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WWL>Topics>>11-11 7:45am Monday Morning Quarterback

11-11 7:45am Monday Morning Quarterback

Nov 11, 2013|

WWL Saints sideline reporter Kristian Garic's interview with Saints QB Drew Brees

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome into Monday Morning Quarterback here on -- radio the black and gold taking down the Dallas Cowboys 49 to 17 Monday Morning Quarterback -- Drew Brees is brought to you by the great employees of Crosby -- in Galliano. And Joe's septic gotta go call Joseph I'm Christian Gary joined now by saints quarterback Drew Brees. Drew on -- ground you guys -- finally we're getting going and I just talk about that performance in the running game. Yeah. You know we've been. It is especially this week off last week and we review I've seen a big emphasis on commander Russ that the challenge can't say enough about the -- -- for -- and I just give them that service in the or off its lines. Set the tone for the game tonight. I think for both offense and defense. And you know more -- and you know. With -- fury this -- on a mission. You know appear to be phenomenal job as well. -- -- you know I just saw we targeted seven times of asking you caught seven passes. And and he was obviously very productive running game as well big screen play you know. If you have to score and then. Russian percent as well also can't say enough about the whole team great team. How big was that exchanged there before the end of the first half three guys almost got a position maybe weren't expecting it. That would be pretty big carries momentum into the -- there's no question had a lot -- time -- you know so we're able to be. You know -- conservative kind of get things going hit hit big screen play which. Was -- All kinds momentum going at halftime when you do your team guy total team guy and marking her head. The couple frustrating moments here in new -- and how does -- make you feel see him break out like this. I think it's frustrating moments of just beaten then because he had been healthy you know and and so unless frustrating yes Reese whose job was tough road thus far in just. There hasn't had enough time to think really just having a -- in a rhythm you know and that's obviously he. You've been down here for a few weeks this year. I got an opportunity last year to kind of you cut his teeth to a bit -- good job. The man today was to have. Was -- -- a whole other level in the justice for us certainly opportunities were there again Gaza for over a great job -- He ran with with the with the. You're Morris calls them back today and -- pretty big when you're excited about have a number twelve back there's only football can throw from all of them yet the -- who worked everybody was trying to make remarks came with some big plays especially early you know hoping for about versions of you know he's. So reliable. It seems like Doug Kenny stills. On third down that's his Downey comes up a lot of big catches are the touchdown catches have been on third down -- diseases such as or something to that there was nothing wrong. That's -- Played down you know this week. To continue drives her making plays and can just has an effort you know being able to go make some of those placing it means you -- do it through last four weeks. In a big win and and obviously justice productivity you know throughout the course of the game and every situation he's. He's players continue to get better and better as we give them opportunities and I'm about to lose in the future. Three guess San Cisco common next week you got the running game go on its team that traditionally stops the run that's one -- the person they come and trying to do so how big and confidence is a few yeah very very. Tough physical team you know it's been harder on these guys the last time you played so I think we understand that. We'll have a game plan for that but -- you know that the more efficient you can be all of the phases of the game. More than it helps run game as well. Two things those are appreciating gradually slowing things that wraps up another additional money morning quarterback here on -- radio. The world's hosting these senses go 49ers next Sunday at 325 ticked off right here on saints radio.

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