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11-11-13 6:30pm Bobby & Deke with Sean Payton

Nov 11, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia talk with Sean Payton about the Saints' 49-17 win over Dallas and their upcoming game with San Francisco.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

West thanks coach Sean Payton Jones is -- coach congratulations on the victory this -- always talk about. The Mexican team and those who listen coach it over the course of time just like a week ago. It wasn't as the outcome that you wanted -- this week it was the steal you review it you move on and that you focus on San Francisco. Well looking at it it always helps when you're able to in the next day -- -- you feel like you played well and the close games where we do a lot of things well. -- he -- a point in this game really -- statistic except Warner that it turnover record ratio was would not something we won -- I'm a possession third down red zone. Rushing passing and that. He sensibly we played very well it's good offered. Offensively we took advantage. Of -- of real good balance in a our guys -- great job please see how they are a sublime played running back played there in era. In the kicking game the same way is that what -- your return you're switching. Now courts may look at it this than me is that things like it was the JV vs the varsity I don't know I've ever seen this. To have 41 downs and NFL record that the Cowboys. Having only 43 total plate. I mean I know what the what do you attribute that to an -- basically a big part of that. It's just the third down efficiency where. I mean anytime you around 50% that's getting it down we are nine to twelve when they were a funeral nine. Well I said this earlier today in our afternoon press conference. I think when you when you're in this long and out periodically. You have one of these gains. There really slumps in one direction. And it's good it's a combination of a lot of things -- dominate so one can play number well maybe another team not. Playing as well they've -- to and then. All the other think factory and he's just so when your career is over as a player. There to coach and you have more in the win column and lost columns so. Our players were ready. Physically. Natalie. For her a good game we felt coming in. You know courts it to primetime game of the -- stadium or fans to a great job create an environment to get too excited play. And you know really credit our players that thought. From a leadership standpoint and also the young guys -- we had a handful of guys -- you know we. We missed a lot of practice time with all the five players Malcolm Jenkins and play here and we played all born but we -- -- in the beginning. And you know cam Jordan the same way the defense. A handful things during the week where other younger player to get the reps. In the concerned when that happens. Is potentially there's a drop off in the kicking game because the reporters rader played a lot of special teams. They're not as many snaps on offense or defense find themselves. Equally. -- snaps on special teams like Josh Alfredsson who's playing quite a bit tighter and also playing a lot in the kicking game and not a thought they handled that challenge well -- in there. In employed a very good game. Now coach made I thought enough that this in the pregame that they would. When all's said and done the Cowboys aren't gonna have nine rushing attempts. A look at DeMarco Murray an explosive back he had a game early in the season and 175 yards I believe. Against the Rams then. You look he came into the game average of four point eight game we were dead last giving them basically five yards a carry. You gotta see their game plan as it was unfolding. In that first happened he had eleven carries. Eighty yards averaging seven point three. The question I have is. What do Johnson the coach Rob Ryan make in the second half to stop -- they'll -- at the play. Catch up and -- crucial how we closed out. The second quarter to -- -- at halftime when you look at it. In the second half. Five carries and you know basically. When he had nine yards so we just shut him down in the second half. Thought in the first. You're right I mean I think. Early in the game often times you get some looks social sets dealt them a good job -- and their personnel grouping that you some. Some -- But some of them -- heavy tight end sets. You we cleaned up some alignment challenge is that. That we at a halftime nowhere you know make sure that -- called him you know and get them the three technique where we wanted to you know give them the -- that. -- outside back percent and they're really just get the communication down where you're comfortable with. With the formation yours in -- we. Two things we did you said it but we sit real well secondhand from him that score right before went into halftime gave us. You know the just and a different world certainly gonna become a little bit more challenging. -- stick with a runner in there and you know at some point -- -- became one dimensional and they're because they're a lot harder player where. That Saints coach Sean pain at all about being bandied -- of the we will continue recapping last night's big victory for the black gold over the Dallas Cowboys and in this week. Well point one a match up with a samba -- 49 this is the coach's show on the New Orleans Saints radio network. Brees sets up little flare out to the right side -- throws. -- its own bed five -- six. Well. This and it when he. And welcome back to the coaches showed to all of the big victory over the Dallas Cowboys up next the San Francisco 49ers late in the program what have you Ian -- -- cycling coaches questions. Coaching speak and their highlight right there Darren Sproles and having him in in in the last week not not able to have him for the entire ball game. Just Dan being on the field coach when you see what are the teams are trying to do how much does he open up things. For all the people of free things up for some guys that you wanna do. Well the first thing that comes to mind is run after the catch but he he's got an ability to bring. The underneath covered. Closer to the line and all the work that. If it they're trying to get underneath the deep into the trying to get underneath Jimmy Edgar or Marcus Colston. -- area there is underneath it covered -- actually don't covered this for guys like that are appear -- and so. When you're able war -- pilot reads and force the defense to kind of come down and he played in and out technique with the enemy and played a little differently that. All he's certainly a weapon he's very Smart very instinctive there and you know a little. To go through. Ten game tapes and you might see one -- order. He's he's extremely intelligent on field it and well outgrew it and here's their competence level no it was going to be this -- he's Jamaican. Is that he prepares starter Carlos DeLeon and I know. You know -- -- -- you Serbs in new York and -- is anxious to get back on the field. Now portrayed how important it was that we kind of reporter break at that talked about this are beginning to touch on it. That you look at the score right now and you know it's fourteen to ten minutes on the two minute. You know the -- -- it two minutes left on the two minutes of the second quarter right before half. That not necessarily. Ought to be explosive and get charged on this that a maybe. -- for a field goal and then I know I was feeling pretty good at that that is that is critical. Than Edward in my notes that it's you -- are up to what they wanted him the bit to go ahead and and top it off. Inimical six plays 75 yards and forty seconds and are you winning twenty to it. Well we are in the game with the football and won the toss and deferred and note very early in the game we had one turnover on their own fumble on in and so. And -- that's where kind of worn down if we try to pay attention to whether clock that we all three timeouts. In the -- just trying to maximize possessions there and you know possibly use the timeouts and in doubt for the ball a couple times in the clock stop where it would get it back then we ended up. That they put one additional possession maybe one more than we anticipated getting it and you know we made the most of it or -- do a great job in the offense. -- down the field defensively we were able for country and out and -- You're your your earlier. You know extending or or or gather possession and -- to some degree here a little bit about. You know similarity to an NBA game how can do try to -- worked for the final possession or match in my. The amount of possessions they have -- it's just more magnified when you look at at certain points. Now our courts they look at in the third quarter. Obviously the Cowboys have to realize now that there in a shoot out type game where. 35 the kid we used -- 92 yards and six plays. But they turn around and go five plays 89 yards -- minute 31 seconds. So now with a 35. The seventeenth. That you all anticipate. That they were gonna go for the onside kick right now where he already part of the things like him if he used his catches the ball. That that I guess you wire ready sport but of what you would that they can't tell all guard. That was that surprising. I know this I think. Ours are -- forwards in the second half with a big -- years you'd you've become a lot more guarded in. -- you're not as worried about my return I mean let's just look at the first -- game -- -- was going into the end zone. And if you really pay attention. There's only a handful wagered at Olympic Games like that for instance you know you try to return a kick out of the end zone and -- maybe. By traditionally yardage and lose football that you have a turnover or quarterback or receivers despite for additional yards. It's -- we talk all the time deal with the lead. Paying attention not really work through four. The extra yards which really unimportant at that point in it and you seemed aired before technical side of the end zone and then just kind of slide. Yeah and that happened Buffalo about three years ago or they're. They're really had everything in their hands and in the ball was turned over and what -- that would be so. In this case. It's it was a little world and we felt to put a hand came out there. But I think you're right I mean I think it would if it wasn't like they were surprised they were positioned fielder in. The challenge there like it like any any onside -- it's like play shortstop and everywhere so while -- woes grounder -- -- -- and your chest. And credit doubt they they did a good job of execute there and you know you -- just got to really quick comeback our defense was outstanding we forced a three and out that would -- -- and so there were two quick changes in that game. Bobby there was the upon. Where we were able. All of them to a field goal and then there was that onside kick in there and huge come away with reports -- -- -- -- a good job. Now -- they would work against it and yet to be excited for him and I think a number of fans. That being marketing of the -- get open exit remark. Fourteen carries 245 yards -- and a half yards per carry and obviously. Involved with that line was blocking them outstanding with the holes to get him going. But I think what defense truly appreciate. Now I know you want to have to keep this would check in maybe act like you've been there before bombing you can blame them. But the fans really appreciate -- a lot of emotion that he showed and the passion. That he was running the ball and -- I know you never want to have a delay game penalty. Which is talking about what Mark Ingram and the kind of game he had. Well also. -- -- -- to a little yesterday but probably not enough. It was kind of one of those -- delay of game penalties and I was. I was really okay where -- you understand. The last couple months he's gone through you know with the injury. Penalties. Great reports about trade and is garbage in the newspaper Garber on the radio about what he can and can't do. You know I think the two areas not so like for the line. Would have come out in and establish battle in the running game there. Just overall. The performance we don't offense in the -- mark. Help people -- that are played in the late cable poignant. Either after the first you know the first play in the first period -- nearly caught some boos there. I think there's every war sideline I was excited for because you feel for two months. He was quiet the -- he really and start very well. But parliament was. Like a certain reports out of it was garbage in regards to reporting. But he was professionally on -- -- -- the same time okay. You know everyone saw in the write about him now and I'm pleased for him in in there wouldn't watch and I think when that happened you could just understand what in the world. Reporter like that just feel healthy and then deal c'mon it's a big runs so I was excited I don't seem to work. That's Saints coach Sean Payton coming up next what have you -- Moss so recycling coaches questions and we walked point toward. This week's matchup against the San Francisco forty masters of the coaches show on the New Orleans Saints radio network. Bruce England scenes from the yard lines -- this and to their days and non smoking room and he. It's. -- game winning play hitting it fairly nice forty yard touchdown ruling in the carnage continues. And welcome back to the coaches show New -- a big victory over Dallas Cowboys up next the same -- 49ers time now for you Ian Moss and cycling coaches questions earmark. Southern cycling to create. Resource and this comes from. Garrett Hartley coach why is he missing field. And it's it's one of those positions he certainly has electorate. There and is that successful you know -- -- Everyone but in our program -- the current confidence in him you go through some of these churches. I mean if you go back. -- nine in in there's there's a field goal. I won't say against Tampa Bay maybe wanna get to Atlanta at Tampa Bay one -- -- so when the game he's not able to make it and there are a number of things in that game. Satellites into the season that we didn't do well but long and that is we lose -- -- game people upset in. You know he was able truer now -- sit here -- here C championship game was the -- rights. Send this to the Super Bowl and -- in the big stage robberies he hit three. You know field goals of significance and so. You know I think. It's just about Koppen insert it in it's it's a lot like a golf swing you know and when you start proven it and you started that he's practiced very well thought out the last couple weeks. He got the power you can see it is in his swing. And you're just got under that one yesterday so. I think more more. More than anything else position is a little different and watch your normal thought the seasons -- over below them but. He'll work through it they'll they'll compete just like the rest of players it's just been a little bit different. Different way for him in in. I think we've got a lot of confidence in him when a guy like here has made ghost catcher those clutch moments that's one thing. You don't know what their particular maybe there that there hasn't been in the playoffs is the only kind of wander out there -- going to be. You know overtime of individual game -- championship game and that's good news with here is you know how he's responded before and it really big moments. Another Ian Moss so recycling coaches questioned coach this comes from him in Tuscaloosa and says coach. A -- of having a big game yesterday do you think he will continue to rush the ball at a high level. You know we know we also -- each each game each week yoga but the actual shape its own balance. Coming into this game prepared really a pretty good run defense. But given up some plays more in here. They've been. Picked up Solomon the defense of line and they were outlawed reporters. They're -- clever from LSU was down. Yeah and you take a player like Sean -- though and it and there's there's an example linebackers that are. That are really having great seasons he's one of them. Had -- -- -- string injury early I thought our guys up front were doing a good job -- not on the ball. And you know I thought occurred there rotor jobless somewhat similar work till packages and trying to gear for the right looks certain. It was one of those games that I would block them well tocchet. With as much left to back runner trees and we had last night bigger burger double block and then there are open receivers as well so. You know we're all on the ball maybe more than we thought against the Cowboys. Tim Morgan -- -- -- -- -- outstanding in their world from their -- -- and -- overall very good defense so. Each week we try to pay attention to when we we know this we know we wanna have their ballots and it just. You're you may go awhile before we get another game with 600 yards and all the things Bobby you alluded to. From Eminem next week if you have some questions for coach -- email you questions to a secluded nation -- Saints radio network dot com Ian Moss of recycling to create resources Bob. Now -- -- -- how important. Is that you know what you setting up to pass protection. And now look at that on both sides to that point -- to do with why bring this up. I'm looking at now we have thirteen different guys involved at sacking the quarterback. You look like last night Tom Johnson -- -- -- Greg Foster are all getting sacked. And then maybe it is not a one or two guys get those facts and and the reason why bring that up. We all know how dominant the market where is that mean he's the second player in NFL history it took a moment to thirteen games to get. The heart attacks only Reggie White ahead of him but just talk about. As far as what you're trying to you know that of a pass protection scheme and but you have a number of guys acute riveting yet NAFTA quarterback. Well I think to -- it -- is it pertains to block and a player like the markets where it's it's really hard. Per period tackle distance. Gotten in the whole game and here I guess everyone sort of walk their quickness. -- -- there -- number on one of our Raptors yesterday with -- role he was all those guys that you producer will you -- on him. But. You know it's it's a challenge in these guys get on the quickly. And I think each week we look to see you know how we're gonna knowledge. Maybe at tight -- on his way out number Ortiz not that's earlier in protection but he's going to be there. That figure out there yeah we're just gonna disrupt. The rush a little bit maybe take away the -- all the speed rush. And so you know the chapel -- be able to single bit more inside on our goal -- that you know the guy can't breaks up the field. It is you have to do that with the with the great player like like workers. You can nab the best route on the best protection in in every single for yourself and and one guy like you can single handedly just ruin your night. So. I thought. No we've we did a good job and it all -- -- shoot that's a tough assignment you know did you know he's going to be line and now. And I thought on the other side of the -- sensibly. We do a very good -- -- you mentioned that the good number of people that were involved in pressures and Sacha. What are the challenges about Russia a pastoral plain beat until blinders. Just the energy required -- mean it's much like wrestle and you know it if you if you ever wrestle. -- wrestle with your Brothers -- what do you mean you you get tired quickly and so that you're able to rotate players and and and keep fresh bodies out there. I think. -- -- a chance spared me a little bit more effective especially in the game where throwing the ball a lot because. -- we've all seen this team is throwing every down maybe either that hurry up offense and then it becomes harder you know come back here in the three point stance and Russia afterward yen appreciated your looking at the sideline so. A number of guys contribute last night too maybe not -- But I know junior -- you know trying to push the pocket in a direction where all of a sudden you know and other players get sacked him and that's just. I think that's winning football I think the other thing Bobby it's. And you know this more than any one or two to three yards behind the senators' most important to her on the field. That's sometimes you may not get the fact you may not get the edge pressure but you can kind of occupied. That red dot three yard behind the center and you know it quarterback who's gonna have. A little traffickers basically you know he's not going to be old step up into clean pocket not -- that was the one -- are Smart. It's if you watch the game. On video you can see Tony at times just out with a little pressured the space now the total law. Not as actor. That's that's something that's very challenging for quarterback. Coach -- -- sisco comes to town and I'd probably say coach more than likely then that maybe 8090% at a time when you hold your opponent to 250 yards. Ten points and -- even an eternal battle you gonna win a game but yesterday there wasn't the case a defensive struggle. -- San Francisco loses a tough on ten tonight. And they come in here in that then I think grace like we are in though when the west with Seattle like we -- Carolina and very important game Sunday. Well it is a matter I'm sure that there were a number earned their chance to watch. That afternoon game prior are you know more of the TVs on a lot for him up until about two hours before game time and then. -- before they'll get shut off but I I know just in the little. That we saw on the TV copy you know he -- two heavyweight teams that are playing both outstanding defense. There and there was. Almost an appreciation for the way those guys were playing it was a different game in the attic you know the potters were very important field goal kickers. If they came down to the -- and you know that Carolina was able to make a play. And you get themselves in position for a field goal in. They're protect the field position in both quarterbacks you know there were four under duress so much and you know it was impressive to see Carolina player and it's always been -- into its separate systems play especially after the start -- the year relate. They're real off for five straight win here. Without -- paying attention in that division quickly changed. With Seattle played well separate sisco play well and then you know I think the whole country had a chance -- it. Airliners -- they all yesterday so. That was an impressive game bubble teams and -- went in favor of Carolina but separate sisco is. It is a fantastic team they're well coached. Our players are familiar with them just. Because the amount of gains or street -- you know a year ago. We played them here in the superdome and before that in the playoffs. So this will be there's severe -- challenge for our guys. It's going to be important that not only physically but emotionally and mentally we we. Got to get past last night and then on Wednesday comes -- -- that are put into the biblical work. Go to -- thank you so much for the time good luck to you and the team Sunday against San Francisco. Heartbreaker.