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11-12 4:10pm Bobby and Deke, Saints victory

Nov 12, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to sports up -- -- cajun -- -- any bad time Deke Bellavia and -- on the -- I would go around the National Football League tonight. The talk about all of a big action and this past week and -- point toward this week in of course -- matchup has the Saints in attaining. The San Francisco 49ers for an has beaten by the Sacramento beat. -- -- -- Heath Evans. He will be with a with NFL analyst. On the NFL network. New Orleans pelicans in attain. Are they are at the Los Angeles Lakers they McManaman will be -- -- tonight. Talk about the pelicans and the -- looks. And also it is the biggest gain in the history of a program in the state of Louisiana who don't get in depth. I don't think many people know we are looking right now as we go to week when his week in week eleven the college football. A historic. Year of success in the state of Louisiana. On college football. All but one program in the state of Louisiana right now can have a 500. Or better record depending on what shakes out Woody would have happened. Not likely. But at this deep but the season the only team right now that is out of the running for at least a -- on -- a better is granite state university. So university has won their division -- win their conference. Tulane Houston in the thick of things in the Louisiana Lafayette is a favorite to win their conference. Monroe can be bowl eligible. I mean the list goes on and pawn in all. So Bobby erect figure -- -- while we was big with the added directed southeast and -- or fatigues and you know a lot about is this what you coach Heath. Outside the buy you in the Southland Conference the biggest game in southeast and lives history Saturday. At 3 o'clock nationally ranked dead last two years. They lost in the national championship game Sam Houston State the bearcats in Hammond to take on the red how Lions. Who Bobby -- eight to an undefeated in conference play. Yet they deck he'd be big the strawberries stadium in the city of -- and in the university to host a playoff game pollen and -- -- yeah I can reflect back in 1998. Going -- to knack finished. And at my alma -- Northwestern State University when. I'm camera at home they beat Illinois State and -- and Deke they beat Appalachian State had all these home games casino. The better the rest of -- -- deal -- and then all of -- -- Christmas light a weekend you know it was their first begin in December. The a novelist was in a final four but they lost to UMass and ironic that two Ellis you've played in basketball to David. They lost to UMass. As so they they make it to the finals then they had the the one deadly chairmanship in Chattanooga Tennessee and you miss that U Massa by unit calling them beaten a thing George's son and to be national champs but. They had a running back that. And you and you go to thirty goal in the playoffs and you in this you know no matter what WC NFL players. Their stud running back that you remember Marcel Shipp. Yeah when they're playing with a Aaron amateur -- are trying to yeah he was the one that they really. I had trouble stubborn but not yet -- great opportunity to Louisiana football you know we always. They're in the full Garnett at four with an L issue holed two -- of winning and you look at Louisiana Lafayette has done. A Louisiana -- kind of a down year compared to what date. Accomplish -- in the greatest offense the last season but. This is a great situation of the southeast and Andy always says saudis he should be good -- you look at approximately between. You know -- New Orleans and Baton -- the river Paris and everything to an ideal location but to get top players though. That that'll be interesting game because when you look at Sam Houston. -- they've been in the last two national championship games -- come so far. And they basically are already clear that a time because. They would have to win one of their last two in their last two against Sam Houston in a follow on Thursday night when we play the Falcons they play nickname they Nichols an -- river bail classic so yeah you'll win one or two but. This is one of the top eight -- CNN and and and plus slice and having that home field advantage is that a having to go on the road but. Yeah Sammy has been there done that you know -- -- it's so far they lost two years in a -- of the North Dakota -- the national championship so a great opportunity for the program in now. You know Steve courts and playing. As Scott court bat speed -- have these standings we don't have a day three going to be going to memorable sports -- -- -- going support and in. Going to support my in my young went in both -- that -- I. -- -- as like I was Sam by the other we got to eleven college football programs in the state. Of those eleven only one. And not have a 500 or better record Louisiana Todd -- -- 216 game right Nichols can go can win six games. At -- has won their conference they -- open and expect him to you don't Lafayette. They got opportunity to go undefeated in conference Monroe's still can be a bowl eligible Louisiana Tech can still be -- eligible we talked about two lane a western state. Southeast in LA surely this is a record year and we talked about this before this is our state should have success like this yeah -- think about depressed. Athletes who got yet we -- Cabot and you look professional athletes are football players that the modest in Louisiana. To go on to make it in NFL yeah you kind of expect this almost. -- and you around because they're there is that much talent you know per capita. And do you think with the coach you have here football being a priority. That you should CDs type rankings from these schools every year. Bobby the fallout from the blowout win over the Dallas Cowboys continues Dallas morning news Dallas TV stations he's sharing Tim wanted to columnist for the Dallas morning news you can blame death and blame the coaches but Dallas cowboys' problems. -- -- Jerry Jones is personnel decisions eight gates and that. Five stats to show you just how bad the Cowboys lost to the Saints was was the Cowboys lost the Saints a sign of things the calm. All that stuff in your on our talk and I don't think. People should expect Dallas to get beat like that. All the time all week in and week out because they face. The best office in National Football League when they play their best and when the Saints played it best they are the best offensive and -- well they got the numbers to prove it. They ran to a ballclub they hit. A strategy you know -- go to night it is probably -- matter who they were playing right they are you that you deck kind of grew Michael Payton says you don't you know hit them bad off. I think it would have mattered who we play him because I don't think hole. But I don't think we can run the ball like that against the 49ers are Carolina and as a running SE where it matters who you play in. Because those defense and I'll be really impressed -- to block a line opens up holes like it did against Dallas and marking measuring like that. Missed and it did then -- we could beat anybody. You know you know what we won't be stopped Drew Brees will be even that much better but he did show you how bad it is Dallas and Dallas you look job last night. I'm Tammy finally won their first game. Beating the Dolphins do we know how. It to the last drive to be Tampa Bay and Georgia repaired in the league I guess and now Jacksonville -- won a game yeah. I was much better yet I don't think exactly that I -- I don't even think. How we -- well there and beat down Dallas I don't think we'd be the Jaguars that bad. Everything was gonna give it was just unbelievable performance and and hopefully that'll continue and this is one thing as far as stretching the field. If you continue to have these kind of big plays -- -- we'd seen. And I trust factor we Kenny stills like Devery Henderson. You know if you looked since he's in the Saints uniform average and about eighteen and a half yards a reception. Now that that's as good as he gets. In the NFL four's big play ability we look right now Kenny stills a wooden nineteen receptions. Big he's averaging 23 yards a reception. That that's about five yards -- better than the best of the best when all's said and done so what he can keep that up and even at times when he's covered you know a quarterback's best friend if you think the receivers gonna go make a play form. And and really it -- like he was open but drew trusted -- -- ball a lot when he made a great he brought to the ball did a great job and incarnate obviously got an insult. He's the Kasey Kahne -- bounding bella being gone to last week's game the Saints had rushed the ball 400 yards this in two -- -- six games other six. Many -- an eighty yard mall they blow it out of the water against Dallas. -- the black and gold back to be able. To continue to run in the high level and get some with substantially yard run over the 49 -- -- was correct. But you know had to run over a sense is going to be successful at and likes if you want to with eight -- close to Mario at the next game right. Then that's ballot count on having to -- 105 yeah I don't get about bat and not so much. How much you rushed fold wean you rush and a game like him right right and then Dowell Orlando is the third down conversion rate from the and nine of twelve -- six at twelve as great an annual real political from the line as some believe that they did Cowboys bottom line there were like the JV team we with the varsity. San Francisco allowing three point nine yards a carry a 105. Point three yards a contest. This season and Bobby this past week you know like -- last night without a coach Peyton. And point he would not often in this league may be ninth absent -- you'll win when you're even an eternal battle and you hold your opponent. 2280 yards total offense the reason why they didn't have and that zero lead is because. Carolina. -- San Francisco to a hundred -- -- the total. Yes it'd be gut it as a learning you look at who's hot and and in the perception about who's had a chance where it was in the NFC obviously into the far not a sea dogs -- you look at Carolina. They -- very similar to me you look at their front seven. How dominant the Jets were I mean just look at the you know everyone thinks Seattle foreigners -- -- as well this critical of the season. Seattle where the Carolina what was that gained twelve to ten. All in Dallas then they go to San Francisco's -- nine is like all old school like a Carolina game Carolina loss on the last play of the game that was it it was that extra play went Russell Wilson you know Buffalo -- an old dog -- all get used to -- you could argue. They should be 810 yeah and -- big the Cowboys Davis. Everybody has to deal would injuries. But I am gonna be objective -- when they're at their best. Still there's that but middle of the pack as far stopping the run. It's so that was outstanding and they given about a 115120. Yards. A game somewhere in in that range. But know that that was something. The one thing it does. It just when you go to meeting rooms and about the practices gives you that's why he gives you that confidence. Revolve it's a line obviously. Omen of some nice holes. Where even if marking Emery into their running backs -- hit the hole hard -- Are playing a lot of passion just because of holes I mean by chance because it got 7080 yards. But if you -- passion and you know you break it tackles and Andy gets everybody Florida in almost kind of like a beast mold when you look at Chris Ivory. Curry a promising. You know Marshawn Lynch where maybe you have the right -- in theory. But now when you break it tackles. And make -- people miss that bit and that is crucial that is critical. You know it's a team's success. And try to keep you know the defense off balance three not just always pass and because wondering does very promising though Mark Ingram not Dominic got an open field and in exactly. A break tackles but he had some nice cuts he showed well nice vision. As far as making people miss. Big business I think his pro football or was it do an outstanding job every down every play well if you look at Ingram before seven missed tackles. On his way to a 145 yards on fourteen carries. So -- so much breaking tackles try to take in the right cuddyer -- -- make him miss those tackles in his first cub neurons were you could -- they warning is as good as the ones later in the ball game. But unique in his first wrong. You could just -- that he used it might mean and I told I -- gaudy ridiculous to do so in motivated yet. Any mean he came out I had an -- -- continue had the lead in Powell because I can tell you at the beginning of the game an adult to show you much is given much is required and expectations. Would this Saints team. They get there a situation. Where the fans actually booed him in the era listen. He dropped a pass right on that drag analysis and if he catches that and he was upset that have been at least I don't know 1520 yard gain if not more. And nine and he was frustrated with the fans the fans let him know it had just because you know that they expect big things -- gets those ball. That that well. You know here's an opportunity nearly all that was -- come across you -- -- caught you know they gonna speculating to all that but a great game very common -- standpoint. But the marketing -- we need him we need him but we need to Pierre Thomas turn around us and there's pros and I tell you this. I still think dope going as the 49ers. Seahawks or whatever. And you got to have luck when -- That we cannot afford Francis like having the Jets game with Sproles got knocked out of the beginning. And the playoff game -- and San Francisco and Pierre got knocked out no those are two guys -- -- because we do offensively and what they bring to the table in the running in the passing game. That we need when you're playing the best of the best in NFC we need Darren Sproles and Pierre that's just a big plus -- -- to be LB for the whole game. WW and use them as for thirty kind of person who's who go to -- -- just in time for the holidays who couldn't use an extra thousand dollars. Weekdays on WWL for -- chances -- at the 1000 dollars every week Dayton nationwide. And now 1000 dollar holiday can't -- listen. We -- right before the -- him who's 8 AM noon 3 PM 6 PM. For the code word -- -- -- words and Internet WW dot com slash players spoke -- on the contest -- It is just as easily in it when you're on the Smartphone or tablet. -- all the computer. You can inner anyway and went from anywhere every weekday for look at this -- nationwide. When a thousand dollars he took a look and remember the times. Listen right before atop the outings at 8 AM noon at 3 PM and 6 PM. On WW go to Ronnie in man to -- Ronnie getting a thank you for -- -- -- big outlook wondered did you -- they -- -- agenda uncertain about your defense and for sure Pociask. Yes and asked that's what they give up on -- that's -- that's eleventh in the Lee. Or. And defense excellent diplomat. Well right and I could tell you one up and running Veronica Ronny look at this. It does is one thing and how do you do against did you say it's a quarterback driven league. -- you do against an eighth against the pass Heidi do against your opponent's quarterback. This is one thing that's very promised him and Rob Ryan and the Saints know look at this a number one. Is that Kansas City Chiefs you know -- -- opponent passer rating is ride at 67 point -- right behind them. Number -- the Seahawks. And number three is the pages -- afford a 49ers were number five we're basically the same. The 49ers defense against opposing quarterbacks have kept that quarterback rating to like 75 the same thing with the -- we've seen how well. In -- saint -- did against Tony Romo. Well if you look at the 49ers defense how well they've played against Cam Newton so it's going to be a big challenge as far as we drew that's why we got a problem. With the running game and not put it all on the shoulders we played a -- or not isn't a Seahawks. Bobby regular -- Fabio orange and -- -- -- open I don't have trouble stopping group. Without a doubt went out -- -- help a little bit but you have brought to litigate it a point where. But we have a bats since a balance where it's not like we not running in the teens anymore Andrew's not throwing the ball fifty times. Rather well and hopefully he has. I think these deep into coaches have -- will be running quarterback who watched a game. The San Francisco Carolina guy. They don't want quarterbacks -- very impressive and that -- Well I tell you make their run it would ends up happening. Is that when they get all this film on you and is good that you can ad lib and make plays a defeat -- even -- -- to read a defense that's what separates. The Tom Brady's Drew Brees is Aaron Rodgers Peyton Manning to the world. Because it's a cat and mouse game mega chess match hot that tag -- demons and how they're covered I got to have a great athletic ability a strong arm and all that. Preempted a -- how to go with the ball that's why I'm telling you don't see that progression. So much of college cabernet and how they've taken it all but can you shoulders and -- -- -- -- more team player. Carolina c'mon you gotta Jonathan Stewart D'Angelo Williams and you got unbelievable defense can you doesn't have to win the game. But Drew -- think -- looks but what he looks down the field because Michael -- didn't run to go away from the field. But the back. Yeah it always does a great job anticipation. And move ended defenders would desires like you said good call Ryan -- ranked thank you to call -- at a causeway and JJ thank you for calling WW. -- -- -- I'll -- watch -- Mark Ingram I want to teach your opinion on a I'll -- -- note it's a limbo years. The date is yet to art object and spiritual level and really deep at linebacker so. I had art somewhat -- Jamont looked extort and and now. Both you and I mean what a lot and now we're really opened it up. Without a doubt -- it's a blind pig the cowboys' pass it was like I'm I'm tonight they were getting blocked. And this is not gonna get seeing him because he was playing a lot of passion they're running hard. But in our running game the reason why visited this is unbelievable. This is from pro football reference it's a web site. And this is suddenly have a leniency in NFL history they say to the first team since 1960. And perhaps ever. To win at least 230. Rushing yards and 380 passing yards in the same game. I mean you it was like get in the Cowboys didn't belong on the field but I'm -- there was holes visit if they have holes like that. Against not on the over the I don't think is gonna happen but it I hope it does but against the 49ers comes Sunday. And as Seattle. And the Carolina we have those kind of holes though I mean we K be stopped yeah it is to be unbelievable. -- I looked a little console pulled back in the day don't know you know it's all Milan and so I wanna talk all day. So I was wondering you know -- and keep it up very. Well he was running hard odd adult one day and yet yet. At times when I've seen Chris Ivory curry promise and even Pierre. I still wanna see Ingram break tackles -- he made took the running has made people miss. But break tackles I'll tell -- the holes were so good this -- no matter 145 yards. He even if he was have stepped in. He -- had 7580. But an outstanding game by Ingram Pierre looked -- and have yards a carry that that is outstanding. Pierre five yards. That this and at all the fans they love to see our running game like that that means winning in the trenches we know we have the quarterback. Just went in the trenches -- we beating anybody San Francisco fought -- out has come to town Sunday to take on the black and gold. And evening magnate Matt barrows fought it out to be right if that Sacramento -- or Jonas in the 5 o'clock after the followed ago. -- -- the -- -- thank you calling WW ago. He expected the -- their Q what Bobby. Seems to me like captain nick San Francisco. Is now being exposed to. He can't make decisions. When he's on the field. Well quarterback. Well you don't like -- what I see about Colin cabernet is that it and he had to get to the point because NFL coverage is so much tighter. That you have to anticipate throws to meet got a strong -- an unbelievable arm. That he almost has to see somebody open and Danny can jam and in their that makes cents. It that the that I I don't see him anticipating throws that. Now. There's an Aaron Brooks I said this before Aaron Brooks had unbelievable arm. Can be wary Hitler he was short side it was that almost yet to see probably regard Jeff -- -- -- guy opened. Dan sort of fallen there almost followed up at times yeah obviously they get it in there but other times they would have success because -- -- anticipate the throw. -- can act that they lied Bobby last week when he played catalog on the end now so. Made the comment that a couple 1098 passes. -- guru -- until last week's game a hundred no arm would either Boldin. All our -- -- tightness in other words this field he won an 02 when the play is called. He'd get a. Well yet all by his -- either try to run make plays and deceit that's why you gotta contain impresses. I look at these the young running running quarterbacks in this it is great that you can be a dual threat quarterback. But show me where you can make plays and in the pocket and distribute the wealth that's what causes opposing -- so coordinators to stay up past midnight. Present so many young quarterbacks and all of -- seven games over. Like you Drew Brees of the world -- -- ten different receivers caught a pass. In nine or eight no just don't see that. That's just so frustrating. Where you don't see a lot of these young guys did truly not understanding. The concept now to come and more experienced. And then who's coaching you I -- I think Brent has vowed to go on well would Ellis and Cam Cameron as made a zag men -- a better quarterback. Simply because of the coaches and so that all cousin the play like you look Mike Shula -- coaching can you wouldn't I think he's made him a more patient quarterback. And get him to where look. Not so much managed a team you could do more than that. But you don't have to put it all upon his shoulders. So I just know where reports are now I have drew. Because no matter what -- defense does that he has time. Now that he's gonna burn their defense not now and so have we cabernet nodding rob Ryan's gonna have something for. Now the key to meet. If if Frank Gore -- us we're not gonna win I actually think now we've lost the 49ers the last two times may Colin -- nick. Contain him now you don't want to get its faith because he can run like a running back. But if you make him have to make pay plays in the passing game how -- coach and has a lot but if Frank Gore gets off against us and has journals. 140 and if you do learn a six yard type games that I'd know then that's QB Colin Cameron league's best friend and -- that that's -- we cannot have. That governor Tommy -- cavern league be. Yeah I don't -- it -- I don't think they ought to get ordered tequila to rush but anyway. -- -- All right -- I can't thank you very much to chuck in Metairie -- thank you for calling WW. PPG Bobbie I don't know if you know it felt like if you want a running back -- draft a running back both -- -- they over the backs quarterbacks. Collins kept it in my opinion is not an elite quarterback on the that your fear will be but I think San Francisco right now -- themselves -- about what Alex Smith ago. Alex Smith was a true quarterback it was and a runner in a quarterback slash arm -- -- running quarterbacks I believe ever survive. Maybe Michael Vick at a pretty good run -- it. Well you know you can't go chuck did say how many running quarterbacks. One is suitable not they've gotten their friend target to any kind of scramble around the -- -- yet and not juggle one a lot of things to run Smart and he has that ability. It is Russell Wilson with the Seahawks. But you look how how they control and and managed him that I that I think. What he does that he he has a purpose when you look in the passing game that he knows where he's gone with the ball is not just like. So athletic that he just extended to play and that's why he had success and that makes it. I think and you know and to me it would come down to is the route to true quarterbacks. They're relying on their accuracy and the main component of their Heatley and yes. Which is would -- what -- Drew Brees are currently easier especially last week laser accurate. Right running quarterback I think little little that little about the translation especially if they're running it corporal McClellan. Much more difficult thrown -- Just don't want the one to me you could throw on the run and that's why -- he's unbelievable and that that you talked a lot eggs quarterbacks and I think they've been objective. That's bloody thing -- Roger as the Soviet. Era rod -- easy -- -- extend plays. How are pretty years on the run it's unbelievable throws and they you know took some some will point out that. You know when he's missing Crabtree now and I understand it but you've had a course of the entire season just about on lease at the bottom half of the season. To try and develop a little pole awesome relationship and I mean in all quarterbacks do it veteran cornerbacks -- new receivers. A new quarterbacks -- veteran receivers and so forth. Out to be in Paris to see. Moving forward because now I was in about a week ago. Crabtree was cleared to -- right so he did get that three week window now. When he does get back if dad has a bad affect on him because of meaning in in the past against president vertical. Last year it was him at Davis that you know anyone making plays but. It is clear there has clearly been a drop off in in common Kapanen from -- to the issue yet and you look the first game Bolden was unbelievable. But the new logo also when they get -- okay what they have to how they have to adjust not always an -- you know it until Crabtree. Goes right because kinda. You know all of a sudden Vernon Davis he's a bite them more involve a -- what he's been more involved so far this season yeah. And then you -- -- they picked up a lot of guys have known him Manny and me to say -- look when entries and speaking of injuries in the day. We talked to a forty -- a guy last night out on the second guessed. Did they knew he was telling me as good as Gholston was last year all pro he said Eric Reed from Ellis who's unbelievable and now I think you'll be out of the concussion this is W did you up.