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11-15 9:10am Tommy, do you trust Pres. Obama?

Nov 15, 2013|

Tommy talks to Ron Faucheux, political analyst and President of the Clarus Research Group, about new poll numbers on President Obama

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I thank you David we're gonna get right to our gas runs tocchet political analyst and president of the Claris research group to talk about the president's numbers after. I guess it's a rollout of the web site -- and may be the insurance issue with cancellations morning run Radio One. Thanks for taking the time when this Gallup poll at this is interesting when he came to the president's approval. And disapproval ratings of course in January 2009 everybody was fired up and and the people that voted for the president thought it was time for open change so he had a 67%. Approval rating. A 13%. Disapproval rating now November 2013. 41% approval 52%. Disapproval and a quinnipiac poll. Says that for the first time ever a majority of American of Americans 52 to 44. Say that the president is not honest and trustworthy. So is this all about Obama care. -- outlook it is I think it it can also be an accumulation of other things like well. Autorad scandal and -- the area and in. Usually your issues have a whale of a edit out over taller but clearly. Obama care is the killer right now Warren and and acute stroke as. Poll numbers now and -- not only as the -- prepared as. Is approval -- now but it's also drove it people's feelings about him in terms of his honesty and integrity incompetent. In terms of you know the political. Offshoot of this does that empower the Republicans. Does it. Did torpedo the president's second term and and doesn't almost make him a lame duck from this point. Well you know second -- are usually very old president -- we've seen that. You know almost consistently across American history that that second term -- are all. The last. Would -- is that there's more conflict in the more failure. In scandal and second terms and they usually unforced error so La -- historically -- really nothing new. And seeing some of the national outlets asking and posing the question if this is the President Obama is Katrina like. You know it was as I guess what color Waterloo chair Al watershed moment I don't know when. The president was perceived as mishandling the Katrina response and in terms of this whole thing with the web -- not being ready who knew what when the insurance fiasco with now one year extension. Com how how much is stick to doing moving forward. Well I think yeah it can stick to ointment -- -- like Katrina got to President Bush. Because -- The problem President Bush as a result food in his response to Katrina. In public response to his response. Was that they give you feel like the president. Dropped the ball on Katrina. It also. Eroded public confidence in his confidence to do -- thing. I had the content of the war in law was in the morning issues that hurt -- so go to Portland basic competence. You Rhode. Or at least the -- -- and perceptions of bought for the Pleasantville -- It can affect other well the economy. The school and shoot and everything -- come up. I haven't seen any numbers and I don't know if you poll this or -- you yourself with the virus research group but. I was wondering if for the people who are adamantly for this. Are they certainly change your minds or do they think eventually it's gonna get straightened out. Like it in a partisan polarized world that we went and met many voters still look at. Democrat or Republican electorate well we don't like what the Democrats doing well like the Republican -- -- -- And and on the other side people say well -- might battle like what Republicans do -- like -- more than Democrat so that always. Continue the once -- not -- to keep the law. -- president's popularity rating now about 40%. What he was reelected. A year ago. He had 51%. Of which means that -- -- -- 8% of the people. Who voted for now though long approval is handling his job. And not a war struggle people want added to. The other 49% of the American people who voted against. This is just stick to him because it was his idea or did do the people in congress Democrats get any blame for the is whoever. It is it's still had that voted for it 'cause I'm wondering. I think it's hard did you. Say that. Everybody knew their consequences of everything that was in the bill and that's coming home to. To bear now or do people just say you know what you're the front man for this you get the blame. Well there's usually get the credit -- or mostly what happened on their watch in this particular case all public there'll waters. Is ill with something he ordered. It was a long drawn out -- now congress. And Betty how to defend it in the reelection campaign. Go to probably try the and he you know is that the product that. Or anybody who voted for congress. Will have to explain to their constituents what their position was that in outbreaks here. In terms of legislation does is make the case that. When you came in -- politics and try to pass policy and you rush into it -- that the whole thing is flawed from the beginning no wait and don't know way to make sausage perhaps. Well you know -- of the legislative sausage factory in the -- unattractive for a whole host of things but. One of the problems with this particular piece of legislation that was its complexity. And in and -- And the fact that most people leave him many policy makers didn't understand everything. In all the implications what was. Once it was in the back. And now that the positive news is pulling things back right now and -- -- from earnings. Like you might say he's trying to pick the Obama obamacare but. But but go the way it is now likely. Is -- is that many people confused with what -- To law daughters and how it affects them battling now in the future of the problems. The web site and follow a policy cancellation. Problems with the minimum standards. Coming and going in being vote followed them. And and not knowing what the current copies of response and what the administration. We'll do it responsibly. It's your standard tremendous. Oh vote. Anxiety. On the part of many Americans and and I think a lot simpler -- congress. Is you know when you pass bills we pass their policies. Are -- in away that as simple as possible. That isn't so complicated and difficult oh not only understand but they implement them and administer. It makes it almost impossible. To a point. It couldn't hurt to understand -- Iran. So it certainly caught in it and you know one of the things when Franklin Roosevelt. Constructed is secretary of labor. Who like the legislation creating Social Security back in 1930s. The Colbert -- And yet they're wondering 10. That I wanna make sure there's legislation it is. In that is simple. That it applies to everybody everybody understand -- and people all of war and I think congress. -- record here not just in the administration but not others have gotten away. And and yet there they -- doing too much. Last minute legislating where there -- a lot in bill together. And in making it more complex more -- -- More difficult to law country Europe for the war. And just the process of it these are probably staffers do in -- begin with and not the elected officials who. I would think don't know. At least there are you know the trade policies and obviously be elected officials and implement them up when what you're given. And you know 48 dollars 72 -- to remake 16 of the economy. In effect everybody's health care that that can be pretty difficult especially with people. War in metal here as is or pollen in the future. Thank you -- I appreciate your time and I'll be able to weekend.