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11-12-13 12:35pm Garland: on Obamacare

Nov 12, 2013|

Garland talks with Mike Tanner of the Cato Institute about Obamacare.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nothing good about whatever is your preference -- for a mortal character obamacare. And a little bit different spin on it today were talking about the mental health coverage which is confusing me you view was. Think they called her -- review ruled them stronger up. President Bush back in 2008 it's been in please. And all of -- sudden they're saying -- and it's can be part of obamacare and is always. Go to bill experts to better understand all of this from got a number of other issues in Medicare I mean in a bunker obamacare take look at. We have Mike -- with the senior fellow with the Cato Institute might -- I'm proud to inform you. -- now caught and -- Fisher prominently with the plaque -- your name on it. That you can see anytime we -- Well I they did -- very much. Cents a since we're taking so much time permitted the cumulative time for family your business. Rebel -- to live here. Thank you again I really projected time -- Big help me with this -- and we just had a conversation about it it's a Miller helped ruled that basically I think in Greg informed wrong. Says you gotta you gotta treat mental health and drug abuse. Addiction. The same way you do broken bone has been in place since 2000 it's called priority -- And why are we talking about it though it was and -- has said there were. -- the -- that's exactly right it was actually legislation that passed congress back during the Bush Administration Pete Domenici -- believe was the lead sponsor. Yet they mentally ill brother I think that's what led him to do it added it would basically a lot of insurance plan cover very limited. Mental health benefits. Thirty gay people -- six visits to -- a psychiatrist or something along those lines. And then a and they kicked out so the idea was that if you provided benefits you didn't have to but he did it. Provide the same way as stated that it would be for someone let physical element. But it doesn't imply the Medicare objectives have been applied it to America. They couldn't have afforded to do. Operating much I mean it in the theory that the benefit. It it is and that's. Our young people. Insurance potentially. Anybody who by the private insurance went about -- to stop Medicare or Medicaid. They've covered under slightly different rules. -- -- And would with the liberal medium conservative -- today. With all the reading. Do was sold -- -- who'd believe this is one -- -- a lot -- we get puritan. Analysis tens of millions. Could be reports out of health insurance that they had. True not true. All act absolutely in fact I think the India about mystery has now admitted it. They're about two million Americans to purchase insurance on the individual market. And it's estimated -- about ten million of them will lose their current policy that will not be able to -- That policy when it comes up for renewal. Because it is not obamacare compliant that it does not offer all the benefits like mental help and that's for example. That are required under the new eight -- rules. In addition to that it does not applied this year because it did the employer mandate has been postponed for a year. But beginning point fifty an employer mandate kicks it and somewhere in excess of twenty million more. People get employer provided insurance will pay the same problem. -- again help me here because when I read this headline. I have visions tens of millions of people dying and ammonia in the streets because they have knows zilch health care whatsoever. Of where and when they -- they were canceling. You or -- it's because of obamacare. Is that like sitting we've given your Chevrolet. And obamacare requires. -- Chevrolet convertible which is more expensive because it's more under federal whatever. It is is that what we're talking about you can't have yours. Because we're telling you what we're gonna you viewed cheaper is better. That did that exactly what that what they're saying is that that explains you had. Its. That that's right you're not going without insurance. Be played you haven't been canceled. You can go out now why do insurance. Probably in the same company. APEC most the company manipulated cancellation notice all Wilson viewed. Information about the new -- they offer which are now obamacare compliance. Those new plans offer more expensive benefits. But date may yet be more expensive for example. Only about 44% the plan. All for the proper maternity care under obamacare did the properly -- the state from maternity. While you were a guy before you might not care about that might want a plan that old copper 24 to 36 dollars a -- -- they -- -- -- and that turned out not to be acceptable you gotta pay for the 36 dollars. All right when we come back more to talk to you about some data out of Hebron program but I heard an interview viewed him when I was in the car. And it was an insurance executive talking about nobody's talking nobody's thinking about the back to war. Everybody is concerned about the people applying not to be able to get in to. Health care dollar go but he said the -- no problem will be. -- they don't have the computers fixed to where an insurance company today with the with the hang ups in the prone to more people try and apply. The -- to get 1012. A day and they can handle it. But if the front door -- top picks and the computers for the back toward their insurance companies. They may get hundreds thousands of millions and they have totally inability. Two rude to. Handled those requests and the whole thing goes the boom a welcome back talk to Michael -- Senior fellow with the Cato Institute find out. If that is a concern and so what would be ram protections. Bigger and better obamacare and world on the radio with the senior fellow with the Cato Institute. Mike -- -- Michael and assuming shortens question compensation. -- heard. Member of the insurance industries saying. Would be much concerned more concerned about the back or rather than Brent or prone to or won't people can't get in to apply for the health insurance. But if that gets -- both for read the insurance companies get fixed. We're gonna have tons of people per day that we cannot process. Have you heard that and -- is that a problem. Our lot we don't have already been some problems with that even where -- people gotten through where insurance companies have gotten along information. -- got information wrong what they've gotten and sent people. Wrong bills. Builders too much or too little haven't -- felt that he correctly at the wrong plan. All of that course goes on normally but when you're getting thousands -- plans in the coming in the dole wants to what models -- a lot more problems like that. At some people who gave a big surprise. Nurtured mrs. Obama care of them this may be sequestration. But just go to bulletin said the defence of -- when they close structure customer service and result crossing euros. Called saving meth mean saving. That could affect hundreds of thousands of troops and their -- -- -- -- they're talking about cutbacks -- military health care of your hurting thing of that. Our debt to activate I had heard that was coming that may be accelerated side is sequester. Of course which is they get a pretty good cut out the defense budget. On the other hand that has been in the lot work -- for some time there's been a lot of concerns that tri care expenses have been rising pretty rapidly. And it via. Doctors that I had on where you and I ask him if you have. He saw in the thing developers who are asking do you think health care we have works now. Forget obamacare -- good reporter would help parent and I thing and -- so not doesn't I think you've said no workers were more than most expensive in the world. And Minnesota well do you see anything on the horizon. That. Suggest what we will do if and -- Obama targets struck down. Number one do you think we. Got to help their -- some system which it does stick wouldn't. And if not do you see -- thing that we should go to. -- don't think we can stick with the system we've we've got I think the system in the process. Radically altered. -- -- -- well we don't exactly know what's going to come out of -- that we just nose tackle. Did -- years. I'm doing hypothetical. And I know it's actually contributes but it. I've been critical of Obama care collapses. -- an epic collapses it will -- -- vastly different one Awad that it should be. The system that we had before. Cost too much not too many people -- answered the question is what type that does in the come out of that would -- And I think people are going to be disappointed if they have some -- with the with the about a health care system that provides them with unlimited health care and other cost more. The reality is that we're either gonna pay more or we are going to get left the the only two options you say. And we're gonna look at. Well tomorrow and have some Republicans on talking about their new plan. 010 look at their new plan as -- a lot of things. We're gonna create competition across state borders. Our Morgan minimized and reduce malpractice insurance cost and in court sessions thereof. And then I go to the Congressional Budget Office which is supposed to be nonpartisan. And they say that those are good ideas but there are millions you cause it's 1% maybe 2%. Do you see anything with a beat France with a -- Switzerland with a -- Singapore. Over the be in the Republican Party that has a better ride it. What that I think -- better ideas more consumer oriented where you ship caught the consumer and they become better shoppers for health care. I think it's -- is more expensive when someone else is paying ability to someone else pay your groceries you'd -- a lot more stake a lot -- hamburger. But I. I think that doomed from the world if you look at it most caught. Lord other countries but the rise again about the same -- as they are in the country it is terrible debate. The problem as we all live forever nobody wants to look go well. Dude and correct me wrong but the books -- read. The Wilpon and health care plan -- adapted. Right after World War II was for all Buren when they had nothing and they were there role that it's senders. And the government stepped in and -- okay it will take care of this we're gonna give your -- health care will take care of it. But doctors over the -- surge is making -- 155000. Dollars a year. The ones that are making the big money here of the concierge. Doctors have one's dead or. The best of the best and they're being paid by the people the money to pay them independently. Even though branch quoted as the best system in the world it's thirteen billion dollars in debt when I -- last two years ago. And growing at warp speed. They're they're really is no health care. Is there that is -- -- sustainable where everybody gets treated equitably. Well -- they're really at the that could be used depleted and it all healthcare is not a light and it's not a privilege to commodity -- -- I've worked with state law and economics is everything else there's only so much to go around. And ultimately you have to decide what you're gonna -- and on the base with the prices you're gonna ratcheted by the bases with some sort of government rule. And Infrant that you mentioned. There's no limit on what the doctor can charge you there's -- limit what the government will reimburse you but god doctor concerto portable that and it. Impact most people were effective private insurance deal with that. Borne the -- of one of the final question we've got about a minute. Do you see any problem with security of these people trying to get in the health care dug up. Put two big problems with security want is that there's a massive federal data -- At the therapist that links all put the federal agencies that the aid the IRS. HH. And private insurers at all provided to this one large data -- Which I think could be huge the invitation Packers. Don't think there's potential problems there. The second is for people who go to these navigators. Who are local. Officials to help you work the system that the need help. These folks are not bonded they're not they don't undergo a background check to the fact athletes' abilities submitted. The other day you'd have to report congress that many of them might be balance. And they get that very personal information from. Michael Tanner will call you didn't this afternoon. To not. In the morning at 8 o'clock in the morning in the group were -- again and actually calling you -- and thank you so much always a pleasure. We're coming right back double to build figured seventy -- -- three at.