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Nov 12, 2013|

Is violence in movies responsible for an increase of violence in our society? Ettiqutte at Saints games. Is the civil war in the republican party good or bad for the party?

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It's a breezy Tuesday night there's a freeze warning in effect for the North Shore and when you get north of the North Shore up around the Coleman and Mississippi Louisiana State line it's gonna possibly be in the upper twenties tonight. A lot of wind is going to be very chilly tomorrow morning I don't think the -- colder air is gonna set in until. Well overnight after after midnight but -- say it's chilly out there right now hoping your enjoying this cooler weather. It is November in -- and it's gonna warm up by the weekend now. And right now there's a chance of rain over the weekend we've had so many nice weekend's but you know the weather can change so we've really have no idea it's actually gonna happen. Here are a couple of things that we are talking about tonight. A night do you think the Republican Party. With this civil war is gonna get stronger. Or weaker. That's our -- if you will party jaguar opinion poll will give you an update on that we continue to -- that pull through on our show tonight were also talking about. General etiquette and to saints game and and I don't mean to seem like Kimberly picky here. But I just noticed a couple of things. There are things that did that people do with -- a -- other people. And I am sure I do things. Better -- of the people. But there's things that. People don't understand RC RR -- -- other people and they're totally oblivious to what it is that they're doing. Now with a 7 o'clock game there were a lot of really drunk people and and I don't have a problem with drunk people assault on -- they've behaved. On cursing is another issue but it. I was really bothered him but I didn't let it ruin the game deserves a great game and I've I've loved being there Sunday. But there was of a woman -- down a couple of seats from me and the seat in front of her was empty. And so she'd I guess thought she was entitled to that seat even though it wasn't her seat. She draped her legs and feet over the empty seat and so her feet and flip flops. Would have been right next to the person on the right of the left. Now had it been me I would have set something but I don't know if there's actually any rule about doing that but I would think that they would be. Brawn to just have somebody's feet right there when you turn to the though the writer -- last depending on which -- -- and com I guess that's a little bit out of the ordinary -- you're expected to gain medium -- over sensitive to it to those kind of things. But I just thought that was just a little bit inappropriate if there's anything that is against general game etiquette did you notice -- you wanna call our show our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a text ember is 87870. One of the oldest and most debated questions. Surrounding entertainment whether it's TV radio movies Internet any medium. Is whether or not the medium itself. Influences behavior or reflects. The behavior of the ought -- It's. Now there might be a degree of truth that it influences and reflects society. But there. There's been this argument and it's gone on for a long time -- it more influence or more reflects society. Conventional wisdom seems to place more emphasis on the media influencing society rather than reflecting society. Tragic school shootings. Random violence especially involving teenagers. Seems the least to the media establishing some kind of relationship between the shooter. And violent video games violent movies or any form of violent entertainment. Defining evil. To blame for tragedies is an instinctive and media at -- and society. And like with any medium that is driven by the goal of attracting the largest possible audience the news media wants to provide a script. -- conveniently. Identifiable. That is easy to understand and that does identify the villain or the evil force. Against which society can rant. And a well defined script or new story has a better chance of capturing the attention of an audience that is bombarded by thousands of flashes of information images and story lines every day. Now over the past year we would discuss this several times when tragedy strikes. Humans innately wanna know who or what is to blame. By understanding who or what is to blame. The immediate focus turns to the solutions that hopefully will prevent a future tragedy. But it's a -- desire to quickly define an evil source I think that sometimes leads to. To problems not being defined accurately. And if the problem is not defined accurately how are you gonna ever find an accurate solution. And politicians are very guilty of of of being too willing to settle for a perceived problem. That the public will easily except instead of addressing the truth or the actual problem. Which is often more confusing. For public comprehension. It's it's it's always in the best interest of any politician to find an evil influence that is tangible. Since that something that they can address. That something that they can attempt to satisfy the voters by. I'm passing legislation either banning it or supporting it too. To either ban or control day of the evil force and sometimes that seems to be violent entertainment. But the idea that violent entertainment is to blame for the unacceptable level of violence in society is more tangible than the far. The far. More complicated issue. Of of parenting. Education. Mental health. Those issues. Don't allow easy solutions that can be demanded by society. What I find interesting is that there's a new study showing that gun violence in movies rated PG thirteen. Has tripled over the last twenty years. And this is gonna lead to the median -- a lot of people in society. Quickly concluding that an increase in violence in movies explains. Why there is an increase in violence in the real world. But I think that's more of a convenient and simplistic conclusion. Rather than the right conclusion. The national crime victimization survey from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. From 1993 to 2011. And these are the most recent statistics that I know of shows that gun incidents. Victims. And gun crime rates. The gun crime rate has actually decreased. So if in reality gun violence is down. Ten points or so much talk about the danger. The dangers of violent entertainment on society. One of the that the best courses that I've ever took was communication theory it was the toughest and most in lighting horse I ever took. And from that course what I've learned that course and to this day I believe that the media much more reflects society. Then dictates behavior. And even television commercials don't inspire. Viewers to do something they really don't want to deal we can you honestly think of a TV commercial. -- persuaded you to do something that you didn't wanna do we even if it was -- a deep rooted fought that you that you might have had. I simply don't think there's evidence indicates the commercials can make you do something that you don't wanna do. I think one example is that the greatest most. Persuasive car commercial is not gonna convince you to go on by a car. But if you in the market to buy a car. Or defeat even thought about getting in New York did a good car commercial might inspire you to select that particular make and model. So if this new study. Shows that gun violence in movies rated PG thirteen has tripled over two decades. The general conclusion might be that gun violence in movies. Is inspiring gun violence in the real world. But -- -- -- in the real world is actually decreased then why are we willing to blame violence in movies for real violence in society. If it's true SI believe. That the media reflects society its audience. Then the media would reflect society's tendencies. The widespread belief that violence in entertainment is to blame for violence in the real world is reflected in the way the media covers. Gun violence stories. We may not be able to pinpoint which came first. The media's infatuation. With blaming violence in entertainment the real world violence or the audience -- belief that violin attainment is to blame. For real world violence. It really should matter which came first the fact is today we have a media that reflection feeds off of society's instinct to blame violent. Entertainment for inspiring. Real world violence. And audiences are. Quick to condemn the media for the selection. The slant and the substance of the stories that covers. But if the media more reflects the audience it entertains and informs. Then blaming the media is people to blaming. The reflection you see it in looking into a mirror. Blaming it on the Mir. The -- is just the medium that's reflecting. That which is looking into. And so the argument could be made that with an audience. If an audience doesn't like what it sees in the media. Even entertainment. It's essentially saying. It doesn't like the reflection it's east of itself. And you can't blame the medium. Television movies the Internet -- to mirror. Kinda have to blame. That which the media is reflecting. If you wanna join our -- of the -- tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 in a text number is 87870. The -- blog tonight is titled. I like about to -- showing -- Tuesday night Louisiana Supreme Court and is not doubts the crescent city's panhandling ordinance. Do you give money to beggars on the side of the road or do you think it's all a scam. And what's the worst place for panhandlers in this area. Also of Michigan study shows that Catholic schools are no better than private schools when it comes to math reading and behavioral problems. Eating that's the case here the -- to the things that Tommy Tucker will talk about tomorrow morning and Debbie WL first news for Tommy Tucker weekday mornings from six to ten. Here into the WL. Here's our -- WL pretty jaguar opinion poll do you think the growing civil war within the Republican Party will make the party stronger or weaker. Can -- opinion by going to our web site to be WL dot com give you an update on that. As we continue to track that polls throughout our show. A Richard Simmons was in town yesterday he was at this seniors that this event at the -- center in -- Sponsored by Humana every WL radio and the Jefferson council on aging before he went on stage I spent a few minutes with Richard and that Richard years ago. He was a guest on my show winds -- in the morning show on B 97 and they did the eighties. And Richard was doing his TV show live from Jackson square and he asked if I would come -- announcing for that sole idea that in. So we became. Friends and I would occasionally see Richard -- over the years and ran into each other occasionally. Before he went on -- it's been a few minutes with him and found him to be -- a little different and -- -- and a negative way he wished he was more reflective and more its respective. I I saw a more serious Richard Simmons. Here's part of the conversation I had with Richard -- by shorted out by saying hey Richard how long have we known each other. Just certain once a week it could be Saturday night ahead exactly what I want to participate comp time whenever. Actually it's been maybe once a week external right. This is now watching your -- -- must -- -- like twins or triplets. Man I'm even -- -- -- I'm. Bad taste -- -- -- yea I think Sweden. -- -- -- like you doing here. Go -- for sure am and I usually just objectives. And you know there's some things and just like myself to the -- And just. Got a question for you in terms of giving back to people because you are very giving person. Help others and. And the video from -- -- so -- recited every every other kind of abbreviated version of a conversation with Richardson -- on our web site. Yeah he he was he was fun and -- in Richardson is it that way but I also found him to be. On a little more serious and I guess its respective is the best way to put it then I have seen him before here's a quick update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll. Do you think the growing civil war within the Republican Party will make the party stronger or weaker. 34% now say -- will -- the party stronger 66% say it will make the party weaker tomorrow night on the -- show. A conversation with the controversy ill. -- And also torn -- talk about a Miley Cyrus lighting up the -- in Amsterdam during MTV European music awards. And Lady Gaga saying that she is addicted to marijuana. Mean do you feel like you all are or were addicted to pot and is that even possible. Also we'll talk about the Jimmy Kimmel controversy. Where he was doing -- Jimmy Kimmel Live kids tables comedy -- And one kids response to the question of how to deal with with China. -- paying back there are -- paying back the debt to China how to deal with that one kid said kill everyone in China. And there have been protests that erupted with Chinese Americans calling for Jimmy Kimmel to actually be fired did he go too far we'll talk about all of -- On the Scotia tomorrow right here on WWL. A Sarah Palin is going or the country later her new book tour. And I'm a sooner on a number of the different stations they didn't spend too much time I was kind of channel surfing. But the former Alaska governor and 2008. Republican vice presidential nominee. Is signing books good tidings in great joy protecting the heart of Christmas. She's a Barnes & Noble stores outside of -- and her she was there earlier tonight this is an Eastern Pennsylvania on the book went on sale today. And it's it's a book about two of which she perceives as a war on Christmas and and this is something that we will be talking about when we get into the holiday season. And I would certainly agree dead. That Christmas has been attacked and I think it's ridiculous. That as a society. We can't have Christmas decorations up but if you support. If you support Christmas. Based on religious freedom. Then you also need to support. The building of a mosque. You also need to support. Muslims. Celebrating. Their relation even though it's something you don't get. EU can't have religious freedom. One way and not respect its another way. And as I said early in the show I've got a few attacks about this. I think it's really easy to blame the government. For. Robbing us of Christmas. When in reality the government can't do anything about taking the spirit of Christmas away from you. The government can't do anything about taking your Christian beliefs or whatever you police are away from you. You might want it more reinforced in society. Then you see it but they can't take anything away from -- And some people are are are too quick to say. The government is taking Christmas away from -- I don't know about you but Christmas is the same in my house it's as -- it's his. It's a celebratory and is. Spirited is in his as I would want it to be and and nobody can change that. And no government can change that. So don't become hysterical and buying into this idea. Yes to some degree there's a war on on chris'. But nobody can really take Christmas away from you or. From anybody for that matter and there are those who argues that the government's taking our religion away taking our faith the way attacking Christians. Nobody can take your Christian -- away. And if you somehow lose your Christian faith I don't think it's fair to blame the government I think that's something that comes from within and it doesn't necessarily come from the government if you wanna join our show at a -- tonight our number is 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a text number. Is 87870. Here's a Texan -- -- you are were you really bothered by the lady's feet being propped up on the chair I can't imagine being bothered by that. Or did it I would even notice. It's a football game. Not enough for. But what difference does it make you -- a football game or not you know I guess I really need to investigate why that bothers me about it I just to -- it. It just seemed like one of those things that -- broke basic etiquette and and but the so it if if there was an empty seat next to me at a saints game. And somebody male or female. Put their feet over I guess I I guess I really shouldn't be bothered by that. But for some reason there is there something about that -- that bothers me somebody's legs and feet on the seat next to me I guess it would be even. More occupied if somebody was actually fair. But I don't know I just. I'm I'm very much into my own space. And also the guy next to me had had a -- like I mean this guy's leg wouldn't stop moving and you know when -- in the terrorist he would this seats are close together. In -- in every way. And he would easily was rubbing up against mine occasionally like vibrating and get them possibly go and hold chair was moving it look I know what's the game and people are -- But there are some things that conflict with the celebratory aspect of the game. Either supporting your team or opposing another team. There are things outside of that that. Become bothersome and I didn't like -- when again. I guess I didn't like it because I thought well what if I was sitting next to her my instinct would be to tell or something about it but would it be even appropriate to tell. Somebody not to put their feet in the seat next to you because it's not their seat but it's also. Not my CD. If -- join us for the comic tonight about anything we're talking about our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text amber estate 77. And so it also talked about this interesting new study showing that gun violence in movies rated PG thirteen has tripled over the past twenty years. But is that the reason for. Unacceptable crime in America. According to the research that that I saw. Gun violence. Has actually gone down. But when their risk gun violence and there's far too much of it in New Orleans and in many cities in many communities across this country. When there is gun violence because of the hot button issue of gun control. Because of this hysteria that -- surrounds the issue. The media has a tendency. To. I guess you could say blow things out of proportion. But that feeds on what the public wants to believe and that is that. Guns -- and guns may be out of control put it's really people. Who are out of control. Not the guns. And so this new study showing the gun violence in movies rated PG thirteen has tripled over the past twenty years. Is going to lead a lot of people. Two. Conclude that. Gun violence in movies is contributing to gun violence in society when in reality it may be that. The gun violence in movies is. Reflecting. The hysteria. Over gun violence in society. The -- blog tonight on our web site WWL dot com on the front page is side gun violence in movies to blame for. Real violence. If you wanna read you can read shared -- WWL dot com also if you wanna join our show tonight our number is 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Late seventy. Text number is 8787. Justin Timberlake has added New Orleans to his concert tour the concert is going to be August 3. 2014. Tickets go on sale Monday. November 18. This is the -- show and we'll be right back on to -- WL. The saints are trying out new -- -- Garrett Hartley missed again Sunday against the cowboys say we didn't need it but they are going to be times when we need it. And I realized that he has been a solid kicker in the past -- The last couple of years and and this year in particular Garrett Hartley. Kennedy took effect. Until the person sitting next to me that the game Sunday in your -- out there to kick to kick a field -- I said. This is this is no given that this is not a given. Any missed it. And it seemed like it would be a given if you have a team that's headed for the playoffs and maybe the Super -- what you gotta have a kicker who can make those kicks in. You know -- -- human. And they miss and we we all make mistakes and we Ole miss and we all don't perform exactly the way we would like to see ourselves perform. But Hartley says administer enough to where it. Look they they're kicking demons are obviously in his head. And sometimes you you needs something like an exorcism to get him out and I would think that there are enough sports psychologist to war. Who are so good and it's like talking to players who have the demons in their head. That there's somebody that -- Garrett Hartley can can talk to -- -- right now I'd that is not a good situation would get the full story on our web site -- read about the -- trying out new kickers. We've got that story on our website at WW real dot com and the saints running game is back hopefully it stays back Sampras Cisco coming to town this weekend. In -- -- superdome saints and the 49ers. I think the saints are gonna win this game. There are games and I'm concerned about of course I'm concerned about this game as well we all should be the 49ers are very good team I think the saints are going to be the 49ers that's not a given binding the saints are going to be the 49ers. You know I think -- many of us are. Eyes as saints fans looking at the challenge of going to Seattle. To beat the Seahawks. In December. In Seattle. That's an outdoor stadium. By the way it's built. Allows. This sound to be as loud as many indoor stadium you know I'm really surprised that. There with with the decibel meter. Readings that can be taken. I'm really surprised that that somebody hasn't consistently gone around the league. And taken danceable readings. And different games. To determine which stadium really is the loudness which fans really -- the wildest. The superdome Sunday. In the superdome this year you know the Buffalo Bills game -- the crowd was a little more tempered than they may have been and other games. But Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys against the Atlanta Falcons against the Miami Dolphins. It in especially in the big prime time gains that dome is chests. Oppressively loud it's his his so so great to hear that but I'm surprised that somebody hasn't really gone around and and even though it can carry a little bit taken an average and figured out which. Which stadium. Has relieved that the wildest decibel level I would think that dome would be right up there but. Seattle tough place to play. -- there were -- a meeting this was a private meeting but actually somebody was at the meeting. And he was not authorized to talk about the private discussions publicly insisted on anonymity when he gave some information about what happened. Native American leaders met at the White House today. And they thanked President Obama for voicing concern about the name of the Washington Redskins football team. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which led the efforts to have the team's name changed. Thanks President Obama for speaking out. In other tribal leaders apparently responded with applause again this is coming from an anonymous source who was at the meeting which was close to the media. In an interview last month with the Associated Press the president said that if he owned the Redskins. He would consider changing the name. He said that -- -- is in a good enough reason to keep the name that offends a sizable group of people. Now some of that I agree with I don't think nostalgic is a reason to keep something. That is offensive. Because they're certainly. Are things that have been historically. And names that would be extremely offensive and he should be changed based on. The progress in the evolution. And sensitivity of society. I don't like political correctness I'm not talking about them not just talking about. Understanding what is what is offensive. I can't speak from the standpoint of a native American. But I can tell you that. -- I think about. The Redskins. When I hear about the Redskins I don't think anything negative at all. When I see the profile of Redskins logos and the Indian chief. -- I think about a warrior I think about. Courage and and -- for now again that doesn't mean everybody's gonna think their but I just don't think anything. Negative when I see that I I don't think is Tikrit when I hear the N word. That offends me I think that's very degrading. When I hear. The F forward used when it comes to referring to homosexuals. I find that to be offensive. So I find a lot of things offensive but I don't I never perceived the Redskins is being something that is offensive. I think it's also very important to listen to what politicians say. President Obama said he on the Redskins he would consider. Changing the -- He didn't say he would change the name. And politicians are very careful with their worst day in most cases they're careful with their words in most cases they know what they're saying. In Obama did say he would he said he would consider changing the name if you gonna join our show with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. An Arctic -- -- 7870. Here's a Texan reeds screwed I think it is respect for others I don't like when people don't show respect for others around me. It blanks me off -- I I am I agree with that. And it's not so much did what somebody dies. He news is that annoying as much as it's just a reminder. That there are so many people in this world who were totally oblivious. To everybody else. They think that there in this world alone. And they don't even consider that what they do you might -- somebody else inevitably there are little things that we all do. That might being -- to somebody else I'm sure that things that I do. That and that annoyance of people. But there are some people who -- seemed to go out of their way. To be annoying. Tomorrow on enjoy here and -- WL one to four. New Orleans east is poised to make a comeback from Katrina with a new hospital more retail and more grocery stores. Neighborhood leaders discuss blight crime infrastructure. Economic development and more. That is an area of the city. That needs work and it's only gonna make it better plus the first lady of New Orleans Cheryl Landry. Will be on the show -- pelicans are in Los Angeles playing the lakers at the Staples Center tonight you can hear that game on our sister station 1053. WW -- them. -- about eight minutes left in the third quarter the -- lakers are ahead it is about 63 to 45 was the last time checks though. They have quietly. Here's an update on tonight's WWL pretty -- opinion poll. Do you think the growing civil war within the Republican Party will make the party stronger or weaker. 35% say you'll like the party stronger. 65% say it will make the party weaker give us your opinion by going to our website WW dot com. And -- blog tonight is about gun violence increasing in movies. Is that to blame for. Violence increasing in the real world and is violence really increasing in the real world certainly seems like it when you watch the news. But hybrids and statistics that showed that gun related violence. Has actually decreased. This is over the last. Say ten years I think that's where and -- study covers. So I don't maybe it's going up and like you but but crime is is going down contrary that this is they -- Contrary to what we think when we watch the news you you because so much emphasis is placed on certain crimes. You get the impression that crime is actually going up and in a lot of cases crime is actually going down and in there are many categories were crimes actually going down in New Orleans. If you gonna give us your opinion on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll about the civil war in the Republican Party making the party stronger or weaker go to our website WW real dot com. And also the -- blog is trending on our website right now. It's a Texan Reid says -- first of all thank you for the many nights of helping me stay awake out here because I'm cross country truck driver. I help produce out of California to the East Coast. And then go back and do it all over again. And in -- texting about the woman resting her feet on the chair what a great opportunity to possibly get a date or some action. Why is she sexy. And were her feet sexy. You know I refused to get a different discussion about that. I don't think I missed any opportunities there you know what I mean I it would come right back after the news.