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11-11-13 4:35pm Bobby Hebert with Drew Brees

Nov 11, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier talk with Saints quarterback Drew Brees about the team's 49-17 thrashing of the Dallas Cowboys and their upcoming matchup with the San Francisco 49ers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the line with this now I won't have out with you wanna call it may have been just an average day at the office so to speak. Saints quarterback Drew Brees -- thanks so much but gonna -- this afternoon. -- -- god are right through all. They say well this most grip probably but I was not a Bobby ahead a time. They said about that they want to ask you but you know promoting high. You TV spots Morton everything bad I know you -- -- not a small kids but. Bob and I outgrown girls and they want to think that the ticket spot something. It you talk about that -- it's up the blood pressure more than anything to get it out. So tell everybody at the spots you don't put -- and the promotions that that brings out man this is one thing. You get up and staying -- somebody who's in there late teens and you talk about crisis -- that's it. Yeah I got little boys. I'm not thinking about like lipstick on the close. It's much more -- you know minder. -- -- school mustard ketchup from their hot dog like that you know whether. You know it is -- a lot of laundries in a Lotta Lotta stuff we get -- But. You know where I am real happy and -- -- issue with -- -- that commercial we thought and language. Kind of be given the -- councils -- -- -- track in my house dog run wild. You know yeah yeah and watch spotlight you prepare. Yeah. Like targets native you know you that a number of Cabrera is now -- night quilt -- I kind of liked that -- commercial the Benson. And you look at look at mental what you -- surely look beautiful and actually there. I'm Samantha who Britney greets you looks awesome. Actually yeah. She's she's stole the show she's natural if I was just kind of a problem. Proved that kind of shed some light a little bit on the program and how fans can also get involved in the type program. -- problem that the thirty you're tied Cutler captains around the league want -- team. And basically with the campaign go about it celebrate the passing of the NFL fans have to their colors. And I got on to tell you guys -- passion that The Who dat nation has effort for our team. And you throughout the year. You weeded out social media oppose you with pictures of my boys to their classmates their friends where there's change your -- on game day here you know people that tailgate. Get ready for the game -- to your fans around. Just Wear the black gold is can they want to -- that he's got the game day. It's so. We're encouraged at all and it would make you post those pictures to include act tied NFL. As well as hash -- our colors to show their support. About drew looking at all and last night it was unbelievable. When you look at that kind of balance I mean we -- when you can run the football like we did it in the obviously throw it. I mean I don't know Holland the fifth pit stop you and then when you look at this scenario. That all of that in the first half that point six -- pass completions that matched the highest total this season you point six that thirty. To a -- PT two yards three touchdowns but. That you get the field and I had and I hear all of a sudden you start -- -- or. And that you could we get next -- -- -- passes. Tying your own franchise record I mean did you feel like and no matter what -- do it up like council hot right now about the schedule fire. I think at the time you do it in the moment there's nothing good about it I mean that. I felt like we revisionists. You know I felt like we were you know doing everything the right way to run the ball effectively we were very efficient passing game you know some big plays. But you just operate you know I think -- about anything else really. But. You don't. That -- out that we get in the game to have the productivity every skill position offensive line by god I can't say enough about those guys they -- deserved game balls. For this game just waited a nucleus that was the temple and and increase the rhythm for profits throughout the target. Now what about where we're at right now I and you look Carolina's -- and our heels look at how well their play it. Is equally you know we unique game I can remember. You know coach all right in June Jones I remember how you like once that -- he'd be good to what you gotta be good the inning made a mistake you gotta bounce back. That is kind of one -- Claire. And -- -- -- -- on it up big challenge the 49ers film and -- Salmons and we all know we're undefeated right now in the NFC which is crucial. When you look into the playoff implications but the just talk about like me. One this game it was a great win but now thought that a forty -- who's gonna be a top talent obviously. It -- -- -- there's no time to celebrate anything. You know yeah great and yet we played well. You don't show showed some some some great things that we can continue to build on but you know the challenges get tougher. The game that we need more meaningful then that is what this week you know with him for it now not only just the fact that next game against the opponent. They're very good team -- -- -- contender. -- but also the team that did beat the last two years. And and so obviously. You don't. We need to make sure we have our best performance rate these yet. Through one of the things in this game it nobody's that practice that all basically in the summer drills. But well what he's in the lineup and he's healthy. What a difference Mikell baucus told the news that big body downfield. Making plays and just fearless and a guy that. When you pick up up top receivers in the NFL his name probably doesn't come up on -- people across the NFL. What people never played against them bring that out this big guy can come up with them. Huge plays for you and he was such a big difference early that game. It was. You know he said. He's been such -- -- I mean focuses. Has been the last three years. Guy you can always count on big time playmaker they can do everything you know he's big he's physical. He's -- great -- -- route runner as well as. You great field on the field a great you're great range. I mean she hit it to catch balls. You adjustable. Behind him -- it. You know his ability to break tackles. You know especially around the goal line just like you do that first question. They give you know he's just. He's a true pro and went one of the most consistent guys whoever. Now it that to a Hollywood. Holland's exciting you are little area what you wanna sometimes you press that that you wanted to so well for the fans of these though when your family. The Mark Ingram he finally got that monkey off the back in his first career marquis. Game a 145 yards in the in yard average. Of glory five yards that and I didn't realize this but. If you look at between the wanted to watch a tournament Pierre. Russia but to a reported three yards at the highest total. But -- office since November of 1990. When you think that 249 against the Eagles though yet to be excited and proud of what Ingram nick if you feel like children are. That was your what your seems obvious. No doubt -- hold the hopman. End -- in fact that they had run off. Let's get this thing got on him because ideally. -- -- -- -- that you looked -- -- He's not happy. Thought that the move I couldn't -- it the Brett. If you vote here -- I I. You know that was that was -- It really. Set the tone of the game it is our our product is so -- You know each one of those guys. Can do a little bit everything but I mean that you -- so many things really well. It was great to see all have the contribution in this game that they had -- Each 10. Was so valuable and made some big time plays so. It's great to see it and hope that we continue to build eagle on that especially that -- bounds from. What are the things I know you appreciate this puck and make it about this with the Manning passing academy is we would you have a defense that. -- three and -- team so quickly. I mean that that you wanna get back into that grew so fast. I don't remember a game in recent years -- -- zero point nine. On third down conversions but you're right back out there and saw that he Pittsburgh's government right back on the field. -- really weird spot broke a lot of back to be put in that position. That you know he's not converting on third downs and somebody red hot on the other side that's nothing you can do about it. Yeah I mean that it's good of those that cylinders you know when we opted to sustain drives go to get points where he he goes out there and get the ball right back for. Because you know I see that that power play complementary football to understand that moment though he has that -- job yesterday. You know kind of restricting note drive quality start three out in the -- acting as if you position. You know you'd like crowd you know you know keep him in the game. You know disease -- -- for a bit. Through it what was unbelievable too if you look we will minus one and a turnover -- in the attic I believe I went 49ers seventeen. And today it it was so bad. I even heard Cowboys fans they that this is probably the most embarrassing moment. In Cowboys history you know you've been attacked and grown up at Texas -- hurting so bad now that the detonation. You've got people at Texas just joined in that nation and -- getting it from tech. He's trying to collect donations these upsets the president of note that -- you both ducks ought to I got a yank Ohman now. It. But you got. Out there. Not miss the mess up -- -- I think you know Metairie -- about you know what was ironic that they would happen. You'll be it'll be a -- though like the quiet listed on the health or my story of the gate he severed at the end. 2006. When dealt with that Dallas. -- grip the Cowboys ironically notes Sunday Night Football I think it will look the score is 4217. That night we stayed on -- 3 o'clock in the morning. Everybody would just place for the Katrina you know people call it from Missouri Illinois. And I said -- there so that -- and out there so bad it was it was big shopping. It was Sunday Night Football we put a -- on the crowd noise that the whole mood and -- started and it. Bit unbelievable at you or you are the major part of it used on Peyton. And I don't think the fans there truly can appreciate you all in all said and done and it would be balanced -- bank battle we had Drew Brees. Good I don't know I -- You know we can hit the lottery and it happened at San Francisco they went from all the candidates the young the -- a bit from Brett Favre there Iraq is difficult would -- Manny Andrew Luck. I just bill and all said and done I'd hate to be the quarterback Colin. Well I don't know what to think that I got that was salads on the peninsula that. Could prove that's. I think everybody agrees with that that sometimes you don't appreciate what you have when you. You see sport so much that -- don't really know appreciate the type of players in in a situation as the is. Into the pretty much goes away and we want to get to tell everybody about that -- promotion and I'll try to get involved. Yes -- You know obviously. -- who -- nation we got great experience in the world we we Wear black Eagles -- game there. And I'd be more people he's on vacation. In in places where around the world Wear -- -- -- -- may -- it has everything else and they. Don't consider do well but. What are you doing today post post the picture yourself. -- whoever you waited rocking your team colors include that side of that belt. Twitter handle as well as hash tag our colors should support them. -- -- I'll give -- real quick story 2009 U guys Monday night Wayne New England Patriots have a friend of mine who talks football with me all the time that run up the road. Has never mention one thing about the Saints in all the time. All the wants to talk about his -- you relish relish you. That night I'm leaving to go to the game. And -- went on just like a little wind breaker and I top passing game close you with -- open and Muster had the title because underneath his windbreaker. Was a Saints Jersey number nine I knew who write a billionaire mark I would never talked to me but think to go with what five years and have to beat destiny. That that particular spot and admitted it was one of those games that Bill Belichick sweep the red black or white flag pretty quick there. -- you -- and the nature of those gains we will but on the Patriots and that that's -- -- Cowboys last night that that was the -- That that that was like what Kyle does happen. No immediate Jerry okay -- and what happened that they've filled with a foreign Rob Ryan and now they can make excuses injuries. Know that -- -- -- the -- every pick it but with the way that we got -- -- now. -- -- -- -- -- Like much but still in this we appreciate it -- promote everybody. Agrees god who thanks so much but honestly appreciative of that I guess you're.