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11-13-13 10:10am Garland with Congressman Steve Scalise

Nov 13, 2013|

Garland talks with U.S. Congressman Steve Scalise about the plan he's proposing to replace Obamacare.

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That's our. Whom last week and view in California. Here. Problems whose country. And and -- senator. I'm I'm from everything effort. It's something. Jumps and turns around. Obama care looks like Grotrian. One of the authors predicted. One -- well. And I agreement and looked like we replace it and it's looking at Republicans in the terror and looking for planned. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cupid. And slick or sentences. Entries in the -- escalates. And he's pushing Republicans on board. And thankfully is congressman. Columns and Steve's grievances Jordan. Rejoice it's still a book and -- appreciate it. What what's the -- what's the what's the plan. Well Garland -- it's called the American health care reform act it's it's if you wanna look it up on that. The congressional web site H or 312131. To one. In this is that basically the built like you talked about a few months ago when you're right for the criticizing and saying look you know. A lot of Republicans criticized the present health -- law but you what you stand for and I told you we were trapped in the bill. That actually is a true alternative not just to the president health care law but even you know I think this would've been a good -- -- prior to the president's health care law. But I think even more important now. And know what I became chairman of the Republican Study Committee in January 1 of the first things to do it was. Put together group of doctors and medical experts in congress to start drafting neutral alternative healthcare bill that was focused on lower cost. Allowing people. To really don't maintain that that relationship with their doctor but in a way where they had -- options in increased access to week. We put together you know a critical that we called RC -- healthcare task force. By including a number medical doctors and congress in others and we started. Work through a lot of good ideas -- -- -- around for a while but just have never been. -- passed through the house or senate. To allow people at those options in and so with this -- doesn't away. We just broke the logical spot remarks that we have over hundred members congress that now cosponsored by bill. In in some real interest from our leadership and actually bringing it up to the committee process and ultimately have a vote on house war. You know and what we do is -- want we start off with it would point to and killed -- sister in law but that we going to. -- number of things like a lot of people across state lines. Some -- which heard about for a long time people tell you why can't afford a better plan. In a different state that's better from Italy it's cheaper gives -- more options right now laws but a lot of laws prohibit you from doing. Should you be able have that option we give people an option we -- real. Well while people small businesses to pool together to -- power -- big business even allow at least you do if you remember Rotary Club. Are even a church group. You can gathering to everybody that community can can -- and if that's a good plan for graphic gives them a better better options we're definitely taking the -- plan. You know you wanna buy insurance -- and most people get through their company. Not national because that's the only option they want but just because. It's a lot cheaper because your your employer can deduct the cost your health care. Whereas if you buy it on -- own your -- with after tax dollars. You get taxed on -- at the same advantages accompanies so we changed that we will equalize it so that individuals at the same line power. If they found a better plan and companies they can -- -- to develop around without a lot of good things it addresses pre existing conditions. It increases health savings accounts wanted to broke success stories in health care. Poor health savings accounts and actually. Allows people to manage cost and get better options to buy it yet there's real limits the government put in place there so. Well we do all these things and it's probably less than 200 pages long as compared to the president's health care law which was over 500 pages tall. So it's very easy to read it's very. I think very straightforward common sense approach to a lower cost in in actually dressed in general problems and health care. And vehicle quick break here and -- come back and talk about as much as time permits. Everything you've mentioned. Romeo with the congressman's these clues in the Balkans. The health care program now. That we can duplicate. Those of votes who -- him Carroll looks like a disaster will be pulled and there may be an alternative welcome back and and more. Limited time to get too quickly here are you -- US converts from its equally. The the rubble Kohl appears. Soon or you call the rooms that -- -- -- let me get through a couple of these issues very quickly and and -- personally Tuesday. I'm for bringing Obama -- on the left side here's something totally different from what I've been hearing and and I war. Tootsie you know the plan that we can turn itself like to go one thrown just. Asking these questions veterans sent. Buying and true approach race dateline which. To me so like a great idea would be competition -- and the state next -- better health insurance and -- in. -- that the that the city to live and compete with him through to -- business and keep you. In that state. But you know what the congressional budget offices and and maybe this is dated you can come in more recent months has. It only goes benefit mandates imposed by the states with the lowest cost me and they were in effect tunnel states. The price of individual health insurers would be reduced. Only by 5% on average. Also appears that consumers. Dealing with -- out of seed companies would have to put -- resolving disputes. Insurers selling across state lines would market policies to younger healthier individuals. Older and sicker individuals would -- ever rising prices of. -- -- -- Even if you think about it terrorist competitions and healthcare each state you might have to read maybe and most companies that that provide the ball options for people. It's so you don't really have to control costs Obama you know what what they sent about. You don't count the ability for people across state lines at the problems they said it would create. -- -- people on products across state on every single day including torture. In you don't have those problems because you've got to produce in the if you're buying a product you have options every year you can go by a different product of -- not good enough where. But ultimately if -- state like California you look at them mandates that they have to on health plans and you'd have to buy a sex change you have to pay for. But sex change operations if you wanna pay for that -- -- -- -- -- be -- should you be able to another state that doesn't -- -- like that. -- lower -- usual plane that could figure. Russell ultimately -- trust people make. Decisions for themselves that they -- more to do that if they wanna stay in the state by product in the state that's fine that's great but if they find a better deal on a different state. They ought to be able to have that option in which is given that option with Nazi have to -- in another state. -- Hussein we should be preventing you through federal law from being able don't conduct a transaction. No carrier on medical malpractice. This is from the national provider databank. And also health care finance news. Malpractice insurance and -- injured patients amounts to only zero point 3% of total health care cost. Since 99 and 200582%. Of positions made no. Malpractice payments while five point 9%. Were responsible. For 57%. -- All first -- the cost of of the medical malpractice. It is you know. And then the liability that goes along with that is that if the cost of defense in Madison you ask any doctor -- -- many doctors. What is what is the true cost of defense and Madison most most talked -- about it but of all the tests that they Ronald patients have nothing to do with the health. Of that patient. It has to do with that that the need to prevent. That opportunity for -- lawsuit so they'll double brought him rise in cat scans that they know you don't need but they also know. You know if they're not to all of these things they're gonna be open up all comparable through the lawsuit is so they literally wrong about a third of all the tests that they -- on patients. Well -- hard just for defense of Madison and did not only -- -- -- the cost of healthcare. -- -- -- Imagine all the types of people go to -- -- why haven't we get all the worked on I know I'd just had -- a few weeks ago. And yet another doctor you don't -- -- -- do all the same things over again just because to practicing defensive medicine to acknowledge actual cost tremendously. And after the by the way we have on the component we are built it to do medical law like like bill. Sure you can save about a hundred billion dollars just two billion to be real money. And I must say every doctor that I interviewed over the years owner health care problems all say exactly what trojans. All right here's about the savings. Play injured talking about where people would be tax -- can be put them anyway -- health. This -- -- Kaiser Family Foundation. Our day -- -- -- church funds emotion low income families would not benefit. Wrong these savings due to an already low level tax liability. And the amount of family income. That these savoring a potential cost sharing would consume. In addition greater caution during potentially. Reduces the use of health care among -- with the low income particularly those were not good. Rebel attacks the text equalization giving people the same ability is their companies to deduct. It is not just you know again that's not the only thing at a lower clock it will lower cost of and it gives people more options. But the other picture you would include a Columbine across state lines in the medical like the order form all of that is as proof that low for the cost of healthcare. In the biggest problem here from from families that are considered low income. It's not that they don't necessarily have options it's at a cost too much money. And so there's one thing the president did not do yourself a law in fact he did the opposite he does it want action increasing the cost how can we should've -- do in the opposite. If you have real competition like what we're doing our bill you'll lower the cost so that somebody that is low income in the not eligible for Medicaid. But there are struggling to make payments on their health -- the biggest impediment they have as a cost much more so by a little lost but -- -- attacks equalization to. And if you -- Too little you might not get as much benefit from the tactical position -- you -- tremendous benefit from the overall lower cost we do. Well I allow people buy across state lines while people. Pooled together. Association health plans -- by increasing health savings account all of those things dramatically lowered the cost. That keeps people from -- good health care. Convince people that city for future health cause we've gone. Virtually. Zero retirement. Funds for most people. When the debris into -- very few of them have a human retire where it. And now we we sought credit card use and everything go we don't have 2007. Now it's back up to pre 2007. Level body convince people Tuesday. Open and of course that's a an even bigger discussion maybe for different days you know we want to purge people save more. But in general but if you look at that healthcare savings one of the things that that health savings account due to -- if you buy an individual plan. Right now the deductibles I think you're gonna part in the most attention to we're seeing deductibles go up dramatically from the president's health care a lot CNET in my district when I ask people. Through the culture which Steve and social media where people and in the -- exact examples of what happened to their particular health insurance sourcing deductibles -- up dramatically but with health savings account. You know you might have a high deductible. -- you can actually have the -- -- it real money it's pretax that you put in health savings account to pay those deductibles and other medical expenses. And right now the federal government limits that amount of money is so if you if you increase that amount you know not only purging people say to their health care. And they can -- little preachy here it's it's their money. It's not competent they leave jobs they don't lose that they can actually export to take what you. But as you have medical expenses -- consumer healthcare because. It's wanted to -- -- -- your health savings account but you get to direct those dollars in those -- pretax dollars which again has. This is going to be you know maybe twenty to 30% savings over the current law. They end up on -- BorgWarner your -- Susan your legislation. Says -- -- individuals who have preexisting condition from being discriminated against. This is from the Kaiser health news. What they say about that current one -- and the crude obamacare health laws similar to this. The provision is adding a lot of cost fueling the sticker shock now being voiced by so many consumers about premium for new policy. Society of actuaries come out and says and regulatory filings and comment from church showed they expect that accepting. This sick as well they help they could -- claims by as much is 50% or more per year. And how does yours get an answer it looks like the one Obama's put in place is is control. Yeah and the reason is that. The president's health care law uses mandates government mandates thing you know your insurance company you can't charge somebody different based on preexisting conditions. It would that ultimately does is losses everybody -- -- a lot. I see you shouldn't looked at it too much money out fix that problem but -- the other way too much. You ought to lower the rates for everybody. And have -- liberal market based the market based price -- We action program with 25 billion dollars from the other areas we get savings. Into the state risk pools that the most it's already at high risk pool. For people with preexisting conditions there is no money on -- slightly warped. If it does cost more. But what we do this week we put up to other areas of savings. To make sure that people with preexisting conditions have a place to go where they can buy at market rate low. -- everybody else's rates. You actually lowered the rate for everybody and it -- in addition to that congress pulled within the state that we're supporting. But we also by expanding. These health savings account in the end the association health plans. Let's say you're in a local rotary Rupert you're in a local church groups if you got a pre existing condition you can go by. A policy with a larger group of people work not just you want -- world behind. In the whole Lotta money you're you're actually going to be able all the options you know what you're local. I apologize for running out of time till people where they can grow to take a look at what -- take 200 page forcefully and. -- 200 pages it's -- our web sites police -- Alstott -- You can go to our our alleged armed legislative web sites at least a prospect up. It's called the American healthcare reform act in the bill number look it up on on the congressional website Thomas dot gov. It's age or 3121. And again over a hundred co sponsors that was written. By a group of -- members of congress include number medical doctors people with real health care here -- it lower cost increase increase access without the mandate to the taxes in the presence helped a law that -- and other kill the marketplace. -- -- about two and six more risk about the show coming up Bob word used noon on cutting military benefits. On against that -- we've got to support our military. The end you know there are some people brought their -- that we we will oppose any plan to cut military. Do you think you're too much for the time -- appreciated the information and -- that read through your play and call you back into more shoes at thanks a lot about what.