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11-12-13 11:10am Garland: on drones

Nov 12, 2013|

Garland talks about the era of drones.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back -- -- or we had scheduled. Tried to do show on the leaders in drones. We couldn't get any guest George humanly. Play in this. This whole thing that -- -- to me it's it's currently 3-D printing. -- -- -- today as the potential to change the shape of the world as we know. General and work through it proving news and numbers shows that show yesterday where. They're actually the printed -- gone on apron tour. A medal on the somber round. Not Plavsic gimmick and shoot like fifty rounds. Not saying that good thing or bad thing -- did to us because the pew. On the Internet and start looking at these -- machines are giving good example. Doctor and in the color. Doctor we have in the show. After I discovered him on YouTube and something called Ted dot com. Would -- a magnificent. Form. All over the world for people that have been created by the powerful tied the innovators the movers and shakers. Or those who just the batteries in -- and -- He's transplant surgeon and and he was on. Talking about what does and at the end of the speech he said actually. About six or seven hours ago -- assistants. Had started. Printing something entrepreneurs that -- -- -- in turn as it is assistant is -- finished. And he did yesterday and brought would be -- water. Entrepreneur -- club and reached in pulled it and human kidney. And -- -- was up one or one like it he he. Surgically. Prudence. Young news in the news. But brought him back to Ted dot com I think about a year later. It's old news -- so the ring -- to me is amazing because have you watched that that Ted dot com doctor Anthony tell. Video. What you see it is. Well when -- when they sent us. Pro and he always thought they talk about. Some kind of bites and couldn't even. And tell them that -- as a -- in terror Italy you'll time for an used harbinger. Office desk that's what is. -- I very much like the ones that. And the best explanation. I can yes. Is go recordable march on the -- cotton candy. It's a little swivel the moves back and -- and it's spews out. Confections sugar and water over. And is bills. That cotton candy Cologne. -- Brittany was built the same way that penetrate. Skin samples. Students. From your skin. And they put her -- Literally. Biological brain is saying shape is that kidney same shape as whatever the economic when the -- play important and whatever. They need -- an issue. -- Mimic a monster of the can be in the and it literally later. Here here here here bill holds a kitten. Ultimately that's Matt jinxed all that stuff. I don't think of their wrote about it and science fiction more. Comic books that Matt. And -- -- the drones in kind of this saying. Category. Because. Just in to look a couple of two or three years ago it was in the human and our electric car. And now. It's it's one of the major parts of our ability to go to war. And now. Is becoming more and more. Surveillance to. Is becoming aside and mpeg -- is becoming an environmental and bows to get him. Through an insult me -- is reports. Illegal. Too so it's it's acknowledges methodologies. And submit. Very pure this -- was so calming when we come back a minute talk about a number of reports but have -- -- That I day encompasses. -- and module this device is. I think as some very important questions of where or are we going with -- is that a good thing. Is this something that will help us all is -- something -- control little bit -- law. Call. Oh you are made to usage or one point seven drones are subject. Good bet controlled not controlled and so Moret in between. Or six or 170 tool -- -- -- succeeded in irons and seven. Biggest celebrity and one of 53 yet. America adjust and to do so we're trying to get guests on what I think extremely uninteresting subject. Drones. And I think most of us here in America of -- -- to -- -- The Poland died you can buy over Brooke's own. League that -- through for books. Or the the killer drones. Abuse and war there or there room multiplicity. -- but a lot of those from the -- And one of the things love about the show I get to talk to young people. Amazing. On regular businesses. And I've got one. -- year and genome addicts at -- date in Peru and -- and appreciated call. Thank you very much -- I'm really glad to have the option to get on the air and populist and -- you -- your question about drawl I know it's real controversial. Modern RB -- you're able to Colorado. Mayor did one of the Colorado was Salinger or -- I think by the I understand people are scared to beat Spain they're unknown and there's certainly a lot of negativity. Surrounding it because it's kind of a -- on in people's privacy. Certainly but I'd be happy to answer any questions or describe any of the great uses drones do the pop it -- Sure absolutely not that number one. Of what's what's the subject you'll mavericks at -- never heard. Not a lot nicer in your automatic -- hearing program that Nichols state posted actual another keystone program -- you know there and all the budget cuts Nichols may have big effort to keep you dramatic and his blog because. United is basically what happens when you take land surveying and you. Really technical and it's really complicated bills from. But technical. Perfection like being upon more electrician or pipe fitter and into an engineering profession. Civil war chemically near where you know -- the mechanic dropping to work isn't enough anymore you've got to understand. The basics of why they're working together and all -- -- system's been managing an all comic cons that take care of the war -- now. And that -- genetic engineering is basically. A program that focuses on providing that you need. The servers the technology that services baseline. How we define where things are in the world just no from business perspective you -- A building but what does that mean you all the built in order of the building mean Q you know where light switches and all that. I assume attic and a great program that teaches students how to be surveyors urged. But then -- At all that these ideas. Separate sessions in the law and degree like foot granite street. You've gotten -- and well book away what medium out of the picture perfect. Are you ever. If you ever have a chance to go look online LSU and the great database. Imagery and photograph retreat basically when you take a big picture of the area Alia Michael -- Right -- also happened when they -- -- matter cult -- and they fly a plane over it and then would to get the measurements over the images they take from the plane. It's photograph imagery that's -- sign the measure and vote. All right let them get into the wrongdoing and I don't wanna come back to a draw all the good things about yeah good but drug and let me read to hear -- and let me ask you this strange question that I've been asking myself and half from my readings. Over the last couple of days I think my concerns or -- please his pride and -- gonna happen book of water breed them to do freed. Let me pull up -- 2456. And stack about thirty reports. Everything CBS news. CIA. -- watching for threats to US now that 87. Nations -- drones. And they used sizable number of him drones that carry weapon. Here's CBS news Paris based company has developed to drone that comply continuously. For five years. This is military tech dot com. Our new killer drones. Are now in it and existent. They also can apply for years because -- or nuclear. Power. And good to -- on the comply 54. Five years. The so the it's -- it charges its battery from the sun -- solar power. Designed at a fraction of the cost of the satellite -- in the other type of surveillance -- weapon. And their wings are sixteen metres wide and have the ability to carry 250 pounds in it is a very very light grown here's another one -- soon be able to killed during war without. Humans system. Here's another one DHS. Department of Homeland Security has built domestic surveillance tech in to predator drone. Here's my cruising question. I remember when they're wrong and shot down and mostly. A space. Ship looking -- -- -- -- And and there are big kept saying there were going to argue that couldn't that -- Bergen reverse engineering. And make one of the room. But we've got 87 nations woods drones of some -- If we've got in existence drones that can live for five years and a lightweight -- can carry -- pounds. What are the chances. Of one of our enemy is launching it towards us would say just so small dirty ball that would disrupt our economy for sure. And not normally we wouldn't be able to protective against a couple of understand we still have. Piper cubs and smoltz -- applying in this country every day undetected with the drugs. One of those being -- and hits us we wouldn't even know where it came from or why is that crazy crazy thinking we're crazy concern. Well it's not really super crazy very justifiable. On the point that. Anyone can essentially treated her own Malcolm payload to it and then do whatever they want you because apart. Like many other weapons of terrorism are certainly available just call the -- -- the Wal-Mart essentially. What sort of raise the issue do you to think about from that perspective is that the drone required direct. Connection or acquired the ability to navigate. Out until there's a lot mean it it's conflicts are an all night he'd be a right. Mean it's not just the rocket science that goes into yet to navigate to the course you've got to bring an end target. And then -- the league where you wanted to go or just be big our workshop in the country. I have -- Hannity businesses soaked or -- -- written book making speeches all of the country probably five years. On the issue warnings about electromagnetic. Pulse bomb news. Yeah that can be said -- -- of 30000 kilometers and exploded. And they can be initiated from a merchant ship. Sitting off the the coast of home. Yeah. And and if you can -- punch in the electromagnetic. Poll ball home from there. Could you do that with the area I mean. The dirty bombs that I have looked on nova documentaries. 51015. Pounds cesium. I don't -- and 31 cesium twelve men and blasting captaincy for. Yeah LA mean that the threats. Definitely there but. It's it's like any other technology right. Anything can be used for good or evil and I would I would say that that people who -- do -- Farmar certainly gonna look at all their they'll blast that. To make it come to fruition. But just trust that the same time the hundreds of billions of dollars ago in the military researcher there that reason that our problem here right now wherever Tehran is extreme and Washington got to our fours and and you know whenever there I America is a big gap to the restaurant and they built there and they paraded it around and the military cabinet. Beat fortunate not being married to a failed our military contractors that act is that fighters in Washington. And the kind of laughed -- -- -- orders and we would see this thing coming from a long way away. -- either knocked out sky. And drones themselves to see it an aircraft right like a solid line airplane into. The US airplane has layers of protected material drones are are very -- by nature so -- either out of the guy they're not the people. I mean I know that huge stroke I mean the ballot screen -- The other stealthy drone or you have the most stable growth it's hard amnesty -- But stable stealthy drone. Especially without the resource that the US has so I mean yeah. The dangers there it's scary it's a valid concern you know it's the real thing but it's sort of like the age we live it. You know religious -- technology that portable world. I I guess my -- you know what you went back your grandparents right and you show them. Any either new. Like the Internet or your car or anything that goes you know 075. -- nine seconds and that is sitting and that I bought for 20000 dollars or. You know eighty answering your grandparents we care why are things we take for granted everyday. -- way of of my parents could come back to life they would just be. It would be like a miracle world if they wouldn't believe what they're seeing tap on MPs have collapsed. Talk to have somebody in Bangladesh within seconds -- just would make notes sent. Yes they -- -- a bit longer. It also what are what are -- when we come back. Let's talk about the good scope of drones. I've been over lake side and watched him with the I think Brookstone. They have these three -- 400 dollar -- or propellers and enraged -- cameras and operative from there I've -- -- and was in news Putin and that and it was amazing that you know that flu at all over the mall. Come back and talk about the good thing music can be dumb -- the technology and also. Or -- courses like yours of people like Q working in the business is anybody thinking about. Or they're going to be ruled sorely gonna be regulations are they gonna be controlled. And my question then becomes if so how well. -- thing about drones Cuba's caller you wanna get involved in India in permission to UC general 170 tool free. 86 fixated nines and -- -- all of Robin what do we call that the pink -- Welcome back I think Kevin and introducing commerce division -- drones the benefits of its thereof the dangers thereof and amazingly and up the innovations that I think the -- fewer of those have heard about reviews CIA report. -- says 87. Nations now -- -- drones and large number of drones with weapon. Aerospace company is developed who drove the comply continuously. Or five years and that doesn't it because it's -- engine is a nuclear. Engine. Bronzes power from the sun and the nuclear source. Drones will soon be able to kill older and more without human assistance. Department of health then number you know Homeland Security. -- build domestic surveillance tech in to the predator drones. -- goes on and on the room when the looser set a golf where you get in the cruises it doesn't hurt the US with -- all these bombs drones. Well. I'm flattered -- I would never thought that al-Qaeda and and a ball we're listening to my show but. Just between you and will keep it between you and there's a world called Google. And if you get on. There blueprint on how to make a sexual ball. There's another web site called silk road where you can buy in the form of weapons or ropes. So -- your radio show was sitting in New Orleans is not gonna sway the crazies. The crazies can get his information. 24/7. The reason we broadcasts and it showed that if and win our leaders come out Tuesday. This is a problem. Or there's these regulations and we're gonna vote on it. You'll have a modicum of education. To decide. Where you want this new innovation that. It's that simple. And we at a great phone call -- percent up Oregon for a couple more minutes Andrew isn't -- -- senior end. GO medics at nickel state and understand room. 800 talked to me about the good things of drone what will receive from drove to -- -- like. Well you can already see a lot of the great benefit of -- already being used in things like farming. Where the -- fight over field any yet because it. -- Don't don't create any new. Information that don't create anything new as far as what people can have actually do with it make it it's cheaper and easier. To you certain the common man it's really empowering the general population with information. Gathering technology essentially in so. Some great basic examples are -- farmers who instead of having to pay a lot of money. Two -- companies are doing guesswork on how other field doing the -- -- the great article magazine. Apparently farmers it would page field inspectors -- a lot of money to go out and and inspect or visually inspect the -- Leo how we deal. This year and how you can -- draw -- the equipment with a special camera and -- Campbell tell you to be essentially a little -- doing. And the farmer -- hey I need to put fertilizer here in the water here and it translates to less money for him and lower food call -- What is the general. You know apply technology. Some of the other great thing that drove could be used for today sort of spoken out specifically -- when when their heart in the gulf and on the plane up to that. Hurricane and -- they also like drone. Out the dollar -- and they can take more dangerous measurement given better. Weather models based on what that market connect you because the drone can take bigger risk. Going to be thrown ball in the ocean goes in the bottom lost call the hundred could be out powers no way that at bat by the court tapped out there for. Vs the crew which they are still alive you're -- So that your example that like he did call on people would want a hate on not my favorite technology. But there's a lot of other really also small and think again the big thing -- -- -- below the call. -- -- -- in part to the economy that translate. While the food chain if you all the economic food chain. To the consumer which lowers the cost of living. Increases. The benefit of living them the quality of -- can increase or -- like lower the cost about quality of life. By making the baseline economic principles cheaper and more effective. It's war talk about the big line benefit and they are excited that -- be available for a watermark everything to do though is. And human engineering. Modeling the world around this -- big article we do. And -- we used on sport is they would fly over your building or your house. And will create a treaty model for the pictures we can get from that bureau. Four will be a little look down into places -- -- ago. With the -- -- and we'll get a good idea -- there he -- -- -- -- international. Particularly say. If you have an outlandish behavior you're yet to -- that that all people latency too lenient. Pride itself in Seattle and dispute. A lot of they've called in -- that is really hard to get out till swamped with a quarters are in the pocket lines cross and aerial -- technologies cheap enough you can use so land surveyor are actually here like myself. Can go out we can get aerial view worked out there we can look down due to more on the ground ball OK this is where it and then if it's not. -- like -- hearing draft drawing that would bring futile the homeowner who has -- eating experience whatsoever and then they distrust between these -- in the picture. They'll use a picture of your land in the and here's where your line is the whole -- you know I didn't mean to call my neighbor that terrible terrible thing that. I mean yelling until -- the alcohol on the couldn't -- prop. Yeah an -- and a and the rural areas they used the stones at the need to put down markers. 200 years ago and you have trouble even finding -- limited limited break come right back on the angle that you go -- -- -- -- brought you -- -- Nichols they were talking about drones. It's the future whether we like it or not. -- -- about drones in an extraordinary Leo's Smart young men Gibbs call -- and homeless and injured Jerome addicts at nickel state. Andrew I agree -- I think there's a lot of good for drones who accused of bill giving ago. But -- by asking questions. Did you perhaps to the PBS series and -- Earlier this year called the eyes of the drones. Period in. Our guy you you can Google it -- -- -- -- do a -- were close to the -- via our. Aboard accident -- they talked about it and Argus -- -- which is basically super. One point eight megapixel resolution camera. That can be mounted on virtually in the unmanned drone. Of the systems capable high resolution monitoring and recording of an entire. City. Equivalent to have about a hundred -- amateurs look at an area of the size. Of a city that wants. Our resolution video image -- covers 15 square mile of central stream into the ground in stores. Operators construed. In upon. In the tie in the area and watched footage -- wherever they're directed their cameras the previous video what they showed was cars and protest. Pedestrians. And figures -- Quantico Virginia. What they did was fascinating. Automatically. -- every person every -- that moved out in the open. With older boxes. And to follow them wherever they went in that alert box. Became their identity. That is stored in the club and if it's needed at a later date. And everything that removing Arctic is being automatically tracked the colored boxes. Represented computer. Have recognized moving and you can see individuals and their bigs who want to approach century you consume all of the city. To read replies someone in only had facial recognition. License plate nor cellphone for acting. -- direct connection anything else. Jokes and going with the little wing greens where starts and tensions. -- rubio. Who -- war and in many moment in many instances. Where you live. Now again I won't read alternative because you can go to Republican partners. I see the benefits of that. But. It also worries me about privacy and whom controls this power. Did this part of the wrong world that too good in that we can do or do we need to control. Well actually. Let's talk about those regulations and the via CA in the US is actually she sure can -- In like. -- I don't know. They're very dedicated to making sure the technology is not being used is being used. Appropriately and that mean he you if you want it's America on drug regulation you look at Canada and you -- UK all and start and Canada and the United Kingdom both have -- regulations. Personally ago you'd already. And the FAA in the which is the department it controls are in our our regulations. Basically has said Knoll commercial purposes. Research. All. Am and that's because what you're talking about they know what's out there and it is always. You're able to meet cute to watch documentaries and he would reporting on. Like this in -- stuff I'm certain that that camera is Powell became years old. Compared to what government being music. And that. -- -- classified. That they have access to flying over US shorts day is probably much much much better than even Nat technology. So. -- another the concept is it just the idea privacy general in my generation. With the I wouldn't -- kind of destroyed the concept of genuine privacy. Group. Yeah and and so the Israeli depend on your talking to how concerned. They are. -- brought these kind of programs in the. Yeah well I mean it's still important and and our young people like they get arrested for posting. Things on line that maybe they implement it implicate themselves on our warning that -- the value of privacy. But. It it certainly much harder to to have an idea congress who were -- you to be arraigned on -- is no real anonymity. If -- right word. Unfortunately were running out of time but I gotta tell you it's great that you -- good that the -- gaga. Education and I didn't have or you called and loved respected journalists and Cubans through them we do the show again give me calling him. Good dog portrait. And accuse of me did. That that kid whose typical of the Melinda -- generation. We've we've I've -- we've got a generation coming up that's self educating. Go and you'll get educated but they're motivated. And and most of them -- -- to -- -- Very impressive Arlen Robert we call that thing. New mobile and Google this professor CBS news Roland votes -- killed during war would -- Human growth as students. You know via. Mean scientists view of your reports explaining.