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WWL>Topics>>11-15 7:15am Tommy, texting while driving

11-15 7:15am Tommy, texting while driving

Nov 15, 2013|

Tommy talks to Gary Stephenson, a Regional Spokesman for State Farm, about a new survey showing increased numbers of texting while driving

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I 717. Tommy Tucker as you drive in those things 49ers game this weekend and it. And glance at the car behind you and maybe in fronting and maybe on site. You'll probably see two out of three people on the Smartphones while they drive and be my guest. Gary Stevens joins us right now state farm regional spokesman talk about a new survey. That they've conducted morning -- either good -- atomic. Thanks to take in the time it -- my numbers far offline talking about people drive and in for the saints game and look in on this idea maybe in Rania. I tell you the numbers are Lula told it's scary. We we compared the numbers of drivers -- -- we several thousand people approximately. And compared the results from five years ago. Five years ago 2000 the number of them. Drivers accessing Internet blogger was about 13%. It's approximately doubled now five years later about 24% one in four. So there accessing. Or admit to accessing the Internet -- dropping. So want and whatever four cars someone's using the Internet. As a matter of fact I'm not at this. Wants another Serb about different group. Comes up with the estimate in any given -- moment in the United States 700000. Drivers. Are using an electronic device. To do something either Ribery materials are aware of that text or whatever so that's pretty. Number yeah I was I guess my numbers are high they wanna talk about people driving in for the saints game but. This survey was conducted over the phone it was an accident they -- you just asked people do you text while you drive -- do you Smartphone might drive. Correct we knew we ask questions about their. Habits and -- while driving and it's anonymous so we hope we got a fairly honest in response where. And nasty personally as Gary when you. Drive around do you think being on an old people tell you over the phone truth or not do you think that one in four numbers writer do you think it's middle anecdotally perhaps a little higher. I think that it's probably a little higher. You know sometimes we just don't want to admit or bad behaviors. I tell you another thing about the -- is that alarming -- list. They percentage. Older drivers that have Smartphones now and that they're using the Internet while driving that. That number is increasing. Historically the younger group as always. But I've been. Users' Smartphones that now Leo drivers seem to be catching up and we've been monitoring that for the last three years. Thirty years ago. 53% said they own the Smartphone. Now it's up to 72%. Drivers all the Smartphones and -- one -- -- -- about a young adult group. Going back five years ago as far as accessing the web point 9% admitted to accessing the web five years ago now to about act. 49% so they accessed the web Waldrop. But he lion one and forward. -- ultimately drive and an Elvis and the 49% better access the Internet. Well and that's that's of particular -- pester the younger age group that's. That's the great -- -- pulling Euro age group. Gary when you talk about older drivers in the lead -- there. Older there's there are different age groups for older drivers. I would broken down into. Period of time for example. Basically the age the age group for about forty and two forty to 49ers -- 31% of those sides. Text while driving. Around you know I don't have that number from five years ago. About a third of the -- drivers that any audio and -- -- -- fifty to 64 year early age group 19%. About one. Of those drivers side that the text while driving so. That's bill when tiger in 90% goes announcement to but do you want and Robert texting while driving that special sales. A lot of -- -- to -- And look on that question -- numbers and nobody do get a text that says did you make a distinction between. Using it at a stop sign or red light -- using it while driving and get a stop signing -- a three seconds to use it so I don't know if it really matters and at a red light. I think the hard part would be put them down if you're in the middle -- I think that's the case that the question laws while driving so. -- we might be splitting hairs that are a little bit but you're right to your you're not stop for very long you're probably continue what -- -- Let me issued this disclaimer twice I am not advocating this again I am not advocating using a Smartphone while you're driving -- think you risking your life. Analyze of others if you do it but that being said. Gary is there a case to be made that. Apparently people are adapting and again you shouldn't do this but it seems to me. With the distraction that it causes I'm surprised we don't have 151000 accidents and every city every day. Well here's here's with playing that there might be some -- -- that the distraction factor it is the overriding. Factor. I think a couple of openings -- work to your number one Smartphones -- -- don't look dangerous. We're very comfortable with them were getting used to them as the population as a society. And it's something that we -- -- we can handle also I think what happens. It is over competence comes and apply it. Then before you know you're an accident sixty miles -- are you covering just about 100 feet every -- So you look down here phone 43 seconds to a popular text or something like that you. You've covered approximately of football Leo and threes and sixty miles an hour. And if you're in traffic who knows what could happen with the cart next to you or something going and also does not take long. To get into trouble when your astronaut on the road and that's the message is keeping your on the road your focus on what you do. Gary Stevens and state farm regional spokesman Gary appreciate your time. And -- tellem onions and in the homeowner's insurance payment a couple of days are I don't know probably IQ product thanks so much and I thank you for the checkered -- --

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