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11-14-13 3:10pm Angela with Mackie Shilstone

Nov 14, 2013|

Angela talks with fitness guru Mackie Shilstone about healthy tips everyone can use.

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Police on him in the stands cheering Serena Williams at the USO. We have seen him ringside watching boxers Bernard Hopkins android. And when baseball player Ozzie Smith was inducted into the -- Was this man he. We're talking about -- shields for almost forty years helped sports legends become the best they can be. What's nice is he used those same four decades helping everyday people like you and me. His weekly interviews on the channel -- morning news. And through the principal with each. East Jefferson general hospital. This isn't believes we take control of oil and our line information. It acknowledged that make life better and in some cases and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're very kind -- until I mean I'm 62 and. And John I'm just -- and tried to maintain just like Q1 thrust -- what I've done and to be able to do it here in New Orleans which my -- travel the world have to leave. On December 2 ghost in twos and two weeks of Serena Williams. I think this mean I I rarely tweaked. But I was watching that and I saw you in the stands cheering living and breathing everything and I tweeted just on -- Chills down in the state. Well -- we sit in east at the box in the family on its interest in that of the family members like the sister Venus in the. In the Nike rampant in the coaches. I'm Patrick -- two of the partners just three -- patient. Than me and then sits next to -- to leave the physical therapist and then the assistant and malveaux and then behind -- -- I was sitting next I was sitting next to. About the editor of vote on my gosh yes and my wife says you know you're sitting next to -- as you know basic. Uh oh oh lead legend and then. -- no talent we. I didn't I didn't know last year. That I was sitting next to boost is that an -- -- at the one that tweets all the time in the you're -- yourself -- starts with a K. Kardashian. I'm sitting next to her. And I leaned over to Venus. She's in front of me Williams and I said Venus. Next to she says -- thank you man in the world does not use it next Kim Kardashian -- And a winter. Is the end -- yeah and of course since then I'm I'm making now predictions on closing tell my wife I think we ought to look you know because I know and a winner. On her -- it if you really can't help Simon and I was mentioning to someone. About -- -- and products and says clearly you were the ones that brought her. Well you know street is incredible champion and whether this will be seven years and they give me an opportunity to work with 3000 pro athlete. And something about Serena and Venus Serena who are really work with that that is just -- she's such a genuine person and you know she started a career eight years old. And I'm sure she missed a lot she experienced near death with a pulmonary embolism. And she tore tendons or four. And I have watched. You know one thing is just amazing. She will not believe in the -- for anything. She doesn't. You know like in politics and politicians will say well that's their fault they did all this it never assume responsibility. Serena Williams. Will assume responsibility. If I make a mistake. It's an incredible. Gift. Anne -- -- I have such admiration for a for what she does. Such admiration for what you do and nine benefit for a long time but I would watch all of you were meant that in -- -- interviews on morning news. And I think the biggest thing I have is. How do you motivate people you have wonderful -- information and ladies and gentlemen you're listening we're gonna go through Mac these five tips for everything. But I think the first thing you motivate someone to start. Let -- charge of their life. You know I wrote a book called stop renew your health own it. For step approach and and right now we're doing with health care issues and that the issue was. That that people have to stop raining there now. Beat you deep hole like a bride may spend more time thinking about planning for awaiting the thinking about her life. -- her marriage -- are or whatever it may be and the way I I try and do it. Is from my standpoint only is I believe that I have to live it every day in my life. That I cannot afford to deviate. Because a -- deal in one of my clients is John Goodman act or Serena Williams or mrs. Jones or mr. Jones says it does make a difference who it is. I can be. Not fit can not be. -- can not know when I'm talking about. I get up in the morning at 430. Study for an hour 1520 years. I didn't do extensive training. And come back and eat go to where Brian and it could be on the road could be anywhere. And I don't deviate from a pattern. Because if you if you deviate acute mikes -- myself an excuse to for failure. And if I feel that means Serena may fail or mrs. Jones may fail so. It's the difference between commitment. And contribution. Commitment is giving unto yourself it's that it's that old adage of the of the chicken. And -- going to -- in the chicken says I'm gonna make a contribution of -- And the hawks -- make a commitment of the date. We had to -- -- And I I think. If if if anyone will ever remember me for anything -- moving on I'm -- if they even think about me. Is that the that was one committed person that was not committed person. That that that. That thought I was is important. As the next person I learned that from from some athletes at that that I actually when I met Bill Clinton. On the pro former president was Serena. He made me feel like for the moment. Published the most important thing in the room and you know I worked with Steve -- the billionaire from last face he wrote the forward to one of my books. He had this uncanny ability -- live with him in his home and Bob Costas from NBC sports I live with him and his family to help him with his plan. And here's a guy with 27 Emmys and here's Steve -- that cut seventeen million dollars of Barton's room and it. They are the most humble people. And and they they they have their lives together and everyone's got problems in this -- age. I just learned so much that you know a lot I'm gonna face whatever I have to face and just face it straight on and I think that's the message that I would convey. On you know make the commitment. And the commitment starts today well just just listening that you would get up at 4:30 in the morning with a hectic schedule is I think people like interfere. It's very easy to say I'm overworked and tired but these kids at that. You have to say I'm committed to myself. What you have to start you saw him on my wife same views as chairman of the U interviews she's chair of the board of police and justice foundation a couple of reports and you know we we have two sons to once -- two one's 25 -- an actor in Los Angeles and he's in a couple of movies now. He -- all goat -- wants a piece college graduate broadcast journalism supports himself out there for social media work that he goes out there. You know I've been gone that sometimes when we come on for ten years. And on god willing we we we have his nor are trying we have as normal families we can we have our challenges but it it's just about. You know marriage to me. Use you know 110% doesn't exist in the world I tell my -- 110% doesn't exist it it doesn't -- it doesn't a commitment. It doesn't friendship. And it doesn't teamwork and I think people don't. Sometimes -- people tell me you know making I don't know if you know what teamwork is. And you know one I know more about teamwork than most anybody you me and and it's all about giving to the other person if they -- better -- going to be better. -- shall stones gonna stay with -- a whole hour and he's going to be telling us five tips for a lot of things whether it's obesity -- cancer. Or your joint pain stay with this I'm Angela under the -- -- well. -- shall stone is our very special guest today and we're talking about health and we're talking about taking charge of your life. For your health. And he has he's fabulous things five tips -- -- we're gonna start with five tips for happiness. Way to enjoy you know I I wrote this sonnets on my website MacKey shall stone dot com. Which interest in and I quote right here in the journal circulation of -- thing I do is research based. Their research study showed that that patients who not only exercised but also had a positive outlook on life tended to have a 42. Percent lower all cause mortality risk -- at five years. And this is fascinating when you consider -- -- positive outlook on life. Actually affects your outcome with exercise and your health she can understand what everyone went through here with Katrina afterwards and what are. What the impact on the security tips and actually came out of. My book which I quoted before stopper in your health -- which is a three step approach it says tester attitude take stock of your attitude and look for ways to be more positive. And they kept practice and overtime and go home and I'm gonna say dog -- liking to this. And I I have to drive in my -- reef re commit change my attitude a little bit rephrase my focus or retreat refocus my. Mark my thought process. Number two is -- confidence in your ability to meet your goals out of course -- set realistic goals and never let negative people detract from them you know I found this. Yeah I found in my life I've been negative and at times and in it takes someone just kind of slap in the face and say the you don't need to be negative. And I think. It's so easy in our life right now to be negative that that we can just -- can always find a reason to be negative but we confine hundreds of reasons to be positive. In in the things we face. It and it sounds. Nicer feeling like in only to myself on opium -- If you. Write something happens when you -- that's just a little trigger. And -- went -- illicitly use that that was that's it. Choose exercises you enjoy can tell you how many people giving an exercise. Because they just think it's the right thing to do it is that you've got to find something that you will do and you be in in annual -- comfortable with. And makes you feel better remember. Within thirty minutes of some continuous exercise after a period of time you produce endorphins in the brain that a four times more powerful morphine. They're called in in endorphins are in -- forms. And I can tell you you'll feel better so that is just to keep you staying with exercise long -- most people fall off exercise. In six weeks the last thing is manage your stress you know that -- the great stress for searchers -- -- alienate Ph.D. from from Canada. And he had a general adaptive syndrome and he says she take an organism and you stress. And then EEU all of them -- gaps or or it exhausts. And we he says you have a staff of -- you have a bank account checking account and he says the bank account is the stuff of life. So we get over drawn on our checking account the cars were smoking drinking were staying up late were eating bad food and and when we're young we can go to that savings account. But when that savings account the stuff of life is gone. Then we cease to exist and that's where he says this general adaptive syndrome known pro sports my job. Is to never allow you to to stabilize. When my opponent was Serena Williams we're gonna keep you off balance we're always gonna keep you adapting so if I'm gonna do that to use my opponent. Q your match which stress can do to us if we can't control remember. 90% of stress is perception. Absolutely. Now let's talk about obesity. Well you know when you think about the obesity issue right. Right now I think probably 42% of the population is obese how you define obesity is is is interest. You define obesity based on body mass index or you can do it on body fat nobody -- industries you -- kilograms divided by -- meters squared. What what you need to keep in mind when you look at that -- go on the Internet lookup be -- Someone that has a a body mass index greater than thirty minute man or woman as class one -- Someone who has a body mass index greater than forty. Is it is is morbidly obese in my book whenever -- -- -- seventh a wrote a book about your Waste Management. A woman does not want to have a a Waste Management greater than 35 inches. Ideally -- incidents of breast cancer is lower in a woman with a waist measurement under 32 inches now where is the waste the Waste Management is actually. On at the belly button. That's what I look at it. And in a man on man does not want to have a waist measurement greater than forty if a man carries a waist measurement greater than forty. Into its fourth decade his chance of diabetes goes wait through the roof. Now I I deal with NFL players you look at offensive and defensive lineman. I have seen so many in my in my world in my forty years that I call on the Walking Dead. Because oh yes because they're huge and they have waist measurements in excess of fifty. So when you think about -- to correcting that I would tell them the same thing it's what I've said before stop -- your health take control of your life. You know you have to start with taking control number two eat right. The Mediterranean diet is the diet that you should live with if you wanna have a longer life Mediterranean people from the area of -- And a that that area of the of the Mediterranean. Emphasized salmon. They emphasize. A fresh fruits and vegetables some greens. Olive oil you that's a mono unsaturated fat. Q you've emphasized that there incidence of diabetes is in the basement so is an instance of cancer heart disease. And in fact people can actually go out and measure on their Omega three and Dexter can get their blood that can look it up Omega three index on on on line. They can measure that. Having higher Omega three index despite what that recent research said about is it's it's a prostate cancer in men. Is definitely something that you wanted to. You wanting creature -- index the people that live the longest over Japan. And as I as I did an interview when -- when when things went in the research study came out the set high Omega threes are bad for certain forms of cancer. Then half of Japan should be dead now. Because there indexes -- through the -- so you know eating right exercise sleep 67 hours of sleep actually 78. And family time. Family time see there's something like we're having a couple of offering chip. At that friendship is something that will help us survive how does that have to do with with obesity. Because it allows us to feel comfortable. That we have support and you need to support system when you aren't obese state you have to eat right get to manage stress you have to start by I've stopped raining your health. You have to get enough sleep. Her and you have to actually shot it sounds simple but people 42% of the population is feeling right now. Take charge of your life MacKey shall I say with this we'll be right back now let's go newsroom with Don. Officials to I want to say is gonna get as healthy -- kills him or not. But let's not talk about. Cancer fighting foods and supplements well I just did this on on channel four. A couple weeks ago. And this is a very interesting topic. Does this is solid research here the first thing I'm gonna hit on is breakfast cereals and I'll tell you why and of course the Loescher record when you know even Cheerios has once without sugar. Because in 1999 -- the federal government mandated that Syria manufactures put. Folic acid 99 milligrams I believe it was in two cereals now they did it for interesting reasons. The fully folic acid and B twelve. Will -- will and -- six will reduce the incidence of an amino acid called homocysteine. And homocysteine is an amino acid. That Kilmer -- almost was run out of town as a medical doctor when he said I believe this is tied to heart disease. And medicine almost Randy -- bout 56 years later they give him Nobel Prize. The incidence of this in this amino acid homocysteine which is driven by another protein called -- signing. On basically says. That if the government said we're gonna put this in and -- 50000 lives a year back in 1999. Well what they didn't recognize back then was the fact that folic acid researchers here I'll quote a study researchers evaluated the effects of -- On 127000. Male smokers between the ages of. 15169. Men who consumed at least know who consumed the least recommended daily amount allowed to fully that's 400 micrograms cut. Cut their we will who had the but let the voters who got the most cut their response to pancreatic cancer by 50%. So in other words. When they got the amount right amount of folate there risk went down well that. I had nothing to do with the effect on heart disease so this was an added benefit that's why I put it on my list about -- in now in Syria in cereals you look on the bad bad bad back of cereals and it usually we'll say forty to 60%. Of the requirement for fully in the which is 400 micrograms. That tomato prep product this is somewhat -- suspect in the -- in the in the research however. At the products such as tomato. Tomatoes tomato paste tomato -- Have something they call lycopene. And lycopene is now been shown in certain types of cancer especially prostate lung and stomach and stomach cancer. To lower the risk especially in men. But what they found out once they found that -- that it was better this is one of the few times went processed tomato. Actually brings out the lycopene. So that -- made a patient put on your whole wheat spaghetti hopefully. Has a higher content of like the -- -- that that right that you will tomato paste -- you you have to you have to. -- -- should -- right or you can get it in the jar yes that's has a higher a usable lycopene content that's interest and and and when you put olive oil on it. It brings out more. So the lycopene it that you find in the tomato product also in watermelon. You fire on amount of that's great watermelon -- so you find that OK so now the other thing. Is the cabbage family broccoli cauliflower. This is was appeared in in New York Times talking about. So for fame which is a which is a and nutrients found in these Christopher vegetables what you find in this is there something called DI am dying and all methane. And for women this is very important for breast cancer because -- the ratio of two to sixteen estrogen that's the problem when ratio gets out of whack. Well eating broccoli cauliflower cabbage tend to normalize that that ratio in a woman. The other thing is in man. Men that are obese that have these waist measurements like those OND lineman on the in the NFL or all college or even -- high school. They can when they have that much obesity in central obesity they tend to or Roma ties to testosterone to estrogen. When they convert their testosterone to estrogen they get the fatty breast tissue they put on more weight in the hip area. That happens -- risk for diabetes and cancer goes up. It's these cruise -- first vegetables that have that tend to help prevent this aroma to station of testosterone to estrogen. So that's going to be Iran on Collie -- well let me -- let me tell you the ones that you wanna pick on you wanna pick on. While on -- once you would think cabbage you wanna pick on. Cauliflower Brussels sprouts broccoli. You wanna you wanna jump on that now my number my number four. Was green and black T. Specifically. The green -- That has a -- EG EC GC in which is basically a -- funeral. The American institute for cancer says in laboratory studies green -- has been shown to -- or completely prevent. Cancer development in the colon liver breast and prostate cancer -- and that's laboratory studies. Like many foods the tees contain inflation -- well. You find it in the black -- although the the the the pop the primary -- funeral is what it in the green -- The difference between green and black -- is the process. Green -- never knew that it's all -- process so that's why the green -- is so good you know government did you ever gonna take a break and come back and get the rest of those very important foods to fight cancer with an additional step. MacKey shall stone is talking about the foods and the supplements with intake to fight cancer and one of them is in your spice -- and that's -- acumen which you will find on. As term is it in the active ingredients to -- you find it in the Indian spice curry. And I have to tell you this may come out as the star of the show I actually take it as a supplement myself. It is been shown to have powerful anti inflammatory pathways and some of cancer. Is brought on by. An inflammation. And -- Cuban has been definitely demonstrated to reduce inflammation. It even in areas of -- you think about inflammation from. Joint dysfunction. The inflammation from heart disease. -- Kirk human put it on put it on in in the form of curry or to America. I actually use the -- That their current Cuban you can buy it separately and I put it on my rice or put it on whatever it is I think it is a powerful. Anti. Cancer nutrient -- that is simply a spice in it in my opinion. And then here's another when that I think people need to be really cognitive cognizant of and that's fight -- And for the longest time vitamin. It affects over 17100 processes in the body men testosterone women in or both men and women and blood sugar. If somebody thinks people that have multiple sclerosis they can Trace that back to vitamin. In the public right now probably 50% of the public is vitamin. You absorb it through the skin and through the kidneys you have to convert on the -- 25 OH vitamin 125. You can get a blood test I do it on myself every year. In order for -- MacKey shall stone at 62 years of age to be in the normal range despite what the national institute of health says that the proper levels of this fat soluble vitamin is 60800. Use. In order for me to be in the range of like fifty of them immigrants per milliliter I have to take 5000. Used today now backed MacKey. And I see this all the time in my outfit is principal program east Jefferson which by the way we've just relocated to the wellness and there. Why -- we find people that are I just saw person today at 22 point five the deficiency starts below twenty where you're actually deficient. You may need a prescription vitamin. And this is one thing that I would urge everybody to do it's now covered by most insurance his. Have your 25 OH vitamin. Because it ties right into your -- trafficking but also -- vitamin. But here's the thing. This is the good news ten minutes' exposure on exposed arms and Brian -- it Ph.D. MD. With some one Bethesda Maryland that found this but this conversion of deep to vitamins if to get vitamin. He he he eat ten minutes of art of no exposure would no sunscreen on August 20000 units of vitamin. But thank goodness because it's a fat soluble vitamin you don't absorb. So you have to continually get so when you're not exposed to the sun. -- that's when your vitamin. And the other thing to keep in mind about vitamin. People that are obese this is a fat soluble vitamin store in their fat tissue. So Vero Beach you may be low in vitamin. So this is something you go to your doctor you asked for the -- for the vitamin. And go and what your doctor guide you -- how much she needs plates say follow the NIH guidelines 800 units. But for me I have to take more than that they don't fly as house -- in the west went on the supplement that I. Think everyone can go home and do tonight is put some garlic on your food I mean in addition to getting rid of vampires I think -- and it also science is now shown that it has cancer prevention capabilities. It also may affect our immune modulation that's where it may come in with cancer. And it definitely has an effect on you cholesterol profile. There's active ingredient call Allison in the -- in fact they look at garlic -- on its Allison potential that's the active -- vital nutrient in the in the in the in the garlic itself. So garlic -- human. A check your vitamin. Very very. -- -- Sony is giving us all the good stuff to stay healthy to get healthy I have to ask him however what did you eat. Well you know you can ask me what I eat my wife says on the on the -- I have no taste -- you know I get up in the morning. And I will go work out. I'll go back and make you shake. In my shake this morning that -- not hold on of people and -- -- -- really get nervous about this. I put some I have one these bullet blenders and of those small and -- puts a Spanish in a little bit of broccoli unit. And then I put fruit and then -- put cod liver oil put fifty grams -- -- teaspoon of vitamin C patter. And I put. -- course with fruit I put water -- blended drink that it has to Greek yogurt with some walnuts and four for a launch. I had to call Brussels sprouts brown rice. And Turkey burger patties and tonight I'll have a glass of wine I will have. Large salad Iowa have chicken Fisher Turkey. Maybe a little bit of all wheat pasta and a vegetable and my advice is like an oatmeal cookie now. But it all sounds great but I don't think it is my wife if she thinks -- -- the putts but she knows me for 35 I think Q thank you met you -- -- we're gonna have you back now let's go to the news.