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11-11 7:15am Tommy, LSU vs. Alabama

Nov 11, 2013|

Tommy talks to Mike Scarborough, the Editor & Publisher of Tigerbait.com, about the Tigers game against the Tide

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As New Orleans has chill and on the labor front though -- 71053. Jeff Clement WWL dot com. You still lose. His. There it is it's not that they thought he Laporte to back out. Touchdown. That is played and oh by the way who made the catch relishing a look back at the end zone and the tiger up minutes. Made a big statement right there that. After the saints win last night Saturday night seems long time ago but it happens 719 Tommy Tucker with -- talking. By Scarborough. Editor and publisher of tiger bait that common. Mike you know Ole. I guess we should go to the beginning of the game and com. Talk about their zealous you turn overs and and how you know whenever I see something like -- -- if they had a chance to win majors threw away. Yeah you didn't. You do that you an uphill battle going in the Tuscaloosa it could be number one Alabama. Had to play a perfect game. And -- have of the picture perfect opening up as -- drop and projected to cope with the problem probably -- -- it was just like here we go and -- haven't recovered from that the it was a ballgame in the third quarter. -- and perfect -- from Alabama. And and it was just. That was the turning point -- -- that was -- defense just has no gas in the tank. You know -- we knows there's there's talent issues there in the position defensively. And beyond the talent there accuses. Adequate depth guys that competed that it can compete at that level and they've got to fix. You know onions and tax here about less miles and what was he -- coach -- the tigers just plain old whipped on a field. That we've been whipped items. -- -- and anything out that they would. And I think that's what disheartening for a lot of that was cute things have been in -- discussed would have on. On our message boards after the last. You know can -- 36 hours is that. You know he's probably -- that. You know. They're accused in Alabama and in one to -- -- good that the attack rebels similar. That I think it was very tired. It's Saturday night that the talent is similar anymore and. There's been so this is in recruiting. Defensively certainly -- -- defensively that's also a part of that. You know -- that you can do in this December. We're in the PP in the in the coach's world bowls select their policies -- first and second genes. And I I don't lose once in those two players who will be one of those teams. In the post season. From the defense and. That's not that's not tiger football. Seek -- open week they -- -- -- their Alabama wounds any at Texas a and M a Tiger Stadium. That are inside Tiger Stadium then well we SEC championship and that's going to be inconsequential to LSU at least so. Leaving the tigers hold their head and start looking in next year's accident -- and the receivers to that. NFL draft door or do they. Come back and maybe play competitively and and possibly beat Texas and -- an Arkansas. I think there will be competitive when you've got Heisman Trophy winner come in the town. I just don't see this this is the most people -- kills you to finish the season at a victory in the pre season and that. That it is it's still there so. You know in the -- -- in the reasons that it through 2002. Is going to be -- them. Alabama and Georgia well they also lost in this so you can make up for with a win. Over Texas -- and -- and consult. How Mississippi State scored it against them. He certainly knows she can score points. If you think it was his defense that can certainly put more of an effort. Does this to be state -- schools -- against. Definitely I was she needs to avoid -- for a football season. And with the way the -- of the land in -- that we saw last year notion that the -- labeled the that was just not. There was much enthusiasm about both -- fans. And debt questionable that could be on the horizon if you lose to Texas and him. Com do you talk about the recruiting those dismisses that happen occasionally less miles always known for. Being a good recruiter not necessarily and I gained a manager or coach. Come always seen a decline in -- issue recruiting in terms of a trend that's developing. Well I think it's it's the culmination. Lineman and he's been on the as a problem with a line backing core. Needs some help. They need the indecency these. You're excited about the two corners that are out there -- -- freshman. But I. You know this state just has not produced -- -- you know Anthony Johnson was. Dot com I'd start a defense that -- And it has that lived up to the building. You know not getting much pressure from the audience. You know all of those guys were rated fairly high. You know Jordan -- -- you know one of the 250 guys to the gym. Work as well. You know imagine made it to jump in the story -- for this it was a wobbles 100. I mean these were all counted as an eagle and that was a huge can it. That recruiting year. Really it did it to me but you know there hasn't been good to see. But it was adopted free Johnson was going to be -- Come in terms of recruits -- read the game on Saturday night on the -- seaside. Leonard sworn that they tell me was there with the stud from saying on how badly does a game like that affect recruiting. What did it as a white people thing. Certainly better than the players that she's really badly but that was there. First visit. You know they can he do when I have an atmosphere like that and probably two. The national championship. That that certainly helps Alabama. I think a lot of guys -- issues brought into the game favoring elegy. And -- the -- stopped slavery analogy. Particularly -- Before tendencies. The opportunity. Is it it took for early playing time with the tigers were Alabama a slew of running back. And then there's sit on the bench in -- that are coming in -- -- and in their class right now. I guess it'll get it two ways it. It could either heard -- market and make recruits wanna go -- like you're sending got a better chance of playing the formula to go to an element about tiger bait that count. Well we're absolutely on this -- we've got a lot of analysis. Message boards -- actually has some really great discussions. And they'll recover the recruiting. He sees how important it is in this will be a big coverage we trust -- recruiting is tiger -- that come. And I've got a lot of the -- prospect video. And as well as -- -- -- reactions from the top recruits. What happened -- that we've not -- this week that tiger made that come thank you appreciate you time night that you.

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