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Nov 12, 2013|

Scoot talks about proper ettiquette at a Saints game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's chilly it's -- it's going to be cold and windy tomorrow morning so if you've got to get out earlier -- kids out early to the bus stop make sure they are bundled up. Here's what we're talking about tonight a new study shows that gun violence in movies rated PG thirteen has tripled over the last twenty years. So does this that explain the amount of unacceptable crime and gun violence in America. The scope blog tonight which is trending right now on their website you can read it and share it. It's titled is the increase in gun violence in movies rated PG thirteen to blame. For real violence. Again you can read that insurance on our website -- BWL dot com we'll be talking about that on the show here's an update on tonight's WWL party jaguar opinion polls. Do you think the growing civil war within the Republican Party will make the party stronger. Or weaker. 25% -- stronger and 75%. -- weaker. It was your opinion by going to our web site to be WL dot com. A two different ideologies fought against each other in the civil war and America it was an easy but America finally united after that. In some ways were not united today but as a country we -- united after the civil war. Does it take a war to unite -- country will take a war to unite the Republican Party which right now is is very divided. And one of the things that is really exacerbated this this whole civil war that has been growing for awhile. Is that the big victory by New Jersey governor Chris Christie last week in the election he seen as he more moderate Republican. Because of his views on some think that Chris Christie is conservative in some ways and he's more moderate in other ways but his huge margin of victory. Has cost a lot of people to think that he might just beat the right answers for the Republican Party 2016. But that has led to strong Republicans. Denouncing. Chris Christie's. Presence in the party and his. His dominance in in that election. On the Texas governor Rick Perry said he doesn't think Chris Christie is conservative enough to be the presidential nominee. And that truly is the battle in the party. Can you be too conservative. To be elected to the White House. I talked about this before the election last year I've talked about it since the election last year. You can be too conservative to win the general election. And if the Republican Party if the extreme. Right wing factions within the party continue to steer the party to the right. Then the Democrats in all probability you're gonna win in 2016. If however. And it might not be Chris Christie there's there's still a lot that we don't know about Indians have been a national candidate there are a lot of things that I like about it. And I like that he did what he needed to do for the voters and that was. Be cordial to the president after sandy. And the criticism of Chris Christie. In embracing President Obama. Emotionally and technically as far as the the a tipping eight. And states do that in the state of Louisiana has done in Mississippi Alabama and Florida. States have done. But if if if you -- the president following a disaster. Is something that. But some Republicans can't even taller. And I think we truly have a lot of hate to deal with in this country. You don't have to like Obama think about the people who didn't like bush. But after 9/11. Bush was there and people rallied around him. And two chest dislike. A president. So much that you can't even understand how. -- governor would embrace a president of another party. Because it helps the state it because he is helping the state. I think it's just a mayor very myopic view of it's it's going to lead to problems for the Republican Party. Winning the White House in 2016. If the Republicans as I said. Find a moderate candidate. And allow that candidate to be moderate during the campaign. If Hillary is the anointed one for the Democratic Party. I don't see how she wouldn't be easy to beat if the trend in America continues. To trend in this country right now is. It distrust. Dislike for Washington insiders. And Hillary is certainly a Washington insider. And she also has baggage like every politician has baggage but if if there -- was a moderate renegade type Republican candidate. Who could attract white and we talked about this a lot on the -- If he can attract what was once referred to as Reagan Democrats in the eighties and the Republicans will win the White House in 2016. He's the host of HBO's real time he's going to be this anger this Saturday with his irreverent political satire talk about Bill Maher. When you hear Bill Maher talking about. The worst things about liberals yeah Bill Maher talked with the worst things about liberals. Get out the number and if you the eighth and ninth -- -- you win a pair of tickets valued at a 150 dollars says to -- deal mark. This coming Saturday. We're also talking about saints game day -- it and -- I noticed a few things they just seem to break what should be considered general etiquette at a game. And I've I'm sure you've noticed some things that you might want to share with us as well drunk people mean it was a guy behind me who is just really -- and she was an older gentleman. And he was he was making faces and noises at this kid. This little kid who was probably. 45. That we're just obnoxious and it just it was even part of the game you know fans can get obnoxious during the game. But if you're gonna go to a game go to the game. And if you do something it's outside of either approving or disapproving of what goes on on the field either supporting your team or opposing the other team if you do stuff that's totally contrary to that. Then you know what are you -- here. And and I also noticing this to really bothered -- and bothered me it bothers me that people do it. But it didn't really bother me. There's a couple sitting in front of me and they were texting the entire game. The entire game. The entire game I don't even know how much they saw. And I was wondering. Why they even went. And last year I talked about this -- son who kicked the back of my seat to the entire game and what bothered me most was that the father didn't even realize that his son. One is was aggravating somebody else I should've said something -- ordinarily do but I didn't but what I really noticed this says this past week and sixty Sunday night. Was a woman it was a C champion fund ever penalty them from the and while it didn't affect me directly if it would have affected me directly I -- it sets up in -- she draped her her feet and her legs over the empty seat in photographer. Which meant that the two people on either side of that empty seat and her feet in flip flops right next to. And I thought it was wrote. It is or something that you see people do. That you consider to be outside of what should be considered. General etiquette -- -- saints game to join our -- nights are numbers 2601870. -- 3866889. Is nearly seventy text numbers 877. Here's a tax code lighten up you're at a football game you're not a church a woman's feet in an empty seat bothering you really. That's what bothers me about it I guess it's not what the physical aspect of it is if it was if it was next to me that first of all that's not her seat. And I think it's inappropriate for -- feet right there next to somebody's face. -- Would bothers me is people feeling that they are entitled to something. And that's a case of entitlement. She felt like she was entitled to structurally sound and putter her feet -- since nobody was there but that's not really her seat. I realized that nobody's in deceit. By I would literacy I am surprised that that somebody didn't say something and maybe you've encountered this as well and maybe it's difficult to. Say something to people. But if you if you don't realize that you're doing it you you are showing a sense of entitlement. I I'm entitled to do this and it also bothers me when when people. In society in general seem to be oblivious. To the things that bother other people. Because we're all in this world together and inevitably we're gonna be bothered going to be offended by things. But there are people who obviously just don't think that they live in this world would anybody else. Here's a text I agree skewed there are some people the saints games. -- really trashy. And with a 7 o'clock kick off there were a lot of people who were totally trashed. Here's a text my friend embarrass the by being drunk before we even got to the dome. I hate night games too many responsible drinkers. I sent out a tweet on by a Twitter account. I guess it was about. 6 o'clock -- 6 o'clock Sunday afternoon. And it would these guys with half gallon of Jim beam on the street. With these big. Big giant go cups at me like that the big. Big gulp kind of kind of cops. And they were pouring Coke and then they were they were I I I I love attacked a total to -- it in the next few minutes I'll send out this tweet again and I just sent out this tweet. This is one way to get ready for saints game. I obviously there's. I'm not against drinking. And I'm not against people getting drunk and having fun. But he can go beyond a point where it's even acceptable in public and you know these guys were destined to it did not even make it through the entire game I'm gonna send a tweet -- if you wanna join me on Twitter it's -- scoot. Every WL. From Hammond chief heroes cute show good evening. -- -- -- -- -- -- It could be a lot of that I. Got I -- and now and there's actually yeah. Act now by Alex you. Are back and now and shot laid. -- -- probably -- -- against. Yeah I did it at all well now you. You know but it it did not it goes like it. I agree key thing -- you know it. It then this is part of the hate that bubbles under the surface where it with many Americans today if it's in politics it's in sports. You know we we should. We should be passionate about our team but it doesn't mean that we have to express hate toward the opposition. Yeah -- just that it is big you know it. -- -- that there's an art. And each other at all. You know it it's but he is geared to argue. Might it mean more now. Keep another paper and aren't just for me. Well I think I agree and that's why I like talking about this because it it might let somebody know who's doing something that really isn't going to other people it might let him know that what they're doing is annoying and it might be totally oblivious to. Here's a text did you find time to watch the game are actually not I didn't see anything analyst who is -- sucks and everybody around me. I hear is attacks I can't stand when somebody constantly pushes the back of my seat. It's things like that. Which make me even more conscious of what I'm doing. Thug. Me. Affects somebody else -- that may affect somebody else's etiquette. -- -- of note that may affect somebody else's comfort volume you're right and they're also there was a guy right next to me. Who was so I would describe him as sophomore Alex. I mean the entire game is like Canada and attack his latest -- bullets it you know sometimes because he's kinda stretching over into my seat space. And so he's kinder Robin on my late summertime and do the best candidate. But my legs away from -- but but he hit the whole CD -- And again I realize it's -- game and it's a dome and it's fun and it's a sporting event of people while the people are crazy. But there are some things that happen outside of the excitement of the game that make things a little bit irritating for others and since people don't even know that there are knowing the people. And I think it's okay for us to let them know if they continue to do it than we understand what kind of people they are. Here's our -- WL pretty jaguar opinion poll. Do you think the growing civil war within the Republican Party will make the party stronger. Or weaker. It is your opinion by going to WWL dot com -- -- update on that coming up here just a few minutes if you wanna join us for the comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And a -- Samper is a 7870. All right. That's Bill -- If you won a pair of tickets to see politically incorrect Bill Maher in concert. At the -- Saturday night's. The numbers 26 so wins 2609467. Call right now if you the eighth and ninth caller. You win appear tickets valued at a 150 dollars for WL. Do you think this growing civil war within the Republican Party will make the party's stronger or weaker that's our debit WL party -- opinion polls when things were talking about on the show right. Here's an update on the -- 27% think it's gonna make the Republican Party stronger. As -- 3% say it's gonna make the party weaker. The party so divided now the party needs to find ways to come together and and unite the question -- Well far rights woods the far rights allow the party to unite. Under a moderate candidate and give us your opinion on -- BWL parties bumping people like going to our web site WW dot com keeping an update on that coming up. As one of the things we're talking about on the show tonight. The Republicans play the lakers in Los Angeles tipoff time is at 930 those -- you -- on 153 WWL let them. Will be hosting the game. If you wanna stay with -- to show justice switch -- to 870 will be on 870 for the rest of the night. From the mayor and run your Honda VW real good evening. -- -- If you head out on what combat. From the Republican side. And Chris Christie's. -- one -- war presidency. And that you have someone. For. Conservative. Like Marco. Now. And Tuesday. All. Tapestry. Dan. If you have. Ball. All -- Would the Obama care. Ration. By Thanksgiving. The Republicans. Or poised. To read in. Take a -- Or were the government. -- I I I I I agree that political. Landscape is is very fertile for Republican advancement but this country is not interested contrary to what people believe in their own inner circles with family and friends. This this country is is not poised. To move to the far right and if the Republican Party -- to the right I don't see how they can. Make many gains in 2014. Or is in and win the White House in 2016. Now by the way run I don't know if I would describe Marco Rubio says. As as an ultra conservative I would describe. And tech crew -- eight or Rick -- a minority can get. I wouldn't say seasonal Perkins I don't know enough about him to say that he is an ultra conservative I think he's a conservative. There may be send a sight of him that are more moderate than some of the real right wingers like. Rick Santorum and and Rick Perry for example. You're right here I'd run a political shot thanks listing in the Mary. From -- Chad -- on WW well. I have. -- was alcoholic back whatever we and bill but quietly. Into. -- -- I. I regret that. On. Every. By that wonderful. That we. Eat the -- I'll ever. Core. -- and you know -- -- dark water and it definitely like pork during like the last. -- So Chad YouTube relieved and you you actually remember enough to remember that you missed a lot of the games. -- Fact you even you know little part of it down after Katrina now -- The air. Our member. Atmosphere -- number ago everybody in and it is a great time object to it on the. Chad I'm glad to tell the show thanks listing here is it texted him pretty much with the same color as singer an alcoholic -- a season ticket holder. A sober now. And wishes he would've remembered the games that he missed. During the Super Bowl season and wanna congratulate. Carol pot coral heard. And Greg Dawson they just won a pair of tickets to see HBO's real time host Bill Maher Saturday nights this arena November 16 at the sinker. And if you wanna purchase tickets you can go to Ticketmaster dot com or call 80745. 3000 now listen again later in the show we got another pair of tickets to giveaway. When you hear or Bill Maher. Saying something negative about liberals that's your cue to call give up the special numbered it's not our. It's -- the deal on airline to 601870. It's it's a special number -- be listening for that special number will give that out. Eight and ninth callers are conscious line. Each will win a pair of tickets valued at a 150 dollars for a Bill -- this party night if you wanna join our show the comic tonight our number is 260. 1870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And I text number is 87870. Also tonight I -- touch on hooters waitresses in their tight orange shorts and their tight tops of lining up to cheer young football players. From corporate middle school. As they arrive for an after season party at hooters restaurant in Portland Oregon the school district had. And holds support of this after season -- -- And they fired the coach who refuse to change the location of the after season party. Is going to voters any different than going to the beach are going to a swimming pool and or -- of people get hysterical about this weasel talk about that today as well. If you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 2601872. All free 8668890870. At a text number is 87870. Here's attacks that reads really missed getting to listen to the saints post game. Shown podcasts this week hopefully it will be back at we will certainly check that out that's from out of town fans here's a text scoot. GOP extreme right is hopelessly lost. To even consider Ted. Coup -- crews or Sarah idiot Palin as leadership. Is delusional. And Sarah Palin is is out pictures of book out to issues. Are out doing the tour of all the talk shows. And I just a place. I've always wondered why. The Republican Party really paid much attention to her. Unless they just like people over attractive and I can't imagine that that's the case. But is -- her sex appeal. You Michelle Bachmann is an attractive woman Sarah Palin is an attractive woman is is is is that. Is that why so many people support that because I mean it really it it can't be because of what they say it can't be because of what they stand for -- So to ideologies. Fight against each other's civil war America comes together. There's a civil war going on now within the Republican Party. Texas governor Rick Perry says that he's not sure Chris Christie is conservative enough to be presidential nominee. Sarah Palin has not shown real excitement about Chris Christie is a presidential hopeful in 2016. And she says there's no Ronald Reagan on the scene today. Which -- stroke. I'm Sarah Palin also said I would never put my faith and hope in any one politician. But then she's very supportive of senator Ted crews trying to defund obamacare. Former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum was in Iowa. And he joined Rick Perry and senator Marco Rubio in downplaying Chris Christie's victory last week. In the New Jersey gubernatorial election a Santorum says that he is open to a 2016. Presidential bid. As time goes on -- I can't from banks and you might think this is just my opinion as opposed to professional observation and I can't stop you from from thinking that. Anybody who says anything. That doesn't totally support their side. Believes that. You're your your opinion is it different from players therefore they totally discredit you. But I just can't see it right wing candidate like Rick Santorum. Gaining anymore strength that he he had last year before the presidential when he was one of the nominees. And he ended up losing because he didn't have enough support to far right. And as long as the Republican Party and again this is this not. Well I guess it's in the form of my opinion but this is and an observation that is also being made by people like Newt Gingrich. And other Republican leaders. Haley Barbour and -- to some degree even our governor Bobby Jindal. The Republican Party needs to change. Now they might not wonderful locally admit that all the time because they're trying to placate to some a few. They don't wanna tell you the truth -- don't take what they really believe they would tell you what they think he won he year. And if you know if that's what you want than you can find that there are soul. There are so many places. Where you could find exactly which you won here. I would rather try to be professional with observations and I just don't think there's any indication that this country is ready to move to. The far right and I would I be surprised if there are not Obama supporters who might actually be. A contributing to some of the campaigns. Some of the people who bar on the far right because that's only gonna help the Democrats. For Baton Rouge Greg -- on this crucial and having WL. -- it's our. People their. They want. More Christian. -- to support those. That. -- did the building of a wide. Alt well I think that's a really legitimate point. Yet that's what Sarah Palin is doing this of -- a book about that the war Christmas and and and I noticed some degree there's been a Warren court and on Christmas but. The the point is people have become hysterical about it. The government robbing them of Christmas and the truth is nobody can take Christmas or your Christian beliefs away from you. And it did if they'd been taken away from you that's your fault it's not the government's fault. McGregor yeah right I'm I'm going to call -- show. If Sarah Palin is in favor of a Christmas and I haven't read her book and I don't know that much about it but I believe it's about the war -- and and and I agree I mean as a as a Christian it's a Catholic. I think it's ridiculous that there are nativity scenes and there are -- symbols of Christmas. There have been -- I think that's absurd. But even if that does happen. Are well first of all if you are for Christmas in public that -- how could you be against the mosque being built. Because you can't just be for the freedom of you were specific religion because that's not what America was built on. America was built on freedom of religion. Respect for freedom of religion is older than the United States of America. That was the very beginning. Of the attitude of the people who came to settle this country which then became the United States of America. And you might as well just have tattooed on your face hypocrite if you if you if you gonna be a hypocrite and an if you wanna be -- -- will just -- admit that you are. But don't. Don't pretend to be for one thing and against something else and the pitcher you're really not a hypocrite. You have to be for freedom of religion even if it's a religion that you're not crazy about. Or even if it's a religion you don't understand. The so what this country it was when it was based on. But I think the ultimate point -- Nobody the government cannot take Christmas away from the unless the government comes to your house. Or your church. And prevents you from celebrating Christmas. In the spirit of Christmas should never die within your heart. Your mind. Your family. Or anywhere. And we are so quick as a society. To wanna blame. Something else for our own failures. That there are people who see this country is not being as religious as it once was in the blaming the government for that. The government doesn't control that. Individual's control that. You control that. And if you have lost your faith. It's your fault. Individuals who lose their faith can't blame the government for -- To what the government to be clear to inspire your faith. Your faith should come from within. Not from outside eight. And nobody can take that away from you. Here's a text. It reads though what kind of individual. One who stands up. I ask one who is scared to stand up for himself I wish somebody. We try to rob me. You know I think that's. I think that's a reference to me being attack -- and robbed in this CBD. I iPod look I stood up for myself I fought back there for guys I didn't win but I fought back. This is the -- showed we'll be right back on to VW well. There's a new study that shows that gun violence in movies rated PG thirteen has tripled over -- years. Does this leads you to believe that this is what's contributing to. Real gun violence in society. The -- blog addresses that. It's on our web site right now is gun violence in movies to blame for real violence you can read it and share it come out and if you like it's on our website at WWL dot com. Here's an update on tonight's WWL party general opinion poll. -- do you think the growing civil war within the Republican Party will make the party stronger or weaker. 27% say stronger and 73%. Say weaker. If you wanna join our show with your comment tonight our number is 260187. -- toll free 8668890870. And -- -- number is 87870. Here's a Texan reads we don't need you media people to pick the candidates. -- first of all I have never picked a candidate. I have never supported a candidate on the -- You might think you can figure out to a vote for but that's that's something that I I I share. It's just had been a policy of mine throughout my career up to this point on media people don't pick candidates. It's the party depicts the candidate but the media -- I guess people speaking through the media does sometimes influence. -- decisions that those who are in power make concerning. Who they wanna get elected. And there's that there's a difference between who you would like to see in the White House. And who can be elected. And again this is something else that we talked about all along on the show. For those who didn't like Mitt Romney because he was not conservative and of this is -- Rick Perry of Texas governor's is so wrong when he says Chris Christie's not conservative enough to be the presidential nominating. There were people who didn't vote for Mitt Romney because he wasn't conservative enough. So they stayed home that essentially. Put Obama back in office or that that helped put Obama back in office. But a right wing conservative is not going to attract younger voters. A right wing candidate is not going to attract. Women voters. Minority voters and those are all the reasons the Republicans lost. Last year at this time. So that's something that that needs to change in. -- I don't know that Texas governor Rick Perry is anyone to talk about the the proper direction for the Republican Party. I -- this that this coach and a middle school in in Portland Oregon. The corporate middle school. He set up but after season party for his team and voters. And the school district told him to change the location he refused to change the location. And the school district fired the coach and pulled their support for the after season parties. -- pay for the entire party and made an additional donation to corporate middle school and the sports program. Now if the school is so opposed to -- orders. It -- at hooters is such a bad influence. Should they not have accepted. The donation. Fifteen of the teams Tony three members attended Saturday's party they went on after the that the season. And after the school had withdrawn its support for the for the gathering to coach -- upper box said that he thought -- was appropriate and refuse to back down. I don't I don't understand why -- voters it's something that so freaks people out. Because you see more. When you go to the beach you Seymour when you go to assuming -- and you see it voters and like I don't have any relationship with looters. Is that it's not my job on the show to defend who voters. But I've like to have two to point out. Hypocrisy its wind when they become obvious. And in if you have bought into the the hysteria about -- I can't we can't have young guys going to hooters. What about cheerleaders. I've young guys who have thoughts because severe natural instincts and their natural hormones. Young boys who think about things are thinking about those things. With the very cheerleaders. They're on the football field. At your middle school game. Right now at this point in their lives. They don't have to go to voters to think about it. And the sensations. Being in the game Sunday it's a Dallas Cowboys. Were wearing less than hooters waitresses where. So. Again. I noticed that. That in this country it's so easy to create hysteria. And social media has a lot to do with that. People become hysterical about certain issues and from the beginning I think -- scissors -- the bad name they're they're doing something that is perfectly legal if you. If he would don't quite get there and don't deal with that's but don't go there. But again really honestly. Do you really think that that is gonna Harmon a middle school football team. If you wanna join our show the comet tonight numbers 2601878. To all free 8668890. It's happening. -- numbers 870. Constitutes a windy chilly Tuesday night's live from New Orleans will be right back on -- WL. Axed. About two ticking away Christmas bigger and I don't think the government and -- -- away from you. And the text reads so you say the government can't take away Christmas etc. No one can take that away wells continue replace the same words with health care nobody can take. Not even the government can take your health care or your rights away if you. Do you must be a hypocrite. Nobody should be able to take away your health care and I agree with former President Bill Clinton said even if the law needs to be changed. The government should live up to the promise of if you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan. And you -- should have to change should be forced to to change that. And it will certainly talk more about dentist as time goes on here is. I taxed. This is no doubt you are perverted. Every damn night you bring up the subject of sex on your show. Get a girlfriend or boyfriend for God's sake. -- we just talk about stuff that's in the news in yet people are so clean slate that somebody is perverted. Take the saints are trying out new kickers Garrett Hartley has lost its. Missed again. Mark Ingram had a great game we've got those stories on our website. At WW elder icon. And astute blog tonight is about a gun violence in movies it's gone up is that to blame for real violence you can read that in common on it. On our website -- Debbie WL dot com we'll be talking more about that coming up in the next hour. Also before 11 o'clock you'll have a chance to win another pair of tickets to see Bill -- at this anger theater. This coming Saturday night November 16 listened for Bill -- to say. The things that are the worst things about liberals and and call him.