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11-14 11:10pm Scoot: God and Patriotism

Nov 15, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about god and patriotism.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Do you think the government is robbing America of guides and patriotism. As that really the focus of our conversation night we talked about it a few different things but mainly we've talked about that in. That's that the subject of the -- blog tonight which is trending on our website at WW dot com you can read that your with others. I'm that is all sort of TWO pretty jaguar opinion poll and I am I'm still Stein. -- The the difference between. Big gap in the poll. And the lack of people who have called. To support the idea that the government is robbing America of god and patriotism. Right now the -- it is getting even wider 73%. Say the government is robbing America of god and patriotism. Only 27% say no it's not. So this really does prove something that we talk about quite often on the show. This country. Has another country within the country. It's the united states of hysteria. And there are people who become citizens of the united states of hysteria and they buy into. Hysteria. And panic. That is. Perpetuated. Sometimes initiated. In social media. I'd like to know how the government. Is robbing Americans. Of god. And patriotism. But let me read this text field. I lost my health insurance coverage because of Obama care. I know he lied. Obama said I would not lose my coverage. Team and and that's wrong and Obama was wrong. And Obama admits that he fumbled that's not good enough as got to change and and those who have lost coverage are gonna be able to retrieve their their coverage. I don't know how easy that's going to be but at least for the next year and a lot can have -- here but that's been brought -- I have a lot of problems with obamacare. But this text goes on to say. My kid cannot pray in his classroom. At public school anymore. He directly. Relates prayer. To got. In that sense he is denied he's a right to god at school. He goes to a public school. Wake up scoot. And quit being a Democrat close minded person. Interest in some people call me conservative. This is how old. -- And politically. Blind. Some people -- President Obama did not take away your sons -- right to pray in school. Nor did the Supreme Court. In the early sixties the Supreme Court ruled. That a school cannot lead a prayer. But let's set the record straight on this. Your kid can pray in school. If your kid wants to pray in school your kid can pray in school. And you tell your kid to pray in school that's what you think your kitchen do. -- -- -- Career led by a school officials. Inspect. I don't agree with all of the banning of Christian prayers I respect freedom of religion. I respect other religions don't why don't understand them though I'm not part of it and I understand that this country was first before anything else. Founded on religious freedom. It happens that many of those who first came to this country were Christian based. But it was really about finding a place where they were free from religious persecution. And they could worship what they wanted that concept free seeds. The bill of rights. The declaration of independence. And the United States of America. So your child can pre. In the same way that you know people have been misled and an. Again it's it's it's so easy for people to just. Fine what they wanna believe and then they they they close their minds completely. They find what they do what they wanna believe and that they shut their mind to everything else. You can spank your children. You can't beat them but you can spank your kids -- -- -- people who think oh my god we can't spank their kids anymore country's going to hell. Which hip -- -- Mort -- countries go to hell. You can pray. In school. I can -- absolutely. Anywhere. I can go in front of the federal building next to the building the radio stations in. And I can say a prayer. This is a point. The government can't and hasn't. Taken away you or. Religious beliefs. Your belief in god. Even if I don't agree was this even if religious Christmas music is banned schools I don't agree with that I think it's wrong to ban it. But that doesn't take away your god that doesn't change Christmas for you. Christmas at school does it change what you celebrate in your home -- in your heart. And the government can't take away your patriotism. And yet so many people have bought into this ridiculous. Myth. If you wanna join our show of the comic tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text number is activities have a here's a text scoop please inform the wind Catholics. Stop being Christian. And not exactly sure what that -- on Catholics or Christians. But not all Christians or Catholics. And by the -- -- -- -- objected to the hysteria that somebody brought up and again I'd love to use that word because it is so pertinent to panic it's -- you know people are so paranoid and scared and -- not really sure why. What happened -- what happened your character. What happened to you was an individual what happened your character and strength. To not let somebody take your soul away from you. Did not let somebody take your beliefs away from you what what happened to. And what do you think it's so easy to take things away from people. And this this irrational fear. That the government's gonna come get your guns. You know this goes back a long time. And I can't think specifically. About 1993. Early nineties. There was a lot of talk about. I don't remember exactly what the phrase was so it's certainly attacks if you remember within the phrases. On. Jack booted government thugs serve is something like that there was there were some term for government troopers. Getting ready to come to your house and take your -- away. What was that term -- numbers 877. That goes back to the early nineties. And here we are in 2014. And it hasn't happened yet. Now we of course should be vigilant and not allowed to happen. But there's absolutely nothing. In our past. There's nothing on the political horizon. That would lead anybody to believe that the Supreme Court is gonna support. The idea that you can't keep in an an old guns. There was an assault weapons ban in this country but people didn't lose their right to keep and bear arms I think that expired I believe it -- are wrong but I think it expired in 2009. So this this. Fear. That Jack booted thugs or whatever they were referred to. Are are gonna come to your house. And get your gardens. Tell me how you think that's gonna play out. And explained to me the evidence that -- UC. Did you think this is gonna happen. And in this is something that's going on whether a Republican or Democrat has been in the White House. This is not something new that you can blame on President Obama. And I say this not to defend Obama. I'm disappointed in a lot of things Obama -- Obamacare doesn't really affect me at this point it might. I hope it doesn't. Over does it affect me in a negative light I do know somebody who personally benefited from obamacare and she's an example of a lot of people who do benefit from it. There are people who will benefit they will save a lot of money with obamacare. Now that doesn't help you if you have to pay more. Or -- -- your coverage and the recent people losing coverage is because their plans to live up to the standard. Of obamacare. Now personally I think that if if you have health insurance. That's enough. But me you might not have it in the same waited Obama what should have -- but if you have health insurance that you're not a problem. -- of people who don't who still on. Take from the system. And you see emergency room as a primary care doctor the most of the people who putting a burden on the system but if you have health insurance even if it -- live up to the the the standard of obamacare. You should be far. And Obama did have a press conference today and he talked about how if you have lost your health care coverage you can get it back. At least for another year and again a lot can happen. In a year if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. At a text number is 877. From the world's very -- and -- show. And devote that I have nothing equality is -- and a and second I have known this guy his dad -- anything my dad. But I do want to bring up two things about the guns and about the particularly in. And so forth you at all. I'm not -- but it is but called pumping him may be wrong about -- when Katrina paid. How once that they got the island eat while police got the that people's houses. And put him -- to deplete these. He remembered that they took all these people yeah. Yeah I -- why wasn't here and that was a horrible thing and I understand that it was done for safety but that did it to me it was unconstitutional. OK but that but that doesn't wanna point. I've that doesn't -- that that was an emergency situation and a lot of mistakes made and that was a mistake but it's not something that his has has spread. It's not common. And -- absolutely unconstitutional. Okay bill going back. Is -- they can and I also wanna talk about the fact that in god we trust. That you -- the -- the point -- now on the bottom waited about it did and that it moved out and live out quickly and then it was on buildings and it and all of the tick off of law. Government buildings and on the -- does the ten commandments of thing at least it's a lot. Well it's okay I'm very. OK I am very much indeed not that that's going to change my money any exact -- about me yet. Went back and change my relationship with god. But I still feel like OK I can have what I like about things particularly in in the schools. It that I acknowledge publicly. I am not afraid to speak out publicly who I am I am. But late in the United States of America. And it's. Parents who don't want to do that. Have their children do that. They don't want to play in the -- -- United States they don't want to say that then they immediately I'm not plugging leaking ignited it and move to another country. But what about the a jehovah's witness a fourth. Waits too well that's consistent as -- -- well not that the question mark -- about it I'm. Here's a question mark I think you -- relating followers religious beliefs and it is only -- says you cannot pledged to anything but god. Then he doesn't I'd still -- talk for. I do have to agree with that but barely. Cigarette ads are just doesn't -- you and I can come together as a group the -- ballot as a group. It doesn't make me moral -- it is somewhat patriotic. But I don't have to go hide it to what I have to go hide all of these things don't have to. You could walk out of your house right now and say the pledge of allegiance. Yep I wanna come together as a group. And now we can all right you can get together with the group and say the pledge of allegiance nobody gets a one dollar goes they have all -- you're not in schools so why worry about that. I'm not worried about I don't like the way it being kicked right out of it -- that away from this point and identity. Do you do you care if just a start date Mary Mary DR king now married. Do you care if star of David do you care is ala is up on buildings as well. No no and I'll -- country donate. -- it the way our country daughters of god without couldn't -- not thought of Alice. Mary our country was started based on religious freedom. But a bit dark but it -- start an -- but at that point was religious freedom. What in the world got a part pointless religious freedom it didn't matter what religion you word that's what this country which sounds at all. But now let them all of them want he had backed them. It doesn't matter this country was founded on religious freedom and you can make up -- religion and start celebrating it and if it doesn't hurt anybody else it's gonna your business. Well and indicate it was not on the green building now but how does that take you can tell me how that has taken gone away from you. But not that well not that -- -- exactly Mardy he's -- that I ace but he paid the buildings -- people the buildings don't know that they're going. Building the building cycle but they took off Monday. Balloon. I don't know I think got to win -- night when there is so I'm -- on -- I'm English. I'm I'm glad you called an. I appreciate you calling our show. In North Carolina. There is in god we trust the official motto of the United States in western North Carolina. Is -- Is not going to be in the classroom any longer there's a county school district. That is taking away the -- American legion post 130 hanging up posters that say in god we trust. OK I don't agree with that I don't think is -- wrong with in god we trust but the question is how does that hurt you. How does that actually take religion a way got a way. Patriotism away. From an individual. Hello Byron you're under the WL. -- On the bunker concert situation about right now. It's a good -- it was out freedom from religion in the country. These wrinkles that you talk about -- abaco which brought up. We're also now on the -- Statement and other -- in -- posted -- they now understand that it's it's the country would. Christian religion but for people who entered -- in the Christian mission if that was the case Libya theocracy. And Alamo will be based on. -- -- -- -- -- -- you know. Byron it's really interesting that that that many Americans support the idea that a government aid overseas in the middle he should be secular and should not be run by the Muslim Brotherhood should not be run by. A religion. And yet their people in this country who want our government to be run by corporal Richard and this country superseding. Christianity. Is the ideas that. This country was founded on the freedom. To celebrate. The religion you want with out of being persecuted that supersedes everything else and in the beginning of this country. That's -- it's who you know one Tuesday but if you sit real quick it's been around about me this was brilliant. What Obama is that ministries want them to -- because. Everybody's been given insular. That people can -- off. If they'll care. And there wasn't a standard pattern. It would order because the insurance -- what -- -- -- people that you -- where you're not up to par right so well. Obama put retreat to -- if it goes through. That old already going to be keep those crappy playing that you want a bit and tell you would not cover. And good value -- you can go a far better coverage on the on the site so now people don't wanna find out exactly what -- -- -- would do to him. -- they would bring people from the beacon. And told about these players that would programmable nonstop people who wouldn't want to keep those players -- -- -- about these players begin. Now you can keep your commander all the copper in the. Iron I'm going to -- the showing you know that mean that's a legitimate point. When we talk about in god we trust being removed from public buildings. I still would like to know how that takes got away from -- was an individual. One of my life what are my favorite things to look at is at house of blues. And right above the stage -- house of blues. There are signs and symbols. From different religions. Around the world. And there's something very harmonious about that today. I don't understand those relations -- me I understand some things about buddhism. I understand and less about Judy is of less about two and is on. I'm a Christian. I'm a Catholic. But I get a very. Comforting feeling when I see all the symbols of all the religions above the stage. -- house of blues. We should all celebrate that and yet if that appeared on a public building somewhere. Imagine the outrage. -- ransom -- studio producer just looked this up in god we trust was adopted in 1956. To separate the united states of communism. Because of the fears of the Cold War and it was senate sign into law by president Eisenhower a from Oklahoma Howard here on this -- Out her -- opportunity Sunday to be in his small child while -- among from the east it will go all gators out. -- -- -- -- that Wednesday April raid. Where people salute the flag. Is the board also -- in separate. Palestinian political -- flag. And posted an extremely World War II veteran. Who saluted Clinton ticket -- Scott came bought I had this tremendous feeling of patriotism missile. It's just we -- my feelings about this country. -- know what's going on and I -- one thing small town USA back illegals is crossroads of America with 66. Patriotism alive -- Howard I I agree with Europe glaze you share that with this one of my favorite things is to. -- drive off the beaten path to to get on up on a highway where you're driving through small towns in America. And it is true -- small towns in America I think there's less distraction. And every is more focus on on on patriotism. There's less paranoia. Not -- every small town but in many small towns. The question is how which the government robbing us of god and patriotism something that. So many people believe is happening. I'm -- your comments are coming up next on -- WL. Is government robbing us of god and patriotism. You know the Tennessee today is to define the world we live in by headlines and sound bites and FaceBook postings and tweets because that that's easy. And it very complicated confusing world and those things are are are easy to just pay attention to but those are also the things that helped create hysteria in America. Two different headlines came to my attention today. It might enhance the fear that the government in particular a liberal mentality. Is removing god and patriotism from our society thus escalating the downward spiral of American values. One headline isn't foxnews.com. It reads New Jersey school bands which is Chris is he's. The other headline appeared yesterday in December Cisco newspaper web site that reads no pledge mandate. For Sioux falls high schools. These are headlines again that feeds hysteria but if you actually took time to stop and think about it. Is the government really taking anything away from you was an individual. Those who protest the banning of religious Christmas music or reference to god or Jesus in public places. And those who protest the mission of the the pledge of allegiance. Really do more than just protest the essence of god or patriotism. Aided by the media. The protest actually attempt to promote this alleged widespread national conspiracy. That American society is being stripped of its moral values. And this continues to fuel this hysteria. There is this widespread perception that the government is taking away America's moral compass. But yet. Nobody's actually explained how that happened. And our -- WL pretty general opinion poll tonight is very lopsided. 73% say the government is robbing America of god and patriotism. And yet. Only a few phone calls have even attempted and and failed but it even attempted to try to explain how the government is is accomplishing this. I still continue to hear this irrational argument that the removal of prayer from public schools marked the beginning of America's decline. If only -- -- easy to explain. In the early 1960s when Supreme Court did rule that public schools as government institutions could not direct or lead prayers in the classroom. There were a lot of changes simultaneously going on in American society. And those attitudes were changing in America became the foundation of the anti establishment rebellion of the mid sixties. Which was the collective action of today's a -- respect. Battles over birth control integration. Other social issues were were part of changing America. And poured into the removal of prayer in public school as the flash point in time where America was launched into immoral space. It's really a very simplistic argument of those who. Would like to believe that the government. Is attacking christianity. And and I don't agree with the attacks on Christians I don't agree with removing. Christian symbols in and Christmas and things like that from school I don't agree with that at all. But the point is what damage is it doing TU. This myth of banning prayer in public schools being blamed for the lack of morals of America. Perfectly fits this is perceived fear that America is becoming a godless nation. Again what about you was an individual. We're so preoccupied without everybody else might be affected by banning Christmas music or not saying the pledge of allegiance. But I think we lose sight of the fact that as a nation. We are nothing more than a collection of individuals. Regardless of what's allowed in schools or public property no one. Has the power to take way you work core beliefs. Or. Your ability to -- Or recite the pledge of allegiance. Students can pray in school. The Supreme Court only ruled that the schools can't leave the prayers. And if your children are praying in school can you really blame the government or is that something that maybe you should be teaching your children. If our nation is nothing more than a collection. Of individuals. And as a nation. We can only be as good as the individuals that make up this nation. And if we all focus on being as moral and patriotic as we can be. As individuals. Then we will all live in a more moral and patriotic America. Scott you're -- W well -- People had. You can. Take away. -- -- And doing. -- And could and -- All weekend at that. -- really want. To. The scrutiny on the -- -- Politico. And it doesn't. And that that. -- this year. It is crucial that. You didn't come. Despite that I spoke. We can't -- -- -- -- our economy I would just screw it would destroy. Probably say. So you want to you know what the government you want the government involved in spreading religious beliefs. Don't you think that's the role of the government. -- The -- and it will do OK so you can the gospel anywhere you want. Which. -- quite where. Yeah. And it's. -- -- It. People. Who is a Christian. -- In. -- and what it was calm. And social. It didn't. I. Didn't. -- -- -- I'm good places. To come -- and. God doesn't live in schools he -- lives and people god -- god lives in the hearts and minds of individuals that he doesn't live in buildings. I didn't step in the -- And what he shouldn't. Do it. Scott tell me what tell me what you have been stifled from doing what you personally have been stifled from doing in terms of religion. I didn't I not gone and I'm not talking about what have what they stop you from doing you could you could pray in school. I -- so they -- they tell me what tell me what they have prevented you from doing. -- You can break up. By Scott are you had are you a teacher. Then what the hell you doing in the school right. Okay will -- Cheney got a lot a lot has changed in this country. And a lot actually to sky we kind of a bad connection here if you wouldn't if you wanna try and call back. Police -- called back. This country has changed. But it's not just because school doesn't have for a year. I hear the gospel spread. On Bourbon Street almost every weekend night. So don't tell me that you can't spread the gospel whatever you war. Stripper standing in doorways and the gospel is being sprint. Totally inebriated human beings are walking by. -- Thinking about sex and the gospel is being spread. In that in -- I'm just not convinced that. If we subtly started having government led prayers in school that that's going to change this country. It's the power of the individuals. To hurry. And to spread the gospel where they feel the gospel needs to be spread. And the government can't stop you from doing it. And there's something really and I remember talking about this last year before the presidential election when people like Rick Santorum we're getting a lot of attention. You know in effect let me take a break but I'm gonna take you back to 1960. When John F. Kennedy was running for president. There were concerns about his Catholic faith. -- get to that after this break and we'll be right back this is the -- show -- for New Orleans on Thursday nights -- W well. Saints and the 49ers in the Mercedes-Benz superdome three -- five kick off Sunday afternoon. When Mark Ingram. Continue his momentum. As one of the things -- Tucker will talk about tomorrow also more people including baby boomers now not just. Teenagers driving my baby boomers adults responsible adult are using their Smartphones behind the we. Do you think you have a right to use your phone while driving. As a couple of things to tell you talk about tomorrow morning. I would tell -- WWL first news tomorrow morning weekdays from six to ten here on WWL. A welcome back to dispute show here's an update on our WWL pretty general of people -- gotten a little closer but it's still very very lopsided. The question is do you think the government is robbing America of god and patriotism. 67%. Say yes and 33% say no. And yet we have just had a -- scant. Few calls. That have attempted to explain how. The government is taking guide. And patriotism away from Americans. But yet nobody seems to be able to pinpoint. Anything specific that the government has done to them. And does at this point out the power that we have. As individuals. Again we need to remember that it yes we're a nation. But we're a nation of individuals. And we can be no better than the individuals who make up this nation. So we don't focus on ourselves. Instead of boring about how something's gonna affect everybody else. If we all just focused on being as moral. And it. Ethical as weakened -- And patriotic as we can. Then we will live in a nation that has collectively very moral and patriotic. And when the when the polish this laughs I think this really does prove a point when the polish this lopsided people saying that the government's robbing us of -- and America. -- god. The country's robbing us of the government's robbing our country of got a page to -- And nobody can really explain exactly how that happened. Then this really does prove that people to quickly get involved in -- hysteria. We John F. Kennedy was running for president 1960. There was a lot of concern. That he was going to use his Catholic faith. To rule this country. And there was one moment when he actually spoke to I believe it was a Baptist convention. In Houston Texas. And he reassured them. That he was not going to use his Catholic faith that he was running. As an American. Not as a Catholic. There was concern that John F. Kennedy was gonna consult with the whole. When it comes to. Introducing policy for America. It was a very very deep fear. That the president would use his religious police. The president should not use his religious beliefs. -- what the government to adopt the promoter religion. OK let's say you do. You what the government to adopt christianity. And promote christianity. Okay is that -- -- be. Catholic. Baptist. Methodist. Presbyterian. Pentecostal which which warrant. Because there are there are. Specific things about each one of those aspects of christianity. That are completely different. So what we're just the government adopt. I think there's something really frightening. About suggesting that the government. Support and promote. Our relation. That's really scary. And this is not the first time this has come up. And he came up last year when people like Rick Santorum. We're very open about their Christian faith. And they were talking about time I don't remember exactly what his words were but essentially he said that he was going to. Rule America. He was going to run America. And based on his religious beliefs. That's scary. But yet that's something that came up in in 1968. Election between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. Kennedy won. And this month we celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the death of John F. Kennedy who is assassinated. A fifty years ago. November 22 which will be talking more about next week. I think it was the Kennedy assassination. That actually created. The anti establishment rebellious. Rock baby boomer generation of the sixties. Talk more about that next week a description. We'll be right back tomorrow night it's a 49 high school football on WWL then Monday night it's Monday Night Football. A dispute show is back next Tuesday here at WWL and yeah will be talking about the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of JFK and a for a long time I've I've had this theory that. It was the Kennedy assassination. Not The Beatles but it was actually the Kennedy assassination. Bets inspired. The anti establishment movement. Of the sixties. As a we'll talk about that -- next week is a vital data on tonight's habit of -- a pretty general opinion poll. Do you think the government is robbing America. Of god and patriotism. 68%. Say yes and 32%. Saying no. And yet there. Have chest -- and a couple of calls literally. All night. As lopsided as it is this poll is just a couple of calls all night. -- even attempted. To talk about how the government is robbing us of god and and patriotism. And yet none of the calls could explain how god and patriotism were actually taken from them by the government. Again we have to stop being hysterical and maybe you're not in May -- I'm not but there are far too many people in this country who just. Who buy into this fear and panic. And -- that conspiracy theories. People are so paranoid. Find the strength within yourself. And be a good person. And a good American. And if we all did that as individuals that that's the kind of country we would be. This could -- tonight is titled is government robbing us of god and patriotism. And you could find that -- chair and others like it. It's on our -- page it to BWL dot com on the front page. And have you noticed that the that the media studies liberal issue might have thought it was. Even MSNBC's Chuck Todd the head of the political. Correspond -- -- prepared MSNBC and NBC. Is very critical of obamacare and President Obama in many ways and there are a lot of people who might have been considered liberal might be considered liberal. Who are now very critical of Obama and obamacare. It's because the media cares more about the big story than advancing any political agenda. Here's a text that read so this is about why we haven't had calls and about explaining how the government -- taken god and patriotism away. Because none of those people had any valid argument. Question is then. Why -- they believe it. Wanna make -- ransom Myers studio producer. Enjoy the rest of your knights have a great weekend we're back Tuesday night with a -- show at a VW well. As always want -- New Orleans.