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Nov 11, 2013|

Deke and Bobby continue to discuss and talk with callers about the Saints 49 to 17 victory over the Dallas Cowboys...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is an opponent they've been easy for the conference quarter youngest of them is just trying to fall season exotic crap you know crack the stuff -- -- -- human beings as well everything you -- -- race him in the fifth. -- -- eating seafood in the prince scored on the power Bible you know golfing not if about the world famous book down. Locations also brought it back Tito's and made bucket and but was at a great time but piece on. It used -- designated driver New Orleans 49 Dallas seventeen Louisiana notes and donate 250 dollars. What each turnover created. By the Saints the -- who that the industry about it as I would a one mile spot -- yeah I mean it wasn't one equality -- coming out of action. Yes -- then yeah we were minus one indicate that when we did forcing it. Which noted that being blocked one we dropped a couple of nicks on those two parter dropped one. And then I put in my notes I couldn't tell if there was a Raphael who is according why. You try to do this that you water you drop the -- and -- departed but all of Millwood in the right place. So that's the past the pin and obviously you wanna get a turnover. So we didn't have been up plus one. But that that it makes it even more remarkable. Reminded wanted. If we'd have they both do what we do it we might have scored seventy points. I mean the that six feet and made a couple of good golf with the human gonna run at the end. It was him we knew we can't get a first down first saying it didn't look it there. Forty towards the open though it wasn't thirty that's -- NFL record. In the NFL I don't care Joseph Montana Peyton Manning -- as Democratic Party pars down and we attic. I get the cowgirls. That that they needed. More special and it let it get Jacksonville Jaguars. -- whoever whoever you look they've got they've barely NFL -- against the Cowboys. If frogs defense the kick the Cowboys now -- it then you. They are a top five. Scoring team I'm talking about in 2000 thing. Look at the thank Patriots Packers in the Kolb like the light -- scored -- it they average riding -- wanted totaled thirty every game. The Cowboys seventeen point. If I can proper line to keep it up pour into a team of values we can you -- get the 49ers. The Hawks got loose and not know if we keep the novel we can't. We're looking like -- on that you are. 193. That it had scored only seventeen points. The copilot Dolphins that that -- -- -- while rob -- and that you can put it to them. Well you know what a difference a week makes me if you look at where all year right now the three best teams in this conference call Seattle the -- to Carolina yeah. Carolina is allowing less than eight points a game in this five game win streak they were down 90. They. They shut down San Francisco about a 151 yards total -- They played New England next Monday night Carolina in the Saints could be the stupidest thing in the -- And you look at the 49ers right now -- are -- about the 49ers. When I feel like compared to what we have question they went out like apparently they have. College jeopardy still. Don't have the -- are about to throw the ball against Harvard like Drew Brees. The 49ers. They thought OK we gonna run against Carolina to get by Carolina right now there are like -- in a few birds in a jet. In their front seven is going to be a challenge no we've been Carolina won on a team. The -- -- is you don't want out of tune and it somehow I think we got to get him -- or. Well win I have to manipulate it if not thirteen. But let that be objective about that Carolina. They've -- the fabric through school and put a were open all the 49ers -- -- if you look at it to you -- anymore though he has beaten Seattle yeah Seattle's RD grade six through -- their final one on rue the remaining in the game at home and I don't think. If we could have unbelievable road upset in the Saints franchise history if you go to Seattle and make game I don't know we can. Hope we can and all I know it's not rule -- -- skip Bayless was saying. That to think that I have a chance that you are -- you're not a good road team late in the superdome. And all of us -- us that if you look at this that. That goes to facilitate the breeze you know it's only better road team in the -- The Patriots. It's 20094. To have the Florida I have seen you think it's the normal one road team in the NFL the last four and a half years. That's why people -- shot. Even though a lot of the project they don't realize how good the stakes are moment away you know why we don't think that. -- what happened. We lost at Seattle the playoff. We lost at San Francisco would you look at the reds in the regular season. Sean Payton Drew -- -- think have been unbelievable the rule that's why I think we got a fighting chance it helped hold the ball on the road. We can just stay even we got a fighting chance to get the team might. Feel all right dormant as far as and Dallas seventeen is the phone after a on the New Orleans Saints radio network thanks to the point out if he did -- teams including different quotas. -- -- -- -- -- And it's delicious -- -- to see who does it demand a cramp quality grant -- well grind all the stuff around a minute in many -- pieces. Field on a vibrant golfing and BBC news and check out that book now he's also -- by Budweiser have a great time but he's Smart he's choose. -- designated driver and teach them. -- -- Well -- Nadal. That's it also brought -- Mark Ingram. At the beginning of the game you are reverently he dropped that on the first drive and -- -- have been about a 51 yard -- and he dropped the ball in the fan it's kind of got a lot of video and get down grind you kept fighting and you -- -- Eva -- the first overrun him he used the hook there. And it announced I think it if you're ready are you even if you only by two or three yards. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll definitely if you get continue to do that. -- shout the marketing -- you know step it up big and then now would you look at it. A shot I'll also -- worried. Charles -- Who bought -- the markets where. DeMarcus Ware had a big influence that -- gave -- 2009. I would with thirteen you know the Cowboys have status here. Let -- they -- tonight all -- the -- -- where only have one that. A lot of this -- both -- The markets where obviously we're. I think you look at the facts do what we were able to do well we had three sacks it was great that -- showing it was such a team effort. If that is the -- off -- Cameron Jordan. We try to get maybe the double digit sacks admitted that it helps motivate you have to go. The saints' roster it only attribute getting sad fact. Rookie Greg Foster not university Illinois. -- Johnson. The pride of stuff they do about it the best thing that came out of that -- -- lately as they try to win a game. I think you look at you look to have a big game that -- because it's old team. Arizona Harrelson in the the first thing Paris or Heitmann now I don't know and fans and yeah it really Harrelson yes. Who comes up with a sack -- here -- guys who drove it across the border. He's been a great acquisition. I don't like -- -- -- you became more and more wife -- he's been eat goat in his role and an illegal wanna have a big game is the 49ers come next Sunday. I -- it's -- complete NFL schoolboy in studio win Saints. Network radio control reporter Ron -- The NFL scoreboard brought to life every HM urgent care. Well Drew Brees completed 34 of 41 passes for 392. Yards and four touchdowns. And they say it's bound to Dallas Cowboys 49 to seventeen. Brees in the shot gun readings right Sproles alongside his left. Most complete -- it's. Good. A core of this boom. The world and ended with an NFL record. 41 downs in a franchise record 625. Total yards. The black and gold improved to seven in two and now get ready to host the 49ers. The Panthers proved that they were for real the big road win in San Francisco. Snapped the camp with a four man front steps up -- them build up Bears Packers -- five games. Craig Hornets -- slide out of the forty yard line and it Carolina's gonna get out of San Francisco Whipple big fury. Drayton Florence -- interception in the final minute -- eighths ten to nine victory for Carolina to give the Panthers their fifth straight win. Well the -- Falcons nightmare of a season continues as the eight CL now blown out in the Georgia Dome by Seattle. Save up. The fact we're we're -- and absolutely. Perfect world we'll Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson threw a pair of touchdown passes Marshawn Lynch ran for 145. Yards and Seahawks rout of the Falcons 33 -- -- Peyton Manning threw for 330 yards and four touchdowns. As the Broncos had 828 to twenty victory against San Diego. Manning has thrown for 3249. Yards. And 33 touchdowns in nine games we'll -- Thomas returned an interception 65 yards. That set up a go ahead one yard touchdown run by running back Andre Brown in New York Giants won their third straight game. 24 to twenty over Oakland. Person Palmer threw two touchdown passes and Arizona Cardinals held on this and the Houston Texans to their franchise record. Seventh consecutive loss 27 to 24. Well Rams rookie to bottles then finally had his coming out party against the Colts. What's been caught two touchdown passes and returned a punt ninety yards for a score. And Saint Louis won 38 to three at Indianapolis. Calvin Johnson had 22 half touchdown receptions. And the Lions beat the Bears 21 to nineteen in the key match of the NFC north rival. Detroit now swept the season series against Chicago. Pittsburgh shut down rookie quarterback EJ Manuel his return pounding the build an 823 hits and win. Maurice Jones-Drew and Jordan total in each ran for a touchdown and the Jaguars got their first win of the season beating Tennessee 29 to twenty says it. -- -- through three long touchdown passes in the Eagles pulled away for a 27 to thirteen win over the injury ravaged Green Bay Packers. -- just being Tucker kicked a 46 yard field goal. With five point seven left in overtime and the Ravens beat the Bengals twenty to seventeen. That's a look at the NFL scoreboard -- Steve -- on the saints' radio net. Work. All right -- -- these guys beat him the other yet you yet you -- I've got to think about those things that I think radio network lap because there's there's a bit -- he's -- around before. Final score tonight it was the Saints -- it and I the Dallas Cowboys. Seventy for Bobby become a beer it's it's the New Orleans Saints radio network. -- good morning welcome to the final out of wanna -- All Saints radio that you did you have any and that fan and got our last ninth. What started out of the ball game ended up at the massacre. In a Mercedes being super. -- -- -- I mean to. Let me playing. That at the -- -- -- -- Okay -- we are. -- as we are back alright -- -- yet I would go to Frank Sinatra felt instructive moment when I was talking about if you look at the numbers. And it's a two point and a seventy with the numbers within the number a record in the NFL record 41. Down tonight by the New Orleans Saints. -- six aren't point five yards of total offense and the black and will continue to be dominant at home. In the Mercedes-Benz superdome 72 and a perfect five and oh in the dome this season beat down Dallas tonight. Eighty -- 625. Yards to saint -- -- you know it's every time they took the football mine. On average good balance 383 passing to 42. Russ you've been pace anyway let's get to the calls. All the way up at all fought off the front so called balk on mile one mark thank you for calling the -- out there on -- radio got you got you there. Gentlemen who do you see what's gonna come a long time since -- long time that there. Then. I got them I'm it became a lot and appear like that you every week. And my only question is that the game was great but we got some really tough opponent coming up in yeah he the niners the Panthers. -- I would be missing to execute on the past few weeks. Do you think it's that it's an issue. Conditioning and it's awesome that they're. It's been community could be a problem in some tight games we have come enough. No -- -- about it now. I have to leave now if the government that means anything at the morning that the I mean like it's basically. A glorified long extra point with you and NFL picturing you might indicate that they. 30 June 30 and the thirty yard you've got to make that you can never miss that now -- crazy. You go partly that have been here. He's kinda miss those things they below him all oh yeah yeah yardage them along with that is where all -- it. You know -- -- green -- -- debate in a row. And then you know he does this one. -- tonight -- back to bite you. And and that's the -- outlaw album that needs it and I'll be at the -- know everything. They look at. Level -- that that without partly we don't get that oval. Yet the game winning kick gave the Vikings. That I remember I remember even reached yet at the local record he had three hits in -- bowl game or a forty yard. But you remember. You know when you look at it -- what happened -- the spotlight without it maybe down the is that chip shot field goal. You know that overtime you know you could not -- that -- -- -- different they're not let you play it'll look like on the road. Though come. That against the 49ers. Or are on the road game. It hit out that the talent is Seattle wherever you look at it he had that opportunity goes down. That game winning field goal or even a field -- that they all branches. Point you cannot or commit -- got a kick out. With that being said. I think -- real flexible he is the deal -- -- the art. But -- -- in the forty yard that has that you automatic. And that that that's frustrating. Because it did affect the game today. But you never know that you go back to bite you. A bundle. On an oval that middle thing I don't know chicken it was pretty easy you know almost to come back. In the making you know who that that's as you can -- right there. Rob reliable I think you know let that happen that the hockey not be more profit individual. Jerry -- -- that could -- This didn't it still the Cowboys held on it all the bigs last year Rob Ryan had their defense you're pretty good in all of us that he's -- -- go. Willie McGahee knows the Cowboys it voted almost no good the -- bit down 193. Total yards. His team and Tony Romo. Wanted to top quarterbacks -- Clarke the 28. I think Rob Ryan had a little edge on the Dallas cowgirls in his game plan with the it. All right now let's go to -- dale for Leon -- three -- thank you called the point after All Saints radio that you get -- Called them last -- you know that is why Colin the development air well. Faith in them but all this week and on the court the point now. Good Mark Grace did well in that game yeah -- for a plant we do that years ago. -- block well. And this game here column blocked or being. -- -- would -- that you'll. If you look at the positive. It was active in that game played way off the in any of the bit. Well you know you could fatally shot blocker -- Collins. But -- -- all of that that line. They've finally had an outstanding run blocking game. I mean did that that that will hold there -- be that there were times. The ball and now the one they got respect Mark Ingram was going -- that's out. And he was hit and get it if you -- have to -- -- was that -- -- it. But there was holes there I mean look vote but gave -- fourteen carries 245 -- that's ridiculous. -- and a half yard average per carry Pierre Thomas seventeen carries 87 yards five point one. That's an I don't know we could do this that at night maybe realistic who we have these numbers. We -- averaged five yard to run between Ingram Gary Roberts -- Sproles or the air. I don't care who we play in the NFL we -- it I took over -- that good everywhere else. New Orleans Hornets and Dallas seventy welcome back if the Saints quarterback Drew Brees at the point after All Saints radio that you get -- And welcome back it's a what have you been easy to the world famous for his volatile inside the eighties college days. That can't cook for you come right around a -- with Thanksgiving Christmas all the New Year's. Here and it -- but now -- pace of mr. -- and Paul Goldstein who also brought you by Tito's and meet doctor. But I want to have a great to have a -- bought into the designated driver a new wall -- 49. Dallas seventeen down and make view on line for it yet jock Don -- called -- point that. But again this agreement about one thing. Bryant did not have a good team even know about this way out naval had been you know to me that. I'm talented to hit -- Drew Brees took it from the -- -- way he was. Child Graham could run that block. Out. Outfit that they as the markets where they have an influence like you did again in 2009. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are all of state DeMarcus Ware ended up. With three tackles and he had a sack if you look at 2009. At thirteen to know yet exactly two forced fumbles. So well all I'll look at is that. Listed I'm just glad Charles Brown they give up three sacks right -- that that that's why I think it's a win. You know coach fading out now I have to look at how we utilize the blocking schemes to help them out now at the end. But that the that the markets where. We were expected him to play -- practice in 2009. Knew him in any two week before yet -- yet as tragic as we need to practice -- -- played him at the game when he plays Japan that the on the I think Charles Brown is the head in here and I think Sheldon Brown's the answer on that tackle. But I was encouraged. Simply because the markets where really you have an influence to the game Drew Brees -- With Drew Brees gets -- is back because he's stolen the ball too long you make all of our offensive line better. This is another guy who goes at 2006. We think is the least sacked quarterback in the NFL. -- -- he's gonna make the offensive line better. So that that's one thing that I think -- fight -- behind all through because he date O'Donnell the ball. Let's go to John online 5 John good morning thank you for calling the point after and did you get you there. Good morning. Yeah I'm going to talk about. Ingram and partly. Just a real quick on that last -- around a lot -- firm Graham Greene lead to Marcus where. How a couple of times when the -- he went down pass patterns. I mean he literally. Market where -- You can't call and I chipped that you call that a -- thing you bloody can't. Atop the fifth of fans like watching a play at a party niners he got -- the rotation against the Panthers he was suspended. He went to rehab all about Schmidt. Maybe tonight all the odds may god ethic got to get thirteen fourteen sacks the game now we've played against Carolina. Moving get out the -- -- against him. He'd better didn't tackle he's gonna get. Who wouldn't want it you -- -- -- in our running back. You -- -- -- I said that that the pregame you know they're trying to beat that tackle hit them hard and they can be. Didn't a lot of those in the shots and -- slow down I'm telling you in that look like you said probably. Jimmy Graham did. I can't the markets where I'm just speculating but that's probably Allen helped out -- round. Type I would take another quick break we come back with any team any interview Drew Brees speaking to the media. After that phenomenal football but tied at the Saints beat Dallas 49 -- seventy with the point after All Saints radio. If you get you. The NFL scoreboard brought to life every HM urgent care. Well Drew Brees completed 3441. Passes for 392. Yards and four touchdowns. As the Saints found the Dallas Cowboys 49 to seventeenth. Green. So it's not little flare out to the right side the Sproles Sproles takes -- it's. -- -- -- The Saints set an NFL record with 41 downs and also a franchise record with 625. Total yards. -- liking Bulls improved to seven and two and now get ready to host the 49ers. For the Braves papers proof that they're for real with a big road win in San Francisco. Snapped the camp with a four man front steps up throws down filled up hitters are bitter about day. -- horrid holes weren't down at the forty yard line and Carolina's gonna get out of San Francisco with a victory. Drayton Florence -- interception in the final minute sealed 810 to nine victory for Carolina that gave the Panthers their fifth straight win. Well the Falcons nightmare of a season continues as the ET -- got blown out in their own house by Seattle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Absolutely. Perfect throw from Russell Wilson. Wilson threw a pair of touchdown passes while Marshawn Lynch ran for 145. Yards. Seahawks routed the Falcons 33 to ten. In a one sided rematch of last season's NFC divisional playoffs Peyton Manning threw for 330 yards and four touchdowns. Three of which to the Mary's Thomas as he led the Denver Broncos to a 28 to twenty victory against San Diego. Manning has thrown for 3249. Yards on the year. And 33 touchdowns in nine games derailed Thomas returned an interception 65 yards to set up a go ahead one yard touchdown run by running back Andre Brown. In the New York Giants won their third straight game 24 to twenty over Oakland. Carson Palmer meanwhile threw two touchdown passes and Arizona Cardinals held on to cities Houston Texans. There's their franchise record seventh consecutive -- 2724. Arizona scored in the game's first play when John Abraham knocked the ball and he's even dorm. Matt Shaughnessy returned it six yards for the score. Hold Rams rookie to -- -- they've finally had his coming out party today against the Colts. -- in the gun big rush steps up your play at Dobson who. That is the thirty more important qualities -- -- -- all their guys did not often that. Today Austin caught two touchdown passes and returned to Clinton 98 yards for a score almost single handedly and in the Saint Louis rams' three game losing streak with a stunning. 388. Victory at Indianapolis. Andrew Luck finished 29 of 47 for 353. Yards with one touchdown and three interceptions. Calvin Johnson had 22 half touchdown receptions while Reggie Bush rushed for a 105 yards. And the Lions beat Jay Cutler in the Bears 21 to nineteen -- key matchup of the NFC north rivals Detroit swept the season series against Chicago. Pittsburgh shut down rookie quarterback EJ Manuel and his return pounding the bills. 23 to -- Ben Roethlisberger passed for 204 yards and a touchdown maybe on bail at a 52 yards rushing and a score and the Steelers snapped a two game losing streak. Maurice Jones-Drew and Jordan taught me in each ran for a touchdown in the Jacksonville Jaguars got their first win of the season. Beating the Tennessee Titans 29 -- -- said in the jags never trailed and forced four turnovers. They turned into seventeen points. We'll -- both threw three touchdown passes in the Philadelphia Eagles all the way Corey 27 to thirteen victory over the injury ravaged Green Bay Packers. It was back up quarterback Seneca Wallace in the game due to a groin injury. Justin Tucker kicked a 46 yard field goal with 547 left in overtime and the Baltimore Ravens beat the Cincinnati Bengals twenty to seventeen. That's a look at the NFL scoreboard over in the association. Eric Bledsoe scored 44 points and more keep mores came off the bench to score 23. As the Phoenix Suns beat the pelicans 11 to nine before Jason Smith scored 22 points while drew holiday. And Anthony Morrow each had 6016. Points for New Orleans -- Steve Geller on WWO. AM at -- and WW dot com. And welcome back to the point after here DD seafood in the world famous -- taught us all to get in the morning at 740 normal while supporting. It's Monday Morning Quarterback Christie Garrett took coverage and -- interview with Drew Brees. It MRI to Saints coaches show from 63730. But you don't have the week. Until tomorrow -- sound awful sports. It's double covered the morning gravity that they've been Christie Garrett -- -- -- reported recap big week in and sports. LSU Alabama also -- -- the Saints in Dallas it because it bought another of the week at the latest BCS standings all that will be cope with the bar you can't discount off. 6 AM in the morning Canadiens on Greek ship you -- thirteen fifty feet in and they did this week Bobbie you need the Saints players through out at hooters on veterans boulevard -- -- on special is this week will be Saints running back Pierre Thomas. So we'll have up the -- we do well in another big week twelve. Yeah saint Pierre is just a reliable he is then I mean you look what he's done and I think uniform all around running back when it is first second -- third down. Can't trust factor. Kind of like they're -- fact that we drew threw the ball up the Kenny stills -- -- that you keep making big plays like that the quarterback who's gonna do that again. You let him back coverage which is going to get the football like Jordan that's -- bills. Did on that particular play that. The trust -- would Pierre Thomas first second third down. But every ask him to do as an unbelievable. I think him and don't need the -- green running. As far as how to set the screen in Saints history -- Pierre probably in the NFL. We've done through the crucial beings come playoff time. Scorers through bullet it's doable he just mastered the screen playing in it that's it still impressive. When you have that kind of contribution. From a guy like Pierre and in me and I know you you can count on him and and I think Paulino you have to do is. Just look at the work ethic at the area and follow his lead and then you have success you can actually in the NFL available when he hits tonight. -- in Biloxi on line one thank you for calling the point after point that you'd get -- I'm only go right you normally would you got. But he is it is Lee is now Bobby we think about -- -- -- win tonight for the Saints of makes the careless you meet the San Francisco for that will completely shut down today. A 151 yards total offense and ninth zero lead but they've lost in ninety. That's smoke and mirrors Carolina has won five straight they -- an opponent's. Eight points on average and your feet they're back home next week Monday Night Football at the coming out hard prepare and I think and I think Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. You possible we said all along they do split. With the Patriots have before and I've that would be good that it. It's been moved to know who while they get bit surprised when Carolina was able to do considering. They came into this weekend all the behind the -- -- as far as what our team. The scoring defense that he's given out WellPoint to gain a Carolina thirteen and a half. And you look at the Seahawks 62 and a half. But we were given up seventeen double -- through riding that number. And then you look at it could be another challenge we've become NFL points per game as far as the top offenses this season. You look at Dallas team that it is game basically played nine points a game. You only get seventeen was not gonna get any easier at the -- the 49ers didn't see all partners behind. And things like this -- is gonna go down and out we were averaging twenty point to gain both the CL to 49ers were averaging 27. Though Carolina did an outstanding job. But it's not gonna get any easier. But it just -- -- confidence. When you have this kind of outing. And now the 49ers go over the palpable you want to be possibly double seeded the rolled to its approval and go to -- -- that you are. You got the 49ers and home. Take care of business. At the end whose goals you open you know yet yep open -- to win that division that is another tiebreak -- -- you -- I didn't think. You might have daughters to me. In training camp that this would have been the last of me looking at his fourteenth stretch we'll break it down the schedule. If you told me any but as we hate the Falcons Saints fans. You know I hate the Cowboys look at the Falcons. The Saints rivalry and all that right. Now. Meaning the Cowboys. This state reported a game tonight. You gonna tell me real critical 321. You know what it. Beat the Cowboys. Beat the white guys next week. You can -- that a problem until Thursday night it did you go back it beat the does the dogs Oman the united Seattle what do you do head to head. Neither did you -- you are irrelevant right now you had to be had with -- -- But but right now they only -- one well -- cable announced they will -- -- -- Seattle hoping you beat them the right. But what what I'm saying if you if you lose him man that you have three losses in Eggleston and saluted they have that -- yeah. Maybe the -- -- it was in Chicago owner -- guy -- a little radical at San Diego and Atlanta periodical at San Francisco yeah yeah it made us. The thing is all all -- though is would look at that tiebreak at the settlers think youth what do you read the chance to -- it out about. That's all I know lawyers now what you get upset. If we go to Seattle led with the 49ers coming here -- win. Then that that that's not enough that this is certainly an important thing yeah college cabernet. With him all the young guns. As badly as they are. They don't no matter who you -- he blitzes and -- pass the football. The adult about it though not exactly yet not yet they don't have the experience. That's why we've played a 49ers. Make Colin -- beat you throwing the ball in -- team don't like Frank -- go out locally yet it eighty ought to be back in eighty in a hurry if you want you know that's -- -- let Frank Gore get off. Make valley cabernet hit. Pat they hit at the -- now they gonna read option. You gotta stop they'll give up a big run but don't let it burn you. Running the football and they -- -- they have to hit the path we could be used. Thanks so much back in studio Alice in the Steven. Mark Jack. And also I think Shelton and I knew damn exit of the post and it. And all the time folks it -- final score it was New Orleans -- 89 and Dallas seventy golf -- you check out Monday Morning Quarterback in the morning. X 740 all the time they took issue Christie Garrett visited Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Its second guess what -- -- might continue to march forward who was the football about the Saints coaches show. And in Monday Night Football with Tampa Bay and Miami. The Saints a seven until now and improve to five and went home after beating Dallas 49ers seventeen and Deke Bellavia always talk about that cajun cannon Bobby -- bit. How -- -- cal got cowgirls look. -- didn't think it is like if I like about. Turn out so. You know the party's over it's over cowboy ticket -- do you garbage. That day it is full. They win big you are not that bad but I expected on the way -- -- -- good night.