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11-12-13 10:10am Garland: on freedom of the press

Nov 12, 2013|

Garland talks with Andrew Kreig, executive director of the Justice Integrity Project, about a journalist who was sent to jail in Alabama for writing about a prominent family.

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Welcome back to big tent obamacare of course was thinking about it in -- well. Obamacare. Good news. Traders -- mental illness must be treated. Just like a broken bone. A lot of doctors -- hospital administrators are asking. Me. Where does that money come pro -- and -- did going to be reported it's India portable health care act. 11 o'clock come. Both doing a little bit of this because we haven't been able getting guests on the book take a look at some -- Articles that have been reading -- -- laws from him preparing -- shows. What government says that 87. Nations now possess wrong it's. The CIA's still don't know how many can carry a weapon. Many of them could carry weapons. And the question more deaths were gonna have an object for it was certainly -- contribute. -- concern. That rendering era an era. Were attacked America have noise -- you would be attacked began with how we needed because the target would be unknown. Had a professor of physics on who's been home to orient securities CIA. Number of organizations written book. About electronic. Magnetic. Holds ball. I'll bomb that would be ignited about 30000. Kilometers. When hurting but it would knock out all electricity. Any city could be done by a rogue nation -- the freighter. You particularly reported author of the coach of the gulf. Southern part of -- and it's it's and just shrug off into the waters were there tends of thousands of ships. And nobody would ever know where it came from who were ignited -- this year. Now of course we may find out. But that's that one of the concerns are being hit. And whether or not we've known words came from and drones I think brings up that's in question although. Most of the org groups merchants and most all of the articles of groups of four or not concerned that one element of it. Their concern but not because of them gutsy but -- That's our something different. I think you and to be leaders would've been here. I've seen a number of things when it comes to law. In this country. The legal community whether they be judges from where that the -- -- a lawyer. I don't think they see much wrong with our system. I think they or content -- what we've got. Not many changes in the laws over the room to mortuary here than say if you critique their industry. Is that where the best in the world. And it's ironic if you talk to judge -- talk to lawyer. You talked replacement. -- of what they think of the media. And -- about it -- they'll say well you know the can be trusted and Dave Dave violate the rules. And regulations and the very laws. That they're looking -- poll. But the legal community never sees that in the and so. A good documentation of documentation of documentation re users. Justice Department. The do things that or totally either illegal. Or certainly against their own rules. And judges look -- The federal government -- an issue a lot of it looks the other way. One of the cases Paula it is Alabama governor being. In prison governor -- Sigmund. If you go watch the sixty minutes dates. Six minutes and never had to do retraction at a game back and says it was wrong story. It's evident this is the political. Jail. Federer evidence off. But the legal community doesn't. Control itself. Is very little critical of itself. So whoever wants while I have more more things pop up among the videos. If nothing else the American people ought to be educated. As to what. What kind. Of country we're living in today. And here's the latest one I don't know a lot of information about this who we expert that and blow to. Talk about it. It's claimed that in Alabama blocker. Was jailed beaten. Restrained. Joseph about ball on bond. Mainly because. He wrote. A number of articles. Talking about a scandal. Involving. When Alabama's most prominent political gamblers. And the judge still themselves -- and stop writing about it and he did. And then the jailing. Not lawyers so now I'm not sure my back on -- -- correct. So -- go to Andrew Craig executive director of the justice integrity project to Washington DC. Andrew welcome about the show our appreciation. Oh really great to be here Garland -- -- summary. Right -- points according actors. We'll give you some idea from the get go how you get involved how did you hear about this is sounds. Like a very small story and I'm very isolated. How'd you find out about it. Well I've got to know Roger Jewelers Roger -- who's still in jail. He's blogger. I get to know him in. -- about 2009. When I started writing heavily about the Siegelman case it was just amazing that. He's continued to be prosecuted. For 1990s. And -- events. He's in prison or jail Louisiana right now. Four things that happened in 1999. That. -- over a 110. Former state attorney general saying where it wasn't crime. Well. I get to know rupture and so when he was taken away. I started digging into it and I've followed news stories and what he calls whose legal schnauzer blog. We're pretty much every case he really gets in to a lot of dirt. And I thought this was outrageous. Situation that violates her. Supreme Court rulings to just take a -- and put him in jail without -- -- essentially. Libel civil case. All right bring their ball would get in they have reduced to -- limited take her -- -- -- Coming right back board talk and Andrew Craig executive director of the justice integrity project. And amid an all encompassing student that's a statement that. Judges. Don't respond to irresponsible to war breaking among rural home. A -- we've got one George you're New Orleans who's doing exactly that from my apologies at least one. That up well over the last five years -- looking so. Governor bill brigade seventy -- five to reopen. Double the fuel for the pit -- whereas you. And Alabama journalist is reportedly beaten jailed for refusing to stop writing about a problem apparently. And -- questioner journalism court's own collision courts so for 85%. Of you say yeah. Andrew -- -- this executive director of the justice. Integrity project in Washington DC. Andrew you were explaining to us how you came in contact with the blogger and and Borchardt interest is. Give us some idea of what happened he wrote about a problem and apparently in them. Well they sued him. And tragedy. Preformed service. And he. Claimed he didn't receive it -- and yes. And and let me say up front there's a sex scandals allegations involved here. Right and and that and that's an interest and part of this because. -- when you're talking about whether it's political scandal or sex scandal. That you're dealing with very emotional issues that can effect the court system. As well as well as any readers because if you if you dislike somebody. And you hear or sex scandal allegations usually you like that if if you like the person and it. Hate the reporter. And Andy. You're dealing also twists and sex scandals so that and lecturer in the room. It's always. Somewhat circumstantial. There's always an element out so that's that the roots so he gets. Some deputies -- supplement traffic. And he doesn't think it's legitimate traffic stop. And drugs. To get that deputy chief deputy sheriffs and Shelby county which just outside it. Birmingham -- reduce that they tried yet that opens doors -- who was there. Oh well he -- the most powerful political family in Alabama. Is still will quietly assembling this is two term Republican governor Bob -- form. 2003. To 2011. He succeeded the Democrat. Don Siegelman. And his son is very wealthy. Young lawyer rumored to be planning to run for congress in 2014. And Shuler made allegations that younger rightfully had an affair with a lobbyist. And -- Shuler is some former newspaper reporter. And goes through the motions of asking for rebuttal and so forth but he -- -- even though was denied. And he was sued for -- And now the judges Feldman contempt held in the jail for nearly three weeks ago. And and this is a classic confrontation. And if you. Love -- family which is popular. In Alabama. Then he's. Eases its dealings and rumors -- needs to be slapped down. If you. Think world. Judy renders the Supreme Court precedents. These two guys later you don't put him in jail and you don't. Ban him from. Public and so. That is the part that I don't Wear it give that judge told him to stop writing about the yes. And a ticket office web sites and that great anymore that's called prior restraint. And interestingly. Many of the main cases and defamation and contempt of court. Came out of the civil rights struggle right there in Alabama fifty years ago when Martin Luther King. And those people were. Doing what they saw it was a rights and getting all kinds of judgments against some and so this goes bad act. Fifty years to turn back for -- And -- if Ortiz just say no we know will decide in advance what anybody can do. -- so. -- -- sure that this means that a page in did you. J&J. Roll and he blogger journalist whatever one Colin is. Putting been jailed because. They wouldn't stop riding on troops towards. All right -- and without even hearing. Whether. -- -- -- -- well exactly I mean it's it's totally illegal and people. The -- consortium and Alabama. Of newspapers in the series to basically. An editorial couple days ago listen. We hate Roger shortly in everything -- -- this is obviously illegal and yet it's it's going. -- -- -- Lawyers judges court charges can never talk endlessly wondered talk show like one. But none of them get in the yeah. -- or comments sections of the and NC this. Is legal it's hurting our industry. 01. The things that's so wonderful you and show Garland is you're bringing -- force here I'm base in Washington and have gone to. Boasts some legal and journalistic groups and you know one of the main ones that belonged to -- bigger fish -- other people. Just don't respond. And you know if you have the issue or use sent -- letter but the guy does and averaged a warrior he can afford one. And nobody seems to care. And yet this strikes at every thing. That all of the big speech givers and laws journalism when they're talking about the free press to respect for the law. It -- -- and yet they can't -- -- My guess Susan tell me that this -- and for guests. One of the main reasons are not intrusive. In particular in the prime maybe he's just a blogger. Oh yes that's the big snobbery now he he did. Works for eleven years for the State's largest AM newspaper. Morning newspaper now different. But I I get that in any hero named one of the groups. I'm talking about society professional journalists approached and given currency responding to remember from many years. And in formally were residents of some other -- so. Which reduce -- Washington bill that would be -- come out -- of the -- which is some blogger. And the same world. Persons that did that mean. And yes. Is that there's snobbery is involved. But it it really involves. Essentially the public's right to know is the main important thing. Not. The precise in our system. That people try to have a -- by the way. Thomas Payne was a blocker. I mean that in. The corporate newspapers which institutions. And so -- You -- want school district and Reynolds it's and so on that conservatives. Blog itself. It is the larger universe Tennessee's is made this point everybody's blogger. In the sense that the constitution's writers were -- approach. One final question do you that you think anybody. Thinks this is included incident but the -- in many. Instances of not wisely that have been documented. Over and over. -- think the public in the legal profession really care. Well it should some people do but to there's a great complacency. Two again thank goodness for you and some people our. Fighting against it because in that it almost any situation is almost never the right situation. And so you know I just attended law school reunions I've even myself self censoring itself because it's much. More pleasant weather you're working at the court announcer some problem they're professional gathering justice. Business as usual and don't give -- to this and you know it'll work. The greater -- to the greatest regret it. Well look you and I'll keep doing these stories and others. If nothing else the American people should be educated the beyond his -- rule of adopt. It is build the legal profession with the court to set up is not what they think -- it up with they've been taught. In civic class -- up with the blue and screw. And this can happen to you. Regardless what the lawyers telling you regardless what the judges refuse to act on. This can happen and draw it was a pleasure appreciate the call. Them. Come right back. And that -- talk about a couple interest -- things I have -- Stock itself. -- -- over the recall that the think governor bill brigades celebrity AM and five the --