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11-11-13 7:05pm Bobby & Deke: on the Saints offensive line

Nov 11, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia talk with Saints offensive line coach Bret Ingalls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back it is week's edition of the Saints coaches show New Orleans getting set now to take on the Sam sisco for bananas. It will be the sixth home game of the season black and gold a perfect five though. In the Mercedes-Benz superdome offensive line coach Rick Ingalls -- now as -- -- this week Spitzer -- this -- -- -- And coaching goes I don't know -- par -- the word a complete. How close of what you -- -- offensive lineman to do yesterday did -- give it. Almost. A 100% correct. Well I I think that. I think -- you know they understood the game plan and and so it went -- and they -- productive and you know it's a good feeling for those guys you know I know I hear people talk about it all the time about one run ball better so things and yet. So last night it was a great thing for those guys I think -- just gonna build some confidence. Make him feel like you know indeed we can do that stuff. Because it's important to him we efficiency and blow. Now coaching both. Is there like a certain number maybe that or change -- -- the game it's ours. X amount rushing attempts are. Or what you need to average the question I'm getting to his job. Is there may be like a magic number when you when you go through the years and all. The rushing yards an attempt that maybe Boyle we hit. Get to a point where we average at that these 44 point three yards a carry. Are maybe to help a lot of deep it to -- -- complete team to have at least the 25 rushing at this is is there a number that you yelled look at. Well. You know we try to -- is -- we -- you know certainly every game is different. Cited a number -- throughout their 25 attempts would be fair way to look at it. Especially with the system quarterback like we got. And you don't shoot if you're running well you might even run important. So in terms of the you -- average per carry obviously. Many fans those that you know you want to average four tribe. Whatever that may be and so. You know you can you can take a look at our stats you consider what we haven't been achieving that. And they and that's true it's pretty simple to factored in yet. You know we're you know I think we're getting better all the time. And I think Baltimore's season continues here you know I just heard you guys talking with coach straight now obviously the Mariners. We're very solid defense to the challenge you know the rules football but certainly look to get this year. Now could -- when you look at hold off with a blind. It. You're in the meeting Roman fence the back means that well when I get a chance to talk to put -- The development to run or instead where he's -- right now. Is it. So to speak weary physically -- have all the movement. Is that almost to have that trust factor that mentally. You have to know what to do it be at the highest level before maybe get that opportunity. You know to play and be in the rotation. I would tell you first. Anybody else -- listening -- that the birds right I think he's. He's done good in in his ability. To -- You know just one of those situations where we have a four year veteran player right now in bronze in development and he's doing good -- He's getting better. And certainly there was an injury -- the corner I think we shall be real comfortable about him play but -- -- time's gonna come. He he's continuing to work hard and I look forward to some respect towards. Now you know put jingles that talk about the play -- and really coming out of nowhere. You can say well obviously you're aware of on the but Tim a lethal from Grand Valley State. You know he had -- like Andruw till Eric Olsen. -- and I'm just look at -- guys that may be. State fans were familiar with it bit when all's said and done him a -- came out of nowhere and and obviously when he didn't have received but I actually just are taking more this season. The guy you have to play against -- zone and so that was that was an introduction for him but anyway you ago and it happens every year in this league. Their front side undrafted free agents to sign with teams they come in here. They got no idea they can make this team and and -- like a lot of guys came in here steady flow. Don't work hard improved. Through training care if there was despise your form. I look for big things from him in the future and he's he's he's a diverse players -- well played -- He can play guard. He's a top guys marked. Small school grand belly up to Michigan he works. Now. Potatoes look at that the more you can do obviously that always helps does this come into play obviously you look at Zach Strief. And I told Brohm being our starting tackle. -- -- Harris has experience he started NFL games. Does -- -- a time and I know you know who's active inactive dressed out but right now would you save made you -- Harris would have an edge. Or more of that similar because they have the experience whether it's at the right -- left tackle hours the primarily focused on just in the right tackle. Are I think in you and you probably experienced some player good. I did -- have a program for a longer period of time. It's easier for them to go and especially -- -- probably old were. Somebody units per game and guys got to go and and maybe he didn't give all the practice reps we've. Certainly somebody with experience like -- -- I think that's why it's apparently fours -- and like I said though I think that is something would happen and I hope it does the injury wise. We feel good with both those players but it would be a limited to a limited amount of people you can actually -- our game under pressure at that position. Now quote -- how excited the albeit it off the line meaty role. When all the things you have the kind of game he had against the Cowboys were it was total domination. You know you get through 42 yards six point four average. But then you also see the running backs whether it be Ingram Pierre Thomas or even roles but you seed effort there and their breaking tackles on that running hard. Does that get that line part of the few that -- the running back. Oh yeah I you know I think spirit last night again it was special occasions. But doesn't happen very often as a coach or player -- you know -- production. And I'm sure it is we will be talking about it -- -- -- Wednesday. We got to turn -- attention in the minors and understand that they're gonna present some. Bigger problems bigger challenges than what -- hitless unit and get right back to work. And coaching was making a San Francisco on this defense can equally get after the quarterback and also make it hard to. -- on the football what are some challenges you're seeing here early on as you get ready to start breaking down to game planning. -- gases are practicing on -- on Wednesday. Well I'll tell you that -- their linebackers. To inside backers it to about -- Probably as a group are concerned football and so the outside -- -- is going to be something that I have to get ready for. And in you know that's been included tackles that concludes a tidy and and includes the running back potentially chip program. One of those guys fell to tackle but. Certainly via -- drug issues that they got are. Ranked right up there with some of the best in the world. -- Eagles we thank you so much for the time below the UN team this week against San Francisco. Thanks guys appreciate it.