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WWL>Topics>>11-13 9:10am Tommy, pranks

11-13 9:10am Tommy, pranks

Nov 13, 2013|

Tommy talks to Jonathan Wynn, an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In glory in Vero Beach it be better be funny. To trick his wife and planned a pipe bomb a phony fight -- pipe bomb along with some derogatory notes -- -- doesn't wanna force. I -- on the on the kitchen table. And he wanted to scare heard and worked so much at -- in jail now yeah. -- talked -- guess right now Jonathan Meehan who is a associate professor. Outside a sociology at the University of Massachusetts at Amber's David so let's peel polite when we talk to Jonathan went Acer -- you -- -- Good morning tell me about Tom Franks now what makes a good prank what makes a bad one obviously phony pipe bomb not a good idea. And and why is it that we do these things. Labeled the first the last question that the widely viewed as contracts tend to be. Only if you break down social barriers so a son playing a prank on any others that kind of there's a dynamic -- playing a lot of -- There's no but there was no actually when I did then again what was the play. And so whether they you know sort of mr. interpreted you know what a function what the -- but -- And obviously -- the privileged position of the court -- -- On being able the use both K and anybody else in the kind of -- there have. Touched by god it was in as. You know creating mischief it kind of undermine -- heat than light on and I think about that in these days aren't going to be fun. -- When they're done you know I didn't say it right. -- Practical law. Mentioned -- in Florida. You know you can I automatically into the buying in bulk and -- about aren't in the goes on in the oh. Are -- an audience. Hit -- like extensions fraternity too worried boot camp. Football training camp -- appointments prank or near what you were acquired -- They have to be part of the group that called you know to make a group called you and so good. When people together. It also do the opposite the court which is slightly people in the it would Jonathan -- and then you'll. Like enough part of it. But an intent to make an apartment. It's seems to me that the criteria is if it's not harmless joke nobody really gets hurt and they can laugh -- it tenants. -- OK buddy if you go on after somebody's weakness or he you're trying to embarrass them in front of people then that's not such a good GO. -- -- -- But what they're gonna use it played all over our desire for I have grandchildren and there -- that was the kind of I guess the weakness. I think and there's -- time. Guidelines in the workplace probably announce it to get an idea that you bossier depends on. Public and -- am. I would has been important thing you mentioned. People -- -- -- and work within certain bounds area. So so critical. There's certain expectation that you can do prank she could break. Your normal means you can do different things -- people who'll pay. In certain social you know the areas like military prisons. Since in the balance but all in. There's all sorts of activities where frank and kind of ritual ceremonies. Our dog chew. You know you keep all the strip -- -- around their boat to level and view the situation. People. -- and a -- here in the military he figured -- -- manager called Baghdad. You'll lose close it in close. In return -- -- -- ritual gone but old kitten yet it is the bill of these -- in the there are -- as a member of the group. Right and so you're given new name. In in a fraternity -- given that you like these and ranked in the military. And in a museum. I'd so you see your professional that is studied this what is the best prank you've ever heard one of the best in one of the worst you've ever. And people were born in these critics. As part of the year their job -- story. You know -- people -- ordered -- and you weren't. So I I don't have any really great example of -- Trick of the trade in and out of we look at the trick that actually kind of art portrait. Of the Lebanese jaw you what was tricked our. -- you know out on top story in order in other. From up there. I even should grow their character is trying to work on an orderly and Gloria actually what indeed. Only been to court of normal everyday job. In an adequate but I took it. Any guy connection between people who are prone to pull pranks and personality types. A popular and well and Boeing company my -- newspapers that the paper Richard thought you know. Aren't -- about them they could I would but -- that kind of chapter that at a certain personality like that and the walk the line be between -- very charismatic. And old and I'm not being new -- -- but if you are. As I'm walking the line between group and -- -- walking the edge. Towards being -- While they don't pay me for being boring guy. That would be true I don't think they would continue to was -- thing they think you've read time. --

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