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11-12 5:10pm Bobby and Deke, Saints victory

Nov 12, 2013|

Bobby and Deke talk about the Saints victory over the Cowboys.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number two a sports dog indicate he came in Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. You'll take this hour after the black and go break out six under in 25 yards of total offense. Good balance. Your coach they talk about it would talk about Drew Brees only pants and while little forty attempts in a game it -- Manhattan's. The Saints and only. I mean at just a number we thought about Bobby and that. You know and sometimes you clarity got to go to ball you're 2152 to -- the ballgame if you know what happened but yeah when we rushed the ball when we pass the ball for forty times or in any area. But the reason why -- out. We had eighty plays yes so it almost by chance you gonna throw forty plus army that was apparent ballot yes and beaten this to me though. Showed you did Dominique. Today is a couple NFL record 41 downs and the Cowboys only ran 43 plays. I mean if they were open nine on third down you could see how that all goes in the Saints -- nine at 1235%. If you're 50%. That that's the best in the league and like I wanna sit right now. Third down conversion I think maybe is -- Brock Coles might be altered to Bruce and usually like one year Francis is in nine and one in 92. Even as conservative as our offense was. We led the NFL on third down conversion at 48 and a half. Percent that's always to -- 50% -- out there are so I mean it goes on and on. Oh when you when you look at how the Saints just said dominating you talk about discipline. Well you look at the Cowboys they had eleven penalties. 82 yards and -- won't have anything near a hundred yards are you know denied penalties when they had eleven. Deacon and it was an all. Rolls it wasn't and like a perfect game. Because they gave could have been even worse with a minus 100 turnover ratio it was like -- plus three plus four. Noted defense bull their neck Darren Sproles fumbles on the punt. And -- defense holes on the field goal. And -- just look at what happened. As far as DeMarco Murray what he did in the first half he was gash -- -- yeah the he had eleven carries. And the first half like eighty yards. Well the second half he had nine yards and five cares and they got so far behind you -- we closed out at second quarreling band. Bottles were gonna have got to get a tires on the out of fuel and you know were up fourteen in. All of a sudden we do that we don't set -- that seventeenth and knows how to when he went in with a -- you think he gonna keep pace put us. They call a timeout -- ending a move the ball and on the field. What do we do we've forcing the punt right we have enough time beacon. In all of a sudden now instead of being 21 wanted to have his now 218 to ten I think he kind of felt desperate and -- we've got to pass the ball well. And had to get away from that running game a little bit that considering the success they had in the first half. 2601878668890. Rates in the on the get involved it is just. A time you -- win football interest. Tonight a big matchup is like a network game time is 930. The -- at the lake ticket out don't qualify patriots' fans lost the only -- take outs -- but the night Bobby. One of the most -- Incoming freshman in college basketball history takes to the court in prime time and we get -- and would be the ticket out the first match of his number one and number two. Kentucky image can state the next matchup is in the before and now five Duke in Jabbar talk. But to hyping is all about mental putting greens as a first name and years and you can't -- I'm a freshman. For beat Kansas Jayhawks and I can promise you about -- I don't really watch -- -- -- by the first year right is that I want a game tonight what everybody's is is forgone conclusion can be the number one wherever it was look at the next LeBron -- what that -- -- -- compared him to now that the he has to do I know know what our -- -- give -- who's going to be that Nixon my point is a lot of -- are not grunting because -- -- high ground as young man. Will watch college basketball and in don't really watch in -- -- with what the football season. -- a big union have a chance to really get you know warned about -- alike about the college vast -- had these matchups and you were Kentucky's. And invest definitely different football yet when you dog it is Jana did say that he out here. All the top teams have played each on the right right I mean they have you don't have to wait and then Malick classic biggies Big Ten battle. Ace in the used to be big east and all remain but they all play chart just like and I won in two informed public check out Jabar park for Duke. And Andrew wigs and beloved assignment for us tonight Ledee and has not his old school you got to be probably. Fifty -- -- -- -- well I think the league in that thing Tim Conley. -- actually in Vietnam is a league in the hand is doing and Carol Burnett yet you can everything. It. Isn't the only known as big an off line. You would too young nova that they saw the replays the cameraman yeah and that was good stuff and then eighteen months and every road so when I heard that name league and him -- -- always liked him I was watching a replay that the other night to Dean Martin and -- needs to Russell on man man -- -- -- -- Jackie Gleason. I only Sammy day union's main like they say their tank is it. -- only -- of growth in the but if they if they showed that stuff on TV now Almonte laws that -- Guerrero is not mean ages hit on. So I'm dale thought Daniel Daniel good evening thank you for calling Debbie did you have. I -- I read the Davis he's the Packers released and it really you got that. What do you think about the Saints Butler -- an image and. Now we don't need get a read it as being one -- -- I mean and I'd think one reason why may be. I nominated -- fan from the river Paris when he's a hall of Famer. But I think is not going good in and that in and I'm just speculating here is not going good for detectives right now he could be a cancer in the locker room. Because he commented after the game that they got outplayed and out coached. And -- and it it an anyway any only played twelve snaps here so no -- even Ed Reed last year. You can make plays on the ball but at times he's kind of the weak link and -- ability got to admit fault that time everybody gets old. Yet you -- be -- to gain beat the clock and Daniel yeah doc got a note here and abroad to -- one of our great statisticians on game day. Whoever gets injury will cost him sixty hi -- gain. Yet and yet that that and as it is I don't know relatively decent price they'll get -- yet you know it looks at a point where. You know when you have great player. Like how long do you keep playing that you would be in -- theories say -- the opinion he's so good are like unbelievable -- money. You know so well that -- -- the -- the time but anyway that. That and I got to keep playing to -- -- But then do you wanna go -- and high note but it could have been a higher note than them just winning the Super Bowl in new Marlins. Right up but I still being in he's -- but he's a great day dealing with -- indigent and that ended Texas. Hate him but right religious -- to to be fair nobody knows what goes on behind closed though yeah you know we that we don't know we can look at what somebody makes them that you brought to point today. Mark Brunell he was he was a noticeable you we want to defeat the million dollar quarterback. Yeah yeah exactly aren't -- isn't bad investments saying they were -- Calzaghe just I'm not saying that's the case. But I mean -- you just don't know you don't all I guess a regular guy I don't wanna put up another payday for my family. And things NH ethical and I'll wanna do that but I mean it almost seem like a swan song for in the Ray Lewis took. Two out together winning that's who will hear well and you look at it I -- and -- Carroll. You know a lot like -- agree with the 49ers dealing with a concussion issue of the going to be available. They have a but I thought look at it this safety it was nine -- Raphael bush played a whole lot better get the Cowboys in the game getting as the Jets as far as angles he has -- -- not all of a sudden we have guys that -- -- at a high level. And now you look at Malcolm Jenkins when is he gonna come back I still think. Roman Harper has something left and hang out and about advantage of it this year I think he will help contribute via the venue you look at -- Raphael bush Cheney but Carroll. And know how he. It's getting to the point now whereas you know on them on the banking and it is you do and you get into the post season and I -- -- look at falling -- but. They Roman is innate in you get in a key series in -- make the -- with all the field. As being yet that I'm and -- and it's big when you look back on the body of work of an entire season. It's things like that. Things like that this -- ladies -- have not been and by not even close the weakling about -- and all the events we get after a pass and we've been outstanding pass defense wanted to negotiate makes it coaching Keenan Lewis. In order additions. Though the linebacker play a title at double report really poured the Jets. Bad angles missed tackles one thing on the court -- -- we have not miss tackles compared to last year and as being critical but a bad read -- -- was so. And demand. Would you think maybe Amanda the Ravens this old he would bring him back at the end of the eleven college football programs in the state Louis. Deanna have a chance to be 500 all better. This season's similar -- and locked up spots as far as conference championships all four a share of the conference Jamie -- And no bigger game perhaps in the history of this coup and a program takes place in Hammond Saturday 3 o'clock. As a number of fourteen SE the last entertain numb before and back to back national finalist. Sam Houston State in a huge gain with much more than just -- conference title hopes on the line a national seed in the post season home dates. And they're directed southeast and they -- -- Jones has now. I mean he's got like a big -- big time feel I was thinking like that that -- will be all right move -- am I bulldogs in the walnut. Water and heights team -- -- this has got the community found -- man. -- big thank them real well in the players' excitement right now a lot of around him around campus you know football look to children start. You know it's contagious and spread around out here professional sport as well. Now -- look at net out from an economic standpoint as far as you know everybody has a budget in who you schedule. You know some guys and you go on the road new plane Oklahoma State -- of the of the world Arkansas. -- Soviet. What does this mean though that holds a polls seizing game I mean especially -- that the communities all involved is that a money maker or is it really just kind of a break even thing. You know financially. Strictly from a monetary standpoint -- like a lot of long -- football and you know actually I hear cherry and what you do to watch it but to publicly. And the intangibles. You know what it doesn't promote programming Italian -- -- can't put a price on a -- Indian can't put pressure on. DR -- athletic director at southeast in the we have university down in him perhaps the biggest game of -- through their program Saturday. Winning and attain Sam Houston State with seven last week to move of several spot that now number four in the new -- Southeast and is fourteen. -- and 82 in five and though Sam has won -- slaw they lost them in these earlier. This season -- and -- this program what is it you talk about the high but what does it do for like. Even the community and we -- a big dog was in this state but to have everybody in -- they can SE and a guy that sometime we take it for granted. Dad dad that's what happens all the time that's not what happened -- Are you I mean -- -- and squared him you know so much and that's why it just excite you on the outside and start Seymour felt -- Wagner worked. -- that you want your -- nation continue to grow. An indefinite you know women that can get people out there and put people receipt -- -- the book by Japanese and next on right next recruit me here. Definitely -- -- maybe -- step and we can. Yet -- you did talk about making recruiting easier you look at that exposure and I always told. Aware hammonds located the Baton -- all of the river parishes and you know not all the the great players are or are good players could. To go to LSU. But because their proximity you should be in net in the mix to always get. Players are we on the Oprah -- You know they NFL players Louisiana produce and look Alford. In over a saudis to what he's dealt with the Falcons. Well I just say like it's a great situation at the yelled -- to continues to us in recruiting. -- Ellis union is no question about it king -- straight. There's a lot of -- so bought us the story in this region and coach rob in the step and a great job of reaching out. And recruit those people you know and now you're worried in the country it's -- you -- -- -- into -- -- wanna -- at least. You know could Robert -- program put on -- every day he got some of those series that could change in the great -- and tremendous improvements not choose this year. There are a lot of play -- that -- -- very shallow so it can be pretty close so right now tickets are really don't -- You know in that respect and -- on the question -- so -- cooperation now. JOT it's a big one Saturday historic -- taking place is southeast entertains number four in the last two years they were in the national championship. Sam Houston State at 3 o'clock kick off from off Michigan alliance sports. Got and it Jay thank you so much we are looking forward to Saturday. I got it all right all right to Ortiz and Bobby talk about their program I mean you know. They have the young man network as a pre season all big twelve at Kansas he was -- junior college -- the transfer to southeast and and once people who follow college football they know who Marcus Mary noting he has rush young man had a job before Marcus scenario Romero beat him out. As Brian Bennett once -- all pac ten player as a youngster a freshman honest when he was there. And now he was the national player of the week in it Fauria -- it formulas rushing so that's a big -- to. Well they got and playing at Holman and and should be confident. The reason why I say it is look my -- -- Sammy and you don't wanna compare but saudis to put a little overwhelming -- -- media -- -- -- -- so I mean yeah. Yes it is the kind of game you don't get too emotional. Too high with a new precedent in India have turnovers. Just play your game and playing at home and it really use the crowd to your advantage yeah to be a great opportunity to solve these than. And then all of a Sunday you win UN conference. And then -- -- well -- and and and that's. Legal I already in his excellent news in the and that and I know won't anybody from the Bible says in Iowa -- that caused the court Caldwell. Even like eat the amount -- not -- people out the jump or -- at if they decide to continue to have success rushing the football this week against the eleventh. Best rushing defense in the NFL salmon sisco on and it gives a 105 point three yards a game. Three point nine yards -- -- you nobody's going to really get under five -- I guarantee will be running our date three point nine yards but here again as enthusiastic as an IV it's got basically four yards absolutely and and and out the now he's still the turnovers always come in the play a bit -- we can do that we'll keep that 49ers -- -- -- kind of -- John John thank you for calling WWL. Yeah so -- -- Charles Brown what do more so yeah where would have been -- percent. We have a plan that would have been trying to Ingram or appear and pat field with drew on net on. Elegiac note it but he is held there -- not and is the DeMarcus Ware appeared to -- and I'm not saying at least 50% 7080% whatever. He's still as good as the number of players and a 100%. Though when you have a great pass rushers. They always have a scheme. If you look at into the guys the -- isolate on Charles Brown or I don't know how much for it's it's all -- -- the great the great pass pressure. With the 49ers who's capable. Not just got a rehab we've probably played his first game against Carolina and the LE twelve snaps. That that they guy can a 1415. Sacks -- season where realistically you gotta help out Charles brown and what they do John. Is what they call it he'd like double team and and you release are chipped from like the tight end. You know Charles Brown knows he's haven't help. So what do helps coming from where it's a running back chip bottom or. A New York tight -- -- -- -- Jimmy Graham Rainier the -- into four big loud in the pattern. They help but then -- -- Charles broadly got to play Smart -- Listen against the markets where are all but cement. If you him by himself though he's gonna get beat so yeah to keep the great pass rushes off balance and would you do and you can help them get their head on a swivel. That being the pass rush is what they always look at not only had to tackle with the look and who else might be coming gimmick kidney shot. He got a hit mob in the side also and they get their hands down but you can't slowed down. Dominant pass rush within that's who you -- -- saying you have to double team now. When you look at great pass rushing teams like a look in the passing and had Reggie White Eagles -- Clyde Simmons Jerome brought to K double team every one. So then that day expecting defensively who's ever has the -- once singled and they have to win. So and as the cat miles game this play when you could see how you set up protections but even DeMarcus -- 100%. Court scream when I had sending for him and do what utilized the running backs and -- tied instead. Bob Charles Brown if the Saints dome patrol with the greatest so I'm back with about it and never won a playoff game in net front and also it says Joan -- -- Was the greatest. Defense affront to never get to a -- all over what went out went out and I mean they they want on believe what those eight equals. Matt barrows joins us now he covers the 49ers have Ryder. For the Sacramento bee in -- I'm reading just a recent post a couple of hours go by Don banks. A Sports Illustrated his title apiece -- -- and it's struggling to keep pace with -- adjusting defense is is is that. That the problem all of the lack of what we saw from a year go to now meant is it is at the adjusting defense it is immoral can't predict how is it did you see. I think it's a combination of saying that it usually is in those those types of cases my I think because it definitely are adjusting to him and. Throwing things at him that he's. He's not comfortable with and I saw that the Packers go at a very loose zone defense against and we won in and technical at him apart church. All in more than four yards. It's more man to man now. It warmed on top of that and what I think is be even bigger issues that he shouldn't have a lot of weapons on offense. You know he's been without Michael Crabtree obviously Mario Manningham tumultuous season. And then this last game against Carolina. Ernie Davis went out of the game with a concussion in the second quarter. And so that really only lifting on Bolden has a at the target that you're comfortable where it's. And. On the -- of course new Patten rolled their coverage tests Anquan Boldin and down I just think that. It's a case where he just has very very little fire power -- in the passing game at this point in the Indianapolis. Very evident. In that cannot launch of the Panthers. Yeah matting annual academy of until that Panthers game it seemed like the point nine as the -- -- were rolling and -- kind of turned all turned a corner. Considering after that week one you know with a real 49ers teams show up and then. And to -- the formula was c'mon you gotta give a back like Frank Gore yelling appoint him and look in sixteen carries 82 yards and only. A 151 total yards. To me what it forty niners come and -- downing the Saints. If Frank Gore can run against the Saints and then that'll help Colin Cameron now that the Saints could stop their running game. I think the saint -- discredit. Is obviously again after an opposing quarterback and there you know that pass coverage so. It be a lot of pressure on college have earning but if Frank Gore can run I think that can be a big asset dead to beat the Saints. Yeah absolutely and I think that's been very much going to be -- am not running the ball not only. Puts points on the board for you put it -- to pull out of Drew -- is cans which is what are. They're gonna wanna do it and I think that that there's no overstating. Vernon davis' important to this team not only the just -- not to. A pass catchers that come on cap an extra point in the only deep threat on this team. And that I know you guys and a retired and ranging grant does that put the on on most teams the the tight end is in the guys that. Outlook in recovery and getting 6060 yard touchdown but -- what. Ernie Davis has done routinely for this team and in recent years and he's not there. And all the sudden it got nobody. To go down field and and that was the case. Against the Panthers. You know Matt -- everyone's looking. You know to have luck with injuries though when you're trying to win a championship in. And you know who's available who's not available and that'll be innocent. What your take on this you talk about concussions -- -- -- the Carroll will wait to see if he'll be available he's been outstanding a lot like Eric creed. You know from LSU what he's done with a foreign eyes I even heard. A couple of reporters from San Francisco tell me that Eric greens actually to have in his Gholston. He might be even better but now he's dealing with two concussions that he probably might not be available. But expecting Vernon Davis to be. Yeah that teams -- away it's it playing. Obviously both of those guys have to go through that. The post concussion protocol won't be until Friday perhaps Saturday before the 49ers. Find out whether. Either of them have taxed. Yeah -- week -- -- are troubling and mean he went out. And actually we two against Seattle and both of that concussions. He was the one initiating yet. And it just didn't seem to vary -- certainly not the gap the big collision that we're used to seeing in the NFL in. He was knocked out cold and back came in. That seemed to be the scenario this flash game to just was unconscious for. A few seconds and it's very disturbing to see especially. Knowing what we know now about concussions and the guys had to. In in nineteen. It's you know distressed about it -- very very bright kid I mean. He's Smart enough to be a doctor or lawyer or anything he wants to be light and he just does start to wonder if this continues to happen. Whether it might be more prudent to that you know -- different -- life. 49ers beat writer for the Sacramento -- Matt barrows met cover and everything you need to Cuba -- match. On Twitter follow in the 49ers -- Matt how can folks volley on Twitter. -- that -- pat and make ETB a RR OWS. Amanda -- break that we know it's the -- being banged -- Crabtree Manningham -- situation with those guys currently. -- Game against -- actually started probably start down in the world in New Orleans. On Sundays Crabtree probably. Still a couple of weeks away he returned practice last week. I'll -- glowingly about three quarters speed so I think there easing him back into the into conviction. He might be more Utley December. Addiction to the to the starting line. And Matt right quick all the odds of it you'd think guy and a dozen plays aback at ease them back in the rotation or what. Terps were correct for all the -- that. -- -- You can be you know he -- and played his last game I think he's going to be more. Blake you know 50% technique hyper and plays. Again I get to think that they really need is his test track presidents against Drew Brees. Florida has beat writer for the Sacramento -- Matt barrows met thank you so much we appreciate. RI to the phone to -- -- B thank you for calling WWL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know no disrespect -- look I'm I'm Corey did it. He committed you know they had agreed Kane pretty good attitude come from an offensive line blocking -- seldom talks are -- And -- out in being able. The definitive guide reputable because okay -- hasn't shown himself to be a great. Tackle break there right right great in that he did because that ended with a vision so anybody. Keeping it didn't -- it yet. Yeah he was going on inside you he wasn't dance and he was in any game he was running well a lot of passion. It is so so we got the appointment with the Dallas defense you know it's important is like not being ranked something like maybe 22. If that it was in the league Indian Indian overall defense and that's the program and it is in the running style stuff for defense so -- you know. I wanted to do anything going to continue to do it I continue to be consistent with it and -- didn't really but I would still like to see timing route I think that they. -- -- -- -- -- We may have been seen -- touchdown. I know -- heater broke long runs not think he'd probably have won eighty to 200 -- but you know it's like -- you look at it. Though is so bad in Dallas so it isn't all that it could annoy a their total because they -- one before last a total well before I -- -- -- pass. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah Brittany from the media that we can about the you know as these and any of these and everything worked out looking to depend scheme Republicans -- and that's one thing. But right now we're -- to the streak is the right. Relationships establish -- for me kind of the split between him and because we reach and his sister and things you do that in England -- -- -- -- I would not disrupt anything because I'd go do physically that he can afford it right now. Rugby good point thank you so much for the call on -- right it's time now negated a code word game the 1000 dollar holiday and is contests. The car work this -- is. Taxes. The coordinators now is taxes DAX EST. Eight XE as in an echo worded WW dot com slash cast. -- contest link on our website for your chance to win 1000 dollars nationwide. It's just that somebody you know what -- at the office computer serving at home on your Smartphone or tablet you can win anywhere. There's -- but the -- go word tomorrow right over the top of the out news at 8 AM good luck from Smart radio intercom and WW.