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11-13 10:10pm Scoot: politics & morality

Nov 14, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about politics and morality.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

By -- surgery where you can have your eye color changed. Isn't this playing guy did. And may god gave us the guys that we have. God gave -- somebody that. I don't you know people always wanna look better it. I typed -- that's kind of strange. And yet. You know we continue to see. Science and in and medical advancement to the point where people can Alter. Really what they look like here's an update on Seve WL pretty -- opinion poll do you think the First Amendment should protect begging for money. This is the closest the poll has been interestingly. The poll was very lopsided earlier with 61% saying that they did not think the First Amendment should protect begging for money. But after I explained it if you if you can't answer body for money. Then we -- with that stop what else could we band that we -- people asking for directions. -- somebody asking. Just the simple questions in in in public court what -- somebody tries to pick somebody up. -- that might not via a pleasant thing that if somebody hits on somebody on a public street. That's the same thing as an invading their space by asking for money to some degree you know I ask him for money you're asking them for them. And die I've maybe that should be dance a you see if you if you band begging no look aggressive panhandling. Harassing that's that's different but just asking for money it has to be protected by the First Amendment in my opinion -- -- an update our poll. 44%. Say yes the First Amendment should protect begging for money. And 56% say no he should not give -- your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. I get to -- your text here just a moment here's. I'm more information on that tragedy that took place earlier two nights on the Crescent City connection. A man and a child are dead this is from every WL TV. On this apparently took place close to the that the total -- here's what we know NO PD says that a man in an infant boy you are dead after a shooting on the press the city connection. It's not clear exactly where took place I did get a reporter earlier that near the -- -- on the West Bank there was a lot of fun police activity there. But it's not exactly clear. Where it happened the eastbound lanes. Were closed earlier I don't know if they had been opened if you're in traffic if you're on the bridge or if you're going one direction or the other and you have any updates on -- he would give us a call. Our numbers 2601870. A spokesperson for NO PD said that the man's body. -- found shot multiple times into inside of the black Honda. He was pronounced dead on the scene. I chiefs are passed says that an infant boy. Seven months old died in the hospital. The victims have not yet been identified. No arrests have been announced. And police have and not named a suspect or a motive. If -- do you have any information and you know there's a possibility that you do now -- a possibility that somebody knows. Who did this call crime stoppers at 82211. One point. And you know you and I hear a story like this and we immediately. Speculate on what might have happened and there there are so many possibilities but as I mentioned earlier when there's this story broke tonight. It seems as if more and more we're hearing about two young children. Being killed. Being injured. Because there with their parents. Who were involved in activity that caused them to be the target of a shoot. It ended in May be that these. Children are not big targets. But their collateral damage. In this. This targeted shooting. Now you know we want we want parents to be with their kids. That we don't appears to be with their kids if their if the parents are gonna be a target. So this is it is truly -- -- you think about this. The seven month olds. Little boy. -- -- have a chance. And again we don't know what happened this does not sound like. A random shooting. But again -- I don't know it doesn't sound like a random shooting to be. If we get more information before we get off the year will let you know there will be updates tomorrow morning. More information on this in this case tomorrow morning giving your real first Newsweek state -- starting at 5 o'clock. And then WWL first news with Tommy Tucker from six to ten David -- it. Our new staff will have a lot more information on this -- where you tomorrow morning. If you wanna join our show would comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. In a text number is 877. Coming up and it just few minutes at 1125 I'm gonna replace conversation I had with HBO host real time. -- -- And I know he is a very controversial. Liberal in the minds of many but he says some things that are extremely. Logical he's going to be onstage Saturday nights at the center theater. And tomorrow night will give you chance to win. A pair of tickets so to be listening here is -- text -- -- so what about politicians begging for money is that protected by the First Amendment. Yes it is. And and and think about how far it would go if you if you had 222. Billion begging for money. What about the the charitable organizations what about the two church groups in the school groups. -- Are at red lights. Asking for money sometimes at times during that the muscular dystrophy telethon season. And what about politicians asking for money. They are are so many ways that that a ban on. On on begging for money would affect society that you might not like begging for money but you know once again there's certain things that you have to deal with that life. It doesn't mean that you have to deal with everything despise because we at the deal with things that run pleasant. But you can't and everything it's unpleasant. And you can't just ban things because you don't like it and and that's that's a tendency that we -- in America. But we have a Tennessee -- -- let's get that's a good band that I don't like that lets ban that aggravates me let's ban that. And some things should be different. But there -- lot of things that you can't just go round and and and banned because it's gonna lead to. Other things that shouldn't be banned. Here is a text not sure what can be done to help the situation but the amount of homeless people in no -- As widely spread in the last few years. I almost had to protect myself and my wife from a homeless guy while walking on the river because I didn't laugh at his choke. As far as the First Amendment. I think it should. I think it should be. Covered as long as the person doesn't get physical. In his or her -- It. Stinks. But as you said. We we just have to avoid. Avoided if possible I feel bad for the tourist. Which are going to hurt the city. If the problem does continue to grow. What they're still there's no question about it banking being a problem and I and they said there is a difference between. Begging -- you know I I use this term sometimes we use certain words to. It's still a certain emotion in people. And I admit that that's that's the business. Begging for money is just simply saying hey can you spare dollar. Aggressive begging aggressive panhandling and it if somebody feels threatened. Because somebody doesn't give money. That's an entirely different story I have to admit that the other night. I was so. Walking home. And I walked by this guy. Any -- disparity change. And I said no and I continue walking. And they -- -- sort of cursing -- And I turned around and looked at him and said. What'd I -- deal. And I think he was kind of stunned by that. And he actually paused and said look I'm under I'm sorry. Any -- actually apologized to me. So -- gave -- five blocks. I don't know maybe that was his whole strategy. From Gulfport redeem your into the WL. He's cute I don't know it. How come I was one mistake. You know -- ever -- the powers. And and going or whatever. Every place that you bureaus that holiday -- and ask -- ordination are often. -- chair double. Group or something like that. And you know and a lot of people out work and react to jobs welcomes and retail and we do the same thing in a lot of people's compliance are as you know -- We don't know what the money -- and -- down the street ask you -- dollar and implement our men and nobody use -- -- -- -- that he got it. Well that's that's true and you know sometimes -- night. I think you know what if if this person is in this desperate situation on the street and I guess this is the the more compassionate side of me. If I can make. His day just a little better by giving up just a dollar. If it does more for him that it takes away from me and I'm I don't know exactly what he's doing with any minor be a reputable person. But I I'd like to think that it's that they are gonna do so to give. All I know I know although I'm not -- Now we'll say in this and it's something that really this is makes those a lot of people out there. But there's at Wal-Mart. Close to -- work. And the shame groups of people have been there are eight marks. And just books signs and there are creases are -- -- inclusion on the cops come about by it. You know it would give somebody money. That on the street haven't Tom at all. -- really don't actually home for eight months. In the same spot. And so may not think that they have or racket going on there but you know that there are certain papers that the Utley out in I will be. -- -- -- are a woman on mystery money any day in the week when they have a what and the if healthy this says that there given that. And really isn't that isn't that an interesting side of humanity I am I'm the same way I I I tend to be more sympathetic. There's somebody that has a dog because I think what were really doing. It's we're giving money to them hoping that they they feed their dog so I guess vicariously were tried to give money to the dog and not to them. Well I guess that's the society we -- man. You know when you and could be you get somebody like keep you get some -- to worse yet to lecturer and civic give and so on. And he turned Ernie and -- as all of you know that that's easier. At least it seemed that. -- Politico shows nationalist thing. A couple of years -- dollars on -- Decatur street. And I love Decatur but there are a few places indicator a few I nooks and crannies where. I would describe them as gutter punks gutter punks hanging out. And I'll never forget I walked by this this this group of people this guy looks up at -- and he goes -- just spit on me for a dollar. That's tricky and admitted. That at. First of all what joy -- again its. It is like I was ago like I'm I'm gonna give me a break and Italy is spit on me for a dollar well I didn't and he didn't get the dollar Fred you're -- Debbie WL. Back -- knows that you know in the not taking -- -- in the army fort that Texas. Let me know where Pascagoula and brings so much for -- -- -- curry. We were miked right down the court formal. You'll and so those would on borrows a factory and he -- -- -- leeward you should use him. The old you know interest. Try to tell you well you want. What. Must she's government issues important topics as you know about it. I didn't vote tomorrow you'll hate it you've got to -- old -- with a home loans or you'll probably. One. And don't tactically the guys right. Fred I'm glad you called the show and have a good night if if you wanna join us tonight we're comment weren't story -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. -- text number is 877 at a later in the show we'll talk about Miley Cyrus being criticized again this time for smoking a joint onstage and Amsterdam. But smoking pot is accepted in Amsterdam and you don't prosecute -- So is it wrong to criticize somebody for doing something that is acceptable. In the place where they're actually. Doing it. Here's onstage at the MTV European music awards which aired in America and she's being criticized for that so we'll talk about it. A coming up next -- -- replay an interview that I did with the Bill -- The reverence political. Comedian and commentator. He says some things that you might actually find very logical. My conversation -- Bill Maher is next on the -- show like from New Orleans and to -- WL. It's 1135 on this very chilly Wednesday evening and we have a warming trend it'll be warmer by the weekend another cool front coming through I believe it is Sunday night into Monday -- -- very good chance of rain late Sunday. And throughout Monday we have the latest news about this tragedy of the Crescent City connection a man and a child are dead. The man and an -- seven seven month old child are dead following a shooting. Man wasted shot multiple times here and a black -- this happened and on the Crescent City connection. We don't have many details but all the details are available on our website right now at WWL dot com and the latest information a lot will develop overnight. The latest information tomorrow morning with Steve Cohen. At 5 o'clock WWL first news and then with Tommy Tucker and David Blake into the WL first news from six to ten. Here's a quick update on tonight's -- WL pretty -- opinion poll. Do you think the First Amendment should protect begging for money. 44% say yes and 56%. Say no. Here's a -- -- tried to give a homeless guy a chicken sandwich once he said no thanks I'm a vegetarian. Gave it to another guy a little further down the street he gladly took it. I would think that if -- homeless -- couldn't afford to via a vegetarian. That's sort of have -- Terry. I should make light of that but it's nice to know that some people stick to -- Their beliefs when it comes to things like that even if their homeless. Bill Maher is going to be at the -- theater this coming Saturday night's November 16. I'll give away a pair of tickets again on the show tomorrow night. He's a host of real time -- he also did the show politically incorrect he's a very you reference a political stand up comedian and commentator. And Bill Maher makes observations about politics. Social issues and life in general. I sort of like conversation by asking him missive as a standup comedian and TV host commentator. Is. What he dies. Entertainment or is he really trying to sway opinions. -- always entertained. Two days something you don't really sway opinions when you talk politics have been to be twenty years now between politically incorrect to real time in the number of times people. Have come up to me or otherwise indicated that you know I used to be conservative and much bigger liberal. Almost -- But the number terrorist remove communicated to me that day. At the bed and religion thousands. So so you'd take whatever election you want from there but you cannot in my. Experience full of people on politics but you could easily -- on religion. -- I agree I talk about this a -- saw him by show if people are so paranoid about the liberal media know or of the conservative. -- Talking Heads on radio and on television seems to me that people migrate. I'm not toward what they think might enlighten them but things that they already agree with -- Well especially with the way that media is today on the Internet -- so we -- to stay in your intellectual ghetto. It's so easy effort to have to hear opinions that you disagree with and only to hear this stuff that affirm -- and this is true both sides. I know people who watch MSNBC all day long. And there are of course many many conservative people who wake up with Matt Drudge -- large for -- -- Colombo go to bed with Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. And no oxygen ever gets in that bubble. Can do there to the recent election results reveal anything about America's political mood right now. Start to say I think what we're saying partly will receive it we saw on Virginia is that there is kind of a new cells which is great. That even. A state like Virginia which is is still a very conservative state. Is just not gonna go for a guy. Where is nineteenth century views. Especially women's issues he lost the women's vote I think by this single women's vote. At least 42%. Which was similar to what Mitt Romney lost it by in the election in 2012. And you know this is what difference conservatives in the Tea Party crazy these days is that America. Is changing we not only have a black precedence. Oh we have a third of the country that is legalize gay marriage about a third of the country has medical marijuana. We have six openly gay congress people. The boy scout to practically giving them merit badge for wedding planning. This is what drives them crazy and it's not going away I hate to tell them but it's not going to weighs just going to get worse. I'll offer was better I often describe myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation and I IC. So many hypocritical things -- here I'm I'm part of this generation that stood for so many things it. I realize that you learn things is as time goes on and you get older but I see so much a part proceed. With the baby boomer generation and it seems as if and I'd like to get your opinion on this it's sensitive theirs just this this ego maniacal. Problem of not wanting to give up the idea that they don't control the direction of this country. Well that's true I think they've they've they weren't the spoiled generation I mean are parents. I don't know how old you are but my territory that World War II generation -- We're in the -- amount that was and they are so overseas -- from the fourth at army they were kids in the depression. They're the greatest ones is says they were two and they were also the greatest parents for a lot of people would mean they've really. Wanted a better life of their kids and generally they gave a better life advocate but they also cut it. Spoil their kids and made their kids think they're a little more special than perhaps they were and I think were still living without legacy and every generation. That almost gets worse you know I mean these millennial I don't know. Know a lot of them so I can't really speak. Of that with great authority. But I I could've been there because every generation sort of rebels against what their parents are. That maybe we're going back commitment to hopefuls signed to people who want to contribute more but I I agree with you I think that's the baby boomers have screwed up an awful lot of stuff. That that should that should have been better. -- You're labeled the liberals by a lot of people is if that's a bad word do you think America has lost a sense of what freedom of speech is supposed to mean. Freedom of speech I don't think they ever really -- with the Mets in in a lot of ways. Obviously. The people who wrote the laws about freedom of speech understood that it was to practice speech that we don't like. That's the most important part of it is is it's not -- to protect speech we do like. It's it's it's protecting Nazis to form. From not being allowed to march in Skokie is we you'll remember that case. For example of free speech a horrid speech. That's the point that's that's what's great about America is that. At some point if you find yourself in a minority if you find yourself as the one who is saying something unpopular you are protected. But yeah I don't think that's number one on people's agenda these days I don't think anything in the bill of rights is we've lost so much of the bill of rights after 9/11. Why do you think hate has become such a prominent aspect of political discourse in America today. Well I don't know if it's different than it ever was. That hatred if you look back at the generation that came out right after George Washington was his virulent as any we've ever seen. The battles that Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton had for instance. What's different now I think is that a lot of hate can come across anonymously. If you could do would be a Twitter. Or chat room and you know I'd know lots of people who won't even read their Twitter feed anymore because. There's just so much hatred and that just just -- who would -- patriots. But that's often -- that's often reflected in the the the vicious partisanship been in Washington DC. -- Of course it is and and that's that's a shame because. I think what you see on the Republican side anyway. Is that the matter how how there. Some of these commentators Rush Limbaugh Alex Jones Oakland -- gets they will not be denounced. That this guy who just. Was involved in the U. The shooting. Said. Basically you know if you read his manifesto. It it was a lot about. Stuffed with Glenn Beck talks about new world order so if you watch Glenn Beck you see this is where people get these ideas no I'm not saying that we should -- Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh or anybody else and certainly against that. But they used to be that. There was a time when right ringers were denounced their ornament William F Buckley denounced the John Birch Society -- -- liberal place in our party. You don't see that anymore because when it when it comes to election -- you cannot afford to alienate the Rush Limbaugh's of the world because they hold the power that party. But there was an interesting observation I made by Newt Gingrich your punter Chris Christie. Chris Christie does appear to be a moderate to a lot of people. And Newt Gingrich that says something that I I've I've talked about since before the election last year and that is. If the Republican Party is to win the White House is gonna have to somehow have the courage to. To disenfranchise itself from the fringe base of the party. Well you know accurate that John Heilman -- -- camera now. There's a feud going on between. Well pretty much everybody of politics it seems from that book but especially good Gingrich and Chris Christie I think Chris receive or something like -- -- Is the worst -- person these are perceived in politics. -- which goes a long way because he was some pretty hateful toward Mitt Romney is well. But. You know. Chris Christie again what are those Republicans who dresses met -- Reputation as a moderate. Not really that moderate if you look at his record insisted he placed the theatrics of the moderate but he came out against. You know gay rights and things like that he will not say whether he believes in evolution. I mean this offends me I grew up in New Jersey -- had a pretty good public school education. In New Jersey and it was not a matter of debate when I was growing up whether evolution was real. Such things like that bother me about first -- now of course on the right they think he's too liberal because. You know he walked on the beach with president black Q and don't think -- -- you and you know he's got -- -- Christie touched and so he may be toast with those people already. But I think he's got not assorted job as people think to walk back. That friendships he had with President Obama because. I'm telling you he's not as moderate as you'd think he is and for in Japan the Tea Party is not going to be that big of a stretch. We're talking to a Bill -- from HBO's real time with Bill -- he'll beat this -- theater Saturday November 16 -- for today show. Build the debate of same sex marriage attendees is one of the more interesting debates and it's it's not just about rights for gays it's it's to me it's it's about. The temptation that some people have to wanna get in -- and other people's lives to wanna tell people how to lead their drive their private life. I find something very contradictory. About basic conservative ideology. And power to the individual. And support of opposition will support opposition to gay marriage. And marijuana. -- and Maryland that got I would throw in that category as well. On our show a couple of weeks ago we were imploring the Republicans to -- that issue and they could steal that issue because the Democrats have been a real buzz -- on the whole marijuana issue we had it on the ballot out here in California a couple of years ago to legalize it. And not one democratic politician would stand up for. And after Republicans would as you say be true to what they claim to -- four which is. Less regulation great. Get the government adding your lives more individual freedom well all of that goes hand in hand with legalizing pot and as you mentioned gay marriages in other ones. But you know that that you know comes to -- comes down to religion. There's no real reason to be against. Anything that homosexuals do. Except that it says in the book of pathetic is that you know you cannot lie with another man or whatever they're getting it from. And and let's face it a lot of this country is religious especially the Republican Party. And of course to evangelicals this will never go away this issue will never go away even though Jesus Christ never said a word about. -- what's the worst quality of liberals. I think. They can be. As annoying as conservatives sometimes because they just clapped for their team. There they can be absolutely ill informed just the way conservatives can they just on Garcia -- audience sometimes they just understand oh yes. Blue team. Clap for that and red team boo and don't think a lot further about it. So if you get into issues that push their buttons sometimes you find it really. They really haven't looked into it I mean they they get mad at me what I what I make the point that all religions are not the same. That if this was the sixteenth century I would be going after christianity. Because that was the century and that was the time when they were intolerant. But this it's up to sixteen centuries the 21 century and so I say Islam as the religion. That is much more intolerant and we should be aware of and they get prevented that because they take that as an attack on -- minority. And racism which is ridiculous because it's not about race Islam as a religion. It's an. And bill what's the best quality about conservatives. Who stumped -- advance the to me the best quality -- conservatives is that they stick to what they believe. Polling is something Democrats or deathly afraid of that something is polling its. 48%. They won't go near gay marriage good example was -- 51%. Approval in the polls. -- evolving there above all -- on the democratic side. Republicans are not like that if something is polling at 40% approval rating they're not afraid. They meet their secret -- they get their talking points straight and they say hey we'll get it up to 55 and they do order reversed if something is popular and they wanna kill it. They do with public option. Was pulling -- seventies and 70% approval. Before they got their fangs into a predicted profit them. Again they got their talking points straight they went out there and they -- it will get that down below fifty and they did. Piers Morgan asked and culture if she could imagine dating you and she really didn't answer the question Derrick can you imagine dating a liberal our community united -- a conservative. -- now I've never is a conservative and for the record and Coulter is my friend but we've never dated. As much as -- one of his instilling people that is so I don't wanna believe it but. No I don't protect could I I see politics as an extension of your morality. My parents agreed politically. I don't understand marriages like James Carville and Mary Matlin where they don't agree politically because to me it means you don't agree morally and you can be serious -- -- you don't agree with morally. Doing join our conversation look forward seeing US Saturday the sixteenth at the -- yes spring era show -- -- off camera that's Bill Maher from HBO's real time. Under VW well. Thanks Phil thank you. About I type. Any comments about the Bill -- interview. Is that some interesting things Islam. The new intolerant religion. Politics as an extension of your morality. Could you be with somebody who is. A different political ideology venue. And a marriage alive where is totally different from my wife are. The votes quite often presidential even local elections cancel each other route. If you wanna join a share with your comments tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven Texas 87870. And were coming back on MW well. Did Bill Maher say anything that surprised you where if you -- interview it's on our web sites WWL dot com go to podcasts than discordant scoot. And it's available there. Gilmore said that Chris Christie governor of New Jersey is not really that moderates he plays the theatrics of being a moderate but he really isn't that moderate. He also said that freedom of speech really means protecting the speech you disagree with because it's easy to talk about protecting. The freedom of speech that you agree with operative and no shock here and -- WL. The shadow pressing on. Thanks to. Yeah I'm in the Belmont and great job that I Nomar. In a lot of ways that update a little money. As a Christian -- and and handle something like that nobody. Look no other -- Latin. Marriage. So you're you're -- you might be a fiscal conservatives by your social liberal. Exactly and you know. I stick -- When I was on dirty but when I was younger I was like all the Republicans and -- about it. -- at that got older and realize that -- Anyway I'm I'm an independent. But. -- -- We all should be I mean nobody should totally play cater to one side or the other and I think Bill -- is. As a little more logical -- some people perceive him to be because of the sound -- that seem to get so much attention. Right and you know I called I mean I think more middle of the road -- -- Is it -- take that intellectual or. And you know that's it read in you know at. At at that comes out in. A short while and opulent research you know go to college. -- And forget about when it comes. You know what you're passionate about which we use our. Well I I admire you for. Taking time to read and look into things Lotta Lotta people just fine. Certain sound bites and in those sound bites make it through social media. And just -- com. Fact even though. Some of the stuff it appears in in in social media is just not even based effective it's just ridiculous. Rhetoric that supports certain points of view. So you know where we don't that we don't always take the time to to to listen to things to look for. Reality and want to most people in this country and to find the commentators the radio and TV shows it simply reflected the year. Already established political ideology is opposed to. Trying to figure out what really is right what's wrong. Right in the lip and a media niche you know that the media -- Internet it -- Places to go to -- why it again. It seems that more. The networks moral -- web site more of those groups all forming. And are taking specific leaning -- reporting -- certain way because dictating to and it. According and it's. I'm going to -- the children thanks listening to WWL here's a Texan reads I found the most people who dislike Bill Maher have never seen you show in his and that's so typical of so many things. Of people hate something they don't even know. Here's another textile like -- agree with him on most of his political and religious views. Love real time they would like to thank you and WWL for the tickets also enjoy your show -- And for the most part agree with your views as well thanks again. Major listing graduate to its critically tickets on our show tomorrow night -- Bill Maher. And you beat the Sanger onstage Saturday nights will be right back -- -- WL. Here we go again -- global warming war Forbes magazine says there's no such thing it's just a reason to expand government power. Do you agree or do you think global warming is real as one of the things -- Garland to talk about tomorrow during Garland in the think tank tomorrow from ten to one. Here on -- -- of -- well here's a final update on tonight's going to be WL pretty general opinion poll and this poll is as close as it has been all night. The question is do you think the First Amendment should protect begging for money. 47%. Say yes and 53%. Say no it should not. But again if you -- begging for money then think of all the other things that. You'd actually have to band. And here's attacks to we get to this text from somebody who says in Austin, Texas they have a large community of homeless people. But not once -- any of them approached me and my family to ask for anything. They had their cups and signs. And what not but differ attempted to speak to us we thought it was very -- until. The day we've relieving and -- aligned it wrapped around the block. Which all the homeless people were in waiting for food not sure who was providing the food but it definitely kept them from messing with tourist. You know I I agree that it's the bill homeless issue in the -- issue is a problem in New Orleans I don't think banning begging. And not protecting it is First Amendment right I don't think that is the answer. Miley Cyrus criticized again this time for smoking a joint onstage in Amsterdam during MTV's European music awards. Now the show aired in America but. Why would Miley Cyrus be criticized for for doing that if that's something that is accepted in the Netherlands now I thought it was legal. But I I've I've found out that -- apparently marijuana is not legal in the Netherlands but smokers are not prosecuted. For possession of small amounts and it is sold openly in cafes known as coffee shops. Miley Cyrus was seen hanging out with. -- some other starters during the the MTV awards show in Amsterdam. At the greenhouse coffee shop in downtown Amsterdam but. Again if you if you do something that is accepted and and legal in one there will not legal but if it is something where you're not going to be prosecuted in in. The area where you do it then. I'm not sure you should be criticized. Because you're breaking the law. Now you can criticize her for. Smoking marijuana in the same way you can criticize anybody for smoking pot. You can criticize somebody for drinking and Lady Gaga eyes at something rather outrageous she said she's addicted to marijuana. Which I didn't really think was possible. And yet about 9% of the people who smoke pot are addicted to it. She says she smoked. Fifteen to twenty joints a day. Which means it probably wasn't very good if she needed that much. One thing -- ransom our studio producer also jacares helping out in the other studio. And Chile bundle up stay warm. As always. Love -- New Orleans.