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11-11 2:10pm Open Mind: Crime Scene

Nov 11, 2013|

Angela talks to St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff Mike Tregre to get a crime update.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

45 days after he was elected sheriff of Saint John Parrish. Mike -- faced the worst thing law enforcement leader would ever want to see the shooting of four of his deputies. Two of his men died two others were severely injured. Shortly after that the sheriff's parish was inundated by hurricane Isaak a first for Saint John. How things were handled after two devastating. Events. Was very much a testimony. To how Mike -- saw his job and share and today he is with this sport with an update in just to catch up on. On on how you're doing. Good afternoon and let's go back because that when I was channel for the actually that was the last story I did -- the story on how you. -- had these catastrophic events happened. So early in your. Sheriff career. Even though you could then with the sheriff's department for many years. But nothing prepares you for what happened that morning with the shooting of the deputies will let me say this. I don't think there's anything anybody can do to be prepared for what I had to deal with 45 days answer after becoming. A brand new sheriff. In getting that phone call in the middle of the night and of course. The TV interviews I think that. That's gonna be with me for ever to be tagged my face. With the tragedy that happened happened that day. When people see me you know they recognize me very quickly and they very quickly say feel sorry for your department for what happened that day but. It's been quite an experience -- I think we're a battle tested at English Saint John sheriff's office says starting to jail. I think where it's made us stronger I really believe about a lot of tragedy something positive comes out of a tragedy I firmly believe that myself. In down it's been so taken it day by day. Is just. You have to move forward you have to continue to battle against the people on here the evil do his other criminals and that's exactly what we -- going to do. Could you give us an update on the two deputies who were wounded. Jason -- he's doing better he unfortunately had a setback probably about a week ago he had to go back into surgery. I've been speaking to him he's become an -- -- the office every now and then our officers Scott points and he was -- last week. And -- we were discussing a few things actually I was trying to file from -- when he was ready come back to work. But on their the I'm not. They have to take their time. This is something that. You know easily very easily I've had a loss of four officers that day in these two guys are surviving. It's America it's. It's there a fellow officers helped save their lives on our. Medical facility in Saint John Parrish for a played a tremendous part in that. University hospital here. Held office -- Scott Boynton. Recover. Physically the local -- -- in them and know what you know I don't know how wallet even react after something like that happen in that particular day. It's. If I remember it very well every day I close my second pitcher everything that happened that day. In this just something that all they -- waiting for right now is this one thing called justice. And when that day comes that we can really speak. About everything what is the the status of that. A number of hearings have been filed on the court date. I don't know there's a farm trial date yet but the case is progressing very very well. Some of the co defendants have turned state witness and have testified against the shooters and that in that particular case. But. And even after it said and done. As this as as the sheriff of Saint John -- I would like to travel with my officers across the country. Educating other law enforcement officers about what we what happened so sad day. I think we have a duty responsibility. Into an obligation to share. What we learned what we lost how we dealt with that. In I'm determined to do that also once we get the criminal conviction that I know we will. It was absolutely horrific and the power of the families of the two men who died. Body appears to be. I guess the healing process I see every one not as much anymore which you know everybody has their way to. To grieve auditorium at one of the mothers of the officers that was shot and he survived and she is tell me about how she. Tries to move forward and move more and then let the pain Issa. It's like. Painful sting every now and then you know -- you know it'll happen in and it you know it's still there and it is we -- weeks ago closure is even though we -- we when we do get Al conviction. That does not mean closures there for us. And it's going to be. It's coming and we are all patiently waiting for that we need do you have a trial date. I do not know it offhand but it's going to be every time so -- I'll actually probably not and maybe the first of the year. And I really don't know and I'm not just waiting for -- -- -- the subpoena me a call me to tell me I'm eating cool yeah. No horrific absolutely terrific and then you had this hurricane called -- the clock down and driving down the road and you're saying Angela we started seeing the water here and you knew instantly. We are in trouble. Bad day is another day not long after my offices was shot and killed and two other officers injured and were aware of try to come out of that and hurricane eyes a it came through and flooded my home a number of officers home and you know -- -- you know Mike what do you do -- who he would as noble doesn't instruction is so classroom. In our save our prayers and let me lead the best I can lead Saint John sheriff's office in this parish through this. Next you know this is I think it's all by design guide gives puts battles and obstacles in front of you -- I think it's its attacks and I think we came out of that tests are very very well. I think we're better prepared I think -- you know the most important thing into let it happen through that storm is not warrant officer quit. -- stayed on their polls they they continue to work even built some of them have flooded. And I felt I had to be there and showed that same leadership also. We had never experienced anything like that in Saint John Parrish history. And we're we're under we we are submerged in water is there and it's not going anywhere and I mean my offices that jumped out of their course to rescue people by the time they got back to their patrol car it was underwater. Seem peoples women with a senior citizens woman down the street would I show us trying to survive and everybody was that the parking lot at home people we didn't. You know we were going as as things were happening you learn leadership -- things happen in the strangest thing that happened that day is. Our members citizens call -- on -- before subdivisions sane and wild animals were on their back -- Deer and other animals and -- uncommon all right so looking for high ground yet you look in to be risky to again. But we we survived not one person quit we didn't lose not one life and I think god for that now. Everytime I look back on that. Hurricane season makes me nervous now watch the weather channel more than ever end hopefully we get -- a hurricane protection having. Analysts of flood our neighbors to the west either so hopefully everybody looking come with something. They can protect Saint John parish and a future our own the homes rebuilt. Not all -- them out in a few people who pretty much. It's just like -- train and never came back a lot of people invested ability came back rolled the neighborhoods when. When we went through neighborhoods after the devastation and I said look. I'm flooded too I'm here with the guys I'm going to rebuild and renovate and actually do a few things I want to do when -- first -- dolls that I didn't do and a lot of people -- and I've been going to homeowners association meetings. Anywhere uninvited and -- our house have been very very good and citizen don't they don't want blight. And I don't want it either in mapping blade is us as a sign that things can get. Blatant attracts crime incident that you don't have to do have a masses agreed understand that and see that and I don't want. That's happened in saint John -- -- OK stay with us as we continue to talk to the sheriff of saint John's parish Mike -- we'll be right back. Our guest today is sheriff Mike tread and we are talking about what's happening in Saint John perished. After really is some major major events and we won't belabor this too much longer but I remembered that when I interviewed you. After the horrific shooting of four deputies. That one of the moment -- most touched was that day. Later in the afternoon knowing you're gonna have to give a press conference after everything. That all the shares from the surrounding area showed up to say were with the. That gave me confidence to know lie ahead. Backing you know if -- going to order a tough situation you know you got your family behind you. It makes things better wall and law enforcement we're still a family values and I am a new sheriff. And I got all my neighboring sheriff's. And I have the colonel of the Louisiana state police and they all came in my home. And I mean even brought a priest a check on him and I got all the sheriff's. Comment tomorrow home and check in on me and make issue -- okay in. It gave me confidence and knocking at the rudeness and some of them had never experienced anything like this either in. It was it was it got me out there and I knew I had to say. We we we spoke -- -- what was going on what I -- about to say to the general public and -- got through it okay. In they've they still their phone I'm a new sheriff there -- 22 new sheriffs and the state Louisiana and I mean when he seen me like man you do well -- really I did I can't see -- I'm bombing inside looking out. End but I've never had a better working relationship -- the sheriff that I have right now is specially the Louisiana state police anything I need. Man -- resources in itself. They have been great and I really want that thing those surrounding sheriff's since sheriffs from across the statement of that date I didn't make now one phone call. All these departments all these officers did show up. We had its swat team trump has so many had to turn some of them back our -- we had to resource -- helicopters we had manned Apollo in. It just made me very appreciative of everything that was going going to get me through this through this. Faith and assistance from your -- yes in this case as long. Well and you have done I mean I know it continues that you've done that looked kind of talk about today and -- facing. Crime line it's. Would what is your murder rate do you have. Do you have murders in Saint John we normally average about six homicides a year. Under my administration my first year in office we've had thirteen. Hand. I'm fed up with them in the citizens are fed up also sold this is what I need to do my job and -- -- citizens. Give me a chain -- metre resource is in -- opportunity to keep Saint John parish safe sup put a quarter cent sales tax on the ballot recently it failed in April. 4060%. -- turn that around. And we we approached it a whole lot differently and it passed this time 6040. So for the citizens of Saint John -- I say thank you. You you have given me the resources I need to do a better job I'm about to hire -- officers immediately. I'm gonna be hiring some more dispatchers. Better training for my department on building -- training facility as we speak is being billed by the inmates. Getting more equipment. How will be more prepared insane guy parish if something like this ever happens again whether where we were under attack on August 16 2012. Mobile communication. Is being upgraded have a better working relationship to -- to plot -- we've upgraded to radio system. I -- I'm going to make it better I'm determined to make it better I got I've surrounded myself with some very good people in. I had assistance while the law enforcement agencies but yes thirteen murders. Income OP Obama put it frank output that just like this thirteen young black men killed in my -- so what I have been doing. Going to the school system speak into the young man. Going to school system bring him officers with me to have it and launch with a little -- 567. Years will change the mindset. Changed the way of thinking that it's okay to go to jail that it's okay to be -- it. -- you've got to change the culture. To let them know there's something better than this you know and I heard doll. When you go to -- these young men they don't come out any better and we also taken steps. To make them better once Steagall in any Kamal -- we've failed our job as public servants said to improve public safety. I'm going to work on reentry program. We've got to start teaching these young men has get not a deal they have to have a skill -- trade. I'm gonna have teachers instructors teach ceramics how concrete finish and professional -- window -- I have two culinary chefs. I wanna -- doing those things in my department give these guys. So they can all become just like us hardworking taxpaying citizens so they don't have to turn to a life of crime. I wanna do a junior deputy programs like get my offices and Iraq. With the youth more shown that with the good guys that we like to have a good time. And we can teach him bring more field trips made a break here one to eleven see what's going on bringing to the city on the wall it's a lot of my youth. -- -- -- god -- we've got to still investing in our youth to turn I just think John -- around but everywhere. We've got a solid doing things that is going to get them out of this cycle. Part of that routine on environment of violence are you also working with parents. Every chance I get. I think that the parents. If and -- to get parents motivated. I acute none of us can control was going on behind their dual -- you have a child in Utah instead mine Soledad -- of the child and you make them. Want something so bad that he dragged their parents into like the young people that. Once again kisses saints' training -- -- -- because some of the players some -- on the teach him how to sit down have a good -- how to take care themselves how to address not a lot of parents out here. You know I have a -- it's on the Leno sheriff it's only marijuana. But less so much and marijuana was still illegal and we've become socially accepting accepting a -- takes out narcotics a prescription medication even more in. Is that a crime -- a crime beta chrome as a choice in the -- that choice to do the right thing all the wrong thing. And I believe it we'd also given a more choices. These young guys monetary it's a life a -- occupant a hundred offices on street. But it we'd also a change that mindset and stop making a focus more on some kind of skill or school I'm -- always have a job. And other shares and across this country will -- we have got to start doing things that make these children how -- young people focus on assault and other. Then a life of crime and it can't just be sports -- We have got a solid deal with something else and the with the school board on the Mark -- console every chance I get. So it's nothing more insane guy sheriff's office and my tray to turn things around Saint John -- citizens federal way crime. I'm fed away and we gonna make it safe on determined and if I got that. Was a promising my team is stronger than there is of people on the tell me when I need to know for me do my job without on the Tibetan. You heard it right here Mike trade sheriff of Saint John Parrish we'll now go to the newsroom with Chris Miller. Are back with share my -- -- from Saint John Parrish and we're talking about. Thirteen murders thirteen young African American men gone and you saying we have to attack the culture. Of this kind of activity. And you know what you're saying is absolutely correct it. -- to change your mindset that this is acceptable. More than that kind of life is acceptable and more importantly to give alternatives to be excited about something else in your life. But change in the culture and mindset that's gonna take as we was saying earlier. It's a sheriff's office government officials other government entities. Church's clergy who have -- that maybe. But on -- flip side of that. As we were discussing. So to be sworn in assists and the US attorney chemically. That it great conversation with him. And I think. My problem is weapons saint sheriff's office -- seize a 129. Illegal weapons off the streets of Saint John perished since I've been share. Although all homicides out of hand while all handguns. Now. In and we could have been on the -- them were handguns would now like to do. Is acts. US attorney can't bully anyone that is captured with a handgun especially a convicted fell. Let's go after their minimum mandatory sentencing on anybody caught with a handgun especially convicted felon. The drug problem. Been catch -- meth labs. Do least can we stop on I don't know but we do get good tips I didn't get tips about meth labs all FaceBook but the drug problem is there. But the crime problem let's start sending a clear message -- the criminalist if you get caught it with and going you gonna have to face some prison time. And I think that would turn things around on maybe. These guys might hesitate for a second and think twice about but. That's my stand I have a gun problem a saint out there. You -- you've been the sheriff's office for a long time to the escalation. With of the use of guns. In the last several years -- hasn't always been this way it's escalation due to fascination I have young people taken pictures of social media. Holding guns sticking in many ways bands and we use that as a great means of probable cause to -- their home to their homes -- and capture them. And it's just guns lot of young people think that they need to have used to be fist fights I acknowledged gun fight. You know. Even emerges out of hand in the -- this is what are really think you -- and a hell helped me in saint John's parish we've had thirteen murders and we solved eight. When I go to the crime scenes the ones that may. I will goal all of there and get on the other side of the crime scene tape and speak to the people out there. The young sixteen year old boy that was killed outsold everyone out there I am not leaving from out here until someone tells me who killed this young boy. And making fault until that would honey it's -- And when I go sell -- -- we knock on doors we canvas you know we follow. There was video in from our resident of there home surveillance system of the perpetrators running down the street after the the most dubbed the stuff son killed -- that. And that's what we've been getting more cooperation wants of people know you care. They don't care much you know until they know how much you care in which you get out here as sheriff and you start talking of people and I -- deputies with me. We we can make a difference and it's gonna take more that I've had thirteen. We've had eight -- we've given the DA some very good can cases that I know will be convicted. So we are moving in the right direction is gonna take time and I think we -- and -- are the ones that you have arrested. Were -- In trouble before. The majority of the cases. Suspects had had prior criminal arrests yes that's correct in his said because. My young black males being killed -- being killed by young black -- -- a small parish with 45000. Residents with thirteen murders. Is just unacceptable back and again. I think that we have to get the community -- on our side and I think the -- seemed to twenty years -- with we have we're we're -- -- that's going to happen in -- got a -- feel very good about -- You also have some before that let's talk a little bit about do you have a high incidence of burglary. Burglary is probably the second problem we're having and we're actually capturing the suspect's own home surveillance systems they were they aware of things to hide their faces and conceal their faces. But the new trend is -- -- catching them on video and they are putting socks on their hanging patents so they don't leave fingerprints. So. The enlisted done other contributing factor is. I think share of new Norman called that a citizen assistant crime when he leaving the cores on a lot. 80% maybe senate 5% of all my vehicle burglaries are due to vehicles being left a -- People leave -- out as guns valuables Plainview and they and they gonna pull on door handles I got the video from. Just last week a Sony got the two young men they have of the very systematic. And the eagle on the street and one checks the driver's door one checks the passenger -- and eagle on court to court to court for third in the morning and I have one video. So we're trying to identify them. But right now the homicides where something that we we really I had a teen focus on that we've been having great results people come the fall. But burglars -- crawled in my second biggest problem had right now. Holiday season has come so quickly I'm going to be doing some very highly visible. Patrols on holidays and shopping season. -- put more offices on the street. I put more crime cameras -- with the passage of this tax so. The Wii owner right -- crime cameras all it's very very good tool for fighting crime not just the -- don't perish but across the country. A solid at different to sit in the wall and the mother's a shooting at Sony did for the Boston bomb and do any of Boston Marathon bombing. And it's helped me solve some cases in saint out there Charles. That was in new aid officers how how big league team being down. Well I got totaled 253. Officers this additional aid offices I have a ball roughly a hundred patrol. And there's broken down and 412. All -- I have detectives narcotics. Right now my main front line will be officers on patrol visible. Any in my parish how would prefer you see a police call when you come into perished and when you leave the -- should see a police call -- just wanna saturate and suffocate. So you can see high visibility. Officers on corners you should see him now. In the gonna see more special but upcoming holiday -- -- sheriff Mike trade will be right back this is Angel on WL. Sheriff Mike -- -- on Saint John Parrish is a man on a mission. Stop the thirteen murders stop any more murders. And and and also bulk up your your staff and you have the very good news that you have this new mobile commend senator arrived. That's correct that's exciting that is huge. What I learned from -- -- -- -- Johnson long time ago we have -- 191 sinner which is in the middle of saint general middle -- us. But he always did say we needed -- back. Because -- file when one once and that was ever Arafat affected by flooding in our lightning in a fire we are and be trump. Seoul tomorrow. Have a 36 foot mobile command center are being delivered. From Wisconsin which will be fully functional fully operational. And I'm gonna actually use that. As my mobile substation to put in -- areas at a parish both sides of the river. Soul I can brake shift from that we can have a strong visibility a strong and he -- and -- -- had to -- tomorrow I'm very excited about. I know that that's terrific. Also you had said to me in an interview awhile back that one of your goals was to go into the high schools and talk to kids about being an officer. In Saint John Parrish. And that is definitely a goal I was invited to speak at east Saint John high school graduation when he graduated this -- here. But I'm bonuses school system to find. That's student and young man that young female fed may not be going to college that may not be going to work at one of the industrial plants. Almost thought he changed a criminal justice course in the high school level approved by the school board. Our curriculum which goals over. Anyone interested in obtaining. A degree maybe and criminal justice all was simply like to come and work for my smile myself. Point any -- law enforcement agency. These classes will be taught by members of same guy sheriff's office the district attorney to indigent defender board and state police and -- even ask him. Mike Anderson a sack over FBI and it maybe he can has money come in all so so. -- recruiting locally a little bit I think that -- we knew he born and raise do you live in the neighborhood. You know everybody's. Got a different prize. Go to different outlook on things you live here you shop here you play here your family's here so. I'm gonna be recruiting at all for high schools and saint John's parish to see who wants to come and work from. So it's a great idea it really is a great idea. On let's talk about some of the programs you have very quickly -- I know you're working with the elderly. To to try to curtail abuse of the elderly. And and they can be like great little soldiers out there. I love my elderly residents and into the council on agent prior to the tax passing the invited me to play people Keeneland will become an over there. Before the -- all the political keynote but more importantly I have a senior citizens should check program. Where if you have elderly. All parents senior deputy to come pass by check on to make sure they're all right you can give us their name their inflammation. The best time to come and visit them and I uniformed patrolman. Goals to their home and does a check knocks on the door goals and speak to home. Checks their house checked the bush is sick distraught making sure windows and things or our secure. In we have on the about a hundred -- -- as citizens we check on market. I'm not so they love the -- off at Seoul south feed them because. You know you feed him so well in a kind of concerned about that. But dozens of great we got to take care about the seniors and that's in the that is the greatest thing to do -- to go to their home. And sit down with him in check on have a little conversation when it was five minutes ten minutes to do that. And they appreciated so much and it's only below below deputy when he seen many -- -- tell me so. -- wanna build on. Well it's in Butte says it's about building relationships. And maintaining relationships especially in -- and 45000 people is not small -- mean that but it is it's it's able to have those relationships rather than a bigger urban area. And it pays back one. I'm limiting care -- -- -- little -- better we do this every year we didn't do it hurricane -- I have a senior citizens luncheon it will be on Tuesday December 26 said he Saint John elementary in applause. Singh is our bust and brought and we do bingo we do door prizes. We don't sing -- anything like dad but. I appreciate them and we serve them a good meal and we entertain them from 10 AM till like 12:1 o'clock excel. We gonna be doing that again issued into election but we will do it this year we're back on track so sign up now -- the but everything's like a -- -- feeling pretty good. When got a lot of things going on. I have a lot of things I want implement this year when the when a new year comes and I'm already looking down the line I have short term projects long term projects but the the citizens again I wanna say thank you for the funding. That was given -- in the about a quarter cent sales tax. I have a -- expo -- all of my equipment which is going to be place in front of home people in the -- on Saturday. These on the fourteenth I'm gonna actually have a taser demonstration where -- -- all this is going to be voluntarily eighties in we've got to be explaining about the mobile command mile armored vehicle. I'm gonna do to stop sticks well we put spikes on the tires on give a demonstration for that. We're gonna actually showed a citizens have been on a clock callers are real -- so legacy how we operate and clock course. More with share my train -- activists. One arrived remind everyone coming up shortly we're going to announce the code word in the 1000 dollar nationwide holiday cash contest. But as we wrap up our discussion with the sheriff Mike -- he wanted to correct date very quickly. As senior citizens luncheon sponsored by sheriff's office is gonna be held on Tuesday November 26 price Scania. Tuesday November 26 yes thank and what is this about the license plate recognition. When you don't taken full advantage of technology in Seoul. Would my IT guys my technical guys have set up in Saint John parish which is being setup and different with the -- Any vehicle. That's been inner into the aisle was system and solid database has been used in a crime once it enters into Saint John parish all license plates or -- In that vehicle has been used and flag has been used in a crime all of my offices in the alert. -- and is -- a vehicle has just entered into Saint John errors we have -- the same -- -- gains line in the Saint John saint Charles line. And it's even better than that. For some reason your car gets stolen his thing down we put a license plate number and our computers have integrated with saint Charles and -- so we can see anywhere that vehicle pass -- any other. On camera so we're taking full advantage of as agree working to fall law enforcement help us all sold a lot of cases. The bottom line is things are going balancing John -- you you have your challenges but clearly with the -- The -- you're going to be doing better I cannot thank you enough for coming I really mean this and I hate that we're out of time but. He'll have to come back again Angela thank you very much sketch. Oh yeah Dylan mean when he was still on TV will be one that'll always remembered very very nice thing I appreciate you let me show love you. And -- carries. Thank you very very much share my -- It's the 1000 dollar holiday cash contest the code word this hour is take. TA KE. Enter that code were -- Honeywell dot com slash cash. Or click on the contest link on your website for your chance to win 1000 dollars nationwide. And it's just a simple to enter whether -- that your office computer surfing at home or on your Smartphone or tablet. You can win anywhere listen for the next code word right before the top our news at 6 PM. Good luck from Smart radio intercom and WW.