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11-12 6:35pm Bobby and Deke, Pelicans vs. Lakers

Nov 12, 2013|

Bobby and Deke talk Pelicans vs. Lakers with Dave McMenamin who covers the Lakers for ESPNLA.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tonight. New Orleans pelicans right Staples Center taking on the the Los Angeles Lakers here covering the Los Angeles Lakers Dave McNamee in the ESPN LA dot com Dave. Good they had you're on the program again in. Man I was watching that our opening game of the season. The Lakers in the club as -- it would it was entertaining have watched more basketball at this stage earlier. And I probably have a long time I was like man you know in 81 more games left on the will always make it too much and his -- This one game I mean what did Sammy will what do people think about the Lakers right now. Bought currently 76 bench points -- that opening. But it but impressive but not -- and I think coming back. Doubt there are a bit there -- realized that they don't really have one player in -- out they rely. Kobe Bryant in knack for the reds that you are now. -- -- -- It would all be all about how the ball but -- Our. Call out of that or are you out. How that -- That you're last year it. Out the year got. -- in the off these so I think. That's the bit of their then you probably don't know who their leader is right now who the leader production is right now. And then beyond that or they'll that a pretty aptly there -- shootaround that we get out for the -- but it broke. Out. They're report the Clippers or. Rocket powered. But everybody out. It away you know without the proper. Or -- energy. And -- would you look at their boat got blown out in last week about what you talk -- Yet Gator nationals to bring you look at the Lakers they had won eleven consecutive regular season games against New Orleans going back in 092010. Season. And you talking about effort and hustle. I was reading -- that that that kind of delegate then outscored the Lakers 22 -- five. In transition points. So just -- -- getting back on defense and then you look. You bring up August Solomon Anthony Davis career high 32 points. And also a career high six blocks against the Lakers. So -- -- Paul Gasol ought to -- to win big only consistently. -- the -- -- seeking is to be another player. Absolutely. You know yeah the winning streak you know out and that -- -- -- war those few game winning streak etiquette that doubles. And you thought about what that meant the right. Aboard the first quarter. Well I think it's largely an effort thing right now. I think it's partially. -- -- out to be in the players you partially. On the court that -- like it sorted it determined applying for a so that you guys kind of know what -- deal with that is that now. And I think from there they can try to disseminate. Pecking order and who could be the chill out there. It is you know quite frankly you know right now a guy goes from starting one night like all the next at bat which all of -- Well you know I don't very Eric the -- -- for that figure out there -- -- need to be able before in the pot but it will. They -- management ESPN Los Angeles is what is the pelicans and the Lakers to 9930 -- -- here all 1053 FEM WWL. Dave. Anthony Davis. He's -- league but now let's say he comes up with a similar performance tonight. It Staples Center this sub about the LA crowd the fans and you know. And all this -- and dammit tweak it takes in everything instantaneously. It's the word amount Michael Michael Jordan showed up at Boston garden and in -- grant gone LeBron and all the other greats. If Andy Davis has -- before performance night in LA and that market. To me you will be mad if that a lot more because the way it is it -- take anything away from what he did in New Orleans but he does that out there. Coming QB the -- of the league for at least one full 48 hours. Yeah I think they're right there's a catch a new. Doing it at Staples Center. Get dutifully period -- -- -- insanity here in a couple of years ago. Got hit a fever pitch when he had that great all the -- at bat for our youth that very thing that Serena. But it immediate durable and that gave you an idea I applaud that I think you. Were the first player in league history are suited for that three wood -- -- and keep a lot of both these. With fifteen plot point and -- -- -- for each of the first eight. David is -- that that that company. And guys you know people were -- at Barton talk about a you talk about or after the game at the Lakers. Public doesn't know a single bit -- -- now I've been made about what the Lakers have available to him after these years basically they have a blank check. Keep Kobe may be days whenever they wanna do but the word is -- that may be one ought to. Max gas along with the Kobe Bryant would what are you expecting is this more like OK it's not just can be. Plugging in two -- as this offseason is we'll take a little time do the lake has once again. Did get big superstar like if you spoke to him able to do. That it got to take a little bit. -- time and I think if Marty started quick on the ad is bad at public doubt year. I think that that's so we just about next summer in the street and people -- The broad being potentially Carmelo at -- if they opt out of the deal but more so next summer in the summer that and then you talk about guys raced out brought it up market. Kevin Love will be coming out. That I think it is bigger. -- strategy there. Man they're not I've always thought I think he was a UCLA I always call it. He he would be a superstar with him -- he's just he's just a natural -- from west would. To you know ease the eagle -- but Westwood took to stay close and I just think he is good -- a player he is. My mini mall people would know who came in obvious if he was an apartment go. I think you're very right there today it would not surprise me at all if he -- -- but the purple golden bat beat you -- the way to go to cable is. Well we -- contract extension. You know he wanted five years he would have been there for five years in -- -- well do it. The only operative for it and kept well countered you know that you know I don't need -- remember about it here so. I think it very struck pot -- that you would end up. Absolutely. Don't want. Dave I've talked about Paul Gasol but when you look at whether Iraq right now as a team. Steve Blake averaging fifteen and a half points a game basically shooting well from the three point range. But Steve Nash oldest player in the league at 39 is the old 39 and what's his status is of the Maryland. All thirty and fortunately. The guy who. -- that popular teammate period on the east that are worker very. You know he really had not been the same player ever since he hurt in what she did. That second game last evening against Portland did you get 32 games here yesterday at the -- that doing. -- -- route. Irritation -- -- -- -- bearden nerves were there have been all that but I'd love and well below to read what he dodged a lot of it. Well it about it and you know even though -- -- -- at minimum two week the outlook it's about a year. All the way there are injury age thought about being linger yet again. Or. Probably. Yeah about pregnancy in yet to get a comparable not the Beijing to try to lead -- pain he'd experience. Dave we were talking and I've not not often in these -- it's his football coach who would pay attention to. College basketball but tonight number one and number two in the in number four number five Jabari Parker mean if you might -- to -- shooting college basketball. In Baghdad it's being hailed the closest thing to LeBron James. Let's say Andrew Wiggins does turn out to be dead -- easy to make us beat him being a part of what they don't over the course of the next few seasons. Fire I think every Laker fan would -- yeah but waited a while -- at it every -- And you know I think right now -- -- make it via special couple Parker's. First in on television and had you looked fantastic. I think this draft there's there's 45. Game changes that it Julian from Kentucky ended Barca are at our local state. Of these although I advocate that it could be but you can go to -- now. The Lakers Gordon Bennett. That that they are they -- the tank but. You know I think there is this scenario where if this thing that war and the -- the -- you -- -- games so. And they've -- in but the quarter mark conceded ten games on the 500. Well that probably the best way of future will be the double there. Vocal we take your outlook that. Rehab and. Start planning for that 2014 drop beyond they -- -- -- drop kicked it back. Dave how can folks followed you on Twitter. It Butler -- the -- and see he yeah and yeah you know. Couple couple. Dave magnanimous and one of the best in the game today come in the lake it's on ESPN LA dot com Dave thank you so much -- -- -- we appreciated things they've. -- --