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WWL>Topics>>11-11 9:10am Tommy, Veterans Day

11-11 9:10am Tommy, Veterans Day

Nov 11, 2013|

Tommy talks to Shad Meshad, the President & Founder of the National Veterans Foundation, about the difficulties our veterans face

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Shed a shot joins us right now president and founder of the national veterans foundation if you are on hold state there are pleased to want talked Tia. We're talking about the treatment of veterans in this country some of the things going on in the military on veterans day and as -- Would you advise somebody. If you've served to enlist right now. Given everything it goes on between in the military -- uses against women are being documented and also if do you get out are you gonna have anything to fall back on and that's -- shed. The -- joins as president and founder of the national veterans foundation and Chad good morning is it appropriate to sing happy veterans day. Well except it. Edict for any particularly notes. Veterans are suffering and hurting him now faces the worst camps formed by I. Except. That BP is not -- nation is open it inward feeling during the war it needs to beat. Doctors to you each. You do. -- we run we run national crisis and implementation hotline at war veterans are randomly and yet the only one in the country. And it. It really is. Important because it. Veterans in Mercury into the system by come out under 30000 coming out a year into the into civilian why we're all grown up extra -- is in the military experience and now they're coming into -- -- in the country when it's. Got a job they aperture and the supposed to be -- out here in the instrument. A lot of great people. Yeah the the that. Particularly for the two wars where we can't multiple scores possible here. Situation posttraumatic stress disorder and signature -- in the east war traumatic wearing short particulate. Let's talk about. The Korean in the specifics I guess I don't know where where you began the talk about. Homelessness. With Betsy Clark wrote about suicide and I don't mean net. Obviously not not in any disrespectful -- but it is one bigger problem in the other both huge. The thought process you -- you know the process of becoming column. Which is quite a Russian air through desperation. To what we have SuSE or just get this number -- an echo the rest of the year one day's catch 22. Prior military and veterans every. Your. Everyday -- year -- better and desperate. -- crack the system that actually they're here watch it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know bloody case. In Ramos won every hour and you know around the clock we talk about. Or at least the military talks about their commercials about what a great. Training for jobs after a year of military service and military is. And something that got my attention just now when you said the only jobs they've -- as an adult is being. In the military is that necessarily true and and what not did dishonor those the armed forces sort anybody that's served in them but he is in military often. A good training ground for private life after the two vastly different. I think -- it to -- training ground. -- -- -- Corporate well understood how great lies they look at it here or there are now sat out yet -- minister that whatever. Where they don't understand is that this plan would ever try to make -- -- -- making it continued to be trying that they can't discipline and show that they -- their -- Premier job telling people. Like there. In employers understand how much rather have a semblance it stands for two wars which. Got himself together -- -- And be -- Rather than someone college -- because of the fact that we're keeping it. They managed you know why a lot talk about. Teamwork that's what the military is so that in that scenario is it's a great what next. -- I -- trying to get people recognize. Let me in what's going on every day what that impact you impetus. And on the other side of the of the day escape if you're an employee -- given that she said. The hallmark of these wars is posttraumatic stress disorder and brain injury sometimes. I guess did they are visible sometimes they're not weird people recuperate than ever recurring problems from a how does a business owner knows that after four tours of duty. IE he's not hiring somebody that's plagued with posttraumatic stress disorder and it's not been diagnosed or maybe has a brain injury that come back and make them less effective employee. Are to take an interest. And aggregates -- our veterans we talk about insert our country whether or we gotten. Sick yeah. -- -- -- Publication oval -- acres and years and incidence of -- -- -- -- -- Desperate dark cloud over better strategy -- like everybody every veteran that. Traumatic brain injury or PT SD and sent them -- you know it's not like they're the only folks that all these. Americans have -- to whatever they go to war. And I think they should understand that because we're now that you hit someone in trouble. In your company that you're trying to you know whether -- valuable they yourself out there you don't have to do there's there's the respect matter which match started. Impact your back. And Jimmy Carter should -- and there are 34 year. There's community based organizations a lot of great I think hours ahead in the country -- what we do a lot of break out here. -- -- And so it's a matter teamwork. It. The boy you really think I'll be in in in traps Barnes is individually and man or woman. (%expletive) you know pushing -- assist them and perhaps some problems in serving their country and me. -- Corny patriotic potentially should be but I think it's overplayed. Because of the fact that the GB is traumatic injuries that shouldn't -- wouldn't at least two senior class war. And peak -- stay -- and that that's in May you know they're coming back into a or whatever that they are so. -- lot of -- from combat. But check out play in playing them because if you go to the war crime and artistry and oppression. Yeah sure I don't care what they put out here. Statistics or whatever -- -- well. So are you try them for opera plot for any benefits they deserve even though the wait could be a year year. And while we're waiting to move on -- -- can't help letters to try to get a job steady at your keep on. Pumped up because you realize it yet coordinate in years that structure. Were caught -- there structures unbelievable. They step out in the at a military. To create your structure district. It's the -- that we're structured and the next day your out and it's like. Actually. The government now that. What our next training program. Where Michael. There is caught. -- -- And you never. Know. These are all part of the readjustment we talk about network you know about a life. You know whether it's typical entry emotional injury. Having to start. Education in your eyes and ears. You got have a place to live. There's a brilliant -- state and men and women but honorable -- days. Like that over here and show them an intent to keep it in the late America. We need to stand up for these men and every time it's now and the outlook -- may get scars that they want. Party. That that can't watch -- -- billion America. We need to stand up and the American these guys and ladies and integrate back into society. We're targeting shed he shed president and founder of the national veterans foundation and shed another legacy of these wars are. You know so many men and women losing limbs and trying to get their life back together and I had a couple of questions for if you talk about it first off they care. That they need to follow up here the prosthetic devices that they could use stick to get their lives back and are they available and and the amount of medical care and and -- it's hard enough for somebody. Or -- if it's an employer's prejudice let's put it this way against a veteran how hard is it for somebody that may have lost the -- to. -- You mentioned earlier the invisible and speak ESP -- Which sepia instrument in your tree structure of -- machine. You know where you can -- discards something like this in -- in the one partner. It premiered at their arm instruction -- -- it is laugh you know like looking at soldier in distressed borrowers in seeing that commercial and you know I'm Maureen slashing the -- in the -- or in the Arctic. Good looking the young Tom Cruise or whatever. But they are comfortable. Which we. Now are they actually get -- And number -- That's the real story. Mania. Forty personal as we know that it. It we can do is look at -- pro am thirty years ago shall -- -- -- sport person and come back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can't get symptoms of PT EST now or India and these last two wars which sent to tumble -- well. Quit speaking at state. Luckily it but it took that point. In the point headquarters street. -- -- on. Your -- Arctic on -- Atlantic whatever. It peak he would stay year -- on TV. This year there. We see shot. I hear you we see the in -- news stories every now and -- Bettering getting the latest in a prosthetic lake -- arm where they just think about it and it and it works like a natural when is that is that in the normal -- that. The exception when we -- -- and in those two veterans who have lost a -- count on the in government affiliated to make them whole again. -- change in Vietnam in desert storm. They -- you really care and technology or whatever and spotlight. Because once again it's cyclical and you can actually it makes. It makes standing institution look good yet stated the -- stock is -- in -- available but that's just part of the the -- and physically damaged they still have to say everything. Any pattern coming out they've got the Japanese pill like they have to. Uproot themselves that they can do the job who of course that's lavish ball looks outside. But yes they they are. From all indications skiing. A lot of the state of the art stuff for whatever may not be perfect but it it's light years. It's light years and compares to watch 3040 years ago. Before I let you go I get a text that comes in as an employer. Where do we find qualified -- candidates. Go on jobs go to India. Web site. Unique -- -- all -- on -- players reached under. The community organizations like Al it will host Atlanta as. Country that -- In new wallet contact to vet centers anywhere in the country in -- now looking back and parent and we'll tell you it will go out. Faster than -- I appreciate -- time she and the work you do. Got. It in great and you know year over year -- hockey -- and she will help. -- -- -- -- --

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