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11-13 7:15am Tommy, gun violence in movies/games

Nov 13, 2013|

Tommy talks to Brad Bushman, a Professor of Communications & Psychology at The Ohio State University, about gun violence in movies

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy -- 717 on a chilly Wednesday morning thank you for driving in winners and but get ready jaguar opinion poll go on what's more harmful for kids to experience in movies gun violence or nudity. As it stands now 82% of those log in on a WWL dot com or sane gun violence only 18% saying nudity. To tax pop up one ounces gun violence another one says nudity or sex are the worst in this day and age this would leads in this sexual. Sensationalism. Of young children and teens. Soft. The older language IC come. -- I don't quite understand that means but let me go to Brandon. -- before we go to our guests say branding your on -- WL. It. But. At. The and. -- -- That. The Packers -- And I had a daughter -- in Italian the the gun violence doesn't bother me in the words doctor again as read bushman in the second what does bother me. Majors in his depiction of drugs is that the norm drug usage and the others that. A lot of times like you're saying -- had a conversation where it is because this one's jumping in the bed with that one and look at -- sexes though it's. No line -- of recreational sport it's not. So right there with him Politico -- and have a good day I to Brad Bushman and now a professor of communications and psychology at the Ohio State University. It's about this study pediatricians psychologists child psychiatrist. All seem to agree that explosion to depictions of gun violence is unhealthy. For children and it motion picture rating system fails in its mission. To warn parents and protect children good morning grant you -- the morning the banks have taken the time witnessed early. About you study and what -- she -- Well our study. Examined violent content in movies -- 1952. 2012 and the violence in movies has doubled. And that would temporarily close look at gun violence in. Movies since 1985. That was the first full year it. PG thirteen rating was introduced and when it was introduced PG thirteen movies had about as much gun violence has G and PG. Rated movies that second violence more as more than tripled since then by 2005. That -- Equal. To the amount of gun violence -- Yeah I think they goes sue. Art -- to imitating life for life imitating art which is driving which in any opinions on -- Yeah I'm not I'm not sure if they need year are reflection of reality there surely is distorted. Reflection of reality much like a fun house smear. I personally think it. Gun violence should be rated. It's it's troubling. The motion picture association of America's web page says that. PG thirteen films from our study showed exactly opt. Yet a couple of minutes her -- when we come back wanna talk about that whole rating system is it. -- objective visits some objective isn't consistent. Brad -- I -- professor of communications and psychology at the Ohio state university and he site about a study that they did -- Jews Kurds in gun violence is more than tripled. In PG thirteen movies since 1985. And now exceeds the level found in. Back in a flash with him 721 time -- Tommy Tucker good talking about sex and violence in movies in which one do you think is. More harmful for preteen Tennessee. As it stands now 73% are sane gun violence 27%. Are saying nudity and guest is Brad Bushman. Professor of communications and psychology at the Ohio state university in the -- The results of their studies reported in pediatrics. Magazines when it comes of the rating system bread. Tom how consistent isn't how objective visit and how reliable is it. It's a joke. It's the -- the ratings are signed by the industry and it's like alphabet soup. They're different letters for different types. Media for example. In movies that are rated on TV it's TV and name for mature audiences. For video games they have letters like at the firm sent -- violence. And parents have no idea what those letters means something -- means family values. Our family viewing so. And all countries are not like America I'm also -- professor in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. And they have universal operating system there the ratings are assigned by expert to understand child development. And and that is famed for all types of movies movies and TV programs and video games and they have an -- based ratings like sixteen plus. Purview or sixteen and older and and it's about violence on that it has assistant. Strides it has the syringe. It has profanity at Scotland -- bubbles with a weird characters in and so parents can instantly know what. -- it's appropriate for. And what the content is sending old age. Ratings are based earned research rather than at some industry assigning. Ratings. Why the concern and a focus over gun violence in the films and have there ever been any studies to show the the impact of sex or nudity on teenagers and likelihood for them to be. It's more promiscuous or to get started with something before they really should. After all for all types of content that's true. We know for example the movie characters to. Keep kids who he movie characters that -- smoking thing. Smoking school they're more likely to try smoking themselves. Kids he seemed and the characters drinking alcohol think those characters are cool they're more likely to experiment -- now call themselves. And what we're interest in finding out and we're doing some research to -- -- are trying to test is whether. Kids to the movie characters with guards also think guns are cool. And they're more likely to experiment with and to play with concerns -- become more interest to -- and handled and -- like 1610191000. Kind of accident every year in America. And it's okay for adults to smoke cigarettes and entering count Colin and legally owned firearms -- stage you I think. Fanatic and I differ -- played decent. We yen okay.