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Nov 13, 2013|

Dave talks about crazy cold, attacked by a diggery-doo, and a very cold wrecking ball

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Move Levin Amendment amendment and after. I am the earliest. Days early. WWL. First news. And -- its thirteenth of November 2000 and their team it is crazy crazy cold out here it really has just like we kind of thought it was going to be that. Now I mean no I mean it's it's one thing talking about it. And it's another thing going through yeah. You can talk about it all you wind up but when that wind is blowing my pastor. And that temperatures that -- I mean -- it's it's it's it's really really cold out yeah looks at -- and there's no kidding around on custom maybe -- warming up. Yeah that's why it. Basically I can't dance around get something -- the -- -- come off. I guess when they. -- always laugh about there's nothing funny about. Today show it's those pumps are not warm and others is not camel and whether he's -- cold home. Thank you think guys who have. -- -- -- If Johnny warmer than a little bit and must not much a little bit. I got that car just if it was like get to scramble for the case to -- it on get to -- on. And they -- take the ridiculously long yeah now I'm -- -- market. Winners that waiting for a Mormon. Really win when -- opened the door to get out of the car. The -- caught the door and I had to fight with it to pull back. And close yes. Because Melanie. And you know because the wind. How how -- -- those who have valid well we got gusts to 35. At the light from thirty wanted to Canner. That's an ousted the windshield it. Definitely in the thirty's or upper twenties and all across the region thirties thirties thirties posted to FaceBook page called a four F. President that he asked to coal. The woman and a man that love as well as theirs. I think you'll find more men and women during cold one timed a frolic frolic rollicking time -- frolic that's okay text messaging today that the gates then today. While we're only getting in the fifties today that said. Is it not much of a warmup no. I'd -- to warm up at all. Hold -- this is serious. We joke and haven't found it but you don't bundle up especially the little ones. Get out there this morning and it may blow away a little bitty ones all the thirty mile allowing guests hold -- to the kids. Think there's no doubt -- -- journalist that. -- and I can't imagine. How we could not yet early warning vote is likely -- meteorologist Laura but now about thirty minutes Beatrice hurdler so you're getting dressed this morning. The war. Thank you him. About fifteen minutes -- -- -- we -- do well and map them and not count more cabinet called up for coming up. From text messages and -- 7870 comment on FaceBook page it. FaceBook dot com WWL radio. And sports with Steve Geller. Right after this along with here forecast for the rest. Love the weather Dave says one text message today 7878 as has -- it can weather analysis I like king weather analysis headed to the dark line beautiful leather can you imagine put on the hip -- and chest waders right now and go to that water all my goodness you have fun with that. And stay right here in the cozy warm studio as as I love this -- and it makes me frisky. Frisco -- in Ireland says there are sent here in camels and again there camels in the now. That he you know well if leave you -- -- you're gonna wanna -- Iberian camel today because it really feels like twenties all across southeast Louisiana right now. We're starting off in the thirties and 40s this morning and with those winds only making it up to 55 later today so keep those heavy coats around even with the sunshine and tonight clear skies and cold again. 32 north of the lake and 44 south of the lake. Back up to 66 to Morris of the warmup begins Thursday percent chance for a shower. And Friday at 20% chance -- light rain highs of 74. From the eyewitness these forecasts inner I'm meteorologist -- tell. Right at the international airport right now winds are northeast at 22 miles an hour gusting to 31. That makes it feel like 29 with the windshield it's actually 39 degrees in cannery now the actual temperatures 35 and -- gallon nucleus guys with a north wind and feels like 27. Degrees Bogle -- feels like 26. Right now so. Anywhere you go on the metro area. It's gonna be pretty darn cold even along the coast it's 46 right now it -- fill those winds gusting to 29 miles an hour so it feels like upper thirties. And -- -- lake front where we have a 42. The winds are gusting to 35. Miles an hour it feels like the low thirties there yet there's no escaping it. Anywhere else. The pelicans just gave it back on -- to California but they couldn't escape the onslaught the lakers brought early in the game. Steve Geller when I went to bed because it could stand it no longer yet elegant it down by 21. In the first half. It was it was rough it was a rough start and they could not recover. Well buckle up and do sportswear is here on this -- and Wednesday morning. Good morning and happy Wednesday everybody the pelicans were off their game in the stable senator. And were routed by the lakers won sixteen to 95. New Orleans suffered a second straight road defeat and wrap up their three game road trip this evening against Utah you can catch tip off on 1053 WWL FM at 8 o'clock. While the six and 349 has come to town this week and saints general manager Mickey Loomis tells NBC sports that the team knows they're in for a hard hitting. Physical contest in the superdome. To really be this year ago any game where they had a couple pick sixes they do this in the playoff game here before so we're you know what were familiar -- somewhere only we know how good they are defensively. Meanwhile since Garrett Hartley continues to struggle making field goals this seemed -- worked out a group of -- according to ESPN. Hartley has missed four of his last six attempts. LSU -- opened the season with a 92 denied he lost the UMass tigers but we're Johnny O'Bryant the third. Scored 23 points with eleven rebounds in the loss also of -- in college basketball keep Napoli had 22 points eight rebounds and 88 assists. To help number two Michigan State hold off top ranked Kentucky 78 to 74. Fifth ranked Kansas pulled way down the stretch of the number four duke 94 to 83. Banks that freshman phenom Andrew Wiggins who scored 22 points and grabbed ten rebounds. Also in Major League Baseball Cleveland's Terry Francona has -- AL manager of the year while Pittsburgh Clint Hurdle took home NL manager of the year honors. They have for a sports talk what's the biggest key for saints' victory against the 49ers. And which member of the black and gold. -- that come up big in this critical NFC battle. Plus too -- head coach Curtis Johnson and at 7 o'clock it's the last -- show that your early morning look at sports and -- Steve Geller. Point three minutes after 5 AM in the early edition of WWL first news is it time to replace Garrett. Hartley the saints bringing in kickers yesterday. To at least put pressure on Hartley and let them know hey. Get your act together or you're out here now it's been a weird season for him hot and cold his career long 55 yarder based mixed six. Field goals this season that's amongst the worst in the league. Is it time for our -- kicker or is it just timed. Get Garrett Hartley back on the straight and narrow by -- M hey if you can't get it done soon we will replace. I think you deathly was time to bring in someone to at least provide a little extra motivation behind him and show like. Hey you know you are replaceable unit that week and bring in another kicker for his team. I'm surprised though Jose multi -- wasn't in that mix since he was with picture of the team during training camp. Lot of people commenting on our FaceBook page do you believe it's time to replace -- even though they know he was the guy who kicked up into the Super Bowl. That's slightly have you done for me lately yes that's correct absolutely and that's a -- blaming partly for the two losses this season. They were factors in those games that side. Score wise. -- him. In that and -- especially the last game against the the jets with a six point loss as one field one feel all right. And less is a new ruler Google's we're sick that happened at an apple that. Think if they get people talking about when he five minutes more or I talked about Ed -- I was looking at some analysis. And several experts think the saints are one of the five or so teams that made. Ring read it. He could play safety for the saints down the stretch would that be a good movie is a hometown hero. We'll talk about that was people get back into sports. Another look at your very cold weather out there in the forecast for an activist. I let the government mother nature -- plane today it is some kind of frigid out there. We're CNET Arctic blast of cold air all across southeastern Louisiana and heist later today only in the mid fifties and with that breeze it's probably gonna feel more like the forties than tonight. The breeze dies down but it still cold 32 north of the lake. And 44 on the South Shore. Would begin the warmup tomorrow with 66 for Thursday at 10% greater chance than Friday look at that we're back up to 74. And a 20% chance for light rain. The Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- Tell -- that I am given that 74 -- okay that really would be nice to -- that actually get that on Friday about. Where are not even half way to 74 right now folks right now we have. Clear skies 35. In side now with the wind feels like 27. At the international airport and tanner 39. Winds gusting over thirty miles an hour feels like 29. Degrees it's a serious serious wind out there. And it's blow and frigid air -- please bundle up and yet ready for its cold. Brandy posted on our FaceBook page yes it's time for a new -- Her picture at the top of her FaceBook -- no bounties this year we're just gonna beat your -- for free that's a thanks -- 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this Nicole -- -- -- out November 13 2000 and they're saying I'm sure it's a kind of day we need all long warmup. -- this window to -- help our. Yes skull bones about it. And our hearts. -- Michael and one person did that send me text message today 78 Saturday. -- have a solution that it was called public. It is Tom -- and they did this one person solution for dealing with the called Sandra brown not -- -- and -- -- title companies and hot -- Jack Jack Daniels. Mixed with chocolate milk stir gently on the stove over a -- five. I'm not bad. Tell your Lott had to be a -- hat daddy in the hot. And now you go for -- -- I don't know there even is one of those days if you have a hot tub outside. Any part of your body it's above the water line would be so called I don't know it'd be worth well. Yet at that everything eighties -- use a snorkel yeah exactly go on maybe just the nose picking up. It's easy holes there. So way Southern California man ends up in our what would people file today are -- -- was arrested by police after they say he whacked a taxi with did you read it. I did jury do -- -- did you redo it now it's that really tall. Wooden instrument that makes it. Really is so you know a. You know of the injury to note here again -- -- recent. Video that it was very popular. Now across the land -- behind these guys this story or make -- -- -- -- I guess by Agassi can make it did you review I don't know others there's like an ancient African. I'm an instrument anyway the 31 year old man. And a woman got in the -- in Chula Vista, California. And apparently fell asleep during a twenty minute right now. Cops say when they got to the house they got an argument with a -- over the affair with their falling asleep had to do with -- I don't know now there's the man went into the house. Presumably to get money became back out with the did you read you marijuana wooden instrument exit from Australia I was wrong on Africa archive -- a pandemic and a says he threatened to hit the driver with the injury view. The cabdriver decide that body here on a stick around for this so the man dented the cab according to -- by hitting it multiple times with the did you read. Just fun to -- did you it is -- and it's a dangerous weapons sounds like you're anyway you know some -- long he's a will and a now this executive relatively expensive and -- guys and -- for threatening the -- with it and hitting me camp with him allegedly. But traded damages did you read you Jerry did damage did you read you know nobody does oh you'll go in the people -- right here. Man lost vs woman -- tired yeah Australia sorry about that. I have had both mailboxes and female bosses. And now I don't know if it's gender differences or not but. Ahmadabad very good bosses of both genders and have a very bad bosses of both genders. So I I don't know that it matters if there manner all that same matters that -- Know what to do it or -- out there halfway decent Yang and generally my approach for bonds is just stay out of my way and leave me alone. No -- I'd totally screw things up. Then let's have a top otherwise just give me a little support give me the tools and in the budget I need to do my job -- and the best bosses to mean that just supports and stands. Mel or team as sounds like huge -- put it all in a nutshell -- as a very little I can really take them on the radio for my bosses listening so I'm not really gonna. Other than I -- my -- and this is the best Boston hat and happens to be a woman. But there are differences between male bosses and female bosses that I've noticed but at -- differences between people. If you had to pick right now you know male boss or female boss but you have a preference -- -- -- -- I really don't interest I go either way there are some are pregnant a great on both and bad on both catch. Thank you -- will talk to about twenty minutes more first is Chris military industry. But about the cold this morning to that go out there and be -- talked to people coal. When a great assignment on this really frigid morning. Feels cold as ice across the entire region this morning to join us and tells more about it a big warm cozy sweater -- warm this morning -- meteorologist. Laura but now guys picked up the perfect song for this week and it's cold does it -- it's -- it's one thing to hear about it as another thing to step about it right I mean when I got out of the car when I got here to the office this morning the wind it was I was one of those thirty mile an hour wind -- grabbed my door right now fighting with the wind to clear up that no it is not almost. And that I'm trying to eight run to get in the building the winds pushing me along and -- it's really cold everywhere in southeast and we. -- -- and it's funny you know look at it we sent out our reporter Jacqueline Kelly this morning's interview people like. You know it's gonna be called an of course you know and I think that for -- that you and help it -- I think that we can't forget just. How cold thirties and with wind chills in the twenty's actually feels like you know but while. And we don't feel very often around here think that it -- so. Yet but no it is it's it's all by any measurement and wind gusts as we thirty miles an hour yeah he has thirty miles an hour you heard her right. So yeah we've had that to contend -- -- so I guess do we have to officially issue was hurdler without a doubt. -- -- Sure we. Warner sure. You hear it here and restore and we're here. So when things -- 78 comedy and said who in their right mind would actually Wear a skirt today -- got -- it's tight leggings. Really get to the weather yet this mean prepared to be windy. And cold so yeah I got the pants on I have to say and as you said the cozy sweater apple at all out this morning. Had yet you what you look warm and -- that's that that's the good thing. -- about the way she is the creator of the -- books that you -- a person can officially whole it's now yesteryear you refuted that you -- your -- -- look at -- very officials you know kind of born here and packages for people who don't know what it means is women everywhere -- scared people -- over your -- and expose everything on an eight. Meant to Ghanaian women wearing skirts because it may blow up over the ways. Skirt yet so windy and cold all day today what about tomorrow. Tomorrow you know we start to see that that jump but that's so cool tomorrow 66 -- -- The kind of in between Chile and miles -- cool but then by Friday we're up to 74 by the weekends were close to eighty Saturday. He called all day today pretty called most of the day tomorrow. But by Friday back in the seventies and a beautiful weekend that -- can get a -- -- -- -- -- -- that I noticed that fourteen days that it can pick out now. -- you know -- the weekend does look pretty nice just 20% reaching its Friday and Saturday I do bring reach it's up to 50% on Sunday as there may be right around the end the week. Arrived and I feel like it or not there it is found in a nutshell that's the weather cold enough for yes I think from most people the answers. -- -- that -- struggled. Are the Louisiana skin maybe. Yeah. Got up at Michigan I don't know that would be a problem David they've had a problem. With a wrecking ball is away. -- He added there -- this is going. Out you know the Miley Cyrus yeah and the media yet. -- in the video Miley Cyrus is completely naked -- Iraq not completely I think what's involved right. -- -- -- -- -- To me to be out. Her knock him completely make it to round up and Allendale Michigan. That he's swinging the sculpture of the wrecking ball and Michigan university rides and they had to take it down because so many people were reenacting. The Miley Cyrus video some of them naked -- on the wrecking ball. -- So. Is that good news that gas for fans of the wrecking -- sculpture it's back. But they put a -- supporting cable and that it got. Frayed by so many people writing directing -- -- and a are limiting access to be pendulum now closed and we -- -- People still up. -- getting on it. Reenacting in the media that you know what if it is cold here local must've been Michigan honestly do you wanna -- -- bomb on on cold wrecking ball -- -- you law. The -- keep Obama off the ball I think yet. I would excel by united the college down any what I saw a lot of a lot of that is costing with a wrecking ball slightly hot. Area popular Ali -- -- I guess everyone who -- that wrecking balls but that they did make it in Michigan. People -- people keep your -- -- dance on war bombs. If they covered up all across the region this morning thank you Laura it Laura but now live and direct Eyewitness News forecast sent here at WW. Facilitate an 8787. Says that. I thought about side in this type of weather is insanely. Good but don't forget the howls like we. Could you talk about a cold bomb. You get out of that -- the greatest water. -- that thirty mile an hour frigid wind hits yeah yeah we've never done. Pelicans that was an Atlanta lately. It. The West Coast has not being you know that. And -- senate they got a hole I was trees. And kickers have been trying to for the science and what about safeties that all that and more we say good morning and happy company. -- -- the morning happy home game the pelicans have now dropped two straight road contests after fall into the lakers won sixteen to 95. Senator Jordan Hill had a career high 21 points and eleven rebounds in his first start of the season for LA to pelicans wrap up their three game road trip tonight in Utah. You can catch tip off on 1053 WW LF spam act a we'll -- general manager Mickey Loomis tells NBC Sports Radio that the black -- -- know that this week's opponent the 49ers are coming into this weekend's contest. With a little extra motivation. You know they're gonna be angry after after coming -- a home loss and Morgan gets their best game we know -- and so we're gonna have to play our best game in this important game for us. Garrett Harvey's recent kicking woes have forced the team to bring a few legs pearl worked out according to ESPN kickers -- simply Neil Rackers and Shayne Graham. We're all in town yesterday. No word yet though an anecdote and any of them were sorry to the roster. The Texans have -- safety Eric -- Ed -- this. That comes following Houston being. Outplayed and out coached Reid said Sunday to Arizona the 35 year old had has for -- fourteen tackles on the year. With no interceptions. LSU basketball came up just short against UMass losing 92 denied he'd open the season. Junior Johnny O'Bryant the thirty freshman Jordan Mickey both had double doubles in the loss for the tigers. Under -- Major League Baseball Cleveland's Terry Francona has been named AL manager of the year. Pittsburgh Clint Hurdle one NL manager of the year honors for lead the pirates of the playoffs in their first winning season since 1992. Therefore on sports talk what's the biggest key to a saints' victory against the 49ers. And which member of the blacking globally to come up big in this critical NFC battle. Plus Tulane head coach Curtis Johnson then it said it catch the last -- show I'm Steve Geller in that your early morning look at sports fifty. Minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WW Alfredsson is on his Mary Cole -- -- the cold pumps today. Here and a VW update on Steve Geller with you on your radius that we talked about the kicking situation you like them of the -- spring and in some. Kickers to at least try out maybe even signed one just to put some pressure on Garrett Hartley and say hey if you can't do it. Somebody else will but what about and read here is a veteran safeties won a Super Bowl. Or two I Aziz he knows the position -- definitely on his -- them. And they've got the backside of the backside of his career to put it nicely. Oh but with so many safeties heard on the saints would be a bad idea to bring the guy from. Southeast Louisiana back home to at least hang out and if you need them have their in the backfield. His decline is definitely -- in very noticeable he's got bad hip he's got -- knees. I do see the advantage though right now because of the injury situation with the saints plus. Be a heck of a mentor for a young guy like -- -- Karros so what I wouldn't. Not hated -- in the states at least brought him in for work after the check them out because his is experience and knowledge and obvious obvious feels it is is still. Maybe it's an infringement and -- economic and happy and -- McCarty said on his as a Grammy playing this weekend he said two concussions in the last three weeks. So and we still don't know about Roman Harper we don't know about Malcolm Jenkins right now that leaves us with -- field -- -- bush. And he's advocated just to say he's left do we know our health right. It at great model. And it might need to thank you Steve we'll meet you again about fifteen minutes more sports here on WWL AMF them. And death count another look at this very cold forecast how Long Will last coming up after the whereas. So when Texas and it's 77 about the conversation we're having about this. Wrecking ball display up in Michigan it takedown -- so many people were swinging on it some of them naked recreating the Miley Cyrus video. Not only is it. We hear from the cold and Texas and 877 but imagine putting your naked bomb somewhere someone else's -- politics what it got me think in the that's pretty gross. About that scene in Christmas story about when the -- sticks his -- to the -- Well it's cold as it is now up there and -- in imagine if you have any sweat at all -- swing and make it on that wrecking ball. But could stick to that medal rankings bombing -- got the fire department did its job without. Ripping your -- Yes the -- Generally good idea folks I've really is called if you haven't stepped out the door yet please be ready for winds up to thirty miles an hour gusting even higher. And very frigid conditions bundle up the little ones especially hold onto them if this wind -- strong have a great -- --

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