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11-15 6:15am Tommy, Saints vs. 49ers

Nov 15, 2013|

Tommy talks to WWL NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints game against the Niners

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The suit just to be over into the game get a feel for the game. You know lost its way get the muscles going to develop. And to get a feel how my alignment block from the defense you have to react to certain. -- get a feel for it into a room. And be gone. That's Mark Ingram and Tommy Tucker 6:17. On -- Friday morning 30% chance for showers highs of 75 today. So warmer than it has been right now 61. Jesse can make you clothing decisions. Our friend might retaliate joins us right now double WL. NFL analyst college football draft expert -- and good guys that like does what needs due to come on lose an animal fumbling stumbling -- gives somebody nice words -- but if I was angry I'd do pretty well. I don't -- This Mike I hate I hate to. And I Hubbard's body Hewitt there's some wondered take a part time but I thought this was. This is pretty good and I wanted to share it with. And my daughter made this up now I came up with. From. Goblins to gobbles which at the it was a pretty good phrase it's catching on like wildfire but you know what she came up with you ready for this already it's gonna catch on and you're going to be here when it was first announced. -- -- -- -- -- -- Pretty good I think it is pretty -- that is pretty good and I Google that I confided anywhere estimate which came -- with -- -- and I'll tell me about com. Mark Ingram let's begin there are ready jaguar opinion people are we gonna see the new and improved Mark Ingram or same -- Mark Ingram -- I think it's the table on the news we've waited two and a half years and you have the one big game. All of comnet had a lot to do you won't play him. They let him do that again. A team like they're just going to Seattle and Carolina and they are all different I just think it was the -- shot you saw one done. Mom he was talking just now on a sound bite you heard about I did more carries didn't -- -- rhythm my guess is lobbying Sean Payton and given the ball morbid. How likely is that to happen. It at all it's it's always going to be you know running back by committee that is -- below and receiver by committee to. Yeah I mean that just that the way the offenses. That it isn't for the run as for the past the same place so you know he's he's just gonna have to break it carries between himself and yet Tomlinson and Darren -- bottom so. You know in that particular game. You got to give him his props and the like about it more than anything was being played with them don't yet. It would so far and that that's something we've been what this guy out of let him do that again because you're gonna need they're -- Again this football team -- very good and a really good. Seventy. I mean as good as you'll find in National Football League. So you and you need to. You need to bring it every week in and Marco and de Mike -- -- -- my problem is today. Com when it comes that you spent a good daily life Skelton run index rating them in college you've seen a ton of them. They are two types where one needs a lot of carries any other guy can and can do spot duty or. Are they all the same and as a bunch of hooey that marking rooms kitchen. Well. Everybody back feels as though he gets better the board that is he has I've doubled while running back that -- the but it did Altman has always been share the well it's always. All the old school a specific kind of position that lay on the team. Appeared almost immediately and it happened in pro sports discreet task or pat felt the lack. Is that a solid inside runner and get another. Bit of an edge to turn the corner there's broad you know what -- you quickness speed guy. -- -- All. Input now he'll keep you. -- almost impossible to couple 11 down appeal to you know what you out there. What they drafted blocking ground war and yet. In the cold. I've got -- can start the game gigs for five solitary -- get on the back you'll be in that water beat the colts. Guys that carry the football eight at nine times to pull the game out. You -- o'clock what you -- I think that's what Sean -- envision more Ingram was going to be -- it would probably fourteen carries in the game. But actually -- the culture of football games -- And happen. The Marian Rivera is running backs and a. Exactly they're very good dollars and say it probably changes but in the body and there Rivera again. We are trying to get -- the devil I just wanted to look like when we come back now -- about -- this division scouting report on him right on camera right. But try to get my act again -- -- -- -- traffic. I tummy tuck except WL six when he -- talking in my did I gave my -- an invite everybody go to. Web page WWL dot com if you go under our opinions on the right hand -- about a third down the page. It's our opinions and you need to scroll down a couple of buying Tommy she'll after the show and I make three points if you will about Garrett Hartley. I'm Mike Garrett Hartley when you look at that video let me -- -- trial right -- thank -- but I -- Estonia is going to be now tell me about. Any. It yet. All the odds. You know though. But I got a pretty good impression on that. I get to lets us. -- there was a coach that cut me from a 110 pound team because I was trying to for running back and answered one want it cotton silly on any speed you can't catch and he was right. Now tell me about the San Francisco 49ers and and what they're gonna bring to the dome. The best one back in Cold War. Again about seeing an adult patrol. Patrick Wallace's. You know everything everybody has opened up could be you know he's one -- best in the game. Well -- well -- he's coming back from a suspension he's one of the premier pass structured system in pro football. Ahmad Brooks is may be most under rated outside linebacker in NC. A guy that a playmaker in Russia quarterback drop in coverage you broke the game open -- it would happen at such imports -- And it in the post re the best player that he's. The -- the old. What a lot of that organized games he is clear cut the -- wedding and the public. And he's -- -- back of the it brought along side -- Wilton. And so in Dublin the war vet won back and that the group in the NFL that Nazis since we had you know Ricky Jackson and they'll want to talk to Patrick what. I mean. That Apple's got it all in one -- they didn't. They just do a tremendous job stop and run. That is so personal. In the ability to pressure the quarterback also brought back in coverage just admit -- we want the most underrated players in the and well. As a decrypt of one good secondary. That London Iowa against Carolina getting enough. Don't mean you know that didn't win that game are out there operative line is really good. Maybe the best in the business as little as five guys together. Would they don't have right now it is really a semblance of passing game it kind of fall on the portable bit. For a couple reasons one I think you're trying to put square leg in the rumble with Colin -- he's always been available on. It goes well the Roland will take all this one on the field with did you almost -- Jimmy Kimmel pocket actually not that. Yes when he. Got it simply make of what does it with this extension a play. And is that Michael Crabtree. Music that was one of the top ten picks in the draft a few years back -- lose you know it is what would be and a really good receiver. While that went to -- all of a sudden property gets split in the lineup instead of ballots and in -- and all -- player. -- Achilles. Won't be back until couple more weeks since then. They have released suffered because of the fact that there but jemaah football team to run the ball. And setup the the past with the ability to run the football he can play -- -- war. There's an old time guy. Or knee surgery at University of Miami but he has been on the bowl running back in -- well. I've played weapon -- the -- -- Davis seemed way too much you know. And that at the championship game in 2011 he was we got it this football team so. It's gonna come out -- stopping the island. For the -- to -- -- as lord and sports predicted it would be chief -- when he had to -- at some balance. We only have a second left it -- regular news and we get to predict the game in the second but. Com why in the world would you change. In San Francisco what it was that made you successful as fans this drives us not sneezing a copper and it replaced and Alex Smith last year. Will be controversy because Smith lost his job due to injury but Harbaugh says you know what is our future and his guys could take as any almost it's why would you -- monkey in with that. Because I think you wanna protect you quarterbacks I think you feel as though -- you know. A franchise quarterback instead of him running around -- what did you did I'm gonna protective about putting him in the pocket more. All of Indiana and makes an album god the last wall. Yeah. Can't take the pounding and also -- a good look at what not Robert Griffin the third out. He -- a little bit too much. Protective. But you know what you gotta -- emblems and not -- -- -- -- to -- the -- I think -- you'll -- that we've seen -- but we've got to do. Let him do what does that. So what do you think saints are favored by three. Yet. You know what on some body that. I'll play the -- -- -- -- overall I think the point not as Limbaugh you're only one thing you might. -- greatly game RT Monday morning right now.

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