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Nov 12, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to the final out all of sports talk -- to KG came by BA there I'm Deke Bellavia don't forget. Are taken operated jaguar Pena poll online at WWL dot com beating the Saints will have success again this week in -- a full ball. Against Sampras Cisco. The 49 they had the eleventh best rushing attack. In the -- matter before we get to around the league -- couldn't make it. And is in a class soccer game night but I wanna give them a congratulate they had tonight but he still in top. On the leaks then maybe serious business and to come down the stretch is a couple of games that. Team deconstruction is oh in Warren. Big business now bigbie as well as I hope they be vehicle whether they in and -- in an AMOCO Coe Jones you've got to give them some love in his wife being about. It must come -- long -- -- -- just run back in four matches Mexican about a foot away from the ball also was getting close to Somalia since he actually kicked. All of a and before long were those your goal headed in the right direction yet so in -- -- deck in Emma Claire congratulates you Jackie beat beat. All right it's time out to go around the national football. Polls don't expect to pass and second down -- on their side hustle and. Hope we're on the sidelines of the nine many dances but you're really into the Minnesota touchdown Eagles 32 yards. And they made it look rather easy on the road last week as a Philadelphia Eagles now. In a deadlock in the NFC east disposing of the Green Bay Packers. Ryan massacre as well as eager to Portland -- seven point three FEM in Philly in Ryan. Philadelphia. And I said this last night and if the doesn't win a game home if you file -- home -- -- -- does division if I don't want owner wrote. Yeah I mean Eagles standards certainly love that he went ten straight home losses for the Eagles and that only makes things tougher for the team too because they've had some comments the media about. You know being frustrated by the fact that can't start go to the end of the first quarter of being dark on well. That that that would either demand winners and he was ten years in a row and Utley get financial field. Now. When you look at -- -- Eagles are at right now. You know he needed stability at quarterback. I mean date falls he has to be the guys did in. Right now and obviously what he's done with a touchdown pass and everything that do you think we seem. A may be the last Michael -- guard should say maybe the future or Michael -- if you want to continue to play well being Philadelphia. Yeah that I expected this point particularly still won't officially named -- oldest daughter won't likely get -- statement that. What we've been doing so far -- working you know that's been it. That all -- the starter Tuesday at practice that you -- Wednesday yet again any doubt in Nick Cole will start Wednesday at practice. And I literally announce his starter Michael Vick still hurt you he's not under percent out there there's really -- forcing Chip Kelly to announce that make all the dubious start but at this point. We got to get on to win the next hole keep playing well the team keeps still while they're in the playoff race and there's no reason to make it switched. Well they are losing games and -- -- 33 year old quarterback in the last year of his contract and likely that and then -- yourself at this point I'd be pretty surprised if it's not all the rest of the -- Michael -- probably the corporate job elsewhere in the. Now Ryan. Then all of -- -- you look at. To about a role local support performance and then all of a sudden has a record tying what a seven touchdowns. Well what eagles' offense thing they've kind of taken a wait and see approach or. Are they embraced Naples. You know it's -- -- it's one at the spectrum to the other a lot of people are -- and I he's the guy franchise and need to worry about draft a quarterback. There's some people is building Michael Vick a better player in the fold as they get a little lucky with some of the big numbers he's put up you know there were a couple of touchdowns and at seven touchdown reported that were a lot but. But by the same people bucket 400 yards and seven touchdown he wasn't lucky bogey at -- 325 yards and five touchdowns that's still a great performance in the NFL. I'm so I think people are excited by it he's not a try to be ready C beat I. When the foreseeable future but I think at that point you -- make that -- and you watch a particular game that we don't look like that. But -- be your guy on board and you see how things play out. The Philadelphia at -- been burned before by quarterback you are repudiate the gap between been burned by those guys and then they got people out. Although from what I can from nick pulled he does seem to offer quite a bit and -- been steadily improving week to week two when he'll be on the umps. Now grind out looking at the NFC east so I mean I don't know you get a Nate you probably win that division that. After the Saints just to embarrass the Cowboys where Khobar is it like a JV team Cabrera -- the thing at the end of varsity. And then I don't know you look at the Giants committed Arab prone Giants they've now won. The third straight game 218 Ford it's warning. A win over the -- that and I wasn't impressed -- I mean I don't know what I mean don't form lately due to -- right now then you look at the redskins' situation at the Vikings -- night game I'm like why not the Eagles win the NFC east. Yeah and I think you'd say that certainly didn't that was too I mean. It into weak the weak division and be able to beat weekly look at the division and one -- straight and beat it looked terrible. And I think that they birdie eagle is you know the games that they've got to win and their -- for the on this year that's five and one on the road until I see them win on game. I don't know that a couple -- and you know they're the favorite in the. That division but it from the beginning of the year before that you look at the division thing you know eight -- you win a tiebreaker you probably in the division. Still -- this point it's pretty wide open. And that bad for the Giants and Redskins have looked at times too you know there's -- there -- -- that -- -- -- that was what happens down the stretch of one of them gets hot there's such in and. The BIQ what are we thought our tournament who's -- -- in the playoffs and probably take a beating him and the -- a lot of card games to. -- -- covers the Philadelphia Eagles for 97.3. ESP NF Tim Bryant how can folks volley on Twitter. I'm at 973 on what Brian thank you so much appreciated. Absolutely any time that. Ripken winds up won't go to the normal flow inside. There's nothing I. This club looking. -- what another season. Well everybody in the league now has at least one wing in the two teams on the -- get off of attempt -- yesterday and before that it was Jacksonville. All the Tennessee we continue around the National Football League. -- -- so Garrett joins us now covered the Dolphins for the Miami Harrell. And -- I was looking last night Miami -- of success. Especially that third quarter Russian a football against the Saints. Let my fourteen rushing attempts. But to your thoughts that dissing on caught it. No way he did not panic about it where you've you've gained an entire succeed. 72 inches and what your score. Again to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers about a player that certainly stellar against the run. Let it I guess they were like six deep in the elegant run. Before last night. I get in there in the top twenty I'll I'll give them by. It took. And god awful performance and then to add to their woes. They can't run the ball. The gators who. -- starting running back. Come -- their running back lose here and ensure at all -- -- running coupled with good. String running back. Arm on the way you look at the playoff picture and obviously -- always had a lot to play far. Do you being the whole distraction. I mean leading kind NATO and -- was badges too much because the dollar that a lot to play far neared the -- trying to get their first win. Beauty -- that much a distraction. Now on the team. I. Ironically we sit right across includes more and oppressed yes and we don't block yeah. Do you may do. Blood I don't they say that they were distracted. They say. And I can believe that because you know that they were under. Yeah it is external it's not. It's not like. You know -- mutiny players begin the coach. That's not happening right now like the general manager and a coach are fighting in the in the locker room. The Tampa Bay. In the locker room they have. Quarterback controversy and that -- the teen or team meeting before it even began. And do not to sit well. The Dolphins -- that the external stuff going and by that could've been an opportunity and to get out and come together. And in the world. You guys and that didn't tear worse and worse timing together. And they live at that opportunity -- that -- we do that we're gonna come out -- we're gonna look disinterested. But it one -- game is going to treat a -- could not -- lead. And at the end of the economy plays and we do in the fourth quarter. Now our mind off looking at AFC east -- I was really impress obviously but their front seven. That being in New York Jets I kind of view them as our should have viewed the Carolina Panthers the NFC version and a Jets. Up front seven looking down a -- latter part of the season. Mean the Jets can they win two games in a row you know that's kind of and talk about that roller coaster. But look into -- at the bills to I think. Now whether Barack right now -- to the Steelers Torre treated him you know you bring back rookie quarterback EJ Manuel. When I read this I say well they're not gonna win it this occurs when. That day they limited Buffalo to not -- five yards rushing and and -- fifty yards below their average and they sagged and EJ Manuel three times and are pretty much it at the bills came run to help bother quarterback. They can play hard. And and a big courts were all doing a good job but then I can win anything. Yeah well -- you know that but first here -- program. And right like he they've got a rookie. You know quarterback. Yesterday with the Spurs being back in I think like I weeks or something like that. I don't bills there aren't there unplanned. And -- content to -- there on schedule so I don't I don't. Are they supposed to win this year and now they're not to vote to win the division this year. That you are much further along in the build -- because they're deep and particularly like you mentioned their front seven. Tyler I mean they really are. And Rex Ryan. He's doing a bang -- job coaching and he really needed to we are really good job would be Jets. The Patriots the narrative before the season was blocker diminished. They're not going to be good and they've always been. Well you know what kind of true. They're not as good as they -- didn't it seem to have a much talent as they go. But. -- yeah. And well you know big big big eight under against Portland. And standard they -- -- scenes and in there and everybody looking out of the -- at that point in the division right now. Is that it's because. It took to -- Who started that -- will travel at quarterback. And that is basically. Glorified practice squad player. Then they went up in England Adelaide humongous day. And lock for the Patriot -- being a seventeen to three lead at half time. So. The -- -- into in the division and they don't. You know travel to Buffalo and play good Jets twice. I'm if you let me right now the most disappointing team in the division at the golf. -- Amendola sog aero covering the Miami Dolphins for the Miami Herald and the AFC east Armond hill thank you so much of the time we appreciate. -- -- It just proves there. -- takes the notion penalty is real close right to misunderstand that touchdown. And it is set up a showdown out west on Sunday. Once beaten them undefeated Kansas City at mile high joining us -- to talk about the AFC west. And the Broncos is -- to Terrell to join us now and Renault is a KE KF in radio in Denver. Well after a -- 199 weeks of the season now facing each other. They'll play twice over the course of the next several weeks the next four weeks this season so -- what we talked about is the current structure of the NFL. You look at it and it is a team to win thirteen maybe fourteen games you won't have a chance to Colston on any first round games because of destruction in F yeah. Yet it's pretty great right now the Broncos are good in the next three weeks play Kansas City. The Patriots. And then Kansas City against the 252 record they're going to be don't have that then. But it at all the talks were talking about my readership to it's it's it's what you know about oh about in the NFL could elect. The second match up in Kansas City to the Sunday night of the game I think they would love to do it that they just can't do that. Now really look at Peyton Manning right now and we on the other than injury reports and -- -- all at a lower leg injury whatever it. And India called possibly the best defense can be edges. Get out the Peyton Manning and and play within the rules and hit them low and sure and get them out of the game I mean you get a hiding it's a high ankle sprain I'm just basically unknown exactly but. If it's a high ankle -- you might as broken ankle. I mean that was -- to me. You know he's never mobile to start with that. Would pay him being injured and you know when you play a team the right place right time now I guess said I don't know they'll shoot him of the extent of all glad but. This could go really work of the chiefs' favor. They do is get tugged at the pass rush. Well I think that's exactly the body is that he's got a high ankle sprain that mountain it's on his right ankle. I think we're gonna -- Financial reasons stayed in Warren block he's the best of the block out the tight ends at blocking. I think we're gonna see -- Marino chipping in the in the back field but they had. To protect. Peyton Manning unity talk about a team that's been playing without their starting left tackle Ryan Clady. And instead Chris Clark is back that has been playing in and Clark has done an okay job but he Ryan Clady seeing them now and for the Broncos have to keep Peyton Manning healthy they thought they have to keep him on his feet because if he goes down. Brock got one ours is untested but -- he had -- and everybody's like yeah. Exactly the days they're picked. The pick from last year I played at Arizona State. He has not taken a a meaningful snap in the NFL and that's knock on wood hopefully won't have to for the Broncos because. They want Manning to take snaps in the wanted to play but. Yeah I mean I think it would on the they'll take shot to do -- to do but there's no way Peyton Manning would. Would miss this game because it's that this is with a talk about. Of KK ST in radio Indy -- renowned tarot -- how can folks -- you on it would probably read -- ago. Middle thank you so much in July that would Sunday prior to -- all right. Yeah. They -- mega Tron sometime he's like a deceptive con you just don't know where he's going to. The Detroit Lions now lol no place like -- six and three the -- in the -- -- standing behind. At five in for the lowly Vikings or two and seven we taken on the NFC north. And of course the Detroit Lions beat writer for the Detroit Free Press Dave -- joins us now this Detroit team is ransom solid football right now day. Without -- -- first place I think -- place not a lot of people would have -- for early and a year maybe before Rodgers got her by a line to capitalize. From injuries to other quarterbacks in the NFC north and you know really when you look at the schedule that they have ahead. Albuquerque burst the other teams in the division there's no reason why they should win the division and they do that. To be the first time that they've done that in one year the first I'm supposed to home playoff games 19930. Until they have right now. Quiet and when you look at. At his numbers out Reggie Bush I mean against the Bears he'd be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And -- -- you just plays the Bears every week considering the production he's had now this season and it's two games. 200 yard games this season both in Chicago. You know I think what what that really -- functional it is the Bears think so concerned what Calvin Johnson you know that play that. A lot of that two deep zone and and -- -- everything they can't particularly game and you know really they've they've done a good job you know you don't see him gone for 329 yards against it apparently you didn't -- couple weeks ago but what that does that opens up. You know sums on the air underneath him and Reggie Bush is that -- back to grant that alliance with Matt except for this year. Are being patient enough that they. Very rare sporting some of those matchups they -- they forced the ball well elected -- and -- and he passed. And -- Dave are you look at the lines and you know they have a new starting quarterback healthy you look at Matthew Stafford he is held in everybody else's quarterback has gotten hurt in. And then you look at the Packers now love. What today did -- Matt -- come on board. I mean destroy -- desperate we know Drew Brees means that the Saints and and you look at Aaron Rodgers. Right now just by one player in and I'm diving he's the best of the best right now and believe that being Aaron Rodgers. That you don't think the same about the Packers because of an injury. Now you're right about that and tiger you know he means more to this team and tell anybody else probably does but there because he's so -- you know -- -- Manny but it. Now that that's up there -- -- Drew Brees. Did your guy you have obviously you're dirty or you take the top quarterback that goes without tree right now robbery and make sure that she leaker quarterbacks -- -- and you know without -- the Packers are just not the same but I would say that you look project can be back. So probably December he comes back before that it -- be for Thanksgiving game against the Lions at Ford Field but if he's not every -- map plan. And he got that big AA after -- line for four and eighty yard outing of the season to so in alliance can't remember that well I think alliance will be. Will be wary of him if he plays again. Dave -- who covers the in -- off -- Detroit Lions the Detroit Free Press day thank you so much for dale we appreciate -- rob -- aren't. In the Atlanta 43 he's never get a pitch scored right side now that rolled back to Wilson who gets paid the trophy got. -- Look good but talk about Bob. The Hawks were 64 on the board. What's being labeled a team that can't win away from home well they only have two road games left and they are 521 through six on the -- perfect at home. 91 tops in the conference one of the best in the league the Seattle Seahawks no trouble with the Atlanta at 33 to team this past week over. The dirty birds you know -- talk about Seattle in the NFC west is Bob come down -- who covers Seattle for the Seattle times and Bob. Seattle it's a win now you know that'll. -- at saint these days of our -- a gamut down cases so all the days the allows sand to the out as well. As a sand to be out the last continued to dissipate. It's front and had a -- whose goal beat Seattle -- all of this coming out there they advanced by the home. It got a road trip -- -- sisco but anecdotal lied to -- team to -- beat this team this season. Nobody can really well but he did last week well well what matters. Caroline -- to do it. You know again being left loses you know release additional goal and you know and it's certainly you know have a great opportunity to hear about themselves and that's a bit more -- couple weeks so. You guys that you it was a little bit properties and we've won big games against England can't pay it it'll probably happen. In the pocket Serbs -- well on the road -- a lot better and so right now pretty good feeling about it keep at it. Yeah Bob -- and that's always. To be measuring stick when you look at the great teams who win -- look in an ugly when whatever you wanna call do you look at that Rams game at Tampa Bay where. Potentially you know you laid an egg but you can only would a win. And I was reading where Pete Carroll said it was the best game we've played. This season when they when he -- the Falcons and and that to me that's a winning formula Marcia Marshawn Lynch has a 145 yards Russian. In -- has those type games and they don't turn over the -- I'll see how the -- eskimos. Well you guys. I think the most important that you it is that when they get more time on battle but. They're he hit it. You don't eat you know a number on the call went out the he beat you got into the yeah I think -- -- -- -- to -- They put there kind of a double out -- don't but certainly -- that you got. -- do it again -- up and everybody or -- the ball -- -- I don't know -- that would be a bit and -- -- end at that time that you did to kind of torture played there twenty. You have the internal internal was really. But at -- -- turnovers and not gain -- but it didn't have any of the land of Russell to use these records and keep in that they can turn on a couple of games this year -- works it is not quite as well but -- he did that against Atlanta and so -- that he's efficient in the running game on -- defense generally. And nobody has been pretty consistent on -- -- so with the you don't think offensively and eclipsed the way it usually does and they are pretty hard to beat. Now Bob to me it is is one animals. In -- surprising. Gains of the season so far and and common NFL fan. And had this is blew -- away. The Rams the Rams flat out crushed the Colts would you consider. The Colts beat Seattle. And Indy won on the road at San Francisco. 388 I thought that was a misprint the then. You look at -- Austin and the Rams I got a thought he would do this from the get go in September. When you look returned one punt 98 yards -- a couple of touchdown passes to 781 yards. I mean it's him like Austen a while maybe a coming out party for him I don't know by the Rams but. When you look at Kelly Clement. You'd have to say. Him and McCown and what they've done as far as value quarterbacks of the Bears and Rams that's pretty impressive lot that that really I don't know December afterward immediate difference but that that's impressed it would Austin did against the Colts. Yeah well you wouldn't personally you don't need a little bit right to play the way people -- -- accurate maybe he's just so I think I'm getting comfortable there partner now that you can. I think -- first start to get you know that you are sort of cut and you know he's not -- he's not the most spectacular quarterback ever met. He got hit. You know apparently seeking relief night to rally around and actually play are they want to succeed. And EE EE it is one of those. The defense is kind of guy he's pretty good playing you know going with his car and looked at them. So it just another one where we need to go longer play the board at this team understand what he's and trigger. Mean that word. You really need it but he shouldn't -- it as such either much up in the -- a lot of soul that they're that it culminated frankly Seattle. The front and -- in the -- the sort of got lucky. To be enough plays offensively -- -- -- -- women -- form but. You know although there was -- -- you -- the opposite side of the ball in the praises about the program -- so. You know people why they were going to be better than their record is right now at the year's so while all that -- looked surprised at parties to be -- -- -- Play in there to support this year. The NFC west 91 Seattle's six in three Frisco five and for Arizona in four and six Saint Louis this week Seattle and -- Minnesota the nine of the down the street in the dome against our Saints Arizona's -- Jacksonville and Saint Louis. Has the weekend off Bob conduct covering the NFC west and the Seahawks for the Seattle times' Bob thank you so much. -- Justin -- a chance to. 46 yard drive in the right past Watson hooked -- home particularly big in. Okay. Don't leave a door open to welcome back tour around the league we -- in on the AFC north division. And covering the Ravens and the division for the Baltimore Sun -- and Wilson and two weeks ago. Cincinnati could basically close the deal out the closest thing to may be a four. Five game lead over some in his division. Back to back overtime and also is a Baltimore win and now the Ravens and the Browns are right there close to the big. They are great significant that when -- go too crazy NFL seasons -- I'm older and just about every NFL city so far and the Ravens are different you know let the chips -- It's been a whole lot this year. Despite. In little sheet here they are -- still want them inspect. Now iron out what was the vibe in the stadium especially. You know everyone's try everything you gotta be kidding me they hail marry a true hail marry. When all of a sudden it looked almost too easy for AJ green -- in overtime. Well I mean I was like total that that kind of you know I guess shocks a team by that I did in didn't bother -- they hung in there and in that guy and get in the game winning kick by Tucker in overtime. We're actually you know there was. -- -- it. Hit the -- -- part of the Jack. People -- deflect -- and it could not keep everything back. Into the charge there. You know his dad. That is legal -- regulation so the movie they're not even living making them placement for his contribution which looks -- the -- They were able to get cured and there. Leader at the game and it wouldn't share -- locker room. And they -- good about it so it works. But it's still sad about the offense in the offense right now -- expand. Forty yards and Joseph Flacco they have thirty rushing yards and Ray Rice. He's averaging. Per carry get a -- torture injury. Isn't the same blocking there actual standard running gain thirty opinion. Now rarely look obviously the -- come in back to the pack there are now and six and four. And then you look at the Steelers nabbing a two game losing streak. I guess the one positive thing about the Steelers when you snap a losing streak. Good run defense and you know the bills wanted to run a 95 yards Russian. And they were normally around that 150 mark so wolf what is your take right now going forward. With the Steelers are do you think it's between the Ravens in the Bengals and made even -- on the Browns even. Well every year I think -- Beringer who played in the -- right now and they should technically taking very seriously and student. Jason Campbell -- basketball. He played in quite well. Long term actually catch their attention in Baltimore. Seattle and opening rounds and pick thing now or keep me you know he's. Over achieve -- in the this year and the more he plays better -- here with the Steelers. It's luck her illness -- this year I think that they're gonna make or -- costar in order. Put pickle ball skiing there kolbe. Covering the Ravens and and seen off for the Baltimore Sun and goes and Aaron how can folks follow you on Twitter. -- -- Aaron thank you so much of a man we appreciate it. Talk about leaving the door open mortal beings could pretty much close the deal Bobby right back all the time cause I -- this year close -- they won two games. On back to back field goals late in the game in overtime they lost to speak of pain to have a five game lead. Well you know our biggest unbelievable he was the player of the month in October Andy Dalton they need a doctor Jekyll mr. Hiatt and I am instantly he had in the DD and he was a player of the month in October -- what every -- -- -- and all that still the question mark for the being. -- -- If the shot it would Johnson takes the snap pressure coming Fitzpatrick is gonna get hit sacked and the ball it's quite well what -- -- go back the other way. Touchdown. Take the -- touchdown Jacksonville. And the Jacksonville Jaguars come up what their first victory of the season a big underdog but they pop the Tennessee Titans. And then now one and eight who talk about the AFC south and the Jaguars. Feels the -- -- does now for the Florida times. BO Vegas so much for the time in -- the last few weeks Jackson has kind of defied. I guess it's -- oddsmakers. Are being big underdogs even wanna give gamba. I guess that had they did play a little more respectable whether it be correct term. Well -- you're in London feel awfully cute kid so. It is. This -- It did it and you know. But against can -- that reporter or they can afford turnovers and they execute it when it. -- -- -- not I'll veto look at it that and expectations. On my he's ally of the Jaguars and stuff and looking at. And AFC south and -- Mean I was shocked at this score when the Rams put it to the Colts but I'll look at two disappointing teams this year when you look at the expectation is to me. There is C version of the Atlanta Falcons is would detectives have done franchise record seven consecutive loss. I mean come out in a training camp on -- seed is having -- Falcons are part of Texans. I didn't either so does that surprise of the year. If you chose the and so early days. It's such a fine you know you don't you don't have a great team of the seventies. You know the skill that seventy. Like 151 against losing teams you know they lost one game it's. During the -- until losing team in any. Today but it and -- -- we -- -- keep it together now. This salary cap each team that needed to win -- something goes wrong -- key injuries and bingo. Also an -- part. Vetoes the -- covered the Jaguars in the AFC south for the Florida times union vetoed thank you so much that they know we appreciate. I look at it like it negatively at all.