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WWL>Topics>>11-12 8:15am Tommy, tours in the French Quarter

11-12 8:15am Tommy, tours in the French Quarter

Nov 12, 2013|

Tommy talks to Wendy Bosma and Sidney Smith with Haunted HIstory Tours about an incident with a taxicab bureau inspector

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker talking about this controversy in the French Quarter over haunted history tour's. And AM French Quarter guide series tour guides issues salted by city taxicab inspector that's all allegedly he has been. According -- city suspended. -- bureau -- investigator been placed on emergency suspension statement says from our nation. Karl -- Crawford the communications director. Without pay pending the outcome of an ongoing investigation. We expect city employees that says to respond to citizen complaints and when they do treats citizens with respect we take these allegations. Very seriously Sidney Smith Johnson joins us right now owner of -- -- history two hours. And the lady that sales -- was roughed up Wendy those Mombasa money -- in our by as much or guide for on -- history. Two hours of we should start with what happened to UN and work -- it will Whitney. -- slow -- silent. Or anything in particular like usual and have the we'll be doing angles not. Picking my license and -- China ordinances that where required follow it actually and we can't be. From another group we can't talk after 10 o'clock. And we can't have more than twenty people in anyone's giving group. I'm so he wanted to accumulate and he says. I suited them I have -- -- -- -- -- I didn't actually security senator and he accurate out of my hand and locked the land that you wanna tell me. Look at the and he points to another man on the street he says that I'm right there -- the man that BP. To keep you from there's nobody out here me I was the only group on the street at the time. Now the man says there's going to be any particular economic not to -- -- Michael comic book to get Michael and ultimately it comes off without. And I mean and that he said that an act permanent will. Commander in -- he sent them. -- he has called in tailored and he locked away and he called and a PD he was not unexpected. Blatant act out of my hand and proceeded to collect. From behind he called me up against a car split my arm behind my back and my wrist until it hurt not sort in my late. -- -- not to aid to I issue boss now Sidney Smith who -- haunted history to prisons in the maybe I'm missing something here. I don't I don't see. It would first of wind of this regulation began I don't see where this. You know -- about goats so I don't know I don't know how you regulate this or why you regulate. -- You're right. In the whole thing is insanity. To the Mac. Well -- rules -- regulations so there are certain rules and regulations that would follow. As toward god and tour operators. These were -- about ten years ago. Thanks to. Jackie Clarke and specifically. Which -- the story itself which Hubble didn't turek I liked. We do follow these rules and regulations as Wendy's that we have to -- fifty feet apart from an editorial -- reasons that. There is no logical reason for quite frankly. But but but religiously but the -- bureau is the city government. Life and -- toward guys that itself is kind of questionable. All of our all of -- tour operators have questioned that for a very long time why is actually chip bureau oval. Of all things. Controlling the opening walking tour on the streets of New Orleans doesn't that in itself doesn't -- however. It is what it. And we have to follow the rules regulation which we do we we get no more than twenty people walking work couldn't -- closure and fifty feet to war. Other core groups that we. The -- street by 10 PM it's. It's actually illegal to dispense the city's history. At 10 PMI group figure that. -- have a real problem that we are many many years but any. Some of these rules and regular patient work. Spawned on by a few angry radical French Quarter residents. Who basically. Think that the French Quarter again it should be them -- needed. Community they hate everything that makes the French Quarter unique they hate the poor slightly slightly tomorrow and I think it's -- -- in terror court. And we follow these rules and regulation but you know you have to understand there are other corporations are actually looks. They love to. Because it's in the night time walking tours are literally moving equipment. Their neighborhood that you got a few of these angry radical or abrasions and fatal lesson -- -- -- -- -- Picking up right there is -- -- -- sap for traffic and the and I also wanna talk about other two hours that are given understand. Park Rangers give some of the two hours as the city regularly. As well and and when it comes -- Notches haunted history two hours and guess the other two hours that are available do you feel like you guys are being singled out because of the subject matter eight point two. More when we come back we'd love to hear from you as well at T six 187 -- free. 86688908. Setting some ideas on ninth kitten let's look at traffic. Robinson -- talking about an instant the French border between. -- the hand inspector. And tour guide chronic history -- -- windy Bosnia's issues in essence is salted gets thrown up against carbide tax again. Inspector who -- subsequently been. Suspended all of this allegedly of course and -- in text that are coming in here which is put a big plastic air bubble around a quarter. From the VC two French Quarter neighborhood association a view great commission are joked. No one says the more rules. And regulations more room for corruption slash -- of Lisa let tourists know what the rules are businesses find out when the city decides to sites slash find them. It's a joke did you -- license and no guidance or rules. And then there's another one that says that Tommy a lot of places taxis are also tour guides it could be moved to drive tour companies out of business. Why else would taxi inspectors be doing the regulating. Sydney Smith the owner of haunted history to personally thank. Well I think that the board as the early detection kit your ocean not the on the city government -- toward diets and and the very good point for -- on on. You mentioned that basically you know like Mickey Steele moved in and and -- you -- -- is don't movement in the airport if you don't like tourism. Sure that the move to the French Quarter. And -- this is that the tension is bureau markets forms of 27 party capital. And you know it is we. Certainly as -- -- and tour our borders absolutely. Respect the the French Quarter residents on the light finished I mean as part of every single night and tour. And for that matter daytime tour our company offers. The instruct the tour participants to respect the French Quarter as the quality of life don't lean on buildings don't which -- on the buildings. Bleak enough room on the sidewalk for people to test -- -- these things like that. And inspired. Our efforts we still or -- on a regular basis by some of these angry radical current quarter rest. On two hours -- recent well organized these -- park. Well -- -- urged as the eight time two hours and I don't think that he would agree that we do we have. To treat him. Different course ghost or vampire course cemetery -- movement towards. Scandal -- but. Most of our Greek columns. From. -- -- -- -- restaurants and and the -- -- -- With regard to instant Saturday -- We you know we we deal rules and regulations and and it works in the past. Of the packages that combine the lights and just make sure that -- as the debate valid license and -- on them -- -- at any point the licensing process today. As you've been elbows on that being facetious here or do do I mean I don't know what it would make you licensed is there any kind of proficiency test you go through. That is very good question. We go through lots of corruption or -- toward sides. -- -- that license. As a war. We got to pass background work reduction extra tests. Certainly hasn't yet on the city's history -- ghosts and support the burden the requirements protecting -- what we -- so -- history tours is essentially an -- We know the stories on the tour as many of them are based in fact. -- -- you can -- for instance just boo or store which is weird this this incident took place. It's not let me just say this -- get a break for news and don't come back I'm not questioning your business at all if you if you -- provide goes tourism people wanna go on. I don't see where there's a problem and I also wonder area again like -- sandy if he would go aluminum for if you don't put up -- these kind of things you shouldn't live in a French Quarter but you can't. Change it after you move in thing again around oh -- -- -- the same we're we're gonna change the the quality of the French quarterly here saying she wanted to be gated community will pick it up you won't come battle also. Take some calls at 2601878. Toll free 866889087831. Time only good news that. Just days. I would talking about this incident in the French Quarter where a ghost tours of guide says she was roughed up by a taxicab inspector that allegedly taxicab inspector. Has been suspended place an emergency suspension city says without pay pending the outcome of an ongoing investigation. We expect sitting employees to respond to citizen complains when they do to treat citizens with the respect we take these allegations. Very seriously Wendy Baas and of the lady that is the tour guide that. Was -- she says roughed up by the inspector Wendy's is -- -- problem even handle or or is there is that the culmination of some things have happened. Are they have been out there and we -- societal level week. He's complicated probably capped a dozen other licenses already. Com. In that problem I have had any. Occasion in the -- he's taking me. Come the last couple of weeks but he he can't move on acted in. Quite the and then back. And I piracy intimately and can we. Get -- reasons are not great yet I keep seeing. But one thing -- -- links and helped an added weapon and that it. I can't see this when it comes to write -- citation what are you doing anything against the rules and I was happened. Not and never deal and I thought he went I got there telling you he -- Mary knew that he was blocking I knew that I was -- -- there's speculation of course I was. I just don't know other group on the street there was nowhere close to ATP. Mean I had -- -- -- -- people in my group it was -- was between 99 or east are certainly within that time period you were watching him and continually being. Sydney Smith the owner of French. Potted history tour let me ask you this text comes in Sydney Smith is no friend of a quarter -- his -- guys have done things like -- fake blood on our sidewalks and until the rules of size and time. -- put in place e-book tour is way too big for the patrons. There's -- except by megaphone any truth that. Absolutely not that's. If you brought that up I'm more than happy to address that number one. A lot of history tourist is that number one tour in the city now we have we have small and -- -- on both competitors. You know and they probably had a and -- only does more goes -- operating in the French Quarter right now unfortunately industry tourists has such a generic name. That we get blamed for every tiny fraction Demetrin -- anything goes wrong. I get phone call I get the blame mostly it's those damn hard to point to history toward artistry -- -- And honestly there are dozens of other companies out that we have never ever used megaphones they have or in the history of our. Yes some of these tours besides. Simply have elder polices and other -- but we've never used -- -- network. -- thrown fake blood that is that an absolute lie I don't know who is coming up with that but that also as a -- -- real bloodied we have a throat. People any type. Our tour guys are professionals. A lot of my guys are also have a guidance. An ex cop from NO PD. I have a guide to social worker I have several guys were educators it truly have a Ph.D. guys have -- you know my point is that. Our guys that you go through a lot of hoops and hurdles in order -- get that license. -- not simply bozos -- tell good stories these are professionals. Who were licensed tour guys now who ever came up with that little comment about the -- was in the megaphones. I'll be more than happy to address that that person's head on straight on because it's just not. True look at it competitor you never know we got to take a break when we come back -- at both the take some phone calls if you're on holding on and sitting got to ask you this used to. Theory here but every day have you ever thought because of the subject matter that you might be -- yeah. No I don't think so and I don't think it is that I put it out there coming back Tommy Tucker talking about the French Quarter and on -- history two hours and and in general at eleven a quarter -- -- expected to be is Sidney Smith says a gated community would be pretty well today what comes along -- it what makes the quarter. The quarterback in a flash on WW. I Tommy Tucker talking about a dispute in the French Quarter Wendy Bosnia since she was roughed up by an inspector from the taxi camp. Inspector's office and that inspectors been suspended -- any place in emergency suspension without pay pending the outcome. And an on going investigation people wanna talk deal when Indians in the so started Dominic spurs they Dominic you've been holding your into the W good morning. I -- very good time to think. Bulk of the Jirga do and that would just say that. There's really has nothing to do it. Coached orders -- -- -- do their bit and piece together incident and execute -- And -- they -- very difficult or license well educated well trained people. -- -- That gesture. On -- -- sites what do you think her reasons and it is. Well it's something is administratively. -- What's what's going on at City -- -- in this department particularly because. It it -- support personnel that pretzel. And three months to get elections that are very. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If any are full of employees. Meaning that we were for a lot of different in order. And so when you apply for. Now lights and you have the -- one company's. As the company -- export port area calorie we all -- America. Yet if you're Internet spectacle out here. -- working. Tonight that you were company. And you liked that company -- You get. And elect -- -- in this effort on that. Dominique -- were a wanna run it to Jimmy on a -- finish up please. -- yeah he had just wrap it up for me please and I'm not trying to be rude it's when you're as many calls again or hurt or is that pretty much yet. Well we're saying it you know got -- -- I'm glad -- called in Jimmy on a cell hi you're on W on the morning. I'd -- about good should all thank you I do not want a better check your body is just people at the end and toothpicks. They control it looked at George. As bad people tortured or don't -- Like what ought to pay out all all object the object of -- Any ball -- -- all. The labels as part of the story repeated Celtic. Mom dad and I understand I guess it neither my Texan in the reason perhaps for the fifty foot. You space between the two is that they don't all run together in the reason for the 28 limit is so that people don't as Jimmy -- spell out on the street. -- public you know it's. I think that that kind of weird too because I mean. When they enacted this 48 rule and that foot limit I think they shot themselves in the foot because. We you know is it doesn't stop and the amount of people who were companies that keep. Are popping up I mean eight in the last six months have seen two with three -- four additional ghost tour companies pop up. When we when we started this went on history tours began. We're pretty much the only guy on the block and now everybody and their brother has has a ghost or company in the French Quarter. And you do have laughed so maybe there should be an ordinance sued to stop. Deal anymore of these companies from happening but. We have all I cannot speak for other companies on its history tours has always. You know gone by the book we respect the French Quarter residents quality of -- -- is we've always done that. All of our tour guide to begin every single solitary tool with. Telling our corporate difference about the French Quarter being residential neighborhood as well. But yet as as an earlier artistry it was always gets the blame for any tiny negative -- Infraction that takes place in the quarter because we have a very generic name -- altered history -- I we're about out of time here what happens from there Wendy do you pursue. The charges against -- the taxicab inspector or what you want. Yeah I had a meeting with select market it's a political. We were in the afternoon free -- yesterday speaking of the detectives. I'm about what we can -- here it goes deeper than just want to you know -- supervisor was angry they're able I'm doing so it's not just. That well to hear that being. Bullying you know it comes from deep within the -- to the -- I'd like to get to the root of the problem. -- real quick the rules are what they are so. Even they don't like -- do you abide by everyone of them. Ever -- we abide by all of whether I'd like not in material we do abide by laws crime was committed simple battery was absolutely committed. It was an intentional use of force. All on violence on another human being in the and the -- this. Flat out say an aggressor cannot claim self defense unless he withdraws from the conflict in good faith. This aggressor Wilton joiner did not withdraw from anything he absolutely. Packed our tour guide and he will pay for the. I'm glad you took the time -- I think it's something that everybody needs to know about. I again I don't see the big controversy Sydney I mean from your standpoint I do I just. And of dissent and it really need to be regulated and closely Sidney Smith owner of on and history two hours Wendy Bondsman the tour. -- -- Says the the inspector rafter up and I'm glad you called and have a great day -- Woman thing. Oh yeah it.

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