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Nov 12, 2013|

Dave talks about your favorite toy, much colder air, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WW LR's news on this twelfth of November 2013. -- its skews. -- It's Monday that's right what the temperature right now 56. Okay so it's here cooler than it was yet yeah doesn't it feel something in the year by. By the time tomorrow -- and those windshields that she's talking about that's what's got me. It's gonna feel. Like a low thirties. And forties on both sides -- the -- at this time tomorrow and we won't get out of the fifties. For highs tomorrow. So you've been waiting for the real cold -- yes. Than it will be here bad event is two years sooner than you might think yet this afternoon that -- -- taken and there and filtering and pride get into the seventies before that happens. Yeah yeah yeah it's it's actually a mild day until those were and start ripping up apparently this afternoon evening when there that -- on hand and definitely chill down by the time to. Start reaching for warm things tomorrow. We learn things. When you -- warm things well. In -- winners yet. Things that you might prolong them huddling in bundling and olives on about I get a good Arafat. That's -- about it I don't know tomorrow morning albeit from -- morning as much of Colby is coddling more. Yes they're -- morning coming up morning run like elder car hit it -- -- I acted like it's going to be twenties and all we're not going to be it will be Arctic air mail yet have lost its Arctic. On its timing yet. Our rights says the saints they're done celebrating. The big victory over the cowboys. It's it's behind him now focusing on the 49ers. Lost. On Sunday yes they do like Carolina Panthers and it very close low scoring game. -- that that tells them then. About the 49ers apparently there profits isn't all that Cogent. But their defense is pretty good pretty darn good defense yet. That and definitely a team to worry about you know and in the overall scheme of things so. -- full concentration. As we got to knock the niners out of this thing yeah I've been very nice to beat the 49ers. And there are one of them. Three teams left schedule. Really our concern when it comes to looking down to playoffs that you -- take care of business now seek to your home field advantage and it is time -- to. It's not your latest M thing okay. Got to beat the 49ers. We've got to beat. Seattle. And be nice to take at least one from the Panthers if -- both. So that we can year home field advantage throughout the plane. And getting ahead of ours now known as being very realistic yet you still gotta take it one game timing game plan for one team at a time but realizes the importance of each game now. Is that much more so that to look forward to today. As someone just texted him and me but I was winners 1112. There teen age certainly areas so right now there's some people out there who are expecting a child who were hoping that their child will be born to. Fifteen this afternoon. Because if you go on twelve hours and hours we call it did military's time. And then their child will be born on 111213. 1415 odds -- great. And it tracks seconds for the birth of Troutman was born six. To fifteen and sixteen seconds that you have an 111213 141516. And all this will affect their life naturally no way no way you are not but it's -- to be neat story now and I bet. Somewhere you know like side any of our big hospitals around here that -- of Watson want to babies. There probably scheme ends with. Thank you get the doctor the worry and story and take it you know time is right he. They human are used to induce labor and they can't does that -- -- get it and the minute -- got the -- Guess -- from Miami. I -- at the site and those are -- we got down and like you said means nothing. But want political team. The date. That. Back in fifth. Scene minutes here event we WL am FM and that -- take a look at that forecast that will be changing dramatically over the next 24 hours right here on them beat him well at this time. We'll also get Steve gallery here with all your sports Tuesday morning Brian WW LAM about them -- that -- out golf. Not Monday yeah we're making progress and I'm glad here. Along for the ride with us here in the early edition of WWL first news. Talking about him being 111213. As the date today and a cool would be babies born 1415. To fifteen in the afternoon. And I'll stay as it went about nine member yet 9:10 in the morning you'd be born at. At 910 and 111213. So that's that's prequel to I hadn't thought of that at thank you that the Middlesex mandate that any that. -- and you'll announce my daughter's birthday this morning. Name is Jaycee beats he has seventeen today and she's a junior Condo high school -- are we don't do that. But we -- the forecast. Winds are going to increase this afternoon and that's how you know the cold front is moving and otherwise still fairly mild day ahead 71. But tonight it's going to be windy and cold 33. With a freeze warning north of the lake. South Shore areas about forty degrees then for Wednesday highs only if 56 wind chills in the forties with sunshine and a strong north wind. Then Thursday a little milder 65 and partly cloudy. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura backed itself. Right now it's partly cloudy and 56 at the airport and tanner just a little breeze north at three miles an hour. That's gonna change dramatically throughout the day that Wynn's gonna pick out and -- this time that tomorrow that temperatures going to be dramatically lower. Clearance 49 at the National Weather Service office in -- now someone else to explain 87878. Does not Monday can also be called 40% day yes of course it current. I haven't talked about that -- -- -- -- I'm glad you remembered by 20% approach. Every day of the week. Is 20% closer to the weekend. So by Tuesday to 40% of the way there to get 40% off -- -- -- buy it right away can that the great sale so 40% off your week. Should feel pretty good about Tuesday's. -- -- -- Tampa Bay really winning games plus. If it -- take a big locker room controversy and national spotlight and it seemed to get the ball low enough that Tampa Bay can actually beat them. Doubts about that and more importantly what's going on with the -- they get ready for the 49ers and everything else in the world is worth -- they get more -- The Steve gallery Steve good morning and happy now Monday it thank you very much as briefing here. Recognizing the holiday in wishing me that happy now. Well saints players get a day of rest today before getting back on the practice field tomorrow to start putting him work for this week's opponent the 49ers. A coach Sean -- notes that they're quite familiar with this ball club. Separate Cisco is a fantastic team they're well coached. Our players are familiar with them just. Because the amount of user experience we've had. Since 2006. The saints are four and two against the niners book Briscoe has won the last two meetings the Buccaneers finally have their first win of the season. Tampa Bay won 22 to nineteen over the Miami Dolphins a Monday Night Football the -- coughed up a fifteen nothing lead before running back Bobby -- square with 1019 left to play. While Broncos interim head coach Jack Del Rio says that Peyton Manning. We'll start against Kansas City this week. Manning had aggravated a right ankle injury at the end of Sunday's win over San Diego. The three of four pelicans West Coast road trip continues tonight New Orleans is in LA to face the lakers will be without Kobe Bryant to at least December. And now Steve Nash will be forced to -- the next two weeks. Due to nerve root irritation in his back -- Catch all the action from the Staples Center this evening starting at 931053. WWL left them. LSU hoops opens the season this morning against UMass you can hear tip off on our sister station three WL thirteen 50 AM. At 10 AM. And Major League Baseball has announced the Tampa Bay Rays outfielder wil Myers and Miami pitcher Jose Fernandez have won rookie of the year honors. Today -- on sports talk. As the saints rushing attack turned the corner. Or has its success due in large part due to a -- cowboys' defense plus we go around the -- checking in on each division in the NFL. I'm Steve Geller and naturally morning look at. Ports 24 minutes after 5 AM the early edition -- VW offers is Dave on the deal with -- on this Monday that 40% of the way into the -- weekend. -- -- He was all the rage last year he can become the heir apparent and he took that round then he took the team to the Super Bowl. -- the Super Bowl but got there in his rookie season. It was pretty impressive stuff. Has he is. Glitter worn off it's easy just not the same quarterback he was a year ago they're not blowing teams away. Note a lot of their problems who has been through his credit though has weapons have been -- Mario Manningham has an injury. -- Vernon Davis just suffered a concussion this weekend also has been without other wide receiver Michael Crabtree so. A lot of his. Juan his targets have been down and they've been able to put together after starting at the season slow five straight wins before winning last week. That defense that that that defense is still killer but I -- nick looking a lot better but not the same. Quarterback everyone thought he was last year calling him a lot of folks listening in to Ron Amadon would. Like -- relax a bit it's -- at first glance. I feel like the matchup between the saints in the 49ers any time the saints are in the dome a load the home team just because of that attitude adamant no exactly and in this case definitely like the things. Absolutely. It will give more details of Basra coming up here and Debbie Debbie -- talking more about this. Nerve root irritation. Who might might yet the root of my nerves and it irritated him play. -- -- that was the appointment was born here at WW well more on this much colder weather coming in right after this. Let's take a look at -- cold there. Forecast winds will be increasing today that cold front arrives at 71 for a high so pretty mild after team that will be the case tonight temperatures will plummet. Down into the lower thirties north of the -- with a freeze warning. Protect your pets and your plants -- don't have to worry about your pipes. In south of the lake we'll hit about 40 by tomorrow morning then Wednesday sunny breezy and chilly. Highs around 56 and Thursday partly cloudy and little bit milder. Heights of 65. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura -- -- Reasoning at this time tomorrow on the North Shore. Who feeling pert near freezing them without through with the -- right now -- it's 56000. Like 54. On the West Bank 49 on the north. -- coming up colleges are texting and 87870 what is your favorite -- -- of all time I'll explain why the news. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's early edition Debbie WL for listeners on this 111213. -- a year it is Tuesday again as the day the -- month the twelfth at the thirteenth -- of the 2000 says it is 111213. And people -- and have their babies at 910 county -- 9101112. And it -- fifteen easily -- at 1112 they're important that in just elected they they did that. Talk about it for years yes years and years in the wrong with people all know it's hard. Man woman on a house together. And woman have fight. Men and women have fight party at house -- Man woman called police. Police tell woman get out. Moments -- fine. And comes back shortly later apparently burnt -- down oh no here is quoted as saying quote I can't appear knowing. One of those everybody at the party got out safely including. The man's two year old daughter -- in the house when the woman said and done. Yet that's the way to handle that. Men home. Now now -- -- going to court for a civil hearing to determine who gets what. She's going to court for attempted murder. It's. Yeah didn't work out so well for him and apparently why -- people file. Here in the early edition of beat. To get a favorite toy is acute. Our point of podshow humid and and if you had to put one of your toys. In the national toy hall of always -- halts I have we ever have been -- talk about this for a few days and now finally and I unity the 2013. Inductees. Have been. Now I had a a year. Think it was electric commando. Special ops maybe but maybe it was too soon for that GI Joseph. Indeed that came with all kinds of really neat stuff like a 91 epic GI's GO absolutely -- -- went in 2004. -- he's already in the season activity -- that scared. This year chest and rubber duck where the inductees. The fast and Robert -- yes. You know rob -- the Jerusalem. -- and -- -- and yellow and squeaky -- but there were several toys that got snubbed this year I'll share that old gorilla that's scandalous yes. Minister the snub the toilet would your favorite GI -- was in there one person tech at 87870s. At rock them sock them robot. And Jia right now remember Marcum. Another one. Texted me -- 870 Demi was on the radio and I guarantee you know and putting in the to a whole new year anyway no snuggle. He had -- that is moment that. We won't -- thank you David we will play with him again in about fifteen minutes to back here with more WW offers -- Chris knows -- I had nothing to -- old Lance. The Crescent City connection where there are no more holes so they're taken down more told -- today closing lanes there -- that reconfiguration -- -- that morning drive while. We'll keep -- -- that's this year. Yes it is. This time tomorrow night I won't be on anything like it feels today as we -- live -- direct the Eyewitness News forecast and I negated by it and. -- and -- meteorologist Laura but now. I'll say you've been really cold the past couple of mornings on the I if you are out a lot and it got worse for yet. You better have all of your layers in prison but warmer up whenever it's always get that. You -- you say all the cool weather coming you know cold weather's coming in at some that are. Love CNET and so exciting yet others that can't stand -- so you know it is is what it is prepare for it it's only going to be here for a short time we warm back up for the weekend and next. 24 to 36 hours are going to be very chilly. Our rights to take us from now over the look -- for hours how things are gonna be much different this time tomorrow what happens in between. Well we have -- that moves in today and -- an event until later this afternoon in the first thing that is that the winds will increase right now. They're northerly at work around five miles an hour there 220 to 25 miles an hour later today. So that's the first sign winds are gonna get dusty might secure -- please items yet -- portrait that's garbage and and then -- tonight temperatures start dropping pretty quickly and as they fall. You're gonna notice -- a big -- seated attitude eventually thirties and forties and we were talking actually morning. About freezes north Italy and temperatures were still in a bit too warm for that and they continue to. At least models continue to drop them yesterday so there is indeed a freeze warning north Italy at first freeze of the season. Could be killing -- if you don't protect his tender plants that tropical plant that sort of thing tonight. -- send some areas north of the lake. Are expected to dropped yet 32 or bull. I would say all areas I would take you live kind of along I twelve hour north at that you know you're going to see. Eight freeze that tonight so it's not all planting as we say it's not yet to a party your -- -- -- -- -- educate exactly some of those tropical plant that she may -- -- Bush's okay. Management right now you know yet some potted plants that get colder than plants that are in the grounds that those kind of things to either cover corporate and that -- spring inside for tonight this is not a wrap the pipes kind of freeze. So not a hard freeze Tuesday light freeze that can damage that is plants and also worry about the pats tonight make sure they have a warm spot to -- out. It's like the people party people okay probably. Will be complaining in trusting it and I eat that much stability to that we have tropical people appear like vehicles probably it it came from the tropics the air maybe the tropical. Yeah I would like peppery. But then tomorrow warmed weekend after the freeze in the -- around 56 the windsors are going to be strong tomorrow so it's gonna feel like the forties all more. All right and then that's when. Today is Wednesday we freeze again Thursday morning you know it's it's looking very likely got 32 for Thursday morning unfortunately app so inordinately can't get out just whatever you -- for Wednesday night for tonight -- -- you know again Wednesday night in -- we actually warm up a little -- 65. I had a little at a yet about right. And then Friday were back up to the low to mid seventies up and so it's it's a quick rebound. They go ride in that weather rollercoaster we expected November and December. You give a favorite to indicate we're looking at the toys that have been done and into the toy -- family tell it was enough -- this year the 2013 inductees were chest and the rubber duck. All right we're not inducted but that were on the nomination list bubbles still not in the game of clues Stillman a clue Fisher Price little people still nine and I don't -- army -- how can they happy there. My little pony you -- -- -- not there the magic are still waiting to be inducted nerves joy pac man. That's that was a toy but it game. Video. The scooters -- night and then teenage commuted into turn away all snowed this year. -- I mean Barbie mapped out all its -- right yet Barbie was in the inaugural class of 1998 along with my favorite -- like it just yet is it. Yes Barbie went in in the first announcement to be used again that. It should be in there and there's hope for parents. By the way if they have kids who just cannot beat me. Who are fighting in class shoving being a general -- Just no interest whatsoever in school -- -- to bringing on comments like this you may be appearing on my kids that can amount to anything they just can't get their act together. But -- those comments I just read to you. Are often actual report cards from giant land -- one of The Beatles. Who became the world wide advocate. For peace. OK so maybe just to free the -- and that and that led to some of his you know creative outlet I don't he was fighting. Shoving. Being a nuisance and a it all these things John -- of all people so it gives hope I think the parents if your kid just keeps acting up and misbehaving. At least maybe one day they may become. Very peaceful sure well we certainly we know of -- what kids are you know -- doesn't necessarily translated to how your that the adult thankfully fed -- first that the fat kid cannot fairly I don't know I was pretty. Talkative as the -- in Baghdad had trouble. Then following the rules at times I. They're pretty much grew up to be -- when I wasn't that way down. Eventually entered the and a lot of the good ETC's school that out of gas and it hit your shot you that we odd adult male oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh -- I was committee you know in Italy and using -- not a duty to use anymore. I don't want the line -- -- ago but. I was I definitely was scared of everything scared teachers steered my parents scared that something wrong here every day you know. That grow -- now I don't and I elected bend the rules every now and then out in France. School -- Fred look at him telling them at the last year everybody yet when you're at you know. KT she's appalled at your friend right that he I'm glad that you have -- IPO yes well and we like that but -- out there. Thank you don't panel that I won't. -- -- -- -- It is there's curler for today's majestic blue and you know what we may wanna -- -- for tomorrow more because it's really not to quit yet but yeah I will say that for tomorrow -- pressure. Well we'll reconvene at this time tomorrow and take a look at it Dallara advocate Laura but now live and direct from the Eyewitness News forecast -- share some of your favorite toys have been tech -- -- 7870 tell you there in the hall of fame after the tells -- sports for. I had some people's next meet their favorite toys like get lost some -- -- -- loved him on that went in in 99 my son with economic club real son was recently. Using Lincoln logs for a school project a prequel that our marbles someone to -- that went in and nine B eight seminoles to exit play ago man -- and it that was funded domestic content. Are written hair and everything else that went in and ninety's all is well here's some more favorite -- coming up here and -- does. Can you talk about -- And rubber ducks don't have that here I still can't believe -- gala that bubbles. Green army men and the magic eight ball -- him. They got snubbed this year among other -- why how can Greek army and not be I don't know -- Doctor that was one person but now green army men still waiting to get him. Well that would prevent -- it definitely was a big fan alike -- like that when an inaugural class tonight it was my favorite. Some sports -- people are suggesting a share those after you do sports here on this not Monday morning. Well good morning everyone with a big NFC showdown this Sunday in the superdome in the seven and two saints host the six and three 49ers. Coach Sean Payton is well aware his ballclub. Has lost the last two matchups to in this rivalry. The year ago we played him here in the superdome and before that in the playoffs so this severe tough challenge for our guys it's going to be important that not only physically but emotionally and mentally. The players are off today get back on the practice field tomorrow. On Monday Night Football Tampa Bay managed to notch their first win of the season taking down Miami 22 to nineteen -- -- -- It's not good -- so. The bucks coughed up a fifteen nothing lead before running back Bobby -- scored on that one yard run with 1019 left to play. Tampa is now one and eight on the year while the dolphins dropped to 45. While Broncos fans and fantasy football owners can breathe a sigh of relief. After an MRI revealed that no -- damage was done to quarterback Peyton -- ankle he will play against the chiefs this week. And is on pace to throw. Over to the MBA with a pelicans or Los Angeles to face the lakers tonight. Both ball clubs are gunning for their fourth win of the season and all the action starts at 931053. WWL let them. And LSU basketball opens the season this morning in Amherst Massachusetts against UMass. You can catch tip off on our sister station three WL thirteen 50 AM act and I am. Today at four on sports talk has the -- -- rushing attack during the quarter. Or was that success due in large part to a shoddy cowboys' defense plus we go around the league checking in on -- division in the NFL. I'm Steve Geller that your early morning look at sports. To the pelicans who just beat the LA lakers here in new -- -- take take them on again. Now you just had a game between losing the Phoenix Suns. Road trip continues yet their second game with a three game -- there and -- NATO. No -- and Brian Anderson for the pelicans. Right and moment Kobe Bryant lakers -- at the earliest -- should be brought back in December media at the big question what's his problem. Coby has eight ACL injury OK and then then who you tuchman who has never. Root here it is and that's Steve Nash is back it's been a problem for him. For years now and he's a Laker yet he was the suns for the longest time now the lakers last year was his first season there. As had chronic back problems going for a a -- today and this could turn into more seniors than a two week fearing that they have been heard of athlete having never root your rotation and that's the reason and a -- it doesn't sound. Sound off the minor procedures. You know that it is -- now as you accurately figure of the effort at amnesty naturally it is it is that you like that delicate dances in LA to be polite yeah I just because there a younger come. More healthier team and the fact that yet and they had no the lakers had no answer for Anthony games last game. So the brow has another big game that now that is the in about fifteen minutes -- sportsline WW well I am adamant that counts more favorite toys people texting and a -- there in the hall of Famer and on this day that we look at the -- and rubber -- getting in the halls. Tommy Tucker what's up for the next four hours of well noted. Be talking but there's dust up between the tour guide operators in this city taxi here bureau I don't. I understand why people telling. Those stories to be regulated and it left and because the story about a goes to -- -- -- and some of the neighbors are really glad there's been cracked down on tour operators and -- too many of them everywhere running rampant. Clog it up and put out of those things just didn't do it and just. Left and at the licensing procedure because it's what you're talking about it goes through its pretty its -- topic around the world -- you know they know what they're talking about it. But if they don't have that that I could regulate content that Israel where they stand and -- that it serves what -- them.

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