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11-11 3:10pm Open Mind: One on One

Nov 11, 2013|

Angela goes one on one with former Saints Head Coach Jim Mora.

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Will he was the coach who took the saints into the world of winning. Jim -- was tough demanding and Smart. Coupled with the late great Jim thinks there era was the beginning of the -- we know today. Even with the would've could've should've frustrations. And the occasional cocked eyebrow staring down the media. Jim Mora just wanted to win for us to have a winner. Taking us to our first playoff game was almost as good as the road to the Super Bowl we should take several years later. He will be remembered for many things but in my book he will be known as the coach who got us to believe in ourselves. And I very much believe that. Thank you -- that's very nice and getting tears in my eyes if. A compost. And I get the chills when you say that yeah I mean I. Thank you and thank you for joining us I'm looking import duties. Nice to see you in day and a great in. And has been along time and it has and have always been an admirer of yours as has my wife Connie and I don't feel I I forgot to -- and I'm going to be on with you today that when I get home and item and teller and I -- to -- Anxious to hear about it. So will she can actually go to our website and -- -- whenever. Something they do and you can hear the unity oh good out of that can't get please get -- dash I well to -- yeah -- -- You know I and it -- -- not gonna talk about all the rants that she'd talk about some of the great memories. As things coach. Well you know the thing that I always remember is when I came here initially. Prior to even. Coaching a game before our -- first season. How enamored I became with the people of New Orleans I mean and and to me when I talk about New Orleans to other people. That -- that the people here that are the best I mean they're gifts so. In two and they love their football team first ball you know we all know that they love the saints but. They're just friendly they're fine they're sociable there. They're who they are there's no pre cancers not then they'll put on you know they're just people that love -- love the heat have loved to have a good time that kind of thing. And that's one of the things that I've always. Liked it -- about New Orleans and I saw that right away. I remember I'd walked down the street and somebody come up to me this you for a coaching game -- -- I'll cultural -- is just bring us a winning season and had a winning seizing in on Tony here please bring it to when he -- -- -- -- in the playoffs and in out of the people of all ages men women kids and that kind of stuff then I remember I talent -- people today before him and coached a game. I'm the grand Marshal of the Italian American -- I'm I'm I'm walking down what -- report Dresser canal or whatever you know on. People are -- they're clapping for -- we have you've played a game yet but. That to me. Has always been a special thing about this city that the people involved and how much they love this football team and how much it means to on the just how they are. -- it's possible that -- one thing and with that the chiefs on it's really at our worst. Meaning and historically we were we did not have a winner until you can. So we still loved it. And we are yeah yeah yeah so all of a sudden you got -- over that hump and it was like here we go. You may just believe in ourselves flowers. Lucky -- -- I came when we when we got here. That there was a pretty good nucleus of players on the team. Dave -- name -- hope we Brenner Stan Brock I could go on and on John ties. People like that and and and and we we inherited some guys from the US -- -- riot coached and and it'd folded. And we get guys like Von Johnson Sam mails and Bobby Hebert came in opt out from the USFL although he was he was here before I got here. And and then we had a couple of pretty good draft at that first year especially -- and we drafted Rubin -- and pat swilling and Jim Dombrowski guys like. And and Dalton Hilliard on the first draft. So all of a sudden you combine. The veterans there were here there were kind of in their prime at that point. The USFL -- Imports and then the draft from that first year. And I said hey we got a pretty good -- guys here you know pretty good team and we we struggle a bit that first year we seven and nine. But I I kind of saw that we have to potential and then next year we went twelve games in. Had some pretty good team from the and I ninja. -- had a great mentor and Jim thanks and he he meant so much to the organization and to me. And a good owner Tom Benson and we got things gone pretty good. And you you just mentioned some of those names until. Stan mills are like -- -- -- The wonderful people Sam mails -- people ask me a lot who has the best player I ever coached. And I TI I coach Peyton Manning for four years in a Ricky Jackson have Bobby Hebert -- IIILEC. Sam mails because that guy had everything. That a coach was looking for and and it player of the leadership their work -- the smarts that dedication the ability. People always thought that Sam maybe was an over achiever because he which short you know for the position he played in -- in the NFL you don't find many 59. Linebackers anymore that were as good as you. But he had great ability he wasn't in Aldridge he -- achieved the maximum of visibility. So but yet a one of my favorites of all time -- mails that -- We had good players in the right now players. And and we finally ones so where were you. When we won the super. I was home watching the game as I recall now -- I'm sure I was home I don't know if I was at a Super Bowl party or something like data. I don't think I was might have been. And it -- exciting you know -- This is my team I coach this calls for four years that this is the team I root for pole for and they beat the colts in the game in on out for the saint. People said while. We have a report -- for the saints. I and I did you know. But that was signed up a -- -- -- I -- seed was planted. Within I don't know but I do I know about that I know a lot about that now to seed was planted and it happened and it just sold what we needed. And now where -- great I know you are great are great you are great yes you have a super coach super quarterback good players again terrific organization great owner. -- great. Yes -- mr. Benson has really been has done right him. -- yes hiring the right people and getting him in line and but the loss of Jim thanks and I know how very -- -- while war. But people still talk about -- thanks to this day they -- yes they. I mean he talk about getting things going he was -- one that really got things going on and the best guy I've ever worked for have been in the you know coach -- time and been around good people but. He was electric terrific people person yes. Everybody knew he was he is everywhere no organization -- -- walk through the halls -- talked of people and be friendly and he was a guy that and I can always go to you know or if he felt we'd lose a tough gamers something and and I was kind of down in the doubts he'd come into the office -- sense that he calls to door okay -- -- talk this thing out you know I mean that's how he was and but he was a tough negotiator and. He is the best Smart very Smart yeah so Smart I never interviewed -- one time we had the talk show. And I was in -- and about his life of course he had been a player and in the commercially says Angela. Ask me how much -- made my last year I played. I said OKMR thinks how did you make that last year you played he said 151000. Dollars. Well -- -- with salaries even back then unbelievable 151000 dollars well and what he was saying and these guys have got a good. Yelling out there right now he knew he wouldn't. He turn over in his grave right out Kenya with these guys from Macon. You know -- 1990 Bobby Hebert sat out because we couldn't come to -- 1998 we couldn't come to contract. Deal with him and he -- for the saints in 1990 Ian played a lot of he had 1990 imply. And as we went got bill -- Steve Walsh. Yes you have for arcade game and but if it I don't know what they are equivalent over you'd have to ask Bobby some time but compared to what guys are Macon now while I'm close yeah. But do you think they deserve it in the sense that they are. You know the league is making a gazillion dollars and so shouldn't they get some. Yeah that they deserve it because that's what the market does it mean they're entertainers entertainers make a lot of money and. It's competitive and is not their fault they're making all this money it's of people that pay them they're the ones that make that decision -- given millions of millions of dollars so if they've got an opportunity get a work your tail off seeking keep getting that you know. Absolutely and stay healthy stay healthy very important you know when you just -- that were entertainment -- that's the first time ever purge. Football is entertainment was when you were on the option and sometime we talk about the -- signal into its entertainment. And I thought it was like a revelation that's exactly what it. -- as people go to to be entertained I mean that's all these people and hoop and in harness stands in. They're there to be entertained -- watch a football game two of these guys are after entertaining affinity has. Stay with this Jim Mora the great -- -- right activist. And are very very special guest coach Jim -- Last night's game was spectacular and equally spectacular was the new ring of honor. And so appropriate for the three who received that -- her a lot of comments before then that you should have been included and hopefully will be. Well that's nice to hear that. I don't know you know so many good players have come through. The saints that deserve to be up there and will be at -- at some point. And if it ever happens that I get up there I'd be. Honored beyond belief that if I don't. That's okay too you know. We had some good years here but I had a lot of good players and yeah. As a coach you don't have you know win my share of good players you need those players need those coaches around you can be successful and when we had -- years that's why we won because we had great players good people. As you sit and watch football games now are you looking at it as a coach. Not really I really don't. I just watch it in -- game be entertained you know and I don't and I don't like I I don't think I've ever I really sit I don't ever just sit down and and watch a whole game three hours college or why do college economic times coach and it. You cannot turn a game on at the time I look at it do something else look at it decent and -- -- to sit down and watch football all day Sunday and stuff like that is don't do that you know. I follow -- that I don't just. I'm not glued to the TV set watching football games and that -- feelings plain. I think so many people think if you is that the that the consummate coach that whenever the decision was that you were not going to coach anymore. To that that transition. Back to regular life what was that tough because. It just seemed as if the life of the coach is very regiment in very disciplined and then your free. Right yeah a year right in yet I you know I I I had got a long time. When I got the job here is fifty years old so I would it wasn't like a young guy thirtieth beginning -- coach has an effort to echo guys here eleven years. And I was a year off and I was head coach the -- for four years. So I coached a long time and and get the really good as a coach you have to be like 100%. Dedicated motivated. And I'll do the job and I and I kind of gotten the point where. I wasn't quite that way and it was time for me not to coach anymore and I was. You know in my sixties when I was still coach unit with the colts and and so I wasn't like it was a big change for me I I I was lucky for five years I worked for NFL network. Yes for five years I worked for fox Sports Radio. Out of LA and every weekend twelve months a year. So I was still involved with sports and with football and things like castle wasn't like I do -- start started retiring after coach -- Works on and on it anymore in the stuff later here with WD issue that. You know you miss some things about it but there are some things there and you don't miss about it not not that I didn't like it love it but. I'm file and not do it anymore. I always say something has its life right. That's it and that it yeah -- not to bring up the negative because it's unnecessary if you've had such an sterling life that. The decision to leave had movement here had been very painful in the sort of mid season right and unlike Q. -- as one would think as you kind of reflect back on that. You'd still do the same thing. You know I'm glad you asked this question. I was in. Emotionally. I want to do everyone at that point fact I was doing pretty bad. I was I -- them that you might use it worked burned out but I think it was worse than that there was also some things in my personal life that we're going on. And I don't consider myself a quitter. But I quit. On the saint halfway through this season that year. If I had it to do over the unified if it was the circumstances were exactly the same and I had a do over again I'd probably do it over again but I look back on it. And I wish I wouldn't have done it because I don't like how it ended I don't like the fact and I went in until mr. -- night that it wanted to do it anymore. And I. -- always it's always have a black mark to me on my on my resume -- whatever it is and -- But at that that the situation was exactly the same. I might do it I might do it again because I felt that I died that day. There was no way I wanna go on that practice field one more time and I ready kind of thought it was best for the saints -- -- do. Innocent people might say that was nothing but very human. Then I don't know we all have yet but it was that sound that was not a it was not a time and I'm proud of was put it that way. Well but the new. Took a break. When you're off on your off and just kind of regrouped app and then -- with the -- bright for years with the colts and we have some good years there we win three and thirteen the first year with -- we draft -- you know and AD in in 86 and then. Had a couple playoff teams and in and and we struggle that fourth year in and I got fired because I wouldn't fire to my assistant coach. That's right -- because we lost because when -- began. Our general manager wanted me to fire two -- assistant coaches I didn't think they deserve to be fired either. Smear him and I -- go. You know that is probably your biggest trademark is loyalty. And certainly we remember the days that you were highly criticized for keeping Smith. But it was your loyalty yeah. I believed he was doing a good job. I didn't care what like I care what people Bob -- I. Disagree I knew I knew what kind of job he was duke -- -- with him everyday and I had been -- I've been with him for many years as a coach. And it and I knew he was doing a good job so. Even though our offense struggled a bit what his fall. And I wouldn't Iowa demagogue he needed and deserved to be fired. Just like these two coaches it it with the colts they didn't deserve to be fired either one of them. Was with me here with the saints -- -- NGOs now us as -- as -- as he coordinator one of the best defense is in the NFL the 49ers. And recognizes one of the top defense -- coordinators and in the national hopefully and he was. My defense that coordinator with the colts and we've gone to the playoffs twice won the division one year. With him as a coach and they want to fire Amer -- general manager won a fireman I I said there's no women do it so. If I do that meal disease and fire them Loria fired only nominally. -- stay with us for talking with Jim Laura we'll be right back. They're talking with Jim Mora. Which I can't say enough about I'm just thrilled that your. I do wanna catch up on the family you have one of the nicest lines Connie Mora. Was just a pistol is just a pistol and you say she still list. I shouldn't -- table cutting issue like that but he stayed very active. Very personable everybody likes Connie you know people. Stays active physically. -- he's just taken up she's always kind of told me she that she wanted to to try to be an artist she you know. So now she's taken an art class -- -- about Palm Desert California has taken an art class once a week three hours. But she's in a Pilates and biking and I Keenan. Zone Bann all this stuff and he's a great grandmother. Odd that she -- -- -- is a great grandmother Guam and garage yeah and mother but she loves her grandkids and sheets stays in touch with damaging knows what they're doing every day and they love her Grammy. -- -- -- So that's a big part of her alive for thirteen grandkids -- -- three boys Newton. Jimmy. UCLA and head coach he's yelling and laughing -- yep like -- a lot of cats and success are doing okay and I like he really likes coaching collegiate football. Likes it there and yeah he's doing good he's got four kids. -- is a freshman at Claremont. Congress this is unbelievable -- for for good kids because. Their first child was born here yes call he was born in New Orleans eggs absolutely -- and then your -- son Michael. Is an architect yet they all all three in my boys graduated from the university Washington we have lived there for seven years is before it came in or. So they Al -- had roots in Seattle. So they are graduating universe towards -- my middle son Michael he stayed there merited gal from Washington. And he he and his partner have their own architectural firm in Seattle they're doing doing well you know that right yeah. And they have three kids and their oldest. Is a freshman in college and then -- two others. In my youngest Stephen is in lives and Dan Dorgan and he has 33 sons and a nice wife. So they're all doing good at all all the kids and grandkids are going down that's -- -- get together as a group. It's hard to get together with everybody got older the key of the grandkids yet with all their activities and sports in this in that and stuff and although were all on the West Coast it's still hard for them that you know pick up and gul a lot because of the activities of their kids that so look for to get all of us together -- -- although we have an occasion years ago we took -- -- -- for candidates that was fun. But we -- as we get up to seat him and against him and his family are in Southern California. Back a little bit of football. What do you see as the biggest changes in the game. -- guys are bigger. Bigger faster stronger group that's for sure I mean. When I first got into the game office he -- -- very sound she saw anybody over three are proud and I never see anybody less than 300 pound offensive -- Linebackers you know used to be 235 to forty Mather to sixty. So so the physical. Ability of players I mean they're just bigger stronger and I wonder how they get this bake some of these guy why weren't they there is big. Twenty years ago in north -- and good because they're you know they're not they're not on the steroids as a test for steroids so. What is it weightlifting with a used to live weights when I was coaching you know but they -- this big eight got a huge -- used they are gigantic people -- and -- to people and an end there and in. Offenses are much more complicated. And and. Defensively same thing I mean it's an -- in the coaching staffs I mean. That that blows my mile with bigamy -- -- NFL cut their their 28 points over twenty coaches on their staff and I don't know what they do a follow these guys you know we get eight or nine here when I -- started out. Assistant coach is now they get a minimum I want me. That's got a secondary coach and assistant secondary coach is special teams coach and assistant special teams coach and another assistant special teams coach. You look at the saints they got they got over twenty coaches understand irony in there -- that's something else and a I don't know what they do -- the model and have a staff meeting -- over the put everybody that's. Let -- sit close it up that's that's a big change one. When -- take a break and come back but I wanna talk to about a couple of issues one. This bullying it's come -- yeah yeah and also about the concussions OK stay with this -- have more financial on WL. And we are back with coach Jim -- and let's talk about some of the things that have happened of late first evolving NFL. Short of working on. Helping the concussion issue. Which now really true science we've learned a lot up on the effects of it and I was reading very sad article about ten. I'm -- Huntsman right now but it it breaks your heart that some of mark now into dementia right and what we know now. So your thoughts on are we doing enough. I think so you mean like now argued we do an -- beat him when they were planner well now I think I think the NFL has very. Aware that they should be doing something you know I I don't like the fact that all these guys are seeing in the NFL. And there's a bunch of players are suing the NFL -- they didn't get the protection they needed and they care that they need when they -- -- I don't like that because -- they knew what they were getting into players knew they were getting into any sign of the play football and play in the NFL so now to go back and say. The NFL didn't do a good job of -- and providing protection force -- taking care of us while we're playing I think is is is not. Valid but anyway as far as right now I think I think he had -- I was very aware of the fact that there is some concern by the public in the players that played that are having some problems and I think. Maybe not publicly it's known but I I really get the feeling that they're trying to do the best they can't prepare these fellas that are. Suffering from a manager or whatever yeah I already believe that I think they are the the other issue is this bowling. And again not having been in that locker room atmosphere. But on the more I'm reading more and understanding that maybe there's always been sort of this. Joking around but that this is perhaps a step beyond. Angela you hit the nail on the head right -- this is a big step beyond. And I asked him very strong feelings about this because when I read about some of the things that were the abuse he behavior they occurred in Miami. The language that occurred in Miami this is way beyond which. That that that the that eighteen should be dealing. I don't care if your rookie year year ten year veteran you're a member of the team. And maybe a little he's seen initially. For the rookies that. But good to put guys through some of the stuff that that that apparently happened out of Miami and and and the abuse to land. What should happen I mean. Your team you're you're trying to win games you're trying to work together you're trying to help each other route in -- trying to. Make somebody matter abuse seamer or try to making tougher and things like that. He just -- it's not call for an anyway in my opinion and and I think -- coaching staff should be aware of what's going on if there's some bad stuff going on and got to put a stop to a right away. Now and when I hear players down there in my IC what this guy in -- need to he's a leader. Great guy if you've got guys like him that are leaders on your team -- -- he got the wrong guys on your team. And and EU he should have got like getting your team I care how good a player is I have always believed this. You need good people on your team I mean good players get a bunch of choir boys on your -- nothing -- choir boys but. He got to have guys are good football players that you got it good character guys on your team too and it. If you've got guys in your team that are abusing. Young players are rookie players in same bad things about it racial slurs. Physical abuse whatever. Wrong people get rid of them. And from what I'm actually really rope was just saying that he he heard that in company though it has a series of problem writing -- and that makes me wonder. Exactly what you -- you gotta have the talent you gotta be good but if you don't have the character should you be on the team. No because in the long run those kind of guys will get -- should -- and and bring it down. And when the going gets tough out sometimes when your win in all the time. That's that's overlook that but everybody's gonna go through some tough times every team in and we if you got the bad. Type a guy like Colin jerks. If you got -- on your team is it's gonna hurt you in the long run and and even if it's there. Talented. Yeah and I'm not saying EME. Gonna get guys to all sorts of backgrounds top backgrounds or families drugs in the family. Whatever. But. You want guys that are gonna team oriented come to work every day work hard. Not selfish not too big egos. Very team oriented. That kind of stuff that's kind of guys you want you know they're not all going to be. Perfect gentleman and all like tennis that he does not gonna have that that -- You don't want bad character guys that are doing some of the stuff has taken place it took place down in Miami. Not to this extreme but as a coach did you have to have kind of heart to hearts with guys. Who were doing things may -- off field that's aria yeah and like I say these guys are not. Perfect I mean they're not gonna. Not do some things that you do not like him to do you know when they get go home and I better go out at night. And occasion and here we got to do I think he got to continue. To teach and preach. And and and war and you can't just say at the VA's -- at a team -- say OK guys here's what you can't do your which can do off the field it's better it's better. It's got to be almost a weekly daily. You know emphasis to the team about how to conduct your life. What's the best thing for the team. Why were doing this we got to hang together all these kind of things don't be messing up your life or your teammates alive for the teams. Life whatever by doing something you shouldn't be given being stupid about it. Great words from Jim Mora will be right back. Welcome back I'm so enjoying the start with Jim Mora in our last couple minutes. 22 coaches. Collapsed. Recently and a very very shocking and I I think everybody thought one with part one they think is maybe sort of a pre stroke thank. Stress stress of that job. Kind of reflect on your sidelines. Keeping very. Close your mouth but it was all inside. Yeah it's a very stressful job and I think it's more stressful night when and when I -- because of more there's a lot more media focus on. On -- because of more media available all the talk shows that TV show as I mean. -- all of them the media stuff that's involved now as compared to when I was coaching so I think there's more focus on coaches and players in what they're doing what they're not doing. And I think there's more pressure to win as a lot more money involved the players pay -- more money that owners are making more money that television rights all this kind of stuff. It's the most popular sport there is NFL. And I and and it's a tough job it's a very tough job and is a very fit thin line between winning and losing. You look at some of the teams this year that we're supposed to be good and have been good Houston as plan. Pittsburgh these teams are struggling now on a -- a couple of years ago last year they were favored to go to the Super Bowl or whatever so there's a fine line. And these coaches work their tail off twelve months a year and and distress when all of a sudden things are going your way and it's it's very very difficult -- John Fox out at Denver I mean they were doing well he just had a problem with the heart about it now but I think Gary Kubiak a final vote that went -- -- with him a couple of years ago -- NFL USO coaches tour and a very intense guy good guy and I and they were they team that was really good last year was supposed to be good him this year. And they've been struggling and I think that had something to do it is. What happened ready do. Last thing you think we'll make it to the super ball. Like to Angela I think I think you're gonna win the division. I don't know on the activists say -- I hope so I hope so thank you Jim all right thank you Jim Mora now now the news.