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11-11-13 5:35pm Bobby Hebert: on the 49ers

Nov 11, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier talk with Ted Robinson, radio voice of the 49ers, about the Saints' upcoming game against San Francisco.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to this I guess you'll like it to you about -- about -- lot of the so let's look at casino beach side and had not counting Mississippi couple bond business they have the -- look for -- Monday night contest. Between the Miami Dolphins in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers mark or put it best that dumps the -- -- and you could hear right -- on WWL they have made -- them and listen. Tampa Bay got a shot at the night against a team you wonder how to get a hit the field right now we're joined by. Someone who it's a lot pretty good football Ted Robinson the poise that the San Francisco porn artist that think so much -- daughter in this. But what you were reported again this week. That. -- yesterday you guys took it up book but from a team that really gave the blade and outfield as the Bobby. That if if my choice of any offensive line in pro football it would be pointed out that's -- that's -- line that's been a real strong point that football team. Yesterday the camp does he meant to run really -- the you know pick it up the gut at the -- good. And really really put -- -- solid company in and -- it might not stop the slowing down the running game as the pointed out as one of the Ottawa platoon them out. Run the football. You gotta give a lot of props go to the camp that's just how well they played yesterday on the road. There are no. I think quite frankly the 49ers were at the bright -- is a lot better because we will be after her updated don't know much out of the the football people who are out but their defense the front 71. To be quite shocked are you ran the ball and gore -- would. On the run in the game. The bigger shock to all -- -- would that the forty had a asking to be bothered -- Carolina secondary is very good. Teams in -- completing 67% of the -- that your against Carolina. Beating out in the big like the cap on the 49ers had -- in all I think that was the big shot. Yet that when you look at it the -- guys having a 151 total yards. -- that's -- I know the 49 -- flat out you know get after -- Drew Brees. But to me if it -- cabernet. Doesn't pass the ball better than not going to be the fate of the superdome he was eleven of 22. And 91 yards -- sacked six times in this they have gotten that an opposing quarterback this season on Rob Ryan. -- what don't you think Alec cabernet I mean you could only -- -- Frank -- so much that he has to come up big time they can it be to think in the rule. Although no question about that guys like that look supporting actor made it to the Super Bowl last year because when pat predict who -- -- They beat came up big plays -- there -- -- it went from field goal to cut down. And quite frankly the -- in particular setback and -- I think ever want hobbled. -- repeat as to why. Outcry at the 49ers who walked three games this year the three defeat Seattle Indianapolis and Carolina. In all -- game one better defense has played very. Toward a championship level defense but it all three games of forty -- offense has been totally -- And that the B we thought no one able to do that against cap or neglect here. Now putt dead guy you looked. Out the ultimate now back in the fold you look at it that -- just in. In all the ultimate that combination there are. Where do you think he's at right now and he's ready is he ready -- truly had that impact. Maybe solidify. That 49ers pass -- -- and just the help when maybe when -- if you went. Well all would -- at the plate yesterday although we didn't like mark that we create the perfect plan put in place. Yeah and -- partly. Partly designed by the professional medical professional who were against article is not up to recap. Epilogue that I I don't -- he'd -- he'd probably like twelve snaps here in 88. I don't think he put up like a war over the next couple weeks so why is the fact that he could walk right back in there'd be it would be that guy picked a realistic. Even now even without him. The -- defense yet it was correct technique they bothered him most of the game created to turn over the beat and like championship. Football yet -- -- at least for the fortieth or drop it it would not at all. That so -- he gets no way. Patrick Willis and deservedly so. The same thing with all on its commitment when he when he's right I mean he's the guy that's dangerous but. Everybody a little bit about the other guys Navarro Bowman and Ahmad Brooks because. They hill on any other team those guys who beat signature defensive player which is not a part of the mix here. -- been that guy go that's really interesting player has a lot of scouts. Maybe you -- he's played every bit as good as Patrick Wallace and you watch a -- Brooks and he was the game -- to last year. Here in the superdome with that interception return for a. Yeah I think that that actually bury. Mark it on the two point oh we don't we obviously are -- little by that eager but I think well -- -- -- as in the -- because the player who theater this year let me just say that while we think he. Right now the bet. Inside linebacker in 834 in the game we saw -- here yesterday and Heatley is like watch people -- -- -- -- a different. The climate but. We put not only give him credit. Up I think a lot -- is without collected remote under heralded. Player on the forty better defense because all the that had such huge sack numbers speak and we get the glory. Dessert but a lot -- has been tremendous and -- -- my belt with all the Al this year. We got it -- you know we've just been coming towards the -- mean is it yet -- Quite -- it was two years ago Ahmad Brooks and played back -- football here. Now look at you look at all the different teams dealing with injuries and especially when you look at their concussions. And how. Really be against that that -- the thing. And we almost they spent the impact in that well game Vernon Davis. You know how to get the same -- held the point has -- that game. And you look at also. You know we keep up what LSU players Eric -- the safety. Is -- kind of need to be both little guys dealing with a concussion issue whether. They available at the Saints come Sunday. Yeah I I picked up B Eric Reid wanted to what concern right now -- -- -- back -- this year so -- And and it's usually expect you know we don't people hold -- but what ever read it yesterday with a little more. Who appeared in the one -- -- the upper hand because it did back in I think he'll be more caution with him let me pick -- -- -- has been tremendous he had. Beyond -- 49ers I think I've been -- be good if not better at that position. Which read there that how well we played hard and being vocal group or call I would think -- a much better -- but he would play at. I gotta tell you guys that that what he's been how this year. Forty or not it has suffered tremendously without it now. Well I know one thing when you get Michael Crabtree back I think that's gonna be a big addition to your offense because I. I think that's one of the reasons why maybe just -- it hasn't circulated -- well he was a guy that him and -- Knicks seem to be. Same weight -- And that yes it may be made that same connection with someone else and won both the Yankees. -- open with that but than crap through with a guy that really exploded onto the scene once top Roddick also exploded onto the scene. Yeah about that but that fit and Crabtree. I would take a lot of people on the 49ers with that media in. Light. Disappointment. Until -- technical and then -- power play it like a global -- after the year. And an effort it has had in his you know we played I think eighteen game now. He's had a -- speak a lot you know what got you locked in on Grand Prix during -- -- during the playoffs -- here. And he's really become dependent a lot arbor day. I think you're gonna walk after the per game were older went crazy on Green Bay -- that practice that ticket bought out. And -- team has become very connected with -- And that's why they're the concern it would bargain out of the game if you look for the back up yet either not a lot of luck. That would seem to be a lot of spark the reporter asking. Also can lose most of Delanie Walker you know he's one of those other pieces that you -- blog which I could it kept him. Matt thanks so much put Jordan there as we appreciate it in ought to be one whale was shown Sunday afternoon. Well -- -- report it could be right thanks a lot that Robinson applied to the San Francisco 49ers.