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WWL>Topics>>11-12 5:35pm Bobby and Deke, Saints vs 49ers

11-12 5:35pm Bobby and Deke, Saints vs 49ers

Nov 12, 2013|

Bobby and Deke talk Saints vs 49ers with Matt Barrows, 49ers beat writer for the Sacramento Bee.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He -- the 49ers have Ryder. For the Sacramento bee and -- I'm reading just a recent post a couple of hours go by Don banks. A Sports Illustrated his title apiece -- -- and it's struggling to keep pace with -- adjusting defense is is is that. That the problem all of the lack of what we saw from a year go to now meant is it is at the adjusting defense it is immoral cabinet how is it did you -- I think it's a combination of saying that it usually is in those types of cases I think because it definitely are adjusting to him and. Throwing things that he and the -- He's not comfortable with he saw that the Packers go -- a very loose zone defense against and we won in and technical at him apart church. All in more than 400 yards. It's more man to man now. It warmed on top of that and -- -- the even bigger issues -- eight hits and have a lot of weapons on offense. You know he's been without Michael Crabtree obviously Mario Manningham tumultuous season. And then this last game against Carolina. Ernie Davis went out of the game with a concussion in the second quarter. And so that really only lifting Anquan Boldin as saying at the target that you're comfortable where it's. And the. -- of course new Patten rolled their coverage tests Anquan Boldin and down I just think that. It's a case where he just has very very little fire power -- in the passing game at this point in the Indianapolis. Very evident. In that cannot launch of the Panthers. Yeah matting annual academy of until that Panthers game it seemed like the point nine is -- were rolling and -- kind of turned all turned a corner. Considering after that week one you know with a real 49ers teams show up and then. And to -- the formula was c'mon you gotta give a back like Frank Gore yelling appoint him and look in sixteen carries 82 yards and only. A 151 total yards. To me what it forty niners come -- -- downing the Saints. If Frank Gore can run against the Saints and then that'll help Colin Cameron now that the Saints could stop their running game. I think the saint -- discredit. Is obviously again after an opposing quarterback and there you know that pass coverage so. It be a lot of pressure on college have -- but if Frank Gore can run I think that can be a big asset dead to beat the Saints. Yeah absolutely and I think that's been very much going to be -- and -- -- the ball not only. Puts points on the board for you put it -- to pull out of Drew -- is cans which is what are. They're gonna wanna do it and I think that that there is no overstating. Vernon davis' important to this team not only the just want -- not to. A pass catchers that -- -- cap an extra point in the only deep threat on this team. And that I know you guys and a retired and -- -- -- does that put the on on most teams the the tight end is in the guys that. Outlook in recovery and getting 6060 yard touchdown but -- what. Ernie Davis has done routinely for this team and in recent years and he's not there. All the sudden it got nobody. To go down field and I -- that was the case against the Panthers. You know Matt -- everyone's looking. You know to have luck with injuries though when you're trying to win a championship in. And you know who's available who's not available and that'll be innocent. What your take on this you talk about concussions -- -- the -- wait to see if he'll be available he's been outstanding a lot like Eric creed. You know from LSU what he's done with a foreign eyes I even heard. A couple of reporters from San Francisco tell me that Eric greens actually to have in his Gholston. He might be even better but now he's dealing with two concussions that he probably might not be available. But expecting Vernon Davis to be. Yeah that teams -- away it's -- playing. Obviously both of those guys have to go through that. The post concussion protocol won't be until Friday perhaps Saturday before the 49ers. Find out whether. Either of them have taxed. Yeah -- week -- -- are troubling and mean he went out. And actually -- two against Seattle and both of that concussions. He was the one initiating yet. And it just didn't seem to vary -- certainly not the gap the big collision that we're used to seeing in the NFL in. He was knocked out cold and back came in. That seemed to be the scenario in the flash game to just was unconscious for. A few seconds and it's very disturbing to see especially. Knowing what we know now about concussions and the guys had to. In in nineteen. It's you know distressed about it -- very very bright kid I mean. He's Smart enough to be a doctor or lawyer or anything he wants to be light and he just does start to wonder if this continues to happen. Whether it might be more prudent that you know -- didn't -- like. Organized B right after the Sacramento -- Matt barrows met cover and everything you need to Cuba -- match. On Twitter following the 49ers note Matt how can folks volley on Twitter. That pat and make ETB a RR OW that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Manningham play in the game against -- actually started probably. Start down in the world in New Orleans. On Sundays Crabtree probably. Still a couple of weeks away he returned practice last week. I'll -- glowingly about three quarters speed so I think there easing him back into the into conviction. He might be more Utley December. Addiction to the to the starting line. And Matt -- quake all the odds of it you'd think guy and a dozen plays aback at ease them back in the rotation what. -- all about -- -- -- You can be you know is he -- does and played his last game I think he's going to be more. Blake you know 50% 75% of the plays against -- -- to think that they really need is his Patrick's presence against Drew Brees. 49ers beat writer for the Sacramento -- Matt barrows met thank you so much we appreciate. No problem RI.

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