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11-11 8:10am Tommy, Saints & LSU games

Nov 11, 2013|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about the Saints game against the Cowboys and the Tigers game against the Tide

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And in some -- here about the LHU Alabama game. Saying the exact smitten burger couldn't hit a bull with a -- holes and then he looked like a deer in the headlights and during the game. I texted Jordan. Jokingly and said what do you think of -- segment and -- execution. And and -- -- -- right after the it's about to ask Alabama they're the ones that are killing him our -- because it was you know ugly it was years of Zacks run and for his life especially in a second heavily game yes given I owned did. And it's interesting how people are commanding the saints offensive line last night from Mark Ingram but yet. It sells magnet and burgers follow and so less miles. Yeah they're dumping a lot of falter and I still go back in the at LSU game. And had they gotten that touchdown that was we'll CEOs they don't want the way given up fourteen out -- it that's my that's my point and I think you would have a whole different game on your hand. War with talent have won out and Alabama. On that one game if if our team party would be awfully nice you're right maybe it throws them off rhythm and L issues able to make some plays out think. If you're on -- issues team -- union. Give up fourteen points is kind of hard not to feel like you're not our night to Paula Craig men develop -- you're under the W good morning. Cabrera and dominate our goods and what you think are big blister. Numerous -- regress so many expert coaches that can take over for shopping list now I really didn't do it. Well but they just did -- Bear me out of a sports it's all about opinions are. I am led to a dollar and improvement. Even and point of view. But you know when you get people better redemption terms like myself. Second guess number ten coaches and quarterbacks and -- -- can you imagine that -- definitely. Well let's hope they're not -- and -- millions of dollars Zach could be trouble. The NCAA national. -- nobody would demand an advocate -- pair of black. I think you know Newton would be your reference but let's not even go there tell me about. Tell me about your thoughts when it comes a Mark Ingram and it is the job he did last night did you see in different Mark Ingram do you think you'll see that every week. I saw them give them that lives marking the you know -- that. That injured and he spent two referendums out. You know but that was written. Drew burns because document was -- -- -- -- -- -- in the senate and the stop but Drew Brees from giving. That was also part of the reason I'm definitely getting better. You take market in the again and also had -- -- -- -- that drew scrutiny that would that would to bridge. Importantly that can get him to be acceptable and a bastard should at least I didn't. Problem Drew Brees can also -- mark Woodward and whose job like he's like he was. I appreciate the call Creighton -- everybody thinks -- to use excel money company. Till 3866889087. Tommy Tucker PRB on WW well. 817 Tommy Tucker with the on this Monday morning good deal on Monday after the saints. Just completely dominate and destroyed Dallas last night some tough games coming up morals are not real issue. Didn't feel too good Sunday morning in late Sunday night after the tigers. In my opinion would just completely beaten by Alabama I I think Alabama issue of their superiority and there's -- story. That Ellis who stands. Where yelling nine and six at the Alabama fans on their way out of the stadium on Saturday night and that to me is -- -- receivers get his brains beat out on the field and any makes the big first down sign sign OK that's great you know you lose and forty found seventeen right. I junior -- -- site you're on Devin have you on the morning. Pretty get what he say union. We get that out Mahan I mean you've been in the game on the ticket. Prime land. Will be below now for -- -- have out there. It got out mandate you know oddly he got beaten and all but these kids -- that they got a hold these -- that original music and did. He come back and played it -- not at -- if they. You know you know scene in the pros so much because that talent is for people but. Yeah parity that's what did the NFL wants but if you went to college football sometime emotion will carry you about a half. An. Right right. And then after that that the bigger stronger faster team usually wins out -- less miles it does so. And the only logo KEL. Company if they say they know. She Cam Cameron and the -- taking it. Not. -- and run it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which brings us to Mark Ingram and the game last night with Dallas do you think. He finally found his way or do you think this is the one game thing with them. -- bank. Really aren't you get there years and being pregnant he had been albeit. You -- -- Obama. He had some big holes as I mean as a junior I appreciate -- now have a good day. Are you know -- junior were Oakley you served our military. Did you ever serve in the military. Yet. As in went on in what branch. And you estimate is. Based in because -- de CV six and Hewitt in the. What did you learn overall that you carried with you throughout the rest seal life. And you know. We do widget that. Well that's great market they don't want it -- yeah it is -- to do all over again would you. I don't know. -- a lot of pain back home in the -- they do. Big sacrifice. Oh yeah and you will thank you for your sacrifice happy veterans day. Thank you -- change your side you're on WW good morning. Palin I -- on in the or political drama on I think there a game -- -- -- at -- And I want a local matter remain -- that would compare monologue. About -- and I want him the year in order to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Eight date by Drew -- did you ever figured out where they need -- money on the. They keep yards after contact is dissent. I sat with my game from what he had last night is -- at a decent amount. Yeah new year -- substantial Mario. On scene after contact we are air. Yea he needed group and it's an immortal line -- thank each and lady cult. Already a member of the military there ever been. Her if you if you have to join one would you pick the army navy air force Marines -- Coast Guard. Would have ignored the Marines tell me line. Additional always like in the Marines and I'm a lot of -- and embarrassed at their that was -- Marines. That the Marines just going to be going down here yet to become who grew -- You think you donated. Caught -- network market made it. Actually -- and I'm glad you culled so. Retired old veterans day as well will continue to talk football at 260187. Neitzel 386 exit 89087. If you served in the in the military or you are serving. What was it that made you join. And what did you learn some of the lessons that you carry with you throughout your life. And if you didn't do you regret not serving I didn't and I do and which branch would you have decided to join. Army navy air force Marines or Coast Guard I think that it had to go to -- Because my dad was in the -- he says at least in the navy you always have a bed to sleep at 822 coming back with your calls right now time for the you know occasionally I have these psychic abilities. Tommy Tucker -- -- salmon and while everybody is excited about the saints win in disappointed in the -- you loss and getting one psychic message from the entire audience. And it is. Go to bed early tonight. Keep on road and I you know under the WL things. On the -- you don't need on a bitterly. Absolutely knew that. Night that -- -- but -- like the aggregate scholar on the Internet at all that okay. But he just OK at that -- what they LSU got that talent. And the bottom line is that as long it is going to be -- nick -- or. A mother a mother go to to actually do all along coaching. LS UP and yet -- not and not. Yet again. Because he's gonna get out coached at the little things that he gets it that that approach. -- -- -- -- -- If you remember that championship. You know that the wind -- but ultimately -- -- It would -- position to win but didn't you know it's a little thing that he gets that. Do you think coaching would've made a difference on Saturday nine. They possibly could mean I don't think the -- you with that off it -- You know I think that she's out there right there with. Alabama but I think that we were keeping an intelligent strong line being he back to put on that but where and that good. You're not strong and security. I don't let it culled and edited -- -- they're in the military. I know I have a question or. Acted that in Eddy county. At a good 96 187203866. An 890 leads in any. Harvey in new Holland side -- on Evan W on the morning. They going to be a well at least I'm not saying it's earthquake I think Ingram -- one of the best performances and a long time -- to break out but. That the fullback was really blocking extremely well all the line was doing a great job and it's just good to see anger him and the saints running again well. For -- change but he thing. I think -- right but in LA did did seem like Mark Ingram was running differently than he had before and I remember with criticize every everybody used the phrase running angry. And just seemed like -- is running angry last night were trying to find out how many yards after contact yet you're dead right that. Offensive line was blown him off the ball -- seals that fullback was just leave no way for marking rumba. Do you think you'll run -- first sub. OR however you wanna say it Andi think he'll keep up. It was determined an emotional I think he knew there was a lot on the line and I think he you needed to perform -- a year after he had a good run out. Excited he was to finally get a realignment out there and into the free space. I got every Sunday you get beat it every week he had the practice. He did it last night I'm just saying can -- continue to do. Ask you -- latency thank you let it held army. Have a good day 830 more calls when we come back right now time for -- WL first news that. Got to play. 39 when he won both toy and -- Tommy Tucker talking to you about Mark Ingram. And whether or not he's a one hit wonder do you think he'll continue to run as a Texas violently. For the rest of the season were also talked about LA issue and in case you don't know they're number eighteen. NEA people -- -- wire -- the BCS standings they've dropped to 21 time. So on how artists. What bulldoze the number down when the BCS question Gary Gordon. In the BCS standings would bowl would you go to. The we could make one up. You know -- -- we either bow to anyone in the BCS standings who would have been number 21 teams have played and in bulls in the pants I don't know where they would actually go. Anyway we're asking you if if coaching would have really mattered. Inning gaming -- -- Alabama on -- did it matter -- game against Alabama on Saturday night looked to me like jealousy which is outmanned. But will see -- Metairie Heidi and evidently you -- thanks for calling. -- Very well hiking in 94917. Yes it is our -- now has basically as a couple answers at all. One. There's shall I report in against the best animated -- declined -- Air and they do a lot of scientific great job don't give me. It's very continued to do as -- -- when they get certain search kuril wherever. Nobody. Ingram or. -- certainly won't do well. Are. You are not -- and a decorate the victory by any means -- this strange. Or at night -- -- didn't have much -- As. You were out. Out coached. -- -- All as a previous scholarship. Well small. -- every coach I don't know were -- -- The pension -- out there. And why especially as a force or four year -- -- -- boarding and he. Ever at a church into it again. As a seventeen year old apparently they've made that. It was -- to. What was it that you love so much about it and that takeaways did you learn some lessons for life. Oh yeah and -- or what you you know. That site as really -- that you weren't -- hero and sell it -- -- learn that teamwork. Camaraderie. -- you know I'm never sure they're worship and combat situation by. It was. It was why -- -- world. I thought I would do it over and over -- -- -- marine life. Where where were -- Ed where you station design had a cousin in the air force and -- been to -- Greenland. -- since I went to -- slaughtered goats grew all -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well -- in the middle of all and you know -- you know it was it was. I'm glad you served dead and I'm glad you called and have a great day we'll hear from some more veterans when we come back also take your calls and L issue in the saints Tommy Tucker glad -- winners on this. Beautiful Monday morning on WW. These guys fought the that they're really good team and they made some mistakes that. A lot of that came to separate themselves. From much. And now. They'll be miserable about it but. -- they'll be resilient. Let's smiles there Tom had a game against Alabama and we're talking about it and do you think coaching would have made a difference or was LA hugest outmanned detects -- and stay off last -- she was outmanned. -- as those direct a miles and back to winning two or three games a year and see where these bandwagon fans are. We're also talking about Mark Ingram and if you look at LA issues ranking in the BCS 21. Only the first sixteen teams. Automatically qualify for a BCS berth. Simply increasing the see it god forbid if LSU loses to Texas a and M where they wind up an attack stems and says. Tulane and LA issue winnable with two lane winning. Load -- then make the tiger fans very happy Charles in Metairie hi you're on -- WL. Eight sort of comment on the they -- yeah. And especially the coaching. Let's -- -- it make a mistake yet to come -- so -- -- -- -- her name cornerback -- number 21. Made. Pat appearance in which are all questionable if anything old in jail and come. And -- and get that cheap touchdown and teacher address. And I think that made a big difference in the game and along with the ultimate stake in he made few mistakes in years remember last year. The first out. It's. Now it was a WB and generous -- in his state. That. -- them exactly at that point in the game and just about ready across goal line. Bring in question what. But keeping the team was ready to play. I think they came -- line. But it was mentality at some of the players. I think there's a lot of players on there was that lack maturity. And or they're full size yet need to spend more time in the college game road and going reached about Mark -- -- urging their immaculate. He had a lot of big ol' actually there were four or five runs on sitting from where I was in the game -- at one to beat and he couldn't beat them. Either got tripped up -- -- runner can army deployed to keep them out. Yeah I thought about that Charles and and I'm not disagreeing with you but I but I thought the same thing like -- where's the speed did and it's not because mining had good angles on -- It's sure to -- and burst back either. Or make cheaply court. In disease and lady culture is you will you ever in military. And so on school but like which. Which one army navy air force Marines -- Coast Guard out of the marine. Because of the reputation. Migrant and. Gotcha thank you glad -- -- glad cult Charles -- today. Didn't you had a better early night. Now he's not he's a student UB partied it up tonight 8519. Before nine more calls when we come back and veterans are really wanna hear about you. At T six 187 he till 3866889087. Do you share his service witness what what branch were you in what did you learned from it what did you like the most what did you like the least it would be a good thing. For everybody in this country to never required military service 8519. Before nine time -- traffic. 8564. Point nine talking about veterans and service in the same in LA issue and a couple of -- man. I'd say have gotten about a half dozen so far from different numbers talking about Garrett Hartley. Inconsistent this year in the last night didn't matter but if the games online against San Francisco. Then. Now you tell me but again. Before you replace somebody and everything Garrett Hartley. Has done under pressure for the saints. Maybe year a little patient within maybe just got a boost his confidence. Count -- in pearl river high thanks for Colin your and other WL. I thought probably just as strong backer well. -- -- Like to reflect a little bit my career -- We'd love to hear of -- for a society that was sort of you know so to me. In. And actually ordered the -- -- sixty or. That's -- not being -- needs the ball. As the name album. While. -- hotel and -- the saints is a call sign. There's this quarter and then -- -- -- -- before. David area. In most of my guys he can -- didn't. I actually had a picture of the original site -- great shipment Obama. What to look for -- Well society and it took me about -- Duvol shouldn't. All -- all the mud -- to get them the right should she wrote about it. And they certainly a picture of all of the site's original site and everyone's problem armed. He's had a good work PP. On its machine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Six book warm -- certainty. Our rural -- Forward in a betrayal. And I got -- world. -- water whilst Opel Walters writes that states with both state aircraft with all its feet. Aircraft -- Walt and I apologize and I being one candidate John Kerry character drama series. After those two cruises to Berkeley most cruises. I gave back in the volatile. You own skin with my and I want to see the real war. Saw -- an outfit called US maybe we won't. Light attack helicopter squad that story. With the warrior helicopter. That you crew. Tom appreciate your call we really -- you all appreciate your service and had a great veterans day coming back more calls on WWL.

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