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WWL>Topics>>11-15 6:45am, Tommy, violence in the City

11-15 6:45am, Tommy, violence in the City

Nov 15, 2013|

Tommy talks to Captain Black, a Coordinator for the Home Defense Foundation of New Orleans, about the murder of a man and his 7-month old son

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hi Tommy Tucker 648 some more details have emerged on that horrific murder of seven month old -- you know Martin's father 25 year old Da'Sean Butler apparently what happened is. The child's mother Amy -- picked up both -- canard and -- -- Butler of the father and son and they were driving down to golf. And it's from the Fisher housing area believe and at some point. Da'Sean butler's 25 year old Childers speed up and she didn't know wine and it was shortly after that that the shots rang out. The police chief -- -- saying it's. An ongoing feud between Fisher fools gain and hot like being in Algiers bothered. This John butler's mother says he's good guy began in the wrong crowd rule. He was actually in jail just before it was gunned down pick up Monday on shoplifting charge in Jefferson Parish. He was released that same evening he was still in jail for a Beilein then at seven month old he was under restraining order -- -- board doors of the mother and Dorian. -- booked on one count criminal damage and and that restraining order ran out. Somebody shouted him outside of a gas station in July. And I -- the thing that jumps at me about this is. Why would you have your child in the car if you know somebody's -- -- for maybe I'm making it too simple captain lack -- morning you -- Good morning -- you do apartment separate were. Carried -- it is tally from. 02 point five year old gets and his point how heated senselessly I would being put -- child and collar you know somebody's gunning for yet. Explain -- -- he figured using the mother's car nobody knew I don't know. As best we could put the government. Particularly in neighborhoods like this inaugural consultants trouble back home so. Win via what the partners so argument is you get to joke. These start engaging in criminal activity. You start voting the people you goal for a drug territories. War some sort of perceived slight you know we wish so I don't know what exactly. It's a little while we bogeys purples and do what you get extremely young man and even influence. Being gunned down and there are no excuses you know we've -- all of -- you know all of area. Committed to promote personal responsibility where we stand and watch this look at some people don't take the spot where actually knows what happens. We're in communities get taken. Very probably don't even know the -- Yeah -- Father's Day was gay guy just fell in with the wrong crowd and and -- you know apparently has followed it maybe was involved in his life I don't know but. You've been through it Heidi Heidi keep these guys in Vegas is primarily man with the gains -- keep them from. -- and that is there -- their social. When they structure social gathering place. -- In the -- and work. I've never got involved in orator and he was very easy and you know blame. And there's concern. Our response on master plan to work so drones -- -- he -- And made little old ladies in the neighborhood. Wasn't acceptable option. But regrettable. The you'd restart some problems can be so well. City Hall or not and social programs you know -- on the street should repeat you've got to actually. Talk to people where they are because regrettably does not com. To Libya but things change -- consortium. So. We have to -- the world. And then -- obviously very anchors it is liberals don't want to listen. Improvements -- global warming. Agents and intervention. Multi agency gang task force which is that you will be to particular groups. And you have to cash paternity. Was more than willing to use state. Rico charges. To indict and convict all of as a group. So but all the low and -- you know you can't blame slavery can blame. Economic inequality. It's your master -- of it is we're also pros and it'll ever had a bit -- -- -- -- -- In his -- about what. So that's not the most popular option. So many people talk about -- that legalization or decriminalization. Of drugs I would the lead to less people being incarcerated. And -- stopping though is violence but would gang members just find something else again trouble about. There are inevitably -- socialists should you -- about it and he told that we should he go score. So. No. What it means we're talking -- legal dozen marijuana. Persons crack cocaine or -- or -- relentless bills actual problem. These to withdraw. -- -- of -- distort people. And even if you legalize it and what sort of person does not almost -- for -- actions. As you just move to will not arms something you know it's also possible. Indicated that it is so -- so I'm it's in terms of dealing with a older man. Who have witnessed -- properly. And you've got people opera -- as I was never go. But you've got people are -- -- dedicated. Two groups. Both regret what -- regrettable. They're there now the World Series the -- -- Fox News and not the people were giving performed in political -- social programs. In black -- time I appreciate that nominal talk to you again and I only say god bless you for everything you're trying to do. Douglas -- -- and it just made any sense and knows talent.

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