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11-15 8:15am Tommy, coddling kids?

Nov 15, 2013|

Tommy talks to Dr. Michelle Moore, a Clinical Psychologist at the LSUHSC, about if kids are being coddled too much

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker -- WL talking about an extraordinary blog written by Stephanie -- 29 from Rapid City. South Dakota she's got two boys. And she originally had eight followers now she. Could be up to two million I think it's just look at it. And she's not about her kids and parents today he reasoned kids that their -- soft. And not prepared for the real world because parents hover over them like helicopters. Speaking ever Tucson says I know of two gentlemen who will be hurt emotionally but who will be able to work through that are in carry on with life. I will cushion the emotional -- as much as mom can. But I won't completely prevent it from happening. They will not expect to ever hurt them to be punished economic even teach my kids the power of forgiveness doctor Michel Moore joins us right now clinical psychologist. Patio issue Health Sciences Center good morning doctor. Aren't. Good thanks for taking the time -- this and com. Is there any debt to show. What has happened with parents and softening up. Their kids is this lady Stephanie -- Sezer is it all anecdotal. I NA data I'm not particularly but I think I can see your point -- -- -- -- kind of wrote that being -- are overprotective sometimes. And they're so worried that the world is such. It seemed quite dangerous place that. They're trying to. But you can't make -- -- and -- then they tried to shield their internment and but actually putting out you wanna make sure that they can buy their battled and battled com. Now my equity by about -- that should be using violence -- teaching them the appropriate ways. To solve the problem we should teach them how to comment and then they start getting angry. How to do that -- the big key trend and that their top players. And they're very -- I believe that the point that she's getting a lot. Overall and I presume you've read the blog. Overall. And you know I know what you did divulge any case histories or anything but from what you've seen generally did she make some good points and terms of parenting. Have we gotten away from how we should is the old school way perhaps. Better -- if you look at it is results oriented then today news. I think there a couple of different type of parent that you think Atlanta can't area protective. That -- -- -- for the kids just talk about. So that they're being keyed by excellent care jump up go to school they teach that child and the other problem. Then you have -- Eric do it completely and that -- an outlet out -- do anything out on the problem. And I think that route to go I -- you too extreme. You really want in the jail. The young generations of today. Are being taught that they shouldn't have to ever put up with any saying. Doesn't make their hearts feel like rainbow colored unit -- are running around whooping Skittles on a piles of marshmallows. You you mentioned affected -- -- -- goes wrong the parent has a run of the school and and you know spoken to teachers at say the same thing. They they don't want to kids and made the other night. Two did seminar in college applications. You know that the lady said that sounds pretty funny she civil we're gonna -- -- trying to fill out the application for LA issue. And the lady cause and it -- economic school. Adam and promise it will no I meant for my daughter will she should be fill in and out. -- yeah how you get parents to just yet if they too are natural helicopter parents body in the back often. Michael Adam you know and I always look at it is part of being. A -- bird is in the bird ready to fly out the nest but their parents see them. Now I don't think -- -- the -- -- -- or it in the future it played out it trying to help them to become independent. And -- -- -- all doing everything for them. When they go out into the real well -- -- you know what to do it -- to -- -- -- and you know how to pay the bill is definitely important used to the application they don't know that it is the basic. And you have to you can and give them while they do it but they need to legal and doing it just like homework. You can't do your account or export ban wouldn't that make anything the credit market that they can learn and practice there's guilt. You can get that much into it with them. Which is very -- -- doing for them. I've seen people complain about teachers does. Little Johnny gets to see and what they know realizes well maybe a little Johnny was doing his homework demonize. -- -- will live better so it will would you say to. Parents are listening to this right now they don't wanna listen to it because they realize we're talking about damn -- to they learned to back off. I think you have to think the long term goals than what it was to see -- the future at the world while you're out could be. You can count on in writing what you want -- duplicate even. And start -- -- keep them at target. Modeling that for them and -- at all. Think that you want and to do didn't think anything -- do it and I believe that neck of the school at duke can't improve and -- it. Your being a role model parent for that. And you are back up a little bit in front end at eight -- You know were probably at peer teaching them well this is Alcatel department elite to work out. They you to meet in the mine but at the beginning you know we need to -- and educate our feeling about. It became the bad about that. You can cry sneak a -- -- ecstatic you know. -- Bugs a full disclaimer here I'm no psychologist and -- a colleague but I do on occasion catch the last couple of minutes of Dr. Phil wanna wait for the news on channel four. So I'm wondering if part of it is the helicopter parents the doing everything for the town where they're not an independent could a little bit of a B. The parents are terrified of the kid growing up -- know anything to change an elementary unethical and insecurity or what but they always wanna hold -- close and they want the kids. Depended on them. I certainly think that it in years harming your child by doing that like getting input and has an independent and that they -- -- Yet that -- definitely. Gary here at out airport and I think a lot of helicopter parent. Don't realize they're helicopter parent. I think that part of the problem it can't have it like looking your okay what is -- that I do what it. -- need to change you really. Critically think for yourself in that moment. -- -- -- are getting up and think about what I -- how my aunt and I think that I. And today I think. -- one indeed it. The other thing I would suggest is catch the final minutes of Dr. Phil before the channel four news. And thank -- so much have a lovely weekend doctor Michelle Moyer a clinical psychologist at the LSU Health Sciences Center.

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