustments and we stop DeMarco Murray. I mean the Cowboys -- what you won't look at it but they were a disciplined. It is that total yards in the NFL he that we held to a 193 yard that is unbelievable at the end Dez Bryant. Man -- he took -- took it back hurting the bat much. And I'll listen he got an epidural. That are out get out got you out of my shoulder my year in my -- everywhere. But I think I had a habit -- -- about -- -- like for babies. Not an epidural bottled up high you can put an epidural -- like it affected Dez Bryant it -- only have a one catch for 44 yard. But I tell you what you gotta give a lot of praying. The rock Ron and dean and team him with in -- Lola. Come up big with a with a one out at times in this state over the top. I think about it I'll best safety beating me play Malcolm Jacob -- team needs to happen this year Raphael bush really stepped up apparently wouldn't get it yet. There's game. I mean you can go on and on. Bottom line is this is the both obviously the state of the to understatement the most complete game this season and what better game to have it against the game -- Cowboys. They could be -- sports fan so. I'm Bob went all the Dallas fans smoking in -- going to be hospitals figure money we gonna be all supported. But I outlawed it and I'll look at the old stance and those cowboy fan that they Shell shocked. Didn't know what the hell just happened in market values. When I look at when I look at what happened. And I'll get it comes but I'll look it up in the -- water. Would go over its 4017. There's twelve minutes left in the game and I'm like all of the big job reminiscent. Note he's similar to get 2006. Sunday Night Football in Dallas. You know the Cowboys 42 have a need at that night. Would you want -- that Katrina look at -- it was warm. This was born about talent like you illegal unbelievable moment. And it just to be a part of it and don't win like we want very convincing. So what I what I look at now. And go to -- tell you this. That I got to where it affects me on the would play the 49ers. But whatever we win I'll -- a good luck shirt and as long as they keep winning breaking did -- I hate that right there. I did on. How why we've got our backyard who got lucky that you're somewhere in next week's -- It is opponent at any -- interference -- -- -- -- -- there's just try to -- seafood it's not a crabmeat outcry in the stuff around is a tremendous this is -- everything you it is hot stretch and in the fifth. You ain't eating seafood -- -- scored on the -- Bible you know golf -- helped -- about a world famous -- sound. Locations also brought -- back Tito's and made bucket and Budweiser have great time but -- -- It use it designated driver New Orleans point nine Dallas haven't seen the Louisiana Donaldson -- donate 250 dollars. What each turnover created by the Saints the Ellison's still the industry about it as I would a one mile spot in -- yeah I mean it wasn't one -- -- drop coming out of action. Yes in that area we will minus one indicate that included forcing it to. -- now which noted that being plus one we dropped a couple of nicks on those two aren't rear dropped one. And then I put in my notes I couldn't tell if there was a Raphael -- according why. It was -- -- in the second quarter you dropped to -- -- at the party but all of -- in the right place. So that's the past the pin and obviously you wanna get a turnover. So we didn't have being up plus one. But -- -- that that that makes it even more remarkable. Reminded one. If we did -- -- do what we do -- we might have scored seventy points. I mean the guys who thinks he's amid a couple of good Dolphins and you look at -- run at the end. It was that we knew we can't get a first down first down saying I think you'll look at this. Forty words that I don't know it wasn't thirty that's -- NFL record. In yesterday's NFL I don't care Joseph Montana. Peyton Manning -- team has -- -- -- pars down and we had a against the cowgirls. I think he -- -- more special -- it let it -- Jacksonville Jaguars. While whoever whoever you look big and I got it barely NFL -- against the Cowboys. If frogs defense the -- the Cowboys ask that to tell you. They are a top five. Scoring team -- -- -- about his 2006. Look at the fake Patriots Packers and the Cowboys are right there scored off it they average writing. I wanted totaled thirty every game meant to the cowboys' seventeen point. If I can -- -- -- keep that opponent ended team I'm -- we can you gotta get the 49ers. It's the Hawks got loose and not know if we -- -- novel we can't we're looking like total net yards. 193. That -- and scored only seventeen points. The Cowboys Dolphins that it that there were shocked while Rob Ryan and the defense put it to them. Well you know what a difference a week makes -- if you look at where all year right now the three best teams in this conference call Seattle the wall of the Carolina yeah. Carolina is allowing less than eight points a game in his five game win streak they were down man zero day. They shut down San Francisco about a 151 yards total offense. They played New England next Monday night Carolina in the Saints who have been to this team in the. And you look at the 49ers right now -- -- -- about the 49ers. When I feel like compared to what we have question they went out like apparently they have. College jeopardy still. Don't have the -- to throw the ball against Harvard like Drew Brees. The 49ers. They thought OK we gonna run against Carolina and it gave like Carolina right now there are like -- in a few birds and at that yet. In their front seven is going to be a challenge no we beat Carolina won on the team. -- Rhea Hughes you don't want out of tune and it somehow I think we got to get to restore. Twelve wins aren't happy no real advantage if not thirteen. But -- -- be objective about that Carolina. They -- averaged just go and put -- were open all the 49ers -- -- if you look -- -- anymore -- -- has -- Seattle yeah Seattle's RD grade six through -- their final one on -- the remaining and making the moment that a signal. If we could have unbelievable road upset and the Saints franchise history if you go to Seattle and make game I don't know we can. I hope we can and all I know it's not rule out that skip Bayless was saying. That the -- and have a chance that you are good you're not a good road team just like good in the superdome. And all of a -- us that well if you look at this that. That goes -- it facilitated Drew Brees knows the only better road team in the fate. The Patriots. It's 20094. To have the Florida I have seen. -- -- the normal one road team in the NFL the last four and a half years. -- -- The quality shot even though -- -- the project they don't realize how good the states are home -- away you know why we don't think that. With what happened. We lost at Seattle the playoff loss at San Francisco would you look at the reds the in the regular season. Sean Payton Drew Brees the Saints have been unbelievable the road that's why I think we got a fighting chance it all over the ball on the road. We can -- -- stay even we got a fighting chance to get the team -- The -- Norman's Florida and in Dallas seventeen he's reverend Peter pop off of the going to be welcomed back at least one active if you had it been easy for him different caught -- As this things roll call it. And it's delicious -- all palsy who don't get that many cramp quality -- -- well grind all the stuff around a minute -- -- delicious pieces. -- opponent vibrant golfing at BBC news and check out that book now though he's also brought you five Budweiser have a great time but he's Smart he's choose. A designated driver and teach them. -- -- Well the at all let that also brought up Mark Ingram. At the beginning of the game government ever when he dropped that on the first drive and I doubt that about a 51 yard -- and he dropped the ball in the fans got a got a lot of video and get down grind you kept fighting and you go bank Eva -- the first couple were on -- -- -- -- out there. And it announced I think -- if you're ready are you didn't even if you want me by two or three yards. If he could ran like that defenses they all hate gravity to have a hard because like tonight I mean -- It's not -- being critical and -- it rightfully praised him no I can't and a half yard average before and I'll just take five and a half yards. Hopefully it'll definitely get continue to do that. Don't shout the marking of you know step it up big and it out a little would you look at it. I shot -- also was I was worried he Charles Brown. Who bought out the markets where. The markets where had a big influence to the game in 2009. I would with thirteen over the Cowboys that said -- here. Let god table tonight alt rock the market where I'll only have one that. The lot this -- coach Payton had. The markets where obviously -- I think you look at the facts do what we were able to do well we had three sacks. It was great that he's showing it was such a team effort. His -- to delay or -- Cameron Jordan. We try to get maybe the double digit sacks admitted that he -- how old -- you have to go. The saints' roster it only attribute get exact fact. Rookie Greg Foster on your -- Illinois. Called Johnson the pride of thought they do about it the best thing that came out of that -- -- lately as they try to win a game. I think you look at you look to have a big -- next week because it's old team. Arizona Harrelson yes because as far as -- think parents are Heitmann now I don't know and hands up and -- anyway Harrelson yes. Who comes up with a sack so we hear that guys who'd driven across the board. He's been a great acquisition. I don't like -- -- that you came on board by quarters season. Eat -- in his role and an illegal wanna have a big game is the 49ers. Come next Sunday night it's -- complete NFL scoreboard in studio -- and things. -- or radio controlled opponents Ron -- Well Drew Brees completed 34 of 41 passes for 392. Yards and four touchdowns. And the Saints -- the Dallas Cowboys 49 to seventeen. Brees in the shotgun three -- right strolls along side who has left schools itself the good. Drove in the middle Walston he breaks it's. Good. A core of this boom. New Orleans ended with an NFL record. 41 downs in a franchise record 625. Total yards. The black and gold improved to seven in two and now get ready to host the 49ers the Panthers proved that they were for real with a big road win in San Francisco. Now at the camp with a four man front steps up -- -- build up here's your record of five game. Drink and horrid holes weren't nervous at the forty yard line and Carolina's gonna get out of San Francisco with a victory. Drayton Florence -- interception in the final minutes sealed a ten to nine victory for Carolina to give the Panthers their fifth straight win. Well the -- Falcons nightmare of a season continues as the eight CL got blown out in the Georgia Dome by Seattle. Sort of five -- six here -- the the -- how -- you. Save. -- an absolutely. Perfect throw from Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson threw a pair of touchdown passes Marshawn Lynch ran for 145. Yards and -- Seahawks rout of the Falcons 33 hits and Peyton Manning threw for 330 yards and four touchdowns. As the Broncos had 828 to twenty victory against San Diego Manning has thrown for 3249. Yards. And 33 touchdowns in nine games. Well Terrel Thomas returned an interception 65 yards to set up a go ahead one yard touchdown run. -- running back Andre Brown in the New York Giants won their third straight game 24 to twenty over Oakland. Carson Palmer threw two touchdown passes and Arizona Cardinals held on. This and the Houston Texans to their franchise record seven consecutive loss 27 to 24. Well Rams rookie to bottles then finally had his coming out party against the Colts. Clement in the gun big rush steps up and apply it doesn't. And -- 3040 point oh see he's at plus all their guys did not often that. Austin caught two touchdown passes and returned a punt 98 yards for a score. And Saint Louis won 38 at three act Indianapolis. Calvin Johnson had 22 half touchdown receptions. And the Lions beat the Bears 21 to nineteen and the key matchup of NFC north rivals Detroit now swept the season series against Chicago. Pittsburgh shut down rookie quarterback EJ Manuel his return pounding the bills an 823 to ten win. Maurice Jones-Drew and Jordan total in each ran for a touchdown and the Jaguars got their first win of the season beating Tennessee 29 to 27. Nick falls through three long touchdown passes in the Eagles pulled away for a 27 to thirteen win over the injury ravaged Green Bay Packers. And Justin Tucker kicked a 46 yard field goal. With 547 left in overtime and the Ravens beat the Bengals twenty to seventeen that's a look at the NFL scoreboard eyeing Steve -- on the saints' radio network. I writes David Toms -- ago and it's deep in the other yet you yet you -- I've got to think about those nations that the Saints radio network -- to on this visited -- stick around for more. Final score tonight it was the Saints -- and I the Dallas Cowboys. Seventeen for Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia that this is the New Orleans Saints radio network.