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Nov 11, 2013|

Dave talks about the Saints win over the Cowboys and if Mark Ingram is for real. And, winning the lottery twice?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this. I don't remember the eleventh 2013. -- it's a magic Monday it has magic Monday -- so many ways. The saints proving who's -- clearly the better team. On the field in the superdome. Even as a fun and I hang in I'm sure I can hear the cowboy fans single dollar. Best defender got hurt during the game our business chamber was sidelined. At that mad -- -- It matters is the saints destroyed the cowboys in every way. First team to ever. Ever get 41 down to -- just a -- us. And the saints news that that's why late in the game. They went Ford and -- -- -- opt out. Now let's just break the -- -- out there -- all were routed you know. We're not gonna score but we do wanna break it all and I am numbers of them. It really well it is time I was up way too -- enjoying -- watching and I was gonna say he -- -- from the suffered their -- and ask them just about actually made -- bed for a -- are you can't outline -- along the and now league yet and days celebrating. You know the rule as it celebrates 24 is our right yes and -- they're focusing on the you mentioned breath -- some games there are some more games coming up this thing -- Now apt to you know -- to revel in the moment enjoy today. Before now turning their attention to getting back to practice because yet others can have a difficult stretched him. San Francisco comes to town maybe we need the Panthers -- -- beat the 49 out. UN high scoring game it wasn't a -- -- it was a win for Carolina. -- San Francisco's offense -- in but -- and now we've got to deal with -- 49ers next could be an interesting test to see. While Carolina. Shut them down in the saints do the same thing and Carolina just keep winning every go to Atlanta there not a great team this year but this will be their big game. They'll be focusing on the saints like it's the playoffs are we -- the and maybe the only decent thing and rams to a mall here correctly they can beat the saints then summit and the feeling. Somewhat successful season -- The real -- act he had all who and the Panthers come to the dome. We go to Saint Louis in the rams had a coming out party yesterday how they'd beat up on the colts destroyed the very good. Indianapolis Colts then we go to duke Carolina. And then finish the season now with Tampa Bay here. Human to count him when. Yet we see with the road ahead but -- let's celebrate for all day. I got a basket in this it's just you know that's RT what I just keep looking at that 49. To seventeen well. Hand. -- This change your opinion. On the Ingram haters out there this change anything Korea. -- -- just one game anyone seen Mark Ingram is this consistent but he really he he poured it on last night I've never seen the effort. That I saw last -- out of Mark Ingram yet felt bad he got the penalty for celebrating after that first they -- But I mean he had just taken that monkey off his back slammed into the -- stomped on it out you know is so. Frustrated by all the negativity from the fans all his inability to get going all the nagging injuries he's had to deal with the Heisman winner of the Alabama background the championships. All the stuff. He he needed to make a mark Kenny did last night that is it. Real. Killer literally be their forest yet we -- -- this market. Week in and week out now I don't know but I do wanna hear from some of the Ingram haters who have been pounded on him. All this year and Andy really last year does that change anything for you that he had one. Great game thank you David we'll talk to about twenty minutes more for news here on WW LI about them and that got we will take your forecast as we get back to work this week. Now some people banks closed no mail the day federal government's close to -- veterans day. The celebrate those people who have served our nation and continue to fight. For our freedom Austin get Steve Geller in here with sports on your Monday morning victory Monday here on WW. And -- lessons -- the yard line is that the accidentally. And not to Ingram and. And -- didn't. -- game winning eight heading there tonight forty yard touchdown ruling in the army continues. Ireland text message today it's 7870 spill should. Have ivory night Ingram another one says this shows you how bad Dallas is deep fences he's still Ingram balances no. One game doesn't change my mind about Ingram still better but one person does come out and support thanks finally Ingram is healthy. So the debate will continue at least in the near term about whether or not Mark Ingram can be. That guy I'm Dave -- at the early edition of WWL offers its thanks for joining us on this Monday morning veterans day 2000 and their team what's the -- together this week. Lots of sunshine for today this holiday Monday veterans day look for -- around 76 this afternoon. Overnight lows down into the lower fifties under clear skies out tomorrow. It's still mild 73 but winds will begin to pick up and that's a sign -- changes ahead for Wednesday. Much cooler air in place around the area -- starting off in their thirties and 40s Wednesday morning. Hi it's only 56. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura knocked out. Now are right we can feel the changes come in and -- -- -- the next couple days not almost hot. Like it was yesterday's. Hot yesterday back. But obviously -- to say good morning good Steve Geller. Good morning and happy who'd -- Monday everyone. Drew Brees was masterful in their defense was stout as the saints steamrolled the Dallas Cowboys 49 to seventeen on Sunday night full. Cool breeze in the shotgun three news right. Schools alongside decent schools -- up the blitz over the middle mostly. He breaks even -- I. War this -- Brees completed 3441. Passes for 392. Yards and four touchdowns while the team had an NFL record 41 downs and a franchise record 625. Total yards New Orleans improve to seven and two on the year while dropping the cowboys to five of five. Next up for the saints as a showdown with the six and three 49ers head coach Sean Payton knows that his offense won't be able to move the ball as easily against a tough. Physical niners' defense. -- each week do that is different challenge and certainly this week coming up against San Francisco. Wolf our hands full with a very good defensive front there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- coming up in about two and a half hours while also hear from -- injuries and -- -- well would normally be the Monday Morning Quarterback segment I guess today it's the Tuesday. Morning quarterbacks segment here on WW -- Steve we've been talking about a for the last fifteen minutes now. Mark Ingram does this change any thing that he. Had a huge game biggest of his career biggest of the saints running back him in a long long time. He was just on fire yesterday but a lot of people are texting us saying it was just one game. And very few Ingram supporters still out there what are your thoughts. Well they fans and the team certainly hopes so after the game Drew Brees described increments saying he was a man on a mission. And he definitely looked like it racking up his first 100 yard rushing game. 145 yards fourteen carries an average of ten point four yards per carry absolutely phenomenal life for him. It's can he carry it over now. Against a tougher more stout defense like the 49ers. The cowboys' defense not so good. The big question will be now is can Ingram produce against a legitimate defense and hey we're gonna get to find that out very soon. As this week the 49ers come to town then Seattle's right down the road also two matchups against Carolina Saint Louis as well some are gonna get too overly excited yet but it was definitely great to see the same number one draft pick. Finally have a first round draft pick. Kind of night. It really did feel good and I felt good for him. But as one person Ingram haters just text me and admitted to -- and abroad Ingram hater I -- -- going to tell -- how -- they can't stand him. He had a big drop on the opening drive it Kostis yet he did he looked very frustrated -- that may have actually stoke the coals of fire and popping out of you know. If he was done he was on fire after that. Now I guess we'll have to wait and see if Mark Ingram is now the real deal that was that bad Dallas defense it is one anomaly. For the former Heisman Trophy -- your forecast. Much cooler weather on the way we'll take a look at that that does it. -- Bryant Newsnight the field saints again -- -- forward and Romo is gonna Doug. Then Jordan forced him out of the pocket and there was junior who was -- no simple answer to bring him down innocent person in the night for the saints and lots of six. How -- them saints again they brought the sack attack -- on common and they were all over Tony Romo with pressure all night. Wow what a performance by them and that was without Malcolm Jenkins -- Roman Harper both inactive with injuries. And hats off to the defense bring in it for their defensive coordinator against that team McKay definitely curve and really playing for him. He had to feel pretty darn good. About the defensive performance by the saints last night at a pretty good about the forecast. Lots of sunshine for today this holiday Monday veterans day look for -- around 76 this afternoon. Overnight lows down into the lower fifties under clear skies out tomorrow. It's still mild 73 but winds will begin to pick up and that's a sign -- changes ahead for Wednesday. Much cooler air in place around the area -- starting off in their thirties and 40s Wednesday morning hi it's only 56. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura knocked out. A little cooler today 69. At the airport 47 and slide -- to start things off and even cooler the rest of the week. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the eleventh of November 2000 and their team from. Marvelous. Monday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Marvelous Monday. Feels game a lot of folks in the day off today so they've got to enjoy that for veterans day hopefully everyone takes at least a moment. -- in some ways -- to form showed their appreciation jobs for those men and women who have. Fought for our country and for our freedom. And these veterans day. What you're going to be tired because I could not go to sleep after watching and that she out of of the cowboys by the New Orleans Saints in the superdome and it there was no way even if you felt that it was all over which. You did was there a lot of times it was over I couldn't shouted off because I was ever to have fun watching the -- and I had that we -- coach had this that latency would resent this day and so I was -- -- it is reveling in the moment they stack Ramon yes they got I got a couple more yeah Dez Bryant ever gets drawn down to it as they've they can keep shut -- -- -- It was good times in the board the black gold in the super firm. -- -- congratulations to them. Hand one day that the rule 24 hours to celebrate phone. Before we turn attention. To getting back. It's been getting great for the rest of the season and look at -- and this he would. Went dead down the road out now on hold while we have to face. That's it one day you know victory Monday is that they caught and then hit it over. Then -- back to work in your work hard. Enough story enjoy it yes. You're correct you thought it would be AB game for the U properly -- yeah yeah I've felt. Pretty go to bars that there was another little game. Low one -- that are known. Types. He had he didn't do too well on that. Now IE united in Vegas those odds makers and what they're doing and it -- that that was a blow out Alice do. And they were right about that yeah you're one for one and a football games may have gone with your heart night yeah that LSU prediction. But you're also correct about it what was gonna happen at the -- stopped well that was the war is good -- -- world opens at number -- line. The Thor sequel takes in more than 86. -- -- dollars Mo well above the regionals that demon in May of 2011. Also. The best November opening. Hidden camera -- but he Bagram law holds its second animated flick rebirth was third. Followed by last Vegas. And -- game drops to fifth I went and saw the war yes yesterday morning at the nice thing about it -- -- yeah but he can't talk on 11 AM showing a -- And it's it's a fund build action packed. Good movie. I've really enjoyed Seattle my son he had a great time and the women in theater really into one action opportunities. Yet -- honk. Once -- where it is clearly for the women on trees takes. He's featured just -- him. Rippling rippling and -- is more. Thank you David looked like he had about twenty -- more prisoners -- WL am FM. And -- Not let's go live in directing the Eyewitness News forecast senate they. Said bought it is meteorologist Laura but now. I'll veteran state -- went out and indeed veterans that you can say happy veterans day that is absolutely appropriate and expected and what you should do. Do you recognize this you have participated in armed militant arm and solid year that's right that's right now past and present everyone who's ever worn the uniform thank you. And to consider them months. I loved the all the tributes and the that. Just god bless America kind of feel that we had before that game last night did you see the cart flip. Did you see what the saints did handing out those signs to everyone -- outlook idiom called nothing waving flag in the end Townsend thank you to the veterans. In the lower poll that was really needs their vote was -- scenic go check it out on the. That definitely definitely it and that victory bell scene you know that actually aunt found that I hear that they -- kind of added that. The I came as well they're fantastic to and great to give them any time and -- idea that that -- showed that before they're just testing ban the weather's pretty. It's not that have a yesterday and -- mainland are hot for media real outlets that L Sunday -- in the eighties knows that and where we -- shots and I allow you do you view of appease me by getting rid of those eighties. Yeah foreseeable future. -- yes I was seventy fives. That's her eighties or talk about it Saturday -- and it. We we out we are looking at them not mild Temps today will be around 76 -- very similar to yesterday -- start off in the forties and 50s so cool morning. And a mild after yet today that tomorrow much of the name tomorrow the same and you were an empty seat -- that. And mid to lower seventies it's going to be later on in the day that we actually -- -- winds pick up. Nine we have another cold front coming by dean I don't -- a lot of rain and you -- out no rain with this cold practiced much colder air in fact that colder air at this coldest air this season going to be me again how cold will it highs on Wednesday only in the mid fifties know that time high in the -- Michael and I are going. Both sides of the -- of I admitted that there was that mean for -- blows when then there's that we're gonna see some thirties and forties -- No freezing. No doubt -- got not. Bright and and the winds are gonna be a little bit too strong for that so. North of -- Thursday morning you might -- worry about some that your tender vegetation right frost but. They'll have the wind died down a good bit to see that frost develop such a high thirties and forties yet in Chile than it is at least equal. What do you think I'm gonna get a dollar ride out. Wars that we're back in the seventies by the weekend or she say -- since apparently seventies or eighties T yeah that way now and a -- I -- that Saturday did not knows that ET. Some guy. And I think all right -- got going again and leave my car thermometer with 72 on Saturday 75 on fun and I was out doing yard work yes he ran into signs yeah and -- -- -- -- actually it was delightful so maybe it's no different -- you know people how people. How people kind of model we have targeted Noah -- we end and it every window at -- house open and the breeze come -- with. That that. I I guess we've been averages exerting myself pulled him I didn't -- that have more to scale back on that gardening out. We Melanie are now it's -- in the port and -- item -- -- Well we just say it is. You could do not think if you want a net you'll least what I promise -- that -- -- in the morning at the forty. Yeah right right at the height fifty -- that at 25 mile an hour winds at. -- ever won anything in the lottery. An hour ago now I mean I wish I mean maybe two bucks -- three -- there's yell at them and it's powerball about you know it's there it's like this frustrated and I Lansing Michigan. Officials say Joseph -- rock -- Bomb Olmert that -- and Paul got 11 point 351. Point 35 million dollars. They lottery last week -- -- classic Lotto game in Michigan yes. And this is not the first time he also won a million dollars a couple of years ago in Tennessee. Yet he's one. Annoys you must play a lot Latino way got a tricky doesn't convenience stores and they have -- tickets where they either punched in the raw numbers of people decided not to buy -- extra tickets land there. He buys those discarded tickets. -- And it -- this account -- nobody -- now we don't pay full price form but he seemed fine he sees it -- -- potential that way it is now estimate made a mistake they chose the wrong numbers those are probably the right numbers and they're losing out because they didn't they -- statistically that's not any different than just going in and now that -- -- -- you and why. And in October last month we had a guy in Florida who won -- he won a three million dollars last month. And last year he won a ten million dollar jackpot -- two guys who have won it twice. One and Tennessee and Michigan the other -- for. I can't wait once he has ways of life he have a rule we're like if you wind up completely not our -- were freaking -- accept -- I felt that statement yet. And he can keep winning keep went against Florida the second time descended I guess he spent an all presented sent to a 100000 a year. -- Now what happens to -- this'll take them and then you can you can generally invested better than that -- -- I guess he obviously he he didn't invest at all. Yeah yeah right -- that that Iraq attic apartment -- and direct Eyewitness News forecasts are right seventy's and ninety's I guess it was an eighty's I guess I was just exercising thank you for. Normally in the tournament that's why I'm not a meteorologist -- is about sports guy you'd like sports but. Steve -- actual official sports guy on him again next on tell you that that outweighs the politics and. Alongside -- schools it's up the blitz over the middle Paulson he Trixie got good. Or. Let's go our Marcus Colston and in the end zone for a the second time this season. In the sixtieth time -- the other and probably Drew Brees serial -- when he two yard touchdown strike. And -- was I see that the most prolific combination in the modern saying there. Brees to Colston -- enough. For two more TDs I'm Dave on the early edition of WWL first news to my tanks and hit -- 7870s. -- did you know. That the Dallas Cowboys -- is still sit on the tarmac out of the airport. Of course in my head that no really why. Because some open a third down marker in front and they couldn't get past they vary vary inefficient on third down last time it looked I think there were over nine on Thursday. So that's pretty good recipe for the saints pick up a victory import sports now. Our good part of the good morning Dave happy Monday everybody. The saints and NFL record with 41 downs and dominated the Dallas Cowboys 49 to seventeen on Sunday Night Football green. It sets -- a little flare out to the right side this. -- -- -- -- -- And 56 and -- Wall Street and. Drew Brees threw for touchdowns on the night and Darren Sproles scored twice -- the blocking gold have now won twelve straight games in primetime. The saints improved to seven and 21 -- in New Orleans can't take their foot off the gas -- now as calling -- in the six and three 49ers are coming to town this Sunday coach Sean -- most stressed it was team this week not to get too high -- dominating win over Dallas because there's still plenty that need to be fixed in house chief. For for our guys just understand this process of getting better and I know it's cliche a little bit but it's important to do because if you're not -- You're certainly going the other direction. Miami's -- -- -- -- has told fox sports that dolphins teammate Jonathan -- send him threatening text messages only a week before their relationship blew up into harassment case that has prompted -- NFL investigation. -- -- -- said that he didn't take the threats seriously though which also included a threat against this family meanwhile Miami's an action tonight on Monday Night Football to take on the Buccaneers in Tampa -- over on the -- Eric Bledsoe dropped 24 points on the pelicans and the Phoenix Suns beat New Orleans 101 tonight before Jason Smith scored 22 points while Jrue Holiday and Anthony Morrow each had sixteen for -- And the fourth edition of the BCS standings came -- and Florida State took firm hold the second place behind top ranked Alabama the seminoles -- second last week and solidify that position after -- poor game was knocked off by Stanford Ohio State is third followed by the cardinal and Baylor LSU dropped to number twenty lawn today have -- it's the second game show from the silver -- casino here Drew -- talk about the black and -- victory over the cowboys and it's the saints coaches show we have shall -- games -- early morning look at sports I'm Steve -- It going Steve Geller Killen was the on the radio on this veterans Monday morning good morning thanks for joining us and -- to double check that 04. The cowboys were over for nine on third down. And never did get answers first down after a third -- yet that joke about the -- pretty funny -- out to stick to me it's that anything he says they put cowboys sticker on their broken vacuum cleaner. Now it's talks again. It thank you for that -- not sucking was the saints offense Steve what was it that allowed the saints offense to be so prolific last night. Went up in New Jersey against the jets they just couldn't do much of anything. Well -- the biggest reason to me was balance in the offense which we've talked about over and over and over game. That this team needed sure you can point to the Dallas Cowboys defense. Being that bad but let's see their team had a record setting 41 downs on the night. Ran the ball 38 times. While Brees dropped back to throw 41 passes that is an ideal. Balanced offensive attack which we've heard so much about we also saw just about everybody on the saints' offense getting involved involved Marcus -- finally had a big game seven -- 107 yards a touchdown Darren -- 88 combined yards with two touchdowns definitely helped ease the burden off of tight -- Jimmy Graham who has -- and has been successful -- being the focal point of his offense for so many weeks now if the saints can keep this kind of production of going forward not only are -- a legitimate playoff -- But then you can actually start talking about a return to MetLife stadium for the Super Bowl. Asked 49ers next. In the dome then at the falcons and at the Seahawks. Vs the Panthers that's in the down at the rams and act the Panthers are six tough games ahead for the saints. Before the winless Buccaneers in the might still be in the when they gave you for the final game of the season. Cast for this Monday veterans day and studies. Guys to start the new workweek with highs around 76 this afternoon and lows dropping to about 56 on the South -- and fifty north of the lake. Tomorrows still mild but the breezed begins to pick up highs around 73. And Wednesday mostly sunny but chilly we're looking at highs only in the mid fifties it was set wins it may even feel colder than that. From the Eyewitness News forecast than her I'm meteorologist Laura backed out. I'll thirties and 40s for lows Thursday morning. Well. Right now 59 the reporting tanner 47. Not a Tucker and for the next four as a -- against lately analysts chugging might French market coffee this morning you know -- -- talking. You don't drink it you take it does with that idea about the exact your talk about the saints cowboys through resolve a colossal -- -- -- Tiger's Crimson Tide slide yet now you know we have to endless miles. Let's talk veterans day about the brave men and women who sacrificed sensor and the way we treat our vets in the conditions in the armed forces -- days of different things going on would you would blistered by somebody you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- American -- because Al Michaels -- -- shout -- -- They'll chase last night you hear it. I didn't -- inning and some ailment the he has some video and it definitely stake belt chase Louisiana. Hey. Have a great veterans day.

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