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Nov 12, 2013|

Scoot talks about appropriate behaviour at a saints game. what have people done at a saints game that makes you feel uncomfortable?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That are killed accidentally. Done then you think about a lot of meat and it goes to waste it'll a lot of people go out of their way to find venison. But allowing according to this a foxnews.com. Now article. Allowing the meat to be consumed that is is roadkill on highways. Rather than -- on the roadways. Also demonstrates greater respect for animal life. Even Peta agrees that -- kill a superior to factory meet. And they stayed on their website eating roadkill is healthier for the consumer. Then meet Lleyton with antibiotics. It is also more humane. In that animals killed on the road do not suffer the trauma and mystery. A factory farming. Now I'm sure you'd never thought that there would be a day when -- and hunters would bond together over the same issue but in this case they have. According to the national highway safety administration. About one million -- related car accidents take place each year it's some other estimates have it closer to one point five million. And an average year yields about fifty pounds of meat. So that's a sell about fifty million pounds of venison. That could be consumed. And maybe they're consumed debt a foreign food basic food banks that shelters a church kitchens so it's nice to know that. Roadkill. Is legal to eat and I guess if you do you think about -- -- what what what kind of wrote -- and a half here in in Louisiana. Maybe a turtle and armadillo I don't think anybody's gonna Russian and -- armadillo although I've seen a beaded on a bizarre foods and on the food channel. Just doesn't really seem that appetizing to me I you might -- what what do you had an alligator they would keep but he killed -- one why would you wanna go cook the alligator. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Well we've heard this saw a lot and the news continues about cellphone these becoming more and more brazen. In the French Quarter and other high profile areas of New Orleans to perpetrators have been known to just simply -- Smartphones from people's hands as they stand and walk down the street. It's a story WW LTV dot com. This is last week in new world ceased teen was held up at gunpoint. As he got off to school boss. Now we've talked about this before and I think one of the problems is. There. Are. There are so many. Places where they can redeem these phones that are stolen. It -- because somehow figure out a way to. Make it impossible for them to redeem the phones then they wouldn't have a reason to steal the phones because this is instant cash. And we know there -- lot of pucks out there we know there are a lot of people that are not stealing cell phones because you're trying to feed babies at home. They're stealing cellphones to buy their drugs or to buy their alcohol or to pay for their. They're expensive athletic shoes or pay for a leather jacket or or or whatever. On this a woman in the mayor -- uses a quoted in this article at WW LTV dot com says there was a gun in my face is probably the most scared I've ever been. The consumer safety advocate. Mobile security firm lookout. Says that they have located tens of thousands of phones in the New Orleans area. And that's lookout users alone. Time Eyewitness News did a review of -- PDs crime dogs. And they found the perpetrators demanding people to hand over their cellphones. -- detective for the eighth district says that people are not vigilant about their surroundings. And any fear preoccupied on the phone this is something I'm very cognizant of is a walk around downtown and walk around town of -- on the French Quarter. I if if you're on your cellphone. Just be aware that somebody might come grant Iowa should be paranoid to much you'd be scared. But especially if you're living outside of the New Orleans area and you plan on traveling here when you walk into the French Quarter just be vigilant. Don't be scared to go to the quarter it I think it's I think it's better and I could be wrong and correct me if you think this is that the wrong advice. But sometimes I find myself wanting to go up. And lean up against a wall or go inside someplace -- go in rather than just stand walking on the street because I know their eyes out there. Looking for somebody who's just holding their cellphones so. Just the very vigilant. I Conrad green the co-founder of my phone MD on magazine street. Says that there are ways to blacklist phones and he said Norman averaged five people walk -- uptown store every week. Trying to sell a Smartphone. He says it's tempting for retailers because they can get a 400 dollar phone. For fifty dollars. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Some of the guides of the holiday -- in the French Quarter claim that there are being harassed by a city investigator for the city of New Orleans some residents say that the walking tours have become too noisy. And they don't always follow the -- here's another story WW TV dot com. Various hearted tennis -- history tour guide and Jennifer wireless. Who says that a city investigator. Violently threatened her. And she says that she got bruises because he slander up against -- car asking her for a license. Wilting Joyner -- an investigator with the New Orleans -- bureau which is the organization that oversees the haunted tours of the French Quarter. -- he was suspended yesterday without pay. Pending an outcome of an investigation. After he allegedly left bruises on -- tour guide Saturday. Now there are other tour -- who have claimed at this particular individual -- -- Has intimidated them. And flashed flashed a flashlight and then the faces of some of the people on the tour. And he said it's very intimidating and it it doesn't look good for the city of New Orleans. I've this says this guy will to Joyner has apparently positioned himself at the corner of royal and governor Nichols. That's the corner where the well Laurie house the -- mansion is located. And that's one of the top spots now. On the New Orleans on a tour in fact our our Halloween show here and WWL the -- mansion was number one on our Halloween list of the top eight most haunted places. In New Orleans. So you know I I guess there's two sides to this story don't know what exactly happened but it really is. A shame if somebody. Is if anybody -- I don't know but this particular person but he if if anybody. Uses their advantage or uses their position of power. -- to somehow feed their ego. That's wrong and again we don't know what happened here but there are numbers stories about these haunted tours and indeed -- -- -- more and more. It continuing to grow really -- the callers really good to see people walking around finding out about our city and there are people who come here from out of town who. And up learning more about New Orleans in many of us who have lived here number four at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Former President Bill Clinton disagrees with President Obama and says even if it takes changing the law. President Obama should honor the commitment. To allow people to keep their health care plans. Now that there's so little bipartisanship. -- in in Washington that I think the closest we come to a true bipartisanship is when Democrats. Disagree with Democrats. And Republicans disagree with Republicans. So I guess this is another example of bipartisanship showing up because a Democrat is criticizing a Democrat. And I think that's healthy I mean nobody should agree with every aspect of of their party and here we talked about Daschle issue or not long ago when. Conservative columnist and pundit. And Coulter said. It every Republican. Who disagreed with ten crews and criticized Ted -- for trying to defund obamacare with the government shut down and everything. That to everybody who is a Republican who disagreed with that. Should become a Democrat. And that includes some very prominent Republicans so she's what she's saying is what she's trying to seller book she's she's got a she's got a book out and she's on a book torn right. I can only imagine that that's the only reason that. That anybody would say something silly ignorant and that is that you have to agree with every aspect of your party. I talked to a friend a -- earlier today and denies she's a divorced two dollars. And today she finally. Went through the processes of getting obamacare and -- artillery keeping in touch with this because I knew that this was just something that people were trying to do -- could do it but obamacare has been. A bust up to this point the rollout has been a -- for for most people. She said it took about three hours but if she had to do it again she thinks she can do it in an hour and half. -- she was paying a 518 dollars a month on cobra. The same coverage that she was getting under cobra. Would end up costing her individually. Somewhere around 8900 dollars a month. She got the exact same coverage of Obama care. For 230 dollars month. There's an increase in net co pay ten dollars in the same deductible. So this is something you'll never hear from some people. But why not be fair about this. One of the problems with obamacare is you've got the left saying nothing but good things about it when there are problems. And you've got the right saying nothing but bad things about it. When there actually are some benefits and there are people who are gonna benefit from obamacare. So this is not defense of Obama care. This is just it's sharing with you a story that you -- here everywhere because it. -- you know negative news gets more attention and positive news in there enough people out there who -- gonna simply bash it and never tell you a story. About. And a single mother with two daughters. Who is benefiting because her payment has gone down several hundred dollars a month. And may have actually going down what she got off cobra from 800 dollars a month to 230 dollars a month so there are going to be those cases. How is -- gonna play out in the long run. Nobody knows number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Will the growing civil war within the Republican Party beat the best thing to happen to the party since Ronald Reagan or -- weaken the Republican Party. Two different ideologies. Fought against each other in the civil war. And it wasn't easy but eventually I think it's fair to say that America's. And Americas united. Ultimately. Did it take a war to unite the country will take a war. To unite a party. New Jersey governor Chris Christie won big last week. He's considered in general they're different aspects to Chris Christie but in general he's considered to be a more moderate Republican. Especially compared to those who were in the national spotlight last year during the presidential election. And compared to people like that it Christie who's who's got a lot of attention recently. -- huge margin of victory at last week's election has started sort of civil war within the Republican Party which is always kind of been brewing anyway. The wars between strong conservatives. And moderates. Texas governor Rick Perry said he's not sure Chris Christie is conservative enough to win the presidential nomination. We're gonna talk about that tonight. Chris Christie not conservative enough to win the presidential nomination. Now Chris Christie may not be the guy I don't know but I think it's interesting that because a moderate is getting attention. Nationwide. And within his own party it started a war because there is this battle to. To commandeer the Republican Party to the far right Sarah Palin. Rick Santorum these are the people who are continuing to down play. Chris Christie's victory because Chris Christie representing moderate direction for the Republican Party. I -- NBC news poll shows that Christie's ten points behind Hillary in a general election match up she's at 44%. He's at 34%. But he's not even a national candidate yet so it's way too soon to judge that -- Do you think the ideological battle within the Republican Party will make the party stronger. Or weaker as one thing we'll talk about Nova Scotia her mind if you would join us with a comet tonight. Our numbers 2601878. Till 38668890870. And I text number is 877. And that is also our Debbie WL party jaguar opinion polls so you can give is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. Ever to a tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A new study shows that gun violence in movies are rated PG thirteen has tripled over the past twenty years. Does that explain the amount of unacceptable. Violence in America today and unacceptable crime. If you hear a study indicating that. Gun violence in in movies rated PG thirteen. Has tripled. Over the last twenty years. Do you think that. Contributes to violence in society. Or is that simply reflect. Violence in society. This -- blog tonight is titled is increase in gun violence in movies to blame for real violence. And it's an interesting aspects of this as you know one thing that I'd like to do it I don't hear this being done nationally. For the most part and on television and especially a radio. People taking the time to try to analyze the relationship between mass media. And society. And I think there's a lot to talk about here because as audience members I think we bear some responsibility for what we think the media does to us. Because we voluntarily. Are entertained by the media we voluntarily select the media we bring the -- indoor is such forced on us we bring the media into our lives. And I think we bear some responsibility. And we talked about this recently when when there is a tragedy like they're a school shooting or a shooting and I navy shipyard. When there's -- shooting. There seems to be this immediate instinct. To find a relationship between the shooter. And violent video games or violent entertainment. And that leads. Many people in society to believe violent entertainment really is to blame. You can read -- blog and I share with others is violence. In gun is is is increase in gun violence in movies to blame for for real violence. To be a swollen we'll talk about it and again if you wanna join us tonight with comment about anything we're talking about. Our numbers 2601. A seventy. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in our text number is 87870. And finally tonight's number one on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Saints. Game -- yet. -- with the saints cowboys game Sunday nights and you know. I think I'm a very tolerant person. But I gotta tell you I noticed a few things that just seemed to break what should be general etiquette. Going to -- saints game or any sporting event for that matter. And I thought that there might be a possibility that you have noticed some things. That people do that really aren't necessary that that may be on show rudeness and and might not really the acceptable for the experience were all trying to half you know first of all overly drunk people I mean they're obnoxious anywhere. But there are a lot more obnoxious when they're trying to sit in his seats. Compared to say walking down Bourbon Street. Or dancing and and Michael. And they were a couple of really drunk people around. Cursing that's another thing. But just down from me and it it was next to me -- I would've sent something. There was a woman who did something. She was drunk. There was an empty seat right in front of her. And she did something that you know I guess technically. She could do. But I thought it was one of the rudeness things. Somebody can do and -- I really don't think that I am that easily annoyed and I realize that I'm going to a saints game and it's going to be loud and rowdy. But still there are some things that don't fit into saints game and it it. I'll tell you about what this woman did in age you may totally disagree with me that is inappropriate you may think this is totally appropriate. I don't it was inappropriate. And also is there something that fans do at saints games or any sporting event. That really annoys you above and beyond just being loud and having fun. To join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. Our text number it's a 77 in. This is the -- show live from New Orleans on a very chilly windy. Tuesday nights and we'll be right back on WL. I have a couple of pair tickets to giveaway to Bill Maher is going to be at this angers Saturday night's November 16 I'm -- -- this angry at this will be our first time going since it has been reopened after renovation. When you hear Bill Maher. Speaking negatively. About liberals. Yes. Bill Maher speaking negatively about liberals under about the number and if you -- eighth and ninth call that you're gonna win a pair of tickets each if you win a pair of tickets. Valued at a 150 dollars so good luck from -- VW -- going to be coming up in just few minutes and again. Later on tonight also I had a conversation with Richard Simmons yesterday it was a very different Richard Simmons -- I'm I'm I saw. And I'd never two years ago and I've seen him occasionally you over the years. And I just I found him to be much more. Reflective and an in perspective if you will so we'll play part of the conversation -- also the the video with that Richard Simmons is on our web site. And -- have you don't count so what is it that this lady did as sitting about 45 people down from me. The saints game Sunday night in the Mercedes-Benz superdome what what is that she did that I thought was so inappropriate. Somebody sent a text and it -- that this is exactly it. LO well let me guess she put her feet on the seat. In front of her LO well I hate that. So I don't think I'm relieved that picky and it is it is a football game and were all there having fun and it can be loud and yet people are gonna curse. But there's no reason for. Serial cursing. And there's it if you're really totally -- -- -- -- but out here and this this woman was dropped issue wasn't obnoxious drunk she was just like he just should draw. There was an empty seat right in front of her she was wearing sandals flip plus. And she propped her feet. On the sheer -- effort the seat and in front of -- not up on the seat on that not only seat back but just aren't on the seat. And I'm thinking if I was sitting to the writer to the left of that. Every time I looked over this woman's feet would be in my face. And even if they didn't stink I I you know I don't know dispersant underwater feet. In my face. And even though there shouldn't maybe be a law against it. It just seems to me that that kind of breaks. Fan stadium -- you know keep your feet yourself. And if it so happens. That the seat in front of view is empty that's not yours. It's not years to spread your feet out. And we don't need to see your feet it's pretty much that simple. Is there anything that you have noticed that fans do that bothers you mean obviously the same thing that bothered me bother somebody because they they nailed it with the with a text. If you medical issue with a comment we're talking about among other things saints game -- what do fans do that really bothers you. Certain things that drunk people do and and I can be tolerant of of a drug people. But not once -- now when they get past a certain point -- call our show it to 601878. Toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seventy. In a text amber has a 77 -- such -- I studied -- -- -- pretty general opinion poll. Do you think the growing civil war within the Republican Party will make the party stronger or weaker. It is your opinion by going to the website WWL dot com will track that polls about our show gave you an update coming up here. In just a few minutes here's a text that -- -- report that the mother of two daughters. Which paying for health insurance on cobra. Cost of obamacare before subsidy. And the cost of obamacare after subsidy remember us taxpayers. Are paying the subsidy. Well I realize that but in theory and what I I can't defend obamacare. But I'm not gonna ignore. The one positive story. Already positive story for that matter will appropriate at the negative things. But there's nothing wrong with talking about a positive because your -- here that -- everywhere because there is a tendency. For people on talk radio to be all. Right -- And they are are there are conservatives in this country who feel like they own. Talk radio and it simply is not true because that defies the very foundation of this country and you really. Would have struggle calling yourself a true American if you didn't totally respect. Freedom of speech. In theory. And and I'll say this in theory communism makes cents. In theory Obama care. Relieves those have you who right now are paying for all those people who don't have health care coverage. You're paying for it with higher premiums. If everybody was covered theoretically it would bring the price would bring your -- -- now we showed up that's gonna happen. And the rollout has been a disaster. Then there's no question about it. Here's a text -- to say that. It's rates. And you take his side you -- Democrats just say it. If I were a Democrat I -- I going to be honest with you I don't I don't what I don't know what I. Mean do you really know what you mark. Are you really a Republican are you really Democrat. Do you believe everything. The year which you believe all the propaganda within your party. I guess I'm more of a libertarian. But I don't even a -- qualify myself as that and I don't I don't I don't feel insecure. If I don't have a label. And there are people who get insecurity can't labeled you. People are insecure if they don't give themselves a label. And that's one of the problems with it -- this country. That's one of the things that leads to such a strong strong political divide and and and partisanship. The partisanship in Washington between the two parties reflects the partisanship. Among citizens. In America. And we -- we talked about this the other night and I I wrote a blog about how Ian -- is absolutely wrong and I think he can still find that funded the -- page WWL. Dot com to read edit and share it. Ann -- is wrong to say. It every Republican who disagreed with Ted Cruz in the efforts to defund obamacare that led to the government shut down for sixteen days. Should become a Democrat. That's wrong and idiotic. If you would join our showed her rights are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. A seventy text number is 877. I'm scoot him we'll be right back on WW well. And welcome back you're showing is very chilly breezy here. Tuesday night we've got some freeze warnings in effect if you what the latest details we've got all of that information right now on our website at WWL. Dot com and also there's information about the saints trying out new kickers Garrett Hartley has lost it. Psych outs don't know what happened -- that guy but he's a lost it. What's. Do you think breaks. Etiquette when you go to a saints game. And I was really -- even though what's next to me I was bothered by the idea that somebody would put their their their feet. Over in the empty seat and anybody sitting to the right or left would -- would turn and see this woman's on -- -- flip flops are right next to them. And to me that's just -- And it didn't affect me at that point but it's conceivable -- some point. Somebody would do that to me. And an even though there shouldn't be a law against it just seems to me that -- that people should just at the a little more considerate of others and and that's why I like talking about. I'm saints game and -- -- Europe and dedicated net a major sports event at a stadium because. Maybe there are some people who are just. Just oblivious. That what they do. Is really rude to others Solis will be to talk about this and maybe if somebody's doing something did you find rude maybe they'll stop doing. Here's a -- -- really annoys me when people boo at our team and players like when they booed Ingram. I feel if you -- unhappy. About our team stay at home. I thought it was. I that I -- were I understand why when Mark -- -- that first pass. Many people in the crowd -- However I saw something in Mark Ingram that I hadn't seen him before. There was. There was just an element of passion in him. And he he kept going he kept showing that passion. And ultimately he had a great game from home Mike here on this crucial and a BW well. Yeah I don't. -- outlet that they operated eight RD said -- about. -- as -- to audit. Eight over the -- payable. I get whenever you have a problem good iron probably yeah that would no Jordan and are actively on the partridge street and you can -- it back you know respect it and I haven't. Quality programs are called it -- around midnight today and that it would be judgment on the out on the complaint I get my money. It is I wrote. Take it yet but it and at the net that. -- -- -- -- What he was doing out there. Worried about -- Well if you were it. That the person the person Mike the person who is. Who is the investigator with the New Orleans taxi -- bureau is also the one who oversees the tourists -- walking towards the French Quarter. -- go to the question is did he go too far. I I I hope you're taxi cab driver which reprimanded because it's illegal to text and drive and they shouldn't be texting and driving. -- treatment is it like I currently lead them -- -- right now Bob and hands ready because that's the new law. That. Few months ago that. Because it is -- you -- moment yet here it sort of point seven -- it you know but they're not they don't know it courses. By accident. And you know the media's. Involvement. -- crime and and it's just crazy. But. -- yeah according -- -- daughter and they're voting you know go to the ticket. Well that's good. Yeah and I and I don't I don't know there's two sides to this story I don't know whether joiner is there are right or wrong I don't know if the haunted house in order history tour guides are right or wrong want to -- seem like a village called a short drive carefully. -- here's a text about -- saints game and a kid leaning forward and spilling their beer on the person below. It is magnified. When it is an opposing fans. Yeah I'd be worse if Sunday it was a cowboys fans going to -- -- anyway if it was a saints fan but it's still bad -- that's something I -- you know. That can happen. It shouldn't happen but you know those cops -- -- the seats are so close together time I was sitting in that terrace section. And that didn't that can happen is error is or something that really bother issue. What what fans do when they're gonna a saints game we're talking about saints game etiquette. Among other things tonight in the -- Coming up in a few minutes still have a chance to win two tickets is he Bill Maher Saturday nights at the newly renovated three opens sank or theater. When you hear Bill Maher talking abouts. Things that he doesn't like about liberals the worst things about -- Bill -- talks about that. When you hear him talking about then I gave you numbered after the eight tonight call reach if you will win a pair of tickets valued at a 150 dollars among other things -- talking about. Indicated at -- saints games and it's really to you of course it's a 7 o'clock kickoff. And and people don't. Moderator drinking. The start drinking. The same time every Sunday whether of the game is starting at noon three. Or -- and so they were some really trashed people at the game and this one woman just had to lay eggs in her feet in a flip flops. A draped over the seat in front -- I'd hate to be sitting next I would've said something but this person did. A prevent -- Steve here on WWL. Skim through it. -- -- -- about thirteen. We spotlight you know. The saints were. And insults and sort Coke didn't inception and it's such ailments he's been. Two people slightly to one huge. So beautiful. Up while you wait a few people and all of them allowance. After an apology for it's and the Edwards votes go out of the article. Well eventually try to -- -- well and luckily. People. Aren't sure what happened follow that -- inside the the completely out -- guys that were considered -- a week ago. That's. How people as well that open so that you look for. Trouble but it. -- -- -- -- -- I'm I'm I'm going to -- -- that there are things that happened ended their and there are people who say stupid things and get into confrontations and they're just have some things that people do that are -- one reason I like talking about this is. You know you could be one of these people who is doing something it's really -- -- and other people. And in your gist of oblivious to the fact that it bothers other people I talked about this last year went to a game in this man's son. Kicked the back of my seat to the entire game. The entire game. Sort of like to given him like a spoonful of diamond -- something you know a comic kid down -- -- but it would bother me I didn't say anything and usually do -- would bother -- is that the father didn't even understand. That is -- was in knowing somebody else also there were a couple of people who made paper airplanes out of the big cardboard. Pieces that they had in the different seats. Which she made the big tribute to our veterans for veterans day yesterday. They may paper airplanes out of those one of them actually land on the field and how stupid is that. I'm -- and we'll be right back on -- WL.