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11-11 1:10pm Open Mind: Willie Roaf

Nov 11, 2013|

Angela talks to former Saints Offensive Tackle Willie Roaf.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it is a gorgeous day in New Orleans following a terrific game last night in the dome against Dallas. But part of the fun last night was the induction of the first three saints players into the first ring of honor. The great Archie Manning the legendary Ricky Jackson and the indomitable Willey -- and it is Willie Roaf who was our special guest today. And I remember the first time we met. You remember 1993 you adjustment I mean people were so thrilled and that's so we have attraction. And we invited you to come to the dome to be an art to be for the talk show. And you were pouring into the city and couldn't missed it -- it tried your best was on the phone apologizing profusely. And I thought such a gentleman a lot of people wouldn't have done and our leader missed you missed it and you said that I promise you we'll come back and you kept your promise. And you did the whole show with -- but I remember one of the producers said to me a Willie is here now. He's coming down the hall so I stuck my head up in the law office. Willie you word the ball off the hook up a it was unbelievable. I -- this is the biggest guy I've ever seen. But so humble and just this gentle sweet man and you still -- Do those who would give their regular days -- we don't know what to harm him. In my room to grow our memories and are -- -- -- -- we're the elders gross merchandise and from the normal view him. You know Australia's great it's a very good football team with -- where yes we're close buried him and and and and those young girls of sorts -- and who knew more -- -- played in the big in the beginning it was a big character -- slow. You need to -- -- and all of will smoking you know particular business -- -- -- field. And is this person receive what do you do weaker and weaker and -- and convergence -- -- And that is wonderful to hear from some -- like Q and I'm sure that they appreciate hearing that as well. When you heard the roar that crowd last night and let me tell you it was a roar when they said your name. Condit did you flash back to those days did you just. Appreciate that feeling. I did I just oberg who may have had -- would have never imagined you know terminal and you know from from the museum and then after Moses and the humans don't know much to do some room for you -- remote field. You know and and and is just burned on the memories. All were brutality of a lot of -- and I want him as much as we would or. Orders of Arab and you know are looking forward to do Richardson and you know argument and Holmstrom -- went. You know over into other. There is a program degrees -- -- from him in the requirements and do -- donors alone Mosul -- current American. I don't know them blind -- what do we do and -- -- orders collectible. Well you know eleven Pro Bowl hello he did many things right and I I wanted to take me back just because I have you in this recruitment. And today that you were inducted into the -- thing. -- there was -- personal and you know to give to get to -- and maybe I am on the globe actor. And to gold to record totals murdered two amateur and for me to be there -- -- -- and -- all euphemism nutrients to when you go in. Her brother -- in college team is horrible to him when we -- tonight. Are you your family friends and into -- mobile ordered him -- for me to be just being in the superdome. From the be able to number concede you know a few books. If they're called frame him and now all of most of the mergers and all of -- blood called for -- -- Imam who got elected in 1996. This several weeks ago. Am American figures to be happening this week and -- -- Mars remarkable moment. You are there is great to determine great great legacy to leave leave tomorrow. Absolutely. And I know that your mother has passed and I also know that she was in that dome last night watching -- you -- very very thrilled. That she was inducted to the black hall of fame in Arkansas because she had been a judge. Yes right. Some -- you've been empowered through through stories of him do you want to do Steele was working in the Anwar superior to -- -- -- -- While for some of those who do in the world reduced to -- To. Him relatives cute too -- and street. Movers all night. You know I'm I'm thinking about your mother because I remember years ago. I interviewed -- Jim Mora -- he was coach and he said it must mean your second or third year there were some time you were going -- Not in training camp because you went to were negotiating in your agent was negotiating and he called jamaat. There it is any children and I called his mother and she should get your behind into camp where you are with. Are within that the we will try to give whose views -- old -- okay well then it's -- one of the debris toolbar and hopefully locals more or Charlotte either. So he did he -- mom and then. Thinks it's an idea give give over their review column on the give me. I would imagine she had great influence of the -- with you. -- you know you mr. cammarata went to -- you missed the competition you know do you don't we -- to also are to two wins. You know you gonna animals and local and long week is great. And so are to win their merger between. -- also used you know you -- I mean you you to be do you although it is is mortgage or. -- you know just legitimate given to Wear him down in the you know our -- -- you know to do it was it was. He knows this is this isn't some locals to Bruce a former. Absolutely. We have a lot to talk about we're gonna talk about where you are now we're also gonna go back in time. But if anybody would like to talk to -- -- 260187. DR 8668890870. Will be back with -- wrote I'm Angela under the anyway. Well we are back with the truly great Willey -- Not enough can be said and I think you know I'm not gonna talk about stats and all that even though there's still impressive you can barely stand it. I really want to talk more about. The guy. The wonderful. Person -- so revered. Really for the quality of human being law and your wonderful human. And I understand you're really didn't want to leave the world on and he did great with -- you really. Had thought that this is going to be your place. And I just go to -- -- -- to -- to determine. You know -- whose term also room you know one of my my -- and time. Accused of organized and you know -- -- -- things are premium. -- door of room to hear him. You know -- in the amount of Bakalar universe down with a terrible Terry observe. An argument these -- encumbered ultimately. You know I have to do have a home with a group term accuser you know full reviews. -- -- and then release into the do well wanna be in due time. Welcome to Q you -- -- employees in you know they want him to come back into the human lives their -- And Immelman walkway but who knows term improvement arm and host -- animals. And and when you say you knew it was time. What was it like a criteria or you just in your heart new. Or in my body -- it was you know for. Two years. -- -- -- And we have. We hear him. Damaged and -- Moles. Turn. Him into Rio Tokyo -- too -- Week ago. Mills. Old news it was him into -- store so. You know. It's wrong believe that you need to keep working and to be. And so. It is difficult now about our. Future. Will be reviewed. -- -- Q2. Days if you cards. You all next. Few weeks. You -- reduce some holes and -- -- -- From tomorrow. -- into -- penalties but most of Susan. We get would you -- and we waited and we -- In the. Those changes to sink in any way it's diminish the game. You know -- -- affairs please you know score a lot of points. Program. The accused or changed the -- to worry. The games holds the philosophy of the game is two things. Would all the rule changes commands to it's in them. Now with to dimension. To coach and -- -- -- it and it's some. Lot of let's talk about that because I think there that's still sort of controversial way too good at the end of film's talking. About about it and trying to minimize it. But the more the science is telling us this this candidate really devastating effect I was just reading an article about tornadoes set him and Shia. You know bless his heart and you know certainly some that have taken extreme measures that the Foreman committed suicide donated his -- -- because there was the sense that this is very very dangerous. I don't know though how you have football as we see it as a fan. Without sort of the crunching bones. And he. And you can't take him to feud game away from him -- -- -- to me the moment -- drew him him and introduced open. You don't understand determined to go the way to me even more and two experienced and do it was just good to gamers they were -- Cast and back to -- to -- you -- yes or fallen down or morbid DeKalb where period when out of balance and yet got Vietnamese. -- -- -- -- -- -- In the UK it to -- Grossman's from the game and human services would her do her some of his -- -- -- that used -- -- tomorrow. Is termed him in Christmas of two program. Did you ever had any had issues. You know. It's good they're well there were depleted most of mark Carter are real quickly. -- all our government from me so well whether warming and covenant heartwarming to me you know are remembered. Tournaments and an iron or are -- open circuit and in -- -- sort of orders the 64. So armor would give the -- and ran to permanently -- pleased with -- use the -- -- -- -- for a couple of days after the game. -- but -- Omar rights or America. And in America and Iran and to guard he's marred obviously it would mean so -- when you when you director confirmed when a guy -- went -- home. You can you more mark two which enhanced and it is so and the contractors and isn't -- -- multiple starters of grass and if you receivers. One on the backs of models -- good decent Thursday. Gene Atkins notably below zero through Heathrow is accused of dementia or -- And a funerals are open and lost to Obama's. You ordered to appear to export. Now if you don't mind saying you recently had back surgery in you know a 100%. We're known for their. On arm on him on due to apparently OK but -- about the social charm -- Are doing next -- -- -- cute when asked him to do it for awhile but it does give them. And you'll be good for another 50000 miles. Now that they've done little to back corporal Jeremy overhauled the -- you know more of the applauded remarks from you know hopefully -- -- -- -- to I'm just listening to you tell those stories. Other great moments that June. Kind of relive some time saying you know that was right. -- felt good. -- -- and not -- yes with the saints. Our -- series and I didn't dressed -- blue room and rivers prison. Arm. It was reasonably do them. To. -- again and one half hours and performing in the interest thanks mostly. To rule. And who is who. It was only a new -- -- only -- -- -- -- that would reduce our disagreements of the game isn't good about that we want to. You aren't too you know warm room with him the ball pretty cute with a to do a year -- -- we into the game when. We tourist to -- term there. To be the camera appearances and -- remember. That ended. Is used -- as different sorts. Moments you know mark reduce it -- -- Absolutely. Know you have a lifetime of memories and I'm sure you have a lifetime of wonderful things ahead of YouTube and we definitely want to talk about. What you're doing now I loved richer than you you're staying here for why did you going to be in -- You'll be sooner or can be easily. -- I have to do to do -- consumers to. Stated -- we've become local government -- and school. Google today and hang -- with him. Often you don't reporter's -- before -- great so you have how many children here. Arab -- of doing it that's great news on on sure they were thrilled to get shields and David do you exclude an extra through and the I deleted for -- being gathered to. About tender eleven only through him and we're -- tragic you know and it would it would be through. After Amanda. Lamb I hadn't been watching you we want to -- him -- some of the and it. Our lakers we did -- A tournament or an extra commitment to. Now that's that's a thrill stay with this we're continuing our top with Willey -- right -- this. Will we are with hall of Famer Willie growth and the first ring a Bonner. Of the three of the first ones ring -- Bonner right now are down and that was a real thrill and I mean really when people heard your name it was just electric. Not that it wasn't for Archie and certainly for Ricky Jackson but there's something about you really wrote that people month. And and that's good we have a caller might only take -- Johnny prank tiny. I really believe. He remembered me from actor went without harming it. All you you know -- yeah. When I came over to Williams who would we deal. -- that athletic trainer. And. Oh yeah you deal with a little girl -- three -- You're right it is action that -- and Scotty. Got his wife yeah that's right Thibodeau Thibodeau via. In the case back -- working. It still. That's amazing yet you know so I'll do my job. Mine are due out here much. I -- you know she you what you -- yeah beside you. Say you're doing great and I'm just keep everybody. Dies and eleven time pro bowler lose. Sean thanks to our room. And. Okay absolutely. Well let's talk about what you doing that. Are our mom -- who live in California Arum area. You know and our producers to Durham to. And or some properties are -- in. And there are -- to do so zoomed. You know of in their loved him it was where most of the junior guards -- And then enemies who would Lamar -- console. 300 soldiers mound as we haven't. We really are doing a retirement community you're when we're star who's more specimens do next week cancer. You know Washington sent him home find things to zoom yeah -- in the world learned. Doing different things. We want to speak in Washington Osama awareness -- similar angle Google -- for -- you know. And we would accused united religious sentiment would you ever consider coaching. Our. I don't think so many. You know Smart women of our poor short term through our work. Do. You want to go to a difficult start around the world for long hours. And you know where America -- room for some do Mumbai February and and seen it from four. Yes well good for you to have your priorities straight take care yourself first and you're still young guy you've got your whole life ahead of you really are. And I know that you are arm much more involved as you have said with the kids so you want to be there for them as well. Your turn to do you know rumors over the honestly team. Distorted storm room and nursing program also known him him in -- -- -- was good about my people good barometers. You know commerce clause -- -- -- sort of programs to you know give him. Giving you do stored in with school and education. We're in Iraq automobiles you know race or gruesome way. So you know my excellent story when I go to -- Or she starts tomorrow -- -- flea compared forward. Now that's did not have student loans. Fantastic -- Treasury's remove removed him from unbelievable. You know you're bringing up something that. Has been -- a point of conversation over the years not to recently back. That earlier in in football the NFL really didn't take the time to train and help. The younger ones the rookies coming in who all of a sudden are getting big salaries and and what to do because it can go right through your fingers. We're now I understand there is a program that helps. Well. They would tell you about it but. You know with the media and even now with a some Democrats from the senator -- from reserves through my broker and the guards who's going to be. You know this month. You know my phone -- -- -- -- to him in the image two Arctic environment particularly warm. Given no one. And -- -- do more and wayward. And they don't do more to afterward for the year and immature or doing activities of the video. You know if you -- season to some excellent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To some big plays the tournament being yourself or holes so you know attributed to a suit which if you know. Some in the league registered two armies they give -- a budget and most of our producers for earth and you go through -- again. It was too big sellers list and you standard. The government Baltic -- absurd -- In the over and also some answers three -- him and -- over the -- certainly -- You know -- -- -- is doing pretty well into our state board -- you have to do. -- looser and looser. Absolutely do I wanna go back in time for some I'm reminded that you have a very special coach at Louisiana Tech TV. To maneuver and he was -- your position near us so that had to have been a tremendous influence. Any plane took over new Andy played in this born 1980 when they when they get beat by the Oakland Raiders. He played -- some some moments -- world. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Perot really wanted to to return. You know thing you know miles in the drills we do you really do mean do you really for the world mark came through the storm. We don't want to be terrible to become problems in turn can. You know you have to give -- to play -- -- we -- issues. You know we we -- regroup and to -- -- Carter is he still coaching and -- in the southern miss. I want to reporters gave me his first used as feminism in this struggle -- -- in there and actually last week in. Who's gonna trade him. Clinton beat the tournament and he left and went through these vehicles and he won't he left with the -- -- for a few years but his throws you're called moved through sheer numbers of who took him community. So when you went with remedial humanely called -- -- telling about this. Earth you would you know something we we knew if you believe a word determine. Do you -- for you here by different groups that -- tours or are coming to -- for real before. We'll stay with -- we're continuing our top with the great Willie Roaf writer activist. Welcome back worked we're so thrilled to have Willey wrote fear now I gotta have you go back in time again. You're watching us at the Super Bowl. What's going to you know. Can. If if if only. It's only. Him alone weren't came out came along. Came along later you know there was that was -- Burress spent some of the flared. Made noticeable years -- You know pursuit -- can get through in a securities and getting it from the make -- here -- between you -- Manning. Yes you -- of their look our our review and over. -- -- -- -- After some mortgages government to do tomorrow for -- it was a wonderful. That's who won't review give them all Jews who don't wonderfully. -- and it was. Magical. -- magical and the parade they had in this town was unlike anything I've ever experienced. They told me when they came back and crucible of reserves. Electrocuted the Korean team if you -- unbelievable. Un believable I mean it was the most. It was the most bonding moment for community I mean just. The landmark agreement agreement that the country's recovery. Nothing compares to that absolutely and heaven knows with a hungry parades and but nothing compared to that it is same moment in time that. And even it was freezing it was probably the coldest they had ever been. In outside because we were broadcasting. Nobody cares it was just perfection. Let's talk a little serious if we -- about time this whole issue of bullying that's going on now. Cutting your thoughts on it. In an interview him. I don't think believes. That men -- -- I think there's more isolated incident. What would would've went with an individual doubles with our. You know our -- understand some term cult whose. Won't girls in the token you know they weren't about the Arctic and we're doing -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll leave your team Gordon went to Saint Louis and he was pulled her into the younger and stupid and stubborn border. And they want to make sure he was -- to carry. Greg deposition and dimension to the -- where we've given the most searched him trio. You know our the dolphins. -- -- -- from -- to take. For -- Herbert through you and in the play -- also. I don't -- I don't do do do blue -- worsens I want all our announcement -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and and you know view of division ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't want her to work commitments -- worse but I do think there's more actually didn't go all things. The hasn't always been -- the junior guys coming in the new rookie guys coming in and have to do funny things. For the senior guy. Did I mean they didn't do what do you do need huge balls to do you have to believe you don't do it militarily to global and also use normally use as. Did the only two teams of government parties in the -- lawyer does mean. Don't -- Ferrari mills Eisenberg you know disturbed -- happened model and I believe you me or your arms embargo and you need to. And that's himself and be clear here and -- you know me that you who you know what. Might have been in excess of two. Talked to Morgan maybe. Another Guy -- didn't -- them -- -- -- do you know maybe it wouldn't be in his. But it wolves over time and time and -- even football team served normally happen throw. This is apparently improved through wars in -- -- -- -- tomorrow during. -- -- and leave them for. Now I think we'll learn a lot more in the coming months and in the NFL has investigator coming in to look at two very -- percent for everybody. But. One and we take another break we'll be right back and more with -- growth. That with Willie -- the super Willey wrote we love so much. Hall of Famer and now ring of honor I did love that last night was -- we -- percent. I interviewed. Archie. Couple weeks ago and he was talking about how the game has changed since he was a place. And you've been out now eight years have you seen changes in the game in just those eight years or even during the time you were playing. Did you notice change. It was strange to me in the meat some ground rules would you do -- rules. You know he didn't slow -- -- -- -- users view him in different rules car -- a what is changing. Of some two. You know would would room. -- and some retirement -- Arab world. Apparently leaves it. A student and was summonses were you do do do do territory. Some strong -- away from the experts sooners. A -- to be used. To. -- -- -- award from from from. The differences. You know -- fifths received more or dismissed his team -- its. -- you know Google's. Right so that you can have a longer consider you know it's it's a heartbreak to see somebody. Crash and I'm thinking about what you -- saying earlier about those young guys who comments on the big contract to think they're gonna keep coming. But but really the NFL average NFL careers not that law. Aren't really are an exception. You know observers in the -- borders to -- to reform for years. Football basketball hall of events they entered the -- guys do for a while we're Berger was rumored suitors as well. -- noted that you don't really hear models and all the guys that are. -- adjournment. Or bitterness and powerful for the use of you know for whatever you -- -- determines who do -- that you can lose him -- -- some of -- -- Very quickly what is it that makes you happy right now. -- Shannon Moore -- a -- in when. Would -- some special army and men and be news to -- to rumored -- is in the the images through to people when I do have to have some more records who were -- -- the -- people do did have been a part of mummers. In a very -- way it's been terminated the terms you are great Willie -- thank you are now will join unions.