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11-15 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Nov 15, 2013|

Dave talks about kids and breasturants, Saints/49ers, and kangaroo on the loose

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news is it's November it's the fifteenth it's 23 team -- pay day I mean it's TGI half well no now. And. Cool and. Okay okay okay. Man. If you haven't tried it yeah. -- just feels he has done it if you have not tracked down his stride -- Here about half and it got even have to do -- native works matters to you when you -- it. It just some reason do and that job is an election -- -- off the gap and I can feel like you know flying aerial stand up on our. You know. -- -- -- -- Getting your role on the editors finally. Cried today Yi. And a -- -- funny yesterday when I was finishing up my work. Which really never minutes ago that was going back to work the government and night that the people lined up until midnight tonight yes of course but. When I was leaving the office yesterday president while tomorrow already trying to. -- -- Already cried and I finally Bryant now than anything else up weeks for some people feel like it take forever and other we've seen the fly by those one has been an eternity for me -- -- actually believe it's already fifteen. We're halfway through November -- Friday in my house. Some attacks mediate 78 and it what a difference a day telling chloride to give me back. Mike cold Fries. I don't like Laura makes the way he mother nature. She tells us about the way he -- debt held she ruled knowledge here and there but. Now I don't make it I don't think you don't even think they're helping the nudging them I acknowledge guilt thing dead -- Super duper doppler can actually change the course. Whether -- now and it's just chose to go hey speaking of getting crime. He re talking about hated teams earlier in the week last week to link yes and you know the 49ers. We used to. Used to be but we -- and we were in the same bears started to put themselves. Back in that position again it Tillman and now Ron Amadon. Knocking us out of -- it at that lost the last year they're pretty successfully for that they won -- erosion and now that now. And then suddenly. They got this new swagger a bottom and -- verdict camels -- so I don't know that -- this can be held game. And I think bigger operating profit. Now. So it's it. Is exciting. But the funny thing is that it keeps saying cabinets this camper crap that we visited that here you think between nine. At a 32. I've quarterbacks starting quarterbacks in terms of completion person he cannot get the ball under the and the receivers my -- good. Yet so they stayed on you can -- them. Niners running yeah I don't wanna run never practice tabernacle and made it wrapped up -- -- viewed it. And I say that on the you do group's -- you know going in the united going to be aren't. All right if it's -- years between the you're young teenage -- middles schools on. To. An awards banquet at hooters. -- heard of all year and I did hear about. This school in Portland Oregon. Is officially having its. Team awards. Party -- now and it's going to be. -- middles. By. Borders. With the original plays with a football players and supposed to have there thankfully. Well the coach who's lost his job overrated statistic. That they I'll get togethers. When I hadn't had a banquet for the kids anyway this week fifteen of the teams -- Extreme members attended the party which went on after the school district withdrew its support for the gathering and fired the coach for our -- celebration to another location. So is it appropriate to bring in middle school boy. But hey you re talking about here I'll middle schools in the sixth seventh and eighth grade our guy -- you're talking what 111213. Via. Hey when I was twelve I would have loved to go recruiters I'd tell you that well in and we got that restaurants that have been. Bursting out into the scene. Around greater new war between. Voters which has been you know well established here now twin peaks is open and a couple of locations. In southeast Louisiana. And if you see in the girls with twin peaks goes out mr. Skimpy even -- appear that the ones that ago the news. To get our family together let's go estimates grants. Teeny tiny short shorts without the -- that the girls at -- where. And considerably more -- So you take your kids to clear view mall from launchers dinner at twin peaks. Appropriate place. For the family. This middle school and Portland Oregon. Fired the coach thank gone too far. -- -- -- resolved pool ball or you care that I would of that's that's hormones raging a more sure it is what a great coach that is Hewitt is. Not -- enough. There is it okay -- made 87870. Break your kids to a restaurant cabbies here invoice history orders. Twin peaks any of that cool 260187803866889. It seventy. -- -- of your thoughts coming up after this here on WWL also. Will have sports with Steve -- circuit and predict shown. For the saints and the 49ers in Florida predict the weather's real easily out there but be careful the roads are. No no no and no. It's not OK says a text message today 77 to bring young children to places that are called now restaurants in the industry. But it's hooters -- twin peaks are happy and India others. Another one says that families eat there all the time. Douglas' inappropriate any coach knows it. Now it's become the -- has made the -- schedule that it hooters because his wife otherwise wouldn't let him go to John in Metairie. And okayed or 101112 year old kids did restaurants. Are brought about what we're also it would what is transferred report that they love that now which one call they had a ball girl they're wherever they all know which one name. Really -- -- to Wear short shorts and seizure that at least we cheerleader which restaurant. -- -- and did you wipe a witness. Which you -- she approved -- Q school you'd take the boys and go but she won you know. And ever that he expected with or all of their Pryor throws up a total world order it will all get within two days ago while we appreciate golf. And others and extreme opinions on this one folks. Weather forecast now we're warming up again today another good ten degree jump with highs in the mid seventies this afternoon. And along with that clouds around and even some spotty rain this morning and into the afternoon and tonight -- only dropping to about 63. Before jumping up to 78 on Saturday. A 20% chance for isolated shower on Sunday a 40% chance forces scattered rain. And even warmer -- at eighty. From the eyewitness these forecasts senator I'm meteorologist Laura. Tell drizzle the out there in the south on the South Shore right now all the way down the coast light rain at the airport 61 degrees cloudy in Slidell and sixty degrees -- -- -- at the early edition of WWL. First news one text message says I think it's perfectly fine to bring kids to have restaurant. They would do the same thing at the beach or -- water park that's true and there that they're wearing more than bikinis that's for sharing. We take him anywhere where people I'm bikinis than than OK yeah but. Is setting everything one other person says thanks for the heads up now I need to get to twin peaks. I didn't get. Sports and for that I say good morning and happy Friday it is the galleries hey. Good morning everyone and it is a happy Friday just to -- did not practice on Thursday. -- he -- -- Carolina tight end Ben Watson sat up for a second straight day both suffered concussions against the cowboys. The -- -- rushing attack sprang to life against Dallas and Mark Ingram had a career day gaining a 145. Yards with a touchdown. He credits the offensive line in the fact that -- received double digit carries for the first time this season. This huge just to be over against -- again get a feel for the game. -- -- -- Get the muscles going gifted talent confident. And to get a feel for how mile line is blocked in the defense how the defense is reacting to certain rise to get a feel for it into a room he. Ingram -- say to look to have similar success against the 49ers defense. That's allowing a 105 yards rushing per contest our pregame coverage of Sunday's big game against Frisco starts at 11 AM. Kick off on WWL scenes radios that three -- the colts were down by twos girls scores early on. But with a little luck came back to earn victory over the titans on Thursday night football. Takes the snap look at. Look into the end zone picnics and. Oh yeah. Many yards to look at ruined. Indianapolis would win thirty to 27 quarterback Andrew look efforts threw for 232 yards and ran for a score. Running back Donald Brown found the end zone twice as the colts improved to seven and three the titans dropped to four and six. Taj Boyd threw for 340 yards and four touchdowns as a -- clintons and ripped Georgia Tech 55 to 31. -- has 97. Touchdown passes that breaks the previous ACC career record of 95. Set by Philip Rivers that North Carolina State from 2000 to 2003. And it's were Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera has become the sixth American League player to win back to back MVP awards. -- had a league high 34844. Homers. And a 137. RBIs for the AL central champs. In the National League outfielder Andrew McCutcheon is the first Pittsburg pirate to be named NL MVP since Barry Bonds did in 1992. McCutcheon let the pirates to their first playoff appearance in 21 years he hit 37 team with 21 homers and 84 RBIs. -- -- for its Duff fans in the pro life from the old motor sports park and -- dale that's followed by the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football roundup. I'm Steve Geller naturally morning look at sports. 25 minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WW golfer says let's go ahead and get your prediction on right now. Now saints 49ers. Sunday afternoon. In the superdome the saints are a three point favorite according to the oddsmakers are they right. Usually that pretty well they're professionals what does Steve Gilbert. Yeah I'm not as confident as going into the forty -- the cowboys game I thought -- was gonna be a blow like it was this one. It's going to be one of those 45 point games I have the saints coming out on top though 2726. A one point contest I receiving ability even close receive predict today. Blowout in the Dallas game and you were right. Vegas at the saints winning by only seven. They won by. A whole lot more than that yet Dallas is it was just decimated -- -- -- -- -- with the injury 49ers and really three point underdogs at one point game swore. 4726. Really fabulous the most they've allowed seventeen points. Any team in the superdome this season. Yeah I just fourteen to scored seventy he rushing attack of Frank Gore scares me also the addition of Vernon Davis that offense I think it's a two man matchup problem. Land one point win for the black and -- -- Steve -- thank you document when Imus what sports here at WW -- and a famine that now more of your comments nine. Kids going to the restaurants and your forecast and after that. 528. Here's a -- there. But much warmer than it has been. It's going to be a mild Friday with highs around 75. But we're gonna keep the clouds around all day and mixing and some spotty showers as well at 30% chance today. Then at 10% chance overnight with lows only dipping to 63 and that's on both sides of the lake. And for Saturday at 20% -- to entice the upper seventies and by Sunday were up to eighty. Along with the rain chance 40% forces scattered showers. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura backed out. All right cloudy skies -- round rains threatened from the coast on up here to the city most of it -- 61 degrees at the airport where we you have light rain cloudy and sixty the National Weather Service office. And slide now coach fired after he ignored the schools warnings and took his kids there at hooters anyway. For football banquet should he be charity event fired is it -- to take kids do gooders. One person Texas today 7870 would be okay for our girls soccer coach takes. Girls to a Chippendale show coming up the latest CBS news' David like at UW WL first news is also his prediction for the saints. And the 49ers. As well as his prediction for the weekend box office should be easy one this weekend. Traffic weather together in sports straight ahead here at WW. Now 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this fifteenth of November 23. Mean. BE IA half hour -- I want everyone to get ready to do that hot. Okay -- you're going to be amazed how good it makes you are right to do that are you ready I'm amber are you ready. Everybody can help you read anything. Okay okay okay I. You'll -- -- now. -- -- None of the whole -- feels good stuff. As we stand up again front on this Friday morning celebrating the start of the weekend. Yes we have spared a serious nastier. By talking about on Monday this -- In Portland Oregon it's gonna have -- official awards banquet for the football team but now have pizza was a kid. After the coach. Planned the banquet originally at hooters. Refused him cancel it after the administration sending a plane he gets fired he had a banquet at hooters anyway about half the boys go to now. We've been asking is it okay to take. -- looking at middle school boys -- restaurant scooter. The new twin peaks in -- you know and a lot of skin cells rounded Torre Tony he's our guest happy here happy he's here with -- yeah I'd rather eloquently. And people one person that I hate the idea of a twelve year old whose credits at that thing in the middle -- is going muted the TV only would it mean. The middle school boys react with smiles and political. At a restaurant. -- have a twelve year old doesn't make enough eye contact quote who gave him to make them. When I was twelve and eleven -- iris. You know there isn't a few years ago -- and took both of my daughters. And mine -- interview with native hooters no matter right now loved advanced -- let my -- took a picture with a couple of hundred girl. He was so proud of my youngest daughter got jealous -- equipment around -- so there ego both sides strong opinions of people like no -- -- junket beyond. And restaurant another thing that that game. Something it's only okay with that we'll continue this discussion but right now my app to get north. Prediction on how it is that time I think 49ers Vegas says it's going to be a three point -- -- the things. He -- at one point win by the saints what does David likes it. I'm gonna go with the Vegas guys -- I just and I think this will be redemption. For growth mr. Carney I I got us the winner by a field goal right saints. By three copyrighted the only two -- right and at the movies this week this is an easy one only two new movies out Nebraska. Actually looks kind of funny with -- and Will Forte from San -- Bob. -- in -- an aging booze old booze addled bother. Makes the trip from Montana Nebraska with his estranged son. Looks pretty funny it is an. When college friends reunited after fifteen years over the Christmas holidays we will discover just how easy it is. For a long forgotten rivalries and romances to be a night -- -- sound like maybe five to seven million dollar -- -- -- lock a current top five of the war jackass presents Bagram POP3 birds the animated. At Thanksgiving comedy last Vegas and Enders game you know what I thinks gore gets a dollar block. I think there's very little doubt about that -- will bring the -- now. Office once again thank you David we'll talk here about twenty minutes more prisoners Chris Miller joins us he's -- that nation how they feel about Sunday's battle with the 49ers. In the super. Oh god let's go live to direct the Eyewitness News forecast and it's a it. Are saying and happy Friday. The Friday and it's meteorologist Laura but now. Sure I it and even if it is you know I don't I need at thirty degrees warmer today than it was yesterday and that means on rentals immune systems may be. We have academy back and forth -- the doctors swear that Pakistan -- personal experience tells me I know it's just like the flu shot it's -- you can get it in the shot and they swear that the weather changing it not you know making it difficult but I'm doctor -- I can't I can't argue I don't at fourteen yeah and and trust when wild swings in the weather no matter what time of year. Wouldn't want to call it a ceremony at the doctors say it's not from that we're -- you know like what would it. -- I did ask. -- I agree but I. Yeah when you read that first cold -- comes through I'll get it doesn't matter comes in September or November whenever we -- that first kind of drop -- temperatures. I. That the doctor -- -- but the doctor said I'm wrong though I've I don't about a doctor I've never won on the right. And I can RT I I sure don't know I'm talking about and it -- -- unit -- the went. -- is -- like it is yeah and if it's not -- the streets are wet from the previous rains and yet we have some showers through overnight we still have some rain around early this morning and I would say about a 30% chance. Maybe treat -- heavier coats from yesterday. To -- in green jacket -- umbrella for it and as we make -- way through today that the rain go away with a man Dustin with a bit into the weekend anti today we get a little bit of a break this afternoon and it looks like models kind of pushed this out. By late afternoon Anderson it's sunshine spot by leader today it's better chance that this morning and later on -- and -- a warm weekend used that it 75 today 78 tomorrow -- on Sunday and watch actors belong out there that now again. Think tomorrow's looking at that we're kind of make the bank -- more clouds than -- but just 20% chance of rain tomorrow and even some 40% and it should be. Later in the day that closer toward evening time when more rain -- -- just beyond his whereabouts not your prediction for the saints and the 49ers. -- -- -- be a good game but it's in the dome it's -- it's at home we're gonna win it yanked -- says this mean you're -- you know walk into the car this morning. In Metairie -- of -- roast or a real -- How rooster crowing OK and I thought that's kind of -- I never heard that before in my neighborhood but that right and I see this story out of Midland Texas where officers had to be called in to help corral. A kangaroo. On and now deputies are trying to find out if any laws -- violated by someone and Midland Texas owning a four foot tall kangaroos and catcher if it falls under the exact pat laws are not okay but it was. Very odd when people started calling 911 to report. Seeing the kangaroo and then they had to call in the patrol cars to chase down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Reits were not yet my dog some time treats always work can always happen emergencies that it treats Sonja. -- only can he. Pretty -- yeah that's what's that's worry about with these non domesticated animals have to worry that kind of you know becoming wild beginners can now turn it on. I think I'm gonna put the owner of the -- with people filed with the -- Midland Texas no placement. And they're really cute and they and they look really cute don't get you -- them I'll be your thoughts RI and your space seniors and juniors they like ticket I'll take your work for you are have a great weekend Friday -- -- does. No sane all right -- that reporter Christian guarantee Bob Hebert enacted their prediction almost worth saints at 49ers. Saints' sideline reporter Christian caring Steve Bob -- there there on the radio over three WL thirteen 58 about. Fifteen minutes right now I've told them to cube what's in here and tell me who's gonna win saints are 49ers Christian. I'm going with the saints and a close one this is as it's a three point game yeah right that. The -- is so tough and home and I think that's ultimately what carries them to victory oh over the 49ers that is going to be one of those you know physical slob or narcotic gains in the states if they'll score some point. Yeah I like the saints as well in this one colleagues and -- by a touchdown. I see it being one of those games. Where. The saints maybe kind of hold the round ten to fourteen point lead for a lot of times Sanford may make. Little bit of push in the end but it plane in the superdome and you can look at some of the numbers. The saints are they're there they're good team on the road but they are great. Adam all right Christian score. Up it's a -- for -- kind of game and I analyzed for the first and it let -- seventeen points go up -- -- yeah what scares me is the -- rushing attack yeah last in the league in passing but they're rushing attack is maybe the best in the -- 24 when he won an -- to about when it's -- that that was your -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and that any further back -- -- witness Robert -- what -- you guys score prediction. My score prediction is around the same time period 3124221. You you think it's all touchdown and yes sessions says it's field -- might disagree about like that I disagree at thirteen fifty you know there. In about fifteen minutes over now we get these sports with Steve Geller. Happy Friday. Tell us. Everybody good morning a linebacker Curtis Lofton and defensive tackle Hakeem -- returned the saints practiced in a limited role. While -- car -- Ben Watson missed their second straight day both suffered concussions vs Dallas. Mark Ingram hoping for a big his big game last week carries over. As the saints get ready to take on the 49ers. It has been an easy go for the former Heisman Trophy winner since being drafted in the first round back in 2011. He's been plagued by injuries in The Who -- nation has grown impatient with his lack of production Ingram says though he doesn't let any of the outside noise affect him. You know people say it doesn't bug me any outside it doesn't bother me doesn't faze me and I really don't care I know attempt there ramp. And how hard -- work to be the best Huckabee laws this locker room knows what I'm doing how hard I'm working in this organization knows that's what matters -- -- off against the 49ers is that 3 o'clock on Sunday our pregame coverage begins at 11 AM. All the colts rallied for 830 to 27 win against the Tennessee Titans on Thursday night football. Give -- to round up the middle ground breaking free of the touchdown. Donald ground. Up first. This second of the night. The colts look good to seal the deal against the titans. Tennessee actually led seventeen to six until Donald brown and Andrew Luck ran for touchdowns. 57 seconds apart midway through the third quarter the colts are now seven and three and move three games ahead of Tennessee in the AFC south. Suspended Miami Dolphins guard Richie in -- neo has filed a grievance against the team over his suspension. In -- -- was suspended indefinitely by the team on November 3 for misconduct related to the treatment of teammate Jonathan Morton who abruptly left the dolphins late last month. To receive help for emotional issues the NFL's investigating whether in -- needle harassed or bullied -- In -- -- has said that the conduct was all part of the normal locker room environment. And the ACC has an all time passing leader. Taj Boyd threw for 340. Yards four touchdowns as eighth ranked Clemson -- Georgia Tech 55 to 31. Boyd has 97 touchdown passes that's two more than chargers quarterback Phillip Phillip rivers had at North Carolina State from 2002003. Today affords the fans in the pro life from the -- motor sports park and having dale that's followed by the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football roundup as the playoffs begin. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning export side the. And then you saw the emotional explosion when he played so well last week he looked clearly happening like he got a monkey off -- back. I kind of felt bad form for a few minutes to it's I realized what if -- was a first round draft pick this cosmic tens of millions of dollars -- feel bad because had trouble getting gallon. It's hard to feel bad for any athlete when you realize that paycheck if they're bringing him but you know what it was great to see that emotion even Sean Payton said after that taking up the penalty. About the the delay game penalty -- the football. It was well worth it because of what he had been going through so and I had a lot of self feeling good form and hoping I really opposites that's continues for The Who dat nation. Think absolutely because you don't wanna hear boos raining down in the superdome for your players thank you sir hopefully lots of tears in the superdome and you are correct they win. Even if it is by only one point on Sunday talk entertainment or sports -- WW. Let's get your forecast an Eyewitness News forecast that aren't much warmer. -- your Friday forecast mostly cloudy skies today and a bit warmer than the past couple of days 75 this afternoon. With a 30% chance for some light rain this morning and this afternoon and overnight lows only drop into the sixties expect clouds to hang around and may be an isolated shower. Right now the weekend still looking warm 78 with an isolated shower possible on Saturday. Will be up to eighty on Sunday along with a 40% chance for some scattered rain. From the Eyewitness News forecast senator I'm meteorologist Laura. -- got rain along the coast also on the South Shore on the West Bank a little bit on the North Shore but there are sure escaping most of it right now light rain at the airport 61 degrees cloudy and sixty. At the National Weather Service office in slide out coming up next we'll -- atomic Tucker's got for the next four hours of fun and Margaret comments is it called bring. At 101112 year old boy -- have a restaurant like looters are twenty. -- -- Wow people really have strong opinions about this if you wanna comment we will continue the conversation on FaceBook about the school in Portland Oregon that fired the coach -- -- Insisted on bringing the football team to orders for a banquet that they told him not do. Some people are -- estimate 7870. Saying that it's perfectly designed to bring your 101112 year old kid to visitors scored 22 or any of the restaurants. One person though says sad day in America when parents think it's okay. To bring their children restaurants like that the country no longer as more. Extreme thoughts on both sides I've posted a picture from. Twin peaks in Metairie to help you consider. Whether it's appropriate for kids together not on our FaceBook page WWL. AM at that time -- I'm -- Kelly happy Friday those things have a great weekend.

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