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11-13 8:15am Tommy, Catholic or public education?

Nov 13, 2013|

Tommy talks to Dr. Brian Beabout, a Professor of Educational Leadership at UNO, about a new study that says Catholic schools aren't much better than public schools

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817 Tommy Tucker glad you witness on this Wednesday morning you're talking about it news audio -- Michigan State. And interesting it says that. Catholic schools don't provide a better education and public schools -- when it comes the basics like man. And -- adding to big collection is. Is there -- natural bias built in because maybe the kids that are going Catholic school might come from a higher socioeconomic. Background actor -- be about joins us right now you know professor of educational leadership from -- now mama you know the mornings there. I'm very well thank you and thanks it's taken time so. What did this Michigan State study find in was that it needed include an area like there's some areas where. Maybe the public school system is an up to par. Idea that actual idea and then -- released in the journal yet so it's been reviewed in his career mute and I think it did the press release on. But there are hopeful about that. It's been a bit about 1000 students. And what they found was that overall the students who were in the that would schools were performing well in -- In English. At a higher level across the board of kindergarten. I think that -- that first third fifth and eighth grade. So up at school performance will hire. What they said what most of that difference. Was when he walked in the school into the school for the first day of kindergarten so your point you made earlier is what the researchers found that in fact. The differences were attributed to the Stanley and threatening not to nearly the educational. So yes so this this proves the point that went whether -- dumping money -- public schools -- -- paying for private school educationally Catholic school. That is the parents don't get. Pretty involved in what their kids are doing that is -- make a difference. No argument there. The extent that -- and that are -- learning and they're on the same page with -- the school and doing -- -- Done better at which -- examples of schools that have been able to far -- whether it would be. We're really hard work of art teachers absolutely but all things considered and it is a pretty big sample of about. Elementary school kids that. Schools that are -- that. -- would be better off you can -- them and get an apartment. Does it come down economics and times where if you gonna make the sacrifice -- the old car paid situation in. And people have three kids in Catholic school god bless -- -- When Thomas it was like buying a new car every year an apparent correct in the incident nose like mine a new car every year and driving it off a cliff. If you Diana and her as -- the residual value and a bit has no idea anything and drive around. But but I guess I'm asking is any connection between parents who work. Making that sacrifice and pain in the money so -- for the right or wrong reason they get more involved. Because they know what it cost both in. You know treasure and time and -- on opportunity to put that in private school. I think. But schools that aren't being on the same page is certainly impacted if the parents writing a check -- -- Some more tangible. Investment and implement additional piece of the studies that they didn't mention him at Britain's that. What was going over the that a parent at school whether -- Based strictly on happening. Right and so. And they may elect to the school because they believe the spiritual aspect of capping school that's very important. -- what they want apparently the public school because the diversity that they see in the student population bumping -- -- further at that one of the limitations of these. Economic. Base studies that it that sent to presume that English and math scores are the parents are selecting on first and foremost with -- Often -- And before we let you go indeed had -- is there any resurgent proves that Catholic school education are private school education. Because again you know and if I might digress for a moment do you parents get so upset if their kids don't. Walk as soon as everybody else so misery if if one of them can pick out letters before the other -- You know you can enjoy your kids but it seems like it'll leave and sound so when you when it comes Catholic schools and public schools. Looking down the line at that success however you measure that. It is one over the other in terms of say there's -- come results. Yet and I think that that that -- here in line with most church on park who and -- the third but they're generally it's like on. But mostly can be explained away. With the resources. And educational operations -- -- -- now. Do you call doctor appreciate your time thank.

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