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11-11 6:15am Tommy, Saints whoop the Cowboys

Nov 11, 2013|

Tommy talks to WWL's NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints game against the Cowboys

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hi Tommy -- Gary WWL -- day seven. 58 and 63 tomorrow highs of 73. And then Wednesday cold front comes in highs only of 56 blows North Shore 33 south York. 43 surveyors are cool weather to tell you what else is pretty cool. What happened in the dome last nine. First -- scenes from the yard line into the -- and to their bodies and not thinking room. And -- The game winning -- -- their defense -- -- -- ruling in the carnage continues. If you watch the game on TV a lot of the replay showed Jude the blocking was. Boy pretty flawless and did fullback had a great game as well Mike interrogate joins us right now RW WL NFL draft analysts you can hear him and Bobby tonight as they second guessing game from a so the slipper on a beach in Hancock Mississippi morning Mike you don't. All you don't want some will be much different than. No X maybe L issue and you're out ABC second to a lot yeah -- you know what actually if you look at both games. Both teams is beat and -- -- Dallas in the NL issue both them ages manhandled and beat but. Let's talk about Mark Ingram you know we played it -- by Jews now when we're asking without ready jaguar opinion poll was that. A one game wonder as Mark Ingram finally found his way we think. One game deal with that and -- -- and it's not through more and he he really played well last night. We're talking about it we have it seems that worked well. Came out with all the credentials he came out with -- as an -- that he had the game he had no acute that it. You also played against the team that will pretty beat up front along at the center line and -- so we set the tone there. Talking about sixteen state straight completions. Against Chile at the -- running the football but hopefully they'll let him. Opted -- just absolutely. -- gamble port on the I'd say it virtually every week we take a good deep breath and what you watch. Not he is once debris leaves this football team for retirement. A -- at the qualities. That let it get. It everything else get on the course down that rushing New York. OJ how brilliant couple moments that -- global it and put twelve or have been a little this team wins and primetime television. You more giving -- rushing up without greatly from quarterback in Drew Brees. You said that. Just won the league wouldn't -- On you know there -- nights where drew is is good and then there are nights where he is used surgical like he was last night why do you think the difference was that because -- the more time last night. Something with the receivers. Yeah you know what I think it's almost expectation that you think that we can we now. As it's pretty hard to do. I mean I hate. And and just appreciate. We know you get cute you every week about the money maker and everything else. Meant all like in ten years without him in his football team yet you'd win four games you'd be fortunate. Like that the whole of that game last night and what he was able to do was throwing the football again those. Sixteen straight complete just unbelievable. I'd be just absolutely. Actually rented that cowboy defense he did get protection you -- -- lot of credit. All topic was sacked one time to get pressure on them markets where there. Come and all that but even that market was was saying that I really the running game that -- -- -- that jumps out at. It is. How good friends play and third down the cowboys would you old enough. On third down conversions. I can't remember in recent times. I think a team that in maybe some of those bad -- teams before -- -- got here. And it went in Oakland. On third down conversions. In the rough outline put together a tremendous game plan. Biggest surprise in his game not this -- -- school. But that they held office that I told you global and as broad and Jason Witten. Hell that -- seventeen points. That's the biggest surprise when you walk away game and look at. A gated in testimony to what rob -- -- -- would be. An endless and technically ought. Not let this get. And even out the game yardage and know that you know what we changed you know it worked out well. Nick did you yet -- one that. Audio of the proper line coach -- defense. And Arctic Eagles usually you actually Jason Witten Jason Garrett technically but it meaning -- giving him. But it's funny how -- it Jerry Jones said that -- I don't think that's gonna make the current defense of coordinator feel pretty good day. -- -- stake let EO guy go and -- again we get now. Yeah and in Monte Kiffin I mean you know money started all but that -- would be little. That. You know ideas based economy and that they go with -- team again. Eight and make an excuse everybody. But it will -- defense team and you -- -- like a bit later in the game shortly. And that's sort of that happens on that this site went from a run oriented team. To a pass to -- -- dating you how much or in the midst of that football -- And that's when you saw through. -- -- these surgical knife and he just. Absolutely. Pick him apart from -- Padilla. No account actually get back to Mark Ingram just for his second in the way he ran while also looking head. About the 49ers coming up than a falcons barely go to Seattle and we'll about the saints went in on a road Mike Terry a against your calls well it's music so when he seventy tool free. 8668890876. When he for now time to look at traffic and that. Terrell Robinson. Tommy Tucker -- WL argument the saints' victory last night 639. One who won before seven like to tell AAR against NFL draft. Analysts and -- NFL expert and Mike thank you free time and you get have a long day today at four you can second guess what the cajun cannon got BA -- might tell EA lightens over slipper casino on -- -- -- intact. Miss Connie Mississippi's -- -- and saints cowboys LHU bam and of course everything going on. Any NFL man Drew Brees will join him at 435 and at 630 the saints coaches show with head coach Sean Payton. And offensive line coach -- angles on a lot going on. Then Monday Night Football -- -- the battle for Florida Miami at Tampa Bay and into -- see how they react to this whole in kind need no. -- Controversy let me ask you this might when it comes to Ingram -- to me and you know I'm just a -- -- seem like. He was running an angry that he that he was run and like Chris Ivory. And is that because Dallas was so weak any offensive line could dominate them or. Did he finally get his head straightened -- keep it straight. Now -- I think it you know this was -- one game tactic although they did that last year. Win big equipment a lot of touches and all of a sudden that the far in the more gain from him if he played with a lot of action last night. In a battle plan against -- -- you know professionals but he got it. That's a -- week -- different story immediately deported not a sort of really good football team. Commented during the watching his game go get -- not a lot of Beecher looked like a street fight it would -- you'll run the football -- -- strong in run defense. Making one dimensional. Is that they've suffered some major concussion injuries yes it is one of Ernie Davis that -- that target. Was all pro football player and Eric -- we. They're starting free safety -- -- saying it to about that -- be evaluated throughout the week. This shocking part of what happened yesterday. That the Carolina Tampa. The principal. Line man handle -- nod at offensive line any thought -- -- pick one group that I would want a marquee. Distort a football team open to block what could be deported it's got to approach that -- The -- at the main handle them. So that the committee and a good mood. In it ought to be one. We love that show because. We know how did that in 2011 I thought that was about it Jean Daniel not liking it incident -- just go with a law. We know what happened last year at 3121 law. Saint gave up some points on the board there -- really be getting -- third quarter net said that told. This would be a very interesting football game any must win -- -- Because the separatist war picket Seattle and that division they've got to continue winning these NFC games and not public yet. The saint got to keep pace they know. Who's reading it right down and the Carolina campus. Mike when it comes and you know you don't take a -- at this for granted at all on December 8 and 22 certainly you can't. Five in a row I think -- in like you're -- beaten a 49ers but December 2. At Seattle when he played the Seahawks could that. Monday Night Football. If the saints can handle 49ers if they don't stumble with a weaker team and can somehow panel -- Panthers announce a lot of ifs and buts but could that be the game to decide who's going Super Bowl and I ask you that because. If there's the saints can't beat Seattle on the road on the on the second I don't know what makes you think they can do it. It during the playoffs. I grew on me I think the team well. That that could be keen to get there and so I think that crucial game. Outplayed in Seattle took place late. We saw in 2010. I think ruled in with a pretty solid football team and not Seattle and they it would want to do that so well the plane -- will lead wallets. Saito told the football team and -- bill that atmosphere nobody want to Tanglewood. The same thing to -- -- -- really good football teams all all the the trot again there real lose some old pastor -- stadium each game. And and gates -- -- -- most who supported the schedule coming up -- separate just go. You play an eagle apple and all of the rules no matter what -- -- -- -- eagle football team molded steel. Impacting the continued trouble in that sort of spot in Seattle and Carolina. So you culminated in meeting the schedule with a lot. Everybody and school board -- coaches and -- we don't even look. Like we -- On the scoreboard watch the -- well yeah it would need to be you know. That Carolina had beaten San Francisco everybody's -- watching one -- there but I agree it's so important. Because he'd just how much. This football team why all that atmosphere domestic he's been brutal she battled the same thing when he played Seattle oil. It was the same thing and hold -- -- it's been quite this year -- -- and the Panthers. All world tour. Mike I appreciate -- time to listen to his afternoon thanks a lot down.

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