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11-12 6:15am Tommy, hunting

Nov 12, 2013|

Tommy talks to Don Dubuc about hunting

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy -- 670 -- start this morning talking about hunting because National Geographic news release numbers and it. Female hunter's big increase between 2006 and 111 about 25%. As a matter effect. And during name in the course of their article says many hunters both men and women say their hobby is not just about food. It also creates -- -- -- -- sense of intimacy. And respect for both the animals and habitats and I'm laughing because sometimes you like -- hunting show. And they'll shoot good. Or or I don't know water buffalo whatever they shoot and then they'll hold -- head up afterwards and say boy look what a beautiful animal. And they -- it probably was we put a -- in -- I don't know dogs Hume joins us right now. Mr. outdoors on channel four WW LTV and here on Teddy WL played on done. I get a text it says I'm one of those famine and ladies that hot IG had just done completed a hunter education course this past Saturday at Lovett. It's an amazing sport and it's out doors are used in an increase in lady hunters here in Louisiana. Oh absolutely. -- but it. They are discovering what we guys have known for a long long -- that it is exciting it's relaxing a lot of fun. And a great way to share some camaraderie among friends in the whole camp -- This that this that dot -- now 11%. While all -- all women and as many as 45% won't for both pictures feature at the Asia presents whatever the politically correct. Pictures. Mr. -- and yet. I've never been -- in my life and it's not so much that. I I'm opposed to it it's that. Most people -- -- -- don't wanna be around and have a loaded gun in my hand so for people it don't hunt tell me done. What it is. -- In terms of of killing the animal in terms of -- Field dressing and and so forth is hunting for everybody. Well it is obviously not but look let's get back the very -- basic. The way nature works on this planet. Some species has to die in order for the that the live and you can take that as any let them because you want nature in its infinite wisdom is perfect in that sense. And Ali nowadays it's it's kind of a connection to our -- I mean that's the way we -- that would solve these these -- it would itself. You know -- now we've got -- -- -- people -- very removed from the one out in in getting ill food. But more than that there's just the sense of oneness with nature when you're out there. End and truly that is you give a lot of respect to the animal. In more ways than one number one. You know when he animal dies it is I kind of related to someone who has taken a fall at the very beautiful thing it's lovely but eventually it's in the -- -- out of flight time. And someone exit from the -- And I think it's the same way it was an animal that provides some very good food a wild game -- properly is excellent food. And the girls -- there's no doubt about it I think a lot of these young girls. Find it's a way to spend time with their boyfriend. I think the boyfriends who wanna go on -- -- -- -- -- -- to go to that little -- -- was difficult to -- Bring along at once they get out there and discover what a great sport it is and how much fun it is and they -- up on the. When it comes and things you have to do after you shoot the -- color ladies -- Anxious to get involved in the field dressing in those kind of things. I'll look at personal and and and and young boys of the same weight but once -- begin -- you -- it done. It becomes second economic -- back when when you know a generation before us I mean people is that by you know chickens and turkeys and dioxin and things in the inadequate on their -- -- -- by Google's control and clean that. When -- definitely shot away from -- On the enclosing Don if somebody has never been hunting and they wanted to. You'll wanna start I mean I am and I know anybody that hunts but they they wanna start highly illegal about it and Diego plays sulfur DF this money go with. Definitely not recommend them myself that that's that could be dangerous and you're not gonna have a successful on. The women that the program called becoming an outdoors woman at the wallet infantry holes in this thing has been a sellout at the since its inception. They have a wonderful place the facility up and -- can't walk Brent walker and Pollock Louisiana. They take a 125 women that the nominal fee based and the whole week and there's twenty different courses that they can victory of war from and then the next on the company can get a different three of four and they relate to fishing. -- out of clean game how to -- game. Asks -- in your rifle you come become complete outdoors person. I strongly suggest that the women out that this escalating the patient has to come -- -- and observe them before you bring the guns. Go to the camp medical settlement is staying with a friend and say what it's all about and then if you feel like you wanna take that next step and it is that you give it a shot. Are they are there courses for men as well diners are. Cover education there is some of that but not dominant I've always argued that the -- Particularly is that a growing up without adult or a relative that can introduce them into the sport how -- -- -- Stalin and so will often poked him for the ladies. But not for the man. So that's way I guess is to. It like you're saying if you know somebody that concert find somebody and maybe -- getting go along and only bring a non the first couple times is gonna see if it's for you or not. Yes and hundreds would be very open to that there's also a program called step outside when they encourage honest. To invite not -- maybe that son's friend who has met on the the couple long find out what it's all about it is that when we get into the. Is there any kind of web site that people go to kinda like. We really -- dating web sites but instead you try and had to find some might it take you hunting. Not that I know of them it is something that didn't the state but not one that comes to mind right off. Not all of talking to -- and you know all about this hunting and fishing and everything else I don't think there's anybody in the state more knowledgeable and you and -- actually still right for the you may still for the wildlife and fisheries magazine back in a day right. Well look magazine is on the way of the wild -- it's it is you know it's now relentless limited to an Internet publication. But it was a real Premiere Magazine called Louisiana conservation. Around a long long time. And yet it it's and articles published in the. Iceland and screenings and thank you Don appreciate your time and and they get up early often enough and I appreciate you doing it today.