WWL>Topics>>11-13-13 2:10pm Angela: on New Orleans East

11-13-13 2:10pm Angela: on New Orleans East

Nov 13, 2013|

Angela gets an update on New Orleans East from Corinne Villavaso, Sylvia Scineaux-Richard, and Flise Hill.

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East is the city's biggest neighborhood. In fact in comprise 66%. Of the entire land mass of New Orleans. Was devastated by Katrina and at one point looked like a barren waste land. But take a look today a very different story. Joining us from our from the front porch we meet three people who believe strongly that the future is bright in the world east. From the east the world's neighborhood advisory commission we welcome Korean -- -- who was an urban planner. Sylvia son -- Richard president of the organization. And Felice hill one of the commissioners and I certainly appreciate you being here I love disappointment because I love hearing about neighborhoods. And I think everybody just we -- for everybody that we really for New Orleans east again because it was so parent for so long. And now there's life. Yes yes yes yes. No audience New Orleans east is one of their neighborhoods that I think is eighty hidden treasure. Because it was developed an airy in a time when people when things are really boom mean it was very well plain and we have ten to twelve late properties where homes are built around -- lake. We have a beautiful park and we had all kinds of amenities. That would make it such that. Folks that want to come to live there. And so it's very. It's very close to our hearts the people who. Live and work in New Orleans east and -- tried very hard to ensure they came back with a bank. So how we're very excited about what's happening in the east we are coming back it's been such Allen's. Let's talk about that first currently out the picture OK all of you lived in the world relax yes and you all posture problems. Are quite -- -- out at 60% of mine with this thing. About this thing. About 40% of mine and was there any thought when he went back and looked and thought I'm not gonna rebuilt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I am -- bringing that up because there was thought. We were all looking at the reality of this. Horrible thing. Can we protect the east and it ever be protected. The green space and agreeing. On the I think we have began a project with the close of the mist mister bill. As a star of protecting New Orleans east. In the heart and the love of the people in New Orleans east we believe that we all the protection for -- Nancy's. -- and to say that you know they even thought at any time that we were not gonna come back there we were not committed. Community. Why is yes but it just never intended any of our mines and one of the reasons why you know and I was formed was to protect that interest. And heading Koran as an urban plan to help but to move following and to plan -- future in a way that he is. I am more that's going along with the growth of the -- the residency and the business to ensure that all of us can live together. And support each -- that is quite an exciting venture. Were the three of you involved in the New Orleans east association prior to the storm. I -- a few more rounds of this and then you hit the ground running. Yes yes -- coaches came on here and I think. Here -- there really was a resurgence tactic that people. Very committed to their neighborhoods and saying OK you know what can I do in and joining an organizational and it's. Yes and I -- a -- -- has made all the difference in the audience east. With a different subdivisions with homes -- residents warned not a part of subdivisions just be in net. Informative link. -- -- that served to protect and promote long disease in the -- Mac has definitely been a blessing to the residents of the east. As an urban planner sort of where do you start. Well. I believe that. Hurricane Katrina. Aftermath. And allowed us an opportunity to revitalize new currencies there was a lot of opportunity on these and yet the stock rose as dislike. Building. -- -- from ground. And now we have the opportunity to plant community -- And to how we wanted to grow in the future -- things that I worked on with the east and they went through commission. Let's we have developed. New zoning regulations for our policies so that we can have quality development to come to -- -- that's why you know. We have better landscaping requirements build and design. Building concepts -- it thinks anything new that's come into the area will be a pack in a high standards and make a place where people would like to go to destination shopping live where plea we want it to be by -- -- That's what we did as far as that zoning regulations and -- use -- There are very involved we had in on zoning districts we had moratoriums. To where now they are made permanent. Part of designing so we weren't major yes we went very very very Holler and knowing how we want. The community to to to develop and we -- very strategic we had an issue pre Katrina. With a lot of the multifamily developments in acts of that's the source apple at a residence in policies because they blame that. Development those happen developments in one of these has been at the -- didn't like east. Before Katrina so what we have done we have developed we want everybody have quality live. So we encourage that the developers who are coming and two proposals of the bout with where their tax credit so where are not we want them to make sure that everybody deserves a higher quality of so we put in designs Aniston regulations with them to backpack. And we strategically place where multifamily should be located shouldn't be clusters especially if we're talking about. Low income families. Week you don't want them in one. Location and concentrate we want to blend in with the community. So that's what we worked on his wise you know land use. And designate areas where multifamily it would be -- be closer to health care closer to. Shopping group is schools is that you know they have access to transit still Basilan things that we dinosaurs planning. To existing. High rise multifamily things are they were they just ruined. Yes they were -- so they torn down fourteen of them -- to my law. And so now you're looking at. We -- we need multifamily because that there's going to be in need for -- accurately wanna do differently correct. And I think one of the major things through that needs to be fit that. With expertise. Our urban planner to show us how to we can take out want to and make it real yes you know because the community knows what we want. But not often were we able to actually put it and paper and show how it could be done because it was kind of -- Patrick type of development. Well in on that legislated by the state of Louisiana land only commission that our plan the only commissions that are. -- allows us to have a hook where and we don't we can't tell them what to do but we can certainly weigh in on decisions. Well we actually and then we can as we legislate it's -- guys this see this city this state and federal government when it comes to any type of development in our galleries and so has somebody. Built since the -- Alitalia. And the multifamily dwellings yet have they concurred with what you were suggesting that a lot different this is 100% different. We have more green space we have areas for the kids to play. We can't do the things that make him like that everybody not just homeowners references as well. They should happen in the streets they should have carpet area an area near there where they -- where they can be fate. Possibly and where they would be able to be safe and be able to enjoy the outdoors so we're trying to be more green. More landscaping more in my hand and people that really be with joy. And I -- -- concrete and tell Leo and. And square footage to 'cause you know. The bill -- before Katrina. One bedrooms were like 500 square feet for a one bedroom I mean that's hard to live yes that is very difficult one person element. So we're like is it fair and just because. This person is has low income -- they deserve to live like that in our answer was no absolutely not because if you make them feel comfortable in the community. Then they can be contributors to the community. Still the best best opposition on and that is why we changed the zoning and implement it. A lot of regulation to -- talk. Changing zoning that's major yes yes it is aimed -- an inning let's talk about blight of camp and how. You had a lot and -- now. There yes yes it's a lot better. There have been several optimizations that you know Mac has worked -- And on the clean sweep organization -- follow it. I had some some of the other areas that are in New Orleans east on the other organizations. And trying to fight commercial -- Commercial by it was a big thing that we had to address in Norman -- because no one's gonna come to an -- to do business if it appears that the community doesn't care. About the Clinton from their area. So we know we had to address that hit on very quickly and make sure that that was obvious that we wanted good business to locate an hour -- right. And we hit the support of all of our residents on new policies she would see people volunteers. Cleaning up the blighted area comments comedians making a difference in the air so we know. It was a -- for our resident you know I remember I did -- story after the storm and not long after the storm. Because this man was the first guy to come back and he was an open embarrassed myself but it was a car repair place and they've been there for umpteen years. And blesses or even how he says I'm an open. But to get to his place was going through wars and again exactly months after and that's what gave -- for so what you're saying is those areas. Now are either populated by people who have come back to go. Or you while cleaning up the area so it doesn't look like -- yes yes. -- well liked at such a little bit on on the light. About. And 2010. I was on tour with. With the -- I selectors know brokers who are interested and getting retail in two. Meanwhile in east. And because -- Man is that the market analysis we have the rooftops we have the income and they want to come but this is the first time coming -- pieces -- no -- Matt. Until -- line numbers into a market analysis while I was on a tour. With a couple of people some people from the city. And he was like let's take -- over. I -- so we did. And he looked to the left is likely look down tickle down I let down and he says. This neighborhood this community looks at me and it looks like the community doesn't care and it looks like the government I think. And it struck governors and I was like OK we have to do something. So we agonize. A group of people and we got we got all the leaders. In new line's east we have several organizations in New Orleans east and we find what we're currently is Colin they'll ease clean sweep so what we have done we have. Part of what this CD develop this them. As to getting those properties adjudicate it. And get a mine. You know to start come into the -- had an issue. That they -- know how to deal with commercial blight. Because the piece of that defines the commercial -- is -- hundred hours per day when a maximum of fifteen out. So they felt as though it wasn't feasible lower cost effective for them to take on the talent. Well after persistent and we we just kept going. You know going to blight that here it's everything finally they're like okay we have to pay attention and do something about. We did -- rallies. We rally we went in front of people's properties we started. Time to embarrass them if you. And to clean up their practice and we were successful as a result we have had commercial blight. Torn down demolished. House additionally. The plaza site was horrible. It was just it was a disgrace it was disrespectful it is still disrespectful the grand theater is is is is it. -- -- dynamite because it's horrible to see so they were able to accomplish with the plaza site. They had debris it was -- being so they -- yes it was horrible so he finally. Clean up. And -- cleaned up the property and he spent that -- to try to control some of the don't be and additionally started maintain in the grass and but that's the status of that right now that is this that the but the grand as those standing. I'm also we had our action accountability along I two service which was also horrible we had a lot of -- -- and we teenagers in there. You know skateboarding and what have you so violently there compliant there. They have boarded up the building. Is that out in the out there to maintain a correct but it came. The community -- bush and it wasn't for us. And a communities and we touted you disrespect and that's we live out here. You know you don't live here year after you own this property we know you have money. -- You know -- embarrassment -- shingles on the way yes absolutely. And you know ultimately. Is there a time limit on how long they can keep the building non functional. I could well we looked. That -- me currently. The -- has regulations as says that as long as you maintain it in its boarded -- and grass is cut in its you know. That's okay agents they liked so we're looking at legislation changes and hopefully we can -- we can lobby. And out your legislators to give some changes the line. But we had to change to law there's we -- limited to sound what we can do so we have changed a -- I just wonder. Sat down at a table. As nice people -- say you know a lot more neighborhood. We understand that you had issues you know you're trying but it is good. We've done we've done that well have -- that we have we have had a meat we sent certified letters. Mickey Sherman as the chair of Middle East clean sweep. And she. She talked to all of them individually she reached out to them individually. -- a bear there's also the quality of life. Share for the east -- they put a buyer's commission. She goes to City Hall like dislike -- a job she's there every single week. And if there is that he -- there's demeaning don't want is there is she's she's in their faces light. We got to get is now we beat this cleaned up and and if we are not there. Certain cases. People wouldn't want to wait that's what was happening but I -- to -- in the overall dining adjudication hearing aides that the -- is that it may -- is there a difference it made it -- -- and his influence in his power to the people. I don't really is I think I think what has happened is is that east on the advisory commission has put their faith. On the residents of the they really have because when you have an advocate. Down advocating for your community. And you're going to be there -- on a consistent basis whenever there is anything that is not in track. That would harm our community and we're there to question whether that projects -- following it got. Make it absolutely does and because. Need to be held accountable when an American official or your business owner it is just -- ability. I want you to stay with -- we're gonna continue our -- these three dynamic women from New Orleans east. We are talking with three representatives of the -- -- neighborhood advisory commission. And learning a lot and I think -- to be commended my gosh to have had such devastation and then to. To come together and that's really it's about because there is forced a mighty force with numbers. And to think we wanna do this better. And then to take the areas that were of concern prior to the storm such as the multifamily things and say we're gonna have multifamily and we're gonna do them better. And Clinton to fight for the zoning changes that this is huge -- -- may not tell me what is your population now compared for. I think it's different effect yes and the senate 170000. And prior to the storm that was what -- -- -- And a 100000. And let's talk about businesses. That have come back. And new ones you may have gone. We have businesses like wow we finish on -- image based food if Rudy at two different house has a subway. Com so we are booming out in a new -- is these daughters of charity. Will be opened his doors January 6. Which is also a celebration -- -- 180 years of -- and the dogs a two and it first came to north of it that is a special meaning it. That group of people thought -- of New Orleans east to bring abused as we hospital. All of those the hospital is -- hospital will be opening yes. In 24 to me -- and that is. Got to have a hospital yes yes -- in -- guy. Out. Now some people have to race into the sitting right -- -- -- that is that is a regional Aminu on ceases centrally located. And is this festival so if you're in shell met saint Bernard parish or saint Tammany parish tonight -- like this is you know. This plotted at CD is disconnected from the main part of the CD so there's an -- and I sort of bridge. You -- get across so it's almost like a Homeland Security issue in a regional issue there's -- accident on twin span Miller you know. Right there as hospitals as possible so I think. That's the major thing I think and I just to serve. East Iran's residents but I think he can serve more than just qualities residents and included on some parts of gentility to be closer to them incoming downtown and having to. Given to the hustle and bustle -- I don't think is just the new line's east. Wind I think is a city win I think is a regional. To have that hospital. So. As far as the hospital goes I do believe that. We're gonna have a lot of economic development a lot of opportunities -- gonna come around that hospital in this exciting. To have the hospital. But more old -- this does. Despairing of economic development we're gonna have doctors' offices are returning we gonna have. You know maybe -- Supply medical supplies you know just told so many opportunities in and one season Rollins -- -- Let's talk a little bit about what's -- -- ceases -- policies. Has every day. And we could get Ben -- east is the -- We have the largest refuge. In a country yes that's located in east -- we have all we have. -- Our ship -- we have real we have water. And we -- point. Lot of times people forget that the airport is late to Lakefront airport located at least not yet. Yes yeah so so we have air we have water and we have real. So is -- is this really up port air. You know a lot of business can be -- there we have the regional business park you know that's to be reckoned with you know because it is a lot of opportunity out there as well but we just -- -- client for it and see how we can get a vacuum here. Somebody. Other than that councilman Granger councilman yes but within your civic organization saying. We need economic development what can we do. Now I think that economic development piece that's something that all of us work towards because we realize that a community cannot exist alone. And we understand that the goods and services that are needed by -- the community that it and the -- incentive there it has come from businesses and is its -- itself we need to be able to attract good economic development. And we've been working toward that and we do have a committee. Our economic development committee within the confines of -- -- neighborhood advisory commission will refer to it affectionately as you know on. In -- -- and has announced it yet food group itself that -- -- -- -- to talk about in an actor talking about the east violence neighborhood advisory commission. And -- this commission has -- it's almost like it's. Combination. Of every. Every part that needs to -- It's not just one part that New Orleans east needs. It needs all of the parts to work in concert with each out there we the economic part we need them -- eradication part. We need the health care. -- you know yeah all of it has to work for the good of the community. I don't know that we've ever really approached it in that manner before but having Katrina though as bad as it was it gave us a clean slate. -- -- plane and so that in the future there will be no parts missing time -- beautifully said. Let me ask about them. Encouraging people go is is your home prices. Good value. Absolutely about it some of the best in the city in fact that they I've been told that when the people coming back in buying. Various goods and supplies to do their homes over. That The Home Depot with one of the best one -- mean that would make in the biggest failed in the -- of the city because he wants people are really strong group. And they wanted to come back lot of them on their own dime because we didn't get the help from. The road home as -- areas diet. So we have to do -- our own nickel from a longer yeah I wouldn't well because they included that landed the value of the property. And because of the land value wasn't made what it -- and they view. Then they got -- they got the benefit. I've been heavy activity increased value. When I love it when they were compensated when they were given money incumbents and compensation. So we didn't get that we have to do it on our -- a lot of us are not as we can get as much money. As a result of that. So. A lot of the commitment that you see. Because all of -- work with volunteers. All volunteers and it takes a great deal of our time to to ensure that as we move folic. We are -- addressing those -- that existed before. Those that we anticipate might happen at the plant our future that is free of both the. Beautifully said we're gonna take a break but stay with this three. I'm so impressed -- great women from wanting to run activists. We're talking with three women from New Orleans east which is the largest neighborhoods. In our area 66%. Of the entire land mass at New Orleans. And now I'm learning from you all. That you're 40%. For the entire tax base of Orleans for the city of long lines yes 40% what percent decrease and there's 70000 people. 40% of tax base path that is quite a statement yet again because of where roughly 400000 -- 25000. You're what. Oh my gosh that that's big that's OK you're talking about a Parcells tree that's going to be it voted on this Saturday currently only about that. Apostrophe. Is that feed that we need an honor for our. But the last we were instituted in 20072008. And most of our budget has banned from generation of fund raising. And as well as we got a grant from -- state represented that wrong. And we've been able to use that and keep ourselves alive with the fund raiser at the Christmas party once a year. And that money but it's become very very different codes in ought to operate because our task of becoming greater. The needs of the community is more complex. And people have come to depend on had been. -- east on the as they are African as there yet is their ombudsman if he would. So that requires us to be able to come prepared. And to do that you need money to heart of folks to help. Rain what we need to be able to promote for our community. -- we're asking for five dollars -- a year. Before year and the reason why it's so reasonable. Is because we have so many residents as witnesses only on residential properties not commercially to her house for five dollars a year -- year is. Of our residential -- improved in an improved residential -- property so even if you have a something that you're not living in which you own it -- -- five dollars for that yes yes it's never easy bargain and yes it is it especially when you consider. That other areas like the leak they would lake view neighborhood improvement pays 450. In addition to the one that they they spend for street maintenance and I have an -- security industry. Not to exceed 500. And it's city. Pays 250. Brought more hundred. I and leg gift at 220 where ethnic violence. Five dollars. That is going to be voted on this Saturday an -- callers Steven from New Orleans east. -- definitely. Have to. Beat Sylvia bit the statement. It is one call you can tell you on the radio. Out an epic adapt I think all you may bill one. I enjoyed a little bit -- which you all now want to encourage everybody. To go out and vote for at least five dollar speed if you don't vote for mr. I have no idea what you caught Matt and me. Thank you very and I appreciate that Steve thank you Stephen for calling -- and that's. You know five dollars nine dollars for the work you while we're doing as volunteers -- right no one on the commission gets passed its salary. No one has ever earned -- salary. Aren't aren't any kind of money with. Among the commission members and the executive board. And you are the time it takes that's going to that relates death last month we went to -- which three different times to get testimony before the Louisiana housing corporation. As it relates some multifamily because we have a vested interest we have a lot of my hand and it's reasonable. So naturally people wanting to com and deal with the multifamily there. But we want to look at certain ways so we. Week out took a trip to baton ruin it's to ensure that our voice -- her in what we'd like to see is done. We make sure that the contract that to a building those kinds of structures have to include. Public comment from the community. They wanted to take that out we said no it's a very necessary part and the captains and yet kept it and so now you have -- -- have the right to go and get cats and that's you. Jesse and I just that in pay. Or east wants even know who went there to represent east -- but that's also impact for this entire city not just the -- this state. They wanted to take it out the requirement to not include. Our community and developers want to remove that right they had a public hearing and me we -- Probably the only neighborhood organization. From the city of -- on insane and no this these -- they -- You mentally that you were saying earlier that. What happens in New Orleans east is going to affect and the betterment of New Orleans right and this is a prime example. When we fight. And we go to battle for New Orleans -- will go on to battle for the entire city of New Orleans. In effect with this example the state of Louisiana where given residents. And voters the right to us have a voice at the -- April when it comes to. Residential development. And that is. In a germanic. -- changed all of us who aren't can stay with us we're gonna continue our talk on New Orleans east right after -- Welcome back as we talked to three. True believers in New Orleans -- talking about some of the tremendous changes and have taken place. You still have areas of me you still need to grocery store. You gonna have a new Wal-Mart by next year already in the works and bless your heart in -- that hospital that's right around the corner. Many many positives but still some issues that you are gonna fight for and that's the bottom line. You have an area I mean Christmas party that you raise funds for all the work that you do. And that is. Art that is -- -- December 13 on Friday. It's from eight to twelve it we've had this is out -- year having a posting this of bringing the residents and businesses together. We get a lot of support from our political representatives as well as. Our own residents our neighbors and our business people that locate in the east. It hampering the combination of all of those together and a night -- fine and food and festive activity we have local entertainment. We usually have where any of Michael war James Andrews some of the people that are in the -- finest in terms of entertainment. We have food we have our spirits and you have a party. Yes where everybody can celebrate the major changes and yes and yes we celebrate eastern alliance. And the donation is 75 dollars per ticket you -- yet I tables for your business that you want -- hypocrites with party there at a table of ten. And there but he'll be -- -- ballots per per each. Individualized Collins to run out of time before we hear. If you want more information there's a website. New Orleans east dot com NL east or New Orleans is a New Orleans -- dot com. And that will link you to your organization is also a phone number of Bible for two point eight. 5949. If you need more information if you're thinking about opening a business call these people and all the -- dumb zoning you can cut to the chase with a lot of the staff aren't scoring and very. Very very interesting that you are. Bigger northeast is bigger than Lake Charles. Has more income in Lake Charles and that is a phenomenal statement did so think of New Orleans east as an up and coming neighborhood. I cannot thank the three of you enough for coming and I just wish you continued success. He you do and tremendous job and that community is lucky to have you. Your energy your part and and we'll have you back and look at some follow ups on. On all the good things that are happening thank you I'm running against.