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11-12 5:20pm Bobby and Deke, SLU Football

Nov 12, 2013|

Bobby and Deke spoke to Southeastern Louisiana University Football Assistant Director, Jay Artigues.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- eleven college football programs in the state of Louisiana have a chance to be 500 all better. This season several have already locked up spots as -- conference championships all four a -- have a conference championship. And no bigger game perhaps in the history of the school and their program takes place in Hammond Saturday at 3 o'clock. As a number of fourteen SE the last entertain numb before and back to back national finalist. Sam Houston State in a huge gain with much more than just -- conference title hopes on the line. A national seed in the post season home dates and they're directed southeast and JR -- Jones -- now. I mean he's got like a big our big time feel I was thinking like that that old -- all right move -- am I bulldogs in the walnut. Water and heights team -- -- this has got the community found out man. Had a big thank them you know that there's excitement right now a lot of good around. Campus you know football not to children installer. You know it's contagious and spread around -- Sampras in the sporting -- Now -- look at net out from an economic standpoint as far as you know everybody has a budget -- know who you schedule. But you know some guys and you go on the road new plane Oklahoma State's of the of the world Arkansas. I Soviet. What does this mean though that have holes of polls seizing game I mean especially -- that the communities all involved is that a money maker or is it really just kind of a break even thing. You know financially. Strictly from a monetary standpoint you don't like a lot of longer -- football games you know got to change it here cherry and what you do to watch -- but to publicly. And the intangibles. -- know what it doesn't promote programming an Italian -- You can't put a price on and that's a big deal and -- -- on. DOT athletic director at southeast in the we have university down in -- perhaps the biggest game in the history their programs Saturday. Winning and attain Sam Houston State with seven last week in who have several spots they're now number four in the new poll. Southeast and is fourteen. Southeast and -- -- in five and though Sam has won -- -- they lost to -- knees earlier. This season -- and -- this program what is it you talk about the high but what does it do for like. Even the community and we noted big dog was in this state but to have everybody in hand and they -- SE and a guy that sometime we take it for granted. -- dad that's what happens all the time that's not what happened -- Are you in his step and swear at him you know so much and that's why it's just exciting you run around and talking more about these flags everywhere. So that you want line nation continue to grow. There -- definite you know women. You can get people out there and put people receipt for the start the book -- every Japanese mixed on right next scrutiny here. Definitely a lot of maybe he would step in when I just. Yet -- you did talk about making recruiting easier you look at that exposure and I always told -- is that boy you look at the proximity. Aware hammonds located the Baton Rouge all of the river parishes and you know not all the the great players are or are good players could. To go to -- -- a -- because there proximity you should be in net in the mix to always get. Players that we all know per capita. You know they NFL players Louisiana produce public Alford. In over a saudis to what he's dealt with the Falcons. Well I just say like it's a great situation at the yelled at to continues to us in recruiting. You know Ellis unions. No question about it -- straight. There's a lot of football players and strangely. And coach rob and steal a great job of reaching out and recruit those people you know and Allen gallery in the country -- -- -- -- consultant to -- -- wanna be reached. They'll put Robert de program be put on -- every day he got some -- that series -- could change up greatly tremendous improvements from Australia this year. In -- saw a lot of plan to keep that going to a our bench goes so it can be pretty close so right now tickets are really golf where it. You know in that respect and -- on the question about what went cooperation now. JOT it's a big one Saturday historic in -- taking him places southeast entertains numb before in the last two years they were in the national championship. Sam Houston State at 3 o'clock kick off from off Michigan alliance sports. -- it Jay thank you so much we -- to look at fall to send me. My -- right all right today Ortiz and Bobby talk about their program I mean you know. They have the young man network as a pre season all big twelve at Kansas he was -- junior college but he transfer to southeast and and once people who follow college football they know who Marcus -- he has Russia man had a job before Marcus scenario Romero beat him out. As Brian Bennett wants -- all pac ten player as a youngster a freshman honest when he was there. And now he was the national player of the week in it Fauria -- -- formulas rushing so he gets a big -- to. Well they got in playing at Holman and and -- should be confident. The reason why I say it is look Lleyton he's -- Sammy and you don't wanna compare but those bodies to put a little overwhelming -- How did you gonna wanna -- so I mean yeah. Yes it is the kind of game you don't get too emotional. Too -- with a new precedent in India have turnovers. Just play your game and playing at home and it really used the crowd to your advantage yeah to be a great opportunity to saudis than. And then all of a Sunday you win UN conference. And then you've posted twelve games and and that's big going already -- -- excellent -- in. And that and I know -- anybody from the -- the -- -- -- -- that caused the court Caldwell and even like eat the amount amount for OP run -- be comfortable or -- that.