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11-12 6:10pm Bobby and Deke, Saints victory

Nov 12, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our number three of sports -- to -- came Bobby bare. -- big -- to be coming up after the bombing our news covering the LA Lakers for ESP in Los Angeles. Dave McManaman -- to talk about. The Lakers hosting the New Orleans pelicans tonight in at 7 o'clock now we will go around the National Football League operated jaguar -- -- Well the black and go continue to run the ball at a high level this week against the San Francisco 49ers San Francisco. A -- in the league against the run averaging a 105 point three yards. Up game allowed. And they gave up three point nine yards per rushing things. All of that is the theme of stone cold the ball flat they claim that you say well Friday Bobby. Wrestle mania tickets go on sale for wrestle mania is Clement -- long I'm taking I think is the hot hand as well bring a -- in my view seating. We get the super bowl of wrestling team in this spring. And it and as we say to compete with them all be with a decreased over. Will be interest -- And you be yelling he's seeing each I'm not a thing -- -- -- -- that you know and every every got to tighten up yeah. You -- -- beat you do what I -- -- yet PGA. -- -- -- then it's going to be -- on all. But we are certainly glad to have wrestle mania in -- on -- someone ticks that's. Yes areas as a special meet prix champion square in his resale to go on Friday evening. For wrestle mania this spring in new. And -- and to show you. I'll humbling NFL. That you know and it's amazing when you play at the highest level like did you breezes Tom Brady's Peyton -- and rot on the world. You know is that it of the world of the world when you look at Tony Romo and Colin -- how -- on that role -- The you know how we -- the Cowboys behind we could beat Carolina as befits. What they did their 49ers offense. Me cabernet is where is game of his career. He got sacked six times. And he could scramble you -- all know he can run -- goes to show you that that ball has the -- quick you have to know where to -- where article of the football. He completed just twelve what not into eleven of 22 passes. Even reach it 91 yards and I -- Carolina's defense is awesome but the eating in pass 400 yards and a career low 91 yards and in a session is passer rating was only 42. You know we used to Drew Brees being all around a hundred reduce the department is operated just had 151. Yards nine. 41 down that campers downs. Only 101 downs they usually has more him -- made it -- -- I'm just a quarterback driven league I think it's accommodation and our -- defense has given up -- -- -- eight points a -- you have not they'll score and even -- I'm just -- on defense I've used those you don't have success moving the ball while the Cowboys were all for nine on third down. With the 49ers with two of thirteen. On third down conversions they're big play was. -- his game is Frank Gore on a seventeen yard run. When may -- -- got dead ball on a turnover. And -- like first into Hannah I'm looking at the plate off -- -- league. And they got should -- -- again 38 bailout -- awful like it will go for it and try to prom -- -- -- the -- to -- -- and zero. -- -- As much as some confidence builder. That's a confident shake out there right cause you to take advantage to a not that hurdle of the defense you know you got him back Tony -- that you can't give the green. Yeah that's why didn't -- -- a -- you got to work with. That's why look up big time our defense came up with Darren Sproles fumbled the ball yes and also an innocent and we got to be on the plus side it also an odd defense Bulls their neck -- even right after the onside kick. Yeah now yeah and now bought actually -- -- and like the old can't join he came RB that an onside kick. And yet you look at that -- keeping momentum changes at all. -- that gives you team a lot of comments all of a sudden you think it -- I know we'd lose the momentum with the new defense comes a Big Three straight plays. In that happen after Sproles on one minute psychic where Cowboys get nothing. Not to beat -- minimal because we guarded and that I like being but I mean you always a little. Where Dallas Spain's. Because at some point the conversation when someone's going in that we gaffe -- solo rings. I mean you know Dallas -- that we have recognized tonight where you know how many you really have activity going into that organization. Have one of those -- in BJ Jones summit and -- them with some people die in office for a long time no players. No player. Well -- -- -- and -- -- the -- look will get -- in you know follow football but that they have. You know young kids that might be you know college age and a young twenties. And if you look like I said -- -- The thing the Cowboys have played fourteen times and the things that one -- bit to saint urges better. In Dallas right now whatever department lately that that's that is the way it is now what Jerry Jones. And and boy I like this warning being a robber line. How he Q8. The Cowboys behind his scheme. His players who beat him in every area but for rob Bryan. All of a -- to be used as a scapegoat. But the Cowboys -- because they're defense is doing good last year -- they got everybody hurt. You know here's the thing you know -- -- the other youth and the injury thing as an excuse but here's the -- come and no disrespect hale has me. How could keep paying him money if he can bad -- analysts -- the -- line. He could barely move. Hockney that -- mean I'm not a Mano with the mind blowing towards Jerry Jones to hire him because that would be government lately is -- in the game. Asked that usually you know his receivers coach is. Only. And at US led Tennessee eight charitable. He went he Amy giving him he can't. Atypical bulk he won't technically no state schools heated embrace -- And he go to Tennessee alumni and B he's at their program back bank that would jones' name and now -- land only speak -- The system says -- was with begin to change the brunt of somebody altitude it may. -- -- people. All their ability as a -- -- a -- They -- do to go to a bit Brian. -- -- what you think -- -- take from there do men and the Eagles they may even go to Jazz over -- and did you leave me alone and has five is that how many routes human and you know exactly. I just don't understand that but anyway Dallas got down problems -- and off the beaten him a it's going to go to the -- on line one -- thank you for calling WW -- Did you know that all of -- view and I -- -- southern cal was -- any of the pot of the you know did you know that. Yes it was while he's a -- Agassi who haven't the both of them. All the familiar cool mil one million that. And it it can sustain. Against or. That -- Ever look like the Cowboys defense team did not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you're a coach -- it. He's a coach to wind that you chip -- in that football ought to win the NFL and think about them. To me as almost like a loaded question because you you can look at it from two -- -- -- -- that a margin of error in college is much -- But because you know I mean you won game could call should I mean look at -- I mean they marijuana -- team the last two years somewhat loss programs. Give -- that insane ball out there and headlock and I want and are again done in the pros I mean you come out. You can be in that has limited look at the Giants -- -- out -- guys they could call them but with that being said I think is gonna help more teams. We have a a -- -- margin for error. 'cause you start -- play else Arizona with the Super Bowl will will win the day you're out there and they -- there's also let's say you that that fourth team. Yeah in the come next year of college football playoff so I think when it opens up to maybe eighteen teach him. You'd be less difficult I don't see it being any any less difficult will win a four team playoff I really don't. It -- eighteen in the ninth and -- -- going to be -- yeah I got out. Well able. For. A yeah zone immediately you know Bob and I. Was not thinking that book it'll take one more week and get everybody. If you win a cup that you get to play that first game a couple of games at all but. And is that our technical also. You have Ellis shoot position now where you grow from it. I think that if Belichick wins. The Alabama game all the problems but -- in the problem yet and that could have easily won the game Europe you know. They might be NBA DJ did beating them so that -- -- -- I think in and we all noticed speculation. I don't know what would you thought would expect is I thought -- day one. -- games this year that'd be a great season I think there and posting yet -- and how they get nine wins that that that -- -- they'd be all on -- is not yet that that that's a good season that you let the blues stadium and only get to eight wins -- know you have a lot of. You will play you know -- -- is -- thing known last season he got decent all Willis UN ten games. And you say okay. What is sixth in a cop a six teams winning in the nice -- to go to that three you could be managed three in the fifth. In your division or because all missed got a tiebreaker that's what they are right now they're fifth in the SEC -- Like. I don't know if you know about the that was -- No disgrace even -- in -- out but -- -- out like he would be it on the bank when you hit it. Well well look PG you know if you football fan to me. That's the game to go to you what it did Kaman yeah that I mean I think even north Alabama I don't -- in the pro game I'd be shocked if his not so -- assess -- this is one difference between this year and last year. Regardless -- you wanted to be Alabama but you've got a big time. Home game. With what the most. -- -- -- gas as must see TV but hey I've got out Rihanna gets up plus they'll issue -- about it now what the result is what awaits the I'm -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the now if you want a party on my schedule a game for a full 41 -- our next now it's NFL talk as we go around the National Football League ball but that's a big as we -- quotes are big matchup. The Saints and -- and showdown in the UNC west. Once beaten him. An undefeated Cain -- Talk about all the match up next our round and that's go to by -- ball on line to thank you for calling WW. Hey guys -- -- in an -- out here. In nine territory it -- horrible and yet. Be 108. But. While you are equally here. You know I didn't -- back with him or. And and usually even against that. I remember back in the day. How. Old will hurt a ball the Atlanta now. That ball -- it would sit there and go. -- -- as we were in the same division. Yeah and then -- wish -- out of that get fitted right yeah yeah I've. I don't understand. What I'm not understanding. Argued that Eli laid down and yeah okay you wanna know why has a -- the Cowboys have become Robert for the Saints you could tell you -- Okay they have people who's lived in Louisiana. Texas is right there next door neighbor. Okay and I -- say Erie street -- -- those reporters closer to Dallas in New Orleans but -- we Siena. And you never had Saints -- reporters by about 20% knowledge still about a probably a 5050 deal maybe 60% Saints because they wanna be associated with a winner. So I think that's all -- that comes about. Why because. All of a sudden the Cowboys explained himself as America's team you know and dollars and that but to me I don't mind. Given the Cowboys credit for America's team -- you got to win some. Well and it images CT it's -- among all the things yes because. Dallas in their heyday. Two of the five Super Bowl they want into walks right and -- let's face it isn't like -- -- and it takes a lot of dialogue lot of cowboy fans in the when the Eagles who sumo. -- Europe and that this past year. You may not been afforded me and I've been -- rain in Spain but also both Sunday -- go gravitate toward one team right yet it was -- -- W well you know hate went down as a zero against Miami -- he gains gamba. I would think a majority of people in these par today tan. Flock toward Dallas and a big fame Bates hit a follow on they were popular. And it anymore they weren't -- so we're both they would lose -- on and off to Baltimore in what in the Manning once the ball. They lost -- in thirteen is -- -- they lost two in Florida they want to a New Orleans to a Miami loss Tuesday with team in thirteen. And they won the one he was at six and eight -- -- -- was in the wallet and a first I want in the superdome. Was in the seventies and when he beat Craig Morton and dammit voice of the team so that Dallas has a strong presence. In new -- now it's completely different because the new era fans of Dallas. Are kind of like they don't know that all the fans on the -- has -- to appreciate Tom Landry and as it lecturing. Yet and I think a lot of the all the fans how the Cowboys -- foundation and all that dead -- begun Nomar Graham all my dad's mom boy even consider the matter -- Tom Landry. I'm like I'm glad I got my new deal with two things I follow when I think that that with three things Dallas can doubles. Tom Landry Roger's style box and the Dallas cowboy to -- -- -- up on jamming all those of the symbols now. I'm able butch Johnson doing the good arms and you know my record in -- of course like you say dandy Don. Which he was good but he -- -- -- in the Ohman and -- right now that he was saying any battle Alco sale. But to -- there one of those teams that you love them or you hate him. But everybody knows the deal yet and not in the worldwide and they all over nets are not going to -- Google lecturing him. About four years ago there was -- lay out in the Wall Street Journal. In Peabody is just like Pete while the Colts and AFC's. Looking -- to -- why is Dallas Texas in the AFC east. There -- nothing east about Texas. It's in the west. Wasting away -- out west it's a west is not not in the east takes strain but business. Structure. Fought hard to get in that market. The adelphia. New York in media and he branded Nextel. In Nocioni news and eat it and now that that's why Dallas became universe and that is -- big you throw and an -- capital the Redskins. So I mean comment after I want to be in an amicable. That's right you can't you had around like Cowboys and in the injury it's the -- -- -- balls and a giant to cap mean it Robert Wood Everett. I mean they do it in it it's 11 that team comes to everybody's stadium. They gonna show Wales is going to be a lot there was a lot Cowboys fans. A lot of fans. On balance and and day from here and instead of being. Humble. When Jimmie Johnson Al came about. Is when all of a sudden Troy Aikman on they would team in ninety's it will win especially organized at midnight. It has been Jimmie Johnson in oh that's fascinated to in the post game how bout them Cowboys. You know how quickly yet hit a homicide yet how bout them cow. I think today two things of forward go to new music takes him out of the -- a Cowboys fan until Jerry -- 9810. Yeah let the business is business. That could have been hands a little bit get more delicate. The way too -- what especially timely and wood are on the right moment when he gave their franchise in Manhattan -- if adored me now Tom Landry is Dallas. I could ever imagine Alabama treating Bear Bryant like that the way out though that he had -- that and -- the worse in and probably history as sports net with Tom agreement and a -- -- -- Jerricho handing and the and of course the two things that bounced on. Herschel Walker trade. And he made a wrong decision he needs Jimmie Johnson Malone contributed went 56 in this -- how good the goblins were they and when they get ready Jimmie Johnson. Barry Switzer. And coach one -- you assume global he said yeah it does get on the way Jerry Jones. The ninth. New Orleans pelicans right Staples Center taking on. The Los Angeles Lakers here covering the Los Angeles Lakers they McManaman ESPN LA dot com Dave good they had you're on the program again in. Man I was watching that our opening game of the season. The Lakers in the club as an it would it was entertaining I've watched more basketball -- -- states earlier. And I probably have a long time I was like you know in 81 more games left on the well we'll always make it too much and -- walked. This one gain them he would get -- -- what are people thinking about the Lakers right now. But -- 76 bench points and a opening. A -- of that oppressive but not -- irritable and I think coming back. Doubt there are a bit that start to realize that they don't really have one player is out they -- We pride in back I for the brits -- collapse that you are now. -- -- -- It would all be off opt out of saw how. Our now call out of that or are you are. Album artwork. That you're last year it. Out the year got. Received in the off these so I think. That's the bit of their -- probably don't know who their leader right now. Who the leader production is right now. And then beyond that Jordan Hill that it pretty aptly should grant you that we get out in the ever put it that grow. Up out. Their report the Clippers are 100. Rocket like -- But everybody else. It away you know without the proper. For bird energy. And they would you look at their -- could blow out -- last week about kind of what you talk about. Yet Gator nationals to bring you look at the Lakers they had won eleven consecutive regular season games against New Orleans going back and all of 92010. Season. And -- talking about effort and hustle. I was reading and ago that that kind of delegate then outscored the Lakers 22 -- five. In transition points soldiers that talk about getting back on defense and then you look. You bring up -- Solomon Anthony Davis career high 32 points. And also a career high six blocks against the Lakers. So Paul Gasol -- to need to win -- only consistently. Yes the -- greedy changes to be another player. -- absolutely. You know yet when he -- you know out and that -- -- only war those few game winning streak etiquette that doubles. And you thought about what that meant the right. Aboard the first order. So I think it's sparked an effort thing right now. I think it partially. Upper -- and the players I think you partially. On the court and that certainly like it sorted it determined applying. -- that you guys kind of know what they're deal with that at -- out. And I think from there they can try to disseminate. Pecking order and who could be that. Chill out -- Because you know quite frankly you know right now a guy goes from starting ones I like all the X -- that which -- well. Well I don't that are hurt or rot there for that figure out there I -- out to be able reform in the pot but it will. Aiming management ESPN -- and this is what does the pelicans and the Lakers to 9930 tee it here all 1053 FEM WWL. Dave. Anthony Davis. He's been -- but now let's say he comes up with a similar performance tonight. It Staples Center this -- about the LA crowd the fans there and you know. And all this day and dammit tweak it takes in everything instantaneously. It's the word amount Michael Michael Jordan showed up at Boston garden and in Madison square guard LeBron and all the other greats. If Andy Davis hasn't had a couple of -- night in LA in that market. The -- will be mad if that a lot more because aware it is it does take anything away from what he did in New Orleans. But he does that out there -- the -- the -- of the league for at least one full 48 hours. Yeah I -- there right there's some catch a new. Doing it at staples that are. Get dutifully. Cheer you up yeah Lin sanity here in a couple of years ago. Got a fever pitch when he had that great -- the Lakers at bat for our youth that very thing that Serena. But it needed achievable in that game -- and I thought that I think you. Were the first player in league history or shoot first player that three wood being out there and keep a lot of all these. Were fifteen plot point and poultry record -- each of the first eight. -- -- that that company. And guys you know people were trying to tartan -- bottom. You talk about more today actually came at the Lakers. Public doesn't know a little bit you know. Dave now I've been made about what the Lakers have available to him after these years basically they have a blank check. Keep Kobe may be days whenever they wanna do but. The word is -- sat may be one or two. Max gas along with the Kobe Bryant would what are you expecting is this more like OK it's not just -- be. Plugging in two guys this offseason is we'll take a little time do the lake has once again. Did get big superstar like if -- him able to do. Think it's gonna take a little bit of time and I think beer party started quick out of it's that bad with the public out year. I think that that's so we just about next summer in the repeat repeat what -- The -- being potentially Carmelo at the if they opt out of the deal well more so next summer in the summer that and and you talk about guys like great out -- it will be up market. Kevin Love will be coming out. That I think the bigger. Our strategy there. Man they're not I've always politics thinking it was a UCLA -- always call it. He he would be a superstar with him and they just it's just a natural -- from Westwood. To you know ease the eagle -- Wes would -- to stay close and I just think he is good -- a player he is. My mini -- people would know who came in obvious if he was an apartment go. I think you're very right there today it would not surprise me at all if he ended up for the purple golden. You look forward to go to cable is most recent contract extension. You know he wanted five years he would have been there for five years it is -- do it. The only -- -- four and it kept well countered you know that you know I don't need this victory -- about it here -- I think it Rivera struck -- though that you would end up. I'd remember the Lakers didn't want to. Dave I've talked about Paul Gasol but when you look at whether Iraq right now as a team. Steve Blake averaging fifteen and a half points a game basically shooting well from the three point range. But Steve Nash oldest player in the league at 39 is the old 39 and what's his status is of the Maryland. All 39 and fortunately. The guys who. It was a popular teammate -- these. Are worker there thought it. You know he really had not been the same player ever since he hurt is what she did. That second game a -- even against Portland did you get 32 games -- yesterday in the bag that you. Get your route. Irritation it's shooting sit here and there were. They're -- all that but a lot and probably about to -- what he dodged a lot of it felt good about it. And you know even though is sitting at minimum two week that was the about. Year. All the -- there are injury age out of it lingers yet again for or. Probably. Yeah about pregnancy in had to get up verbal shots today just to try to lead. Pain -- experience. Dave we were talking and I've not not often in these votes it's his football continuity -- 222. College basketball but tonight number one and number two in the in number affordable five Jabari Parker mean if you might be to -- -- shooting college basketball. In -- it's being hailed the closest thing to LeBron James. Let's say Andrew Wiggins does turn out to be -- -- easy to make -- -- him being a part of what they don't over the course of the next few seasons. Fire I think every Laker fan would tell you I'd a waited and -- -- it -- -- we. And you know I think right now he would -- make it -- special couple Parker's. First in Kobe admitted he looked fantastic. I think it -- there's there's 45. Game change yours that -- Julien -- Pataki ended Barca are at our local state. Of these although I considered to be but you can go to chat now. Probably won't admit it. That that you are they -- the tank but. You know I think there if this scenario where if this thing -- -- -- -- that the -- you know twenty games though they've bought but. -- conceded ten games on the 500. Well that probably about the future will be the double there. Vocal we take your outlook that. -- and. -- planet for the 2014 dropped the Fiat they do I'll offer drop kick it back there. Dave how can folks followed you on Twitter. It Butler at the tender and see he yen. Yeah you know. Couple couple. There. Well. Dave magnanimous and one of the best in the game today -- -- on ESPN LA dot com Dave thank you so much but I know we appreciate -- Thursday. All right well on TV this week and some more numbers. The -- -- in San Diego Chargers matchup. Drew a fourteen point eight. Rating. That is even with last year's national doubleheader. I -- it's a win win for CBS the Broncos talked to game with a time on the -- and the network had the LSU Alabama game got a six point nine. Here's what they say about Sunday Night Football. The Saints and -- -- 830. Thirteen point oh ex temple won me in BC it's doubtful opposite from -- Houston Texans are Chicago -- game. However here's a span on this -- Saints quarterback Drew Brees blessed to Cabo there's always a draw Brees was on his game Dallas was not -- -- -- got a 56 point two number. And Dallas 830 point three. Mean the numbers of the New Orleans people watching like much greater than -- and apricot and the -- -- Dallas Internet and do -- him and -- butts kicked out of our watch anymore of this and more than mine and again I want -- ego -- all over. And you know. Miss it in Nebraska without. It puts it on CBS college football -- ABC rather that went through dirty game more -- and maintenance in Nebraska that was the first game Barry hoping lost. At the big -- as the coach. All Nebraska has been -- You're not making go to the big teams and -- they'd be if they'd be missed it which is easiest and then missed baker one bit Stevens and what you -- and Mary do you call the picks in in the am minus yards -- -- -- The last two games. Has a combined. Minus sixteen -- and all Russian who last week. In this week minus sixteen and yards. That's both both as a regular role and always Elliott and that that's blast. And embrace how -- the motion met a guy -- mine is seek the knee you know and is it's always you know. Three yards and a lot of those are the traditional you know couple we gain Avraham shores for a traditional McCain if what about him look at the prep rating two of the top 25 in the USA today. We've got a great team -- talked about and that type of account what teams -- Bobby. We embark on historically -- man. Class his last division five classes. Four division we will crown ninth that he changed this year away at three deeply. The second week in -- -- and -- it's a first round of the playoffs the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football trying to embody when you talk about matchups. You know -- brackets. Using you know and I can and if those you know what what's that good matchup that are squeaky you know one or two off. So rightly I realize well four and five is the best matchup from the -- -- two to 1617. Matches. So Friday night watching it now punch to a in obtaining home at the swamp AT and we -- Nittany. -- -- Brady went yeah and now Bobby and imitate what he's done to -- -- and he's built them into a good program this one of the -- using it in district play. But what they did a playoff have been phenomenal a few years back they took brother bought out they were three's the they beat fourth seeded touchdown with landing Collins. And their inept crew. Two years ago. And this week they host ha well like going to be in this one out big guy comedy game and it does not Miami agreed to wage here alligator in -- in -- About -- Until I went to north west's. Louisiana enact this I mean -- who wears hog who thought yeah. You know I know Lawton is no knock you -- no guess who went to school there Joseph -- All of Joseph would be totally the great Joseph Delanie Delanie Bo did a good year yet if -- revered as he went to Holland has more you're noted they -- think having him in the nation opening Kansas City. Oh yeah talk about -- -- man you know Mark -- via we have talked to interviewed him one time and how much John Bellini met him. In the impact he had all in one year you know and they had they had so much plain about the you know talk about talk about went straight to him -- know about me. Sacrifice -- yes I I was like to say somebody else. Tremendous you can do it because every year when we go to it would leading to -- he -- but we we -- the sports hall of fame we all talk about that and the and they have a capitalists think his pace about was was -- he is it was some anniversary of his via. This past summer and that's where I was in you know and in 83 and wanted to ones sports runs in the state of an -- Covert. Joseph when he was of their playing would you they did a feature on it and now in -- -- -- I was greatly but the greens -- Niemi was of these things and somebody he calls him his night but. I mean he just just a phenomenal story for a big inning and he was part of an athlete before. When you look at it definitely -- mean oh was that LSU. In in 1981. And you know he had all the the big schools who qualify for the foreign -- really you know again like. In the US the Arizona State Oklahoma's the Houston. Tennessee -- northwest Louisiana will Kamal and know the it will come on and it is like it's like all these guys play on the football team so we have that that that is football team in the nation on their division one. The first leg was beat their Otis. In that playing with the the Colts and Eagles like Ellis neatly pharmacy -- sailing Mario Johnson went in Ottawa -- uprising Canada. The third leg with Tulane in the Blanco was super duper mark do with the Miami Dolphins didn't that knows that. -- mean yeah yet they get that that's a shame but yeah it you know here I am. And it talks of Indy in league play a little bit of Joseph America's. You know. I could and just anonymity couldn't understand me in and -- an accident and you feel like wherever that -- that would have dated. And I don't you just adding to it is that what you say that he was confident in here what is like juggling guys that I -- -- tossing the ball well. -- go -- they got into eighty yards tall -- to get that -- the late great Joseph -- all right coming up next now. Mean if they're talking about our around the league will go around the league and you don't all the divisions in the National Football League -- the 7 o'clock now on WW.