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11-14 9:10am Tommy talks to former Saints kicker Morten Andersen

Nov 14, 2013|

Tommy talks to former Saints kicker Morten Andersen about Garrett Hartley's struggles

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Very special guest on Hillary a tune a second but first U member list or. Newsroom this -- -- they're not any good but Vietnam War laid -- carrier. Just get your kid goes. That's why he isn't me here. Sean Payton talk Internet. I Garrett Hartley before -- Kicked in the NN's -- eat out that not only putters and Super Bowl it's -- new role. In the NFL I was in the NFC championship and attacks comes in. Tommy a kicker does one thing and one thing. Only I can't do that he should go day saints NFL -- not a social organization would Debbie W will keep you as a mute. One nobody would fire me if I lost my voice a little while either Morten Andersen joins us right now and -- having them all and it is an honor leading scorer in the NFL and number seven for the black and gold for a long long time good morning morning you Dylan. It was fantastic -- into the New York City and a couple of do you like. I might -- -- foundation is supporting this or supports some of the families of fallen detectives and police officers in New York City in. You know also in 2001. Doing and so it's coming it's what sort go out there and hope he does some good work. And what's been the foundation -- Morton Anderson I -- One. Been going on about five years now which -- special operations forces soldiers detect any person. Their families and also called it like programs for God's children and -- in the Atlanta area and and you want. Outstanding it's 9/11 and Tommy Tucker talking to Morton Anderson and our topic is Garrett Hartley -- look at the whole body a worker is it about what have you done. Formulate and weight lately -- I'm trying to remember I don't really recall. A time where you went through a slobbering kinda did you. Oh absolutely really adds absolutely -- played so long people look at best but we remember the good you know. Well I had a couple of the games there where where I missed the game -- against the niners McCain back -- -- missed another one finally made on him. You know it's inevitable if you played long enough that that you're gonna go through a stretch where things are just not. Clicking and united simple as soon as you would like. I get my advice and my observation is that it's America on you know it's not a split them. And I think you have to look at any any perform any particular work in the context of his career. Garrett is young he's only six years instantly was like before the identity and so. I think you have to to give give patients. You have to remember that he's put some skin is on the wall he made. If you can't -- championship -- signing also. Serviceable record with three controlled forty yards from the simple it -- -- the saints win the Super Bowl also those things are important. Not only trust remember -- compared to remember and to go back and studied that history -- that success and I think that's what I did when I. Kind of struggled a little bit I would go back and look at film and so successful and then watched the stroke watched. But all the contact them and how how would -- and and then I would try to go -- replicate in just have that. Good thought that you know my positive behavior should be my dominant behavior. Is there's something about the kicking motion and and I think Sean Payton made a reference that golf swing on if you play golf Morton -- -- -- yeah. Well a lot of us do play the game -- but is that the kind of thing where you know leave some golf club it feels good then all of a sudden you're a little -- -- your little bit more off a little bit more often in. Aliens feel confident in the club down is that same thing that happens to kicking. Stroke would -- -- Motion like Vegas. -- on the would mean I think it's. It has you know I've seen the enemy and it is in the end a lot of times a lot of times we get -- -- our own way. I would try to think. Things I think it's map -- art forms base that is really important number one -- -- and older. Yeah yeah I'm more time that news. You got it can't hold your breath a lot of lot of -- the times when you get into rats in -- hide stressful sip proxy ties stressful situations. And the old -- special would go up and did not able focused. So exhale and had good with -- breezing. And then just be an -- out -- for three hours once the games sergeant Kendall thank you preparation as to value to go to its level on Sunday afternoon and add that Garrett knows that he knows where. What it feels like that stroke is right he's talented he's proven that and so. There if I was an idol I haven't coached not privy to what goes on out there with the saints on a daily basis but it is powerless to suggest anything and so it was just to be do. Go back to basics we look at some film when he was successful. And then just really kind of relax not over think it and put stroke trying to target line and it into the target line and down the target line and let it -- you know anything. That happens when you when you stop your body conscious when you look up almost things and just be mindful of what got you and and and you'll find it again as quickly as it. Left to it'll come back to. And when you're putting some times in golf that they undergo thirty feet away start start to feel -- in and built some confidence in our act. Would there be anything struck out Garrett you know start with a excerpt points and and movement back -- that. Well I will -- kind of and the way I -- is my -- -- to make antics inside forty yards left on the right to go outside forty there is absolutely. And just. Stroke a couple of birdies and started to music you know the forty yards and and I don't -- some money extra. At most 690% of six and accountability fortified orange and most of them really around forty yard range. Those particular just got to -- and that you should make really in the -- one. I certainly missed my share them always looked why why would do that that's that's not normal. Some things you know we're not robots would have to -- mindful of that. If he's -- he'll be fine but I don't think. Just don't pay attention to what people say about the -- yet tonight. An opinion now when you start missing everybody becomes the coach of the worsening at the -- you know this. Your grandmother telling you plan. It. You know that's gonna tell you got a lot going on but the in this NFL in every have you ever thought about. Maybe -- in a consultant and as a team has again that struggling -- come in and helping. Well that that is what I do so yeah. I have I have thought of it and and demand so. Not as much more college level at the Alabama kicker the Clemson kicker and -- just over -- deal should -- so so you know. I really really enjoy that sort of pass on that met knowledge and information and then. Lots to -- delightful moment when he gets it and when he can go out on the field. And execute what we have talked about what we've rehearsed it's really really cool it's. It cannot let that legacy building stuff that's really cool -- you get them and you can't do it anymore. Are there any plans created. Come to new Rollins and and more with Garrett Hartley. I have not been in contact with the saint at least to me and I haven't reached out to them you know I'm I'm leery of getting in ball. Unless there's a willingness on on this part because I know -- I'd play it down. Publicly it would bring anybody in and I -- give it a little bit and I haven't talked analogue I think he's a great talent and and a very great human being and so I would welcome that opportunity but I think it has to come from the -- side before. I would do anything. So that kind of -- exits right now. More -- you are very nice man and he always come on lonely as skin and a nine and violate anybody's confidence -- Morton did something for friend of mine that was just beyond. Anything that you would expect a leading scorer in NFL history to do you good guy Morton thank you. Are you welcome it don't let -- talk to emigrate there right. And travels --

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