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11-15 10:10am Don Dubuc, Smart guns

Nov 15, 2013|

"Smart guns" (not capable of being fired except by owner) are a big part of the firearms debate. The public doesn’t receptive to mandatory use of this technology from manufacturers. Should the government mandate that all firearms incorporate smart gun technology, if it becomes commercially available? Don was joined by Mize Bazinet, Director of Public Affairs of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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And did this Friday's Don Dubuque filling in for Garland Robinette -- will be back with you on Monday. Welcome aboard and got a great show planned for you this morning would wrap up the program this morning actually be this afternoon in the 12 o'clock hour. Saints color analyst of former L issued lawless state running back Cokie guys John's gonna join me. I'm gonna talk to go out a couple of topics number one ask him because he's probably got that the cat -- seat when it comes to determining. Is Mark Ingram for real. We're gonna ask you at that point do you think you'll make it in getting the starting role as the saints running back. And also we gonna talk to him on the compare notes token I have a hunting trip planned to get a good -- coming next week. I wanna see how his hunting trips have gone -- deer and -- axle for. And compare that to mine and also yours and and maybe take some calls and questions in the last half hour. With regard to the outdoors. Hunting and fishing sports because a lot of you listen to me on Saturdays and -- for four hours but. Evidently that's not enough and I get a lot of calls and texts and emails during the Friday shows when. Fill in football and and and this really is not always the place to handle those topics so. I'm gonna give you a chance that the calling with a question or comment related -- -- fishing on the last thirty minutes of the program will do that for you on Friday economists. -- special headed to the weekend treat before we get to that token and opened 11 o'clock -- Robin marbles and the Jonas. Robin is the author of five self help books. Including our latest which is life Jack. Seven steps to balance your life now she has gone through the homeless -- she has actually be in the among the homeless lived with them. I and got a special unique perspective on an issue that is a growing quite large and in and controversial hear in -- owns about you know the Supreme Court Louisiana has now ruled. That it is legal in that people begging on the streets those people holding the signs a homeless. Asking for help standing in traffic side do have the right to do that. In the world talk to her about that also -- how to handle homelessness -- and cold weather win. It's going to see them all looking for places and finding them in places where you have not seen it just kind of get into the whole issue of how we can help these people. Nine to get what they need. And and really examine the circumstances of why these people in this situation. But even before that this hour. Will talk about a topic that is popped up on the show numerous times you know we do a lot of firearms and gun rights issues here gun control issues on this program. Sides on the forefront is on front burner all across the nation a lot of issues. That have been brought up about. Concealed carry and stand your ground laws and whenever we get in these discussions -- using a topic that pops up somewhere. Is that a Smart -- these are weapons that are not capable of being fired. By anyone except the owner of someone who. Specifically authorized. To use it. -- like we see that with some vehicles people and in my issue. I'm in some kind of way it's coded to you can actually start car operate a piece of machinery. On the wanna carry that into technology of far well there's been a nine international scientific poll was conducted by on the Keyon associates. It was released the results and the American public I don't think is quite ready for it sounds like a pie in the sky a great idea of someone steals -- gun. If someone takes you weapon from UN tries to use it on you. It won't work the -- will not be far -- is in the hands of the person who is authorized to use it. But is that really reliable and how close are we to that while that's some of the things we wanna explore with you and of course the phone lines are open for you. The whole three hours to 601870. You can call in told free -- those -- -- alive streaming on our web at WW all dot com. You can call us at 8668890878. And of course email is Donna WW all dot com but don't expect an immediate response on that because. That takes some time to get to those -- more of immediate nature is not text board which comes directly into the studio. You can text me immediately and 87870. With a question or comment. And do want to caution you -- old texting and driving. If you listen atomic -- -- program a state farm came on them with funding and is becoming more and more prevalent even though. It is illegal Louisiana many other states to text and drive actually use any -- -- media. So we asked that if you Tex -- responsibly have a designated driver or have a designated text -- If you choose to communicate was in that -- I -- that being said let me to suggest it was joining us discussed his. Mike as a -- he is the director of public affairs for an organization we don't quite regularly to discuss firearms issues technology anything to do. With the shooting sports season he joins us now hey Mike thanks for being -- undermined. Very good very good if you -- first of all explain maybe little bit more depth. And I did what exactly is a Smart -- I'd be happy -- Smart -- so far just pretty much in science fiction but the the idea is that. That it would somehow reliance on technology. That would allow only a single use or maybe a couple of users to actually fire that fire. It would use either a biometric. Device that would recognize here. Fingerprint here hand print somehow or more commonly. The technology -- -- to something called radio frequency identification. And that would involve the use of a bracelet or rain or watch with a chip and it. That would have to be in proximity. Usually to a handgun in order for it to fire. All right so. Is this something that we are looking at right now is we did back wouldn't. The old program get Smart was on and Don -- I take issue often make a -- cup and now everybody's got one of these things exactly on the past is that where we all this thing. Well so far there is not I spark and available on the market. There are companies. That from time to time say there about rating to come to market with a gun Italy seems to be six months off into the future. There's now a German company claimed to have a twenty QLR. Handgun. With this RFID technology discussed earlier but it's not yet available the American marketplace. And even if it work. We have serious concerns about the unintended consequences of people relying on technology like that. And what would just due to the cost of five owners -- any idea what of course these things as the it mass produce and become more commonplace that -- the price would generally drop but until that would happen. And may not happen enough to get -- you know when they average citizen can even for this is there any estimation what the cost of a weapon like that. At that that's the target question -- the manufacturing industry have looked at this it it's certainly been in the heat in the order at least initially event. Several hundred dollars more. On the depends he's saying he should such a product you brought to market should there be consumer demand for it and the price would come down. That's a -- the future perhaps. I would talk -- Mike Baz and -- he is a director of public affairs National Shooting Sports Foundation. We're talking about Smart guns well are they reliable will the American public go form how efficient -- day. How expensive will they would be if you want to weigh in and give -- your opinion. You can call us at 260187. He -- free it's 8668890878. Where you can text this at 87870. Good idea bad idea when we come back from his break and talk to Mike about the National Shooting Sports Foundation take on the results will discuss the results of this poll was conducted. On the -- & Associates and released. There's really came up this week it was conducted of 12100 Americans in October. What they feel about reliability. And the likely in this of buying one of these Smart -- today with thinking about Smart guns Smart weapons the concept is they are. Key to the authorized user all owner in some fashion that they would be the only person that would be able to fire the gun. It sounds great but in reality isn't all that good. We're asking you that is a subject of all right now ready opinion poll question should the government mandate. That all firearms incorporates Smart gun technology if it becomes commercially available. And I know this is early in the voting -- kind of flies in the face of the results of the poll we've got results on but this poll says 69%. Of you saying yes. 31% of you saying no the government should not always interest and see how these things change as we get into. The conversation in more information becomes available. To our listeners who respond to these polls. Witnesses Mike as a name might disease director of public affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation they have examined his Poland kind of given their own take on it which. Will get from him shortly but -- don't wanna talk about some of the specifics of the poll. Mike it's interesting to see you spent on his ball. 1% of the respondents said that they wore very or somewhat familiar with the concept of Smart gun technology which tells -- 80%. Knew nothing or very little about it but get 74%. At from opinions that they said they would not be reliable and all or very reliable do you agree with the unit that sold it on strings. Well what happened dot is that we found that the unaided awareness of the accounts of the -- -- was very low was -- -- 20%. Range. Where people -- the -- even a little bit about it but when we explain to them. That a Smart guy that would involve the use of this RFID technology or by him miniature chip. And the battery would have to power it after they heard that -- 74% of respondents said that these farms would not be reliable at all were very -- So that's sent to us that Americans have a healthy. Appreciation for technology but they're also aware. Who among this has had a. All of flashlight to fail because the batteries failed war. How many of -- change or smoke alarms detectors -- the year I think people one make here is that technology like that is involved. In it's something that's important of firearms -- little -- Yeah is -- apparently when they did you get the information then they quickly made a decision that. The reliability factor probably would not be there another aspect of the poll was the likely this of someone purchasing one. And overwhelming majority 63%. Said they would not -- they were given other choices as not very likely that was 18%. 10% said somewhat likely and 4% only 4% -- very likely. And how do you interpret that. Why someone would not purchase one if the technology was there again you basing this on. Of people who have gotten the information on what it's going to be required to make his gun -- to value. Right and that that was the sequence of the questions I think when people were thinking about it and realizing how important firearm is that it's got to work. You don't think about. A Smart gone so called -- that would fail how would fail would fail them in a manner so that it would fire when he didn't want it to order ailments such a way. That'd. It would not fire when he needed it to eleven that either of those things are better results. And when we have other technologies. Available that are very simple -- and gun locker put your gun into safe. As alternatives to people are aware that I think that seems a lot more appealing. Well. One of the other questions to end and I am not sure about the timing of this poll is October 7 and peso at that time. I don't think the government failure of the Obama care web site had been widely known yet. When they asked a question about the government getting involved and mandate. In other words pass a law that firearms manufactured would have to use this technology if and when it became available 70% said absolutely not we don't need the government making decision is and I don't think this was -- at all. But what the result salute -- obamacare website was showing another failure of government trying to get involved in private enterprise. He right about the -- that I think it. By and large and of course there are exceptions but Americans are wary of government mandates and and rightly so. Right again a couple of -- coming in here the first one says -- it is Smart guns would be a wonderful idea. Can't think of any reason it would be a bad idea would keep people from stealing weapons and using it on someone. Also one family members find the guns they can accidentally shoot themselves on the people. Also would deter the black market sale of guns says the person buying it can't use it. Sounds good to me and as far as the public having problem with gun control laws that date people with. Mental issues. Shared. Should not be able to buy a gun well maybe those people have mental issues themselves so they should not have a gun again the idea. And this is one of those ideas that sounds very good on the surface he had great idea. But. In reality when you get down to -- all these factors that would have to go -- to make the gun reliable people have questions about it at that point. Another aspect of this whole thing is timeliness. They are so many fire arms out there right now. That are going to be around for a long long time spiral to probably the most one of the most reliable long lasting products and haven't been manufactured. As far as their resiliency. I don't see that even if they didn't mandate that this would have any impact of decades may be even longer before it took any -- Well we think that's right down. And it you have to remember without regard to a Smart gun in the home. Would you then I'll leave a loaded Smart gun around as opposed to having to conventional farms that you would be certain to unload and locked. And then you realize ninety and a -- battery or that -- to work or every time and that that's that's problematic we think. And in addition since. The most available technology being discussed for Smart guys involved the use of of operational literal reading that would be required to activate it. Why would and people also steal that bracelet. Or that -- we don't really think that. It's if it's going to be. A much a vocal public -- policy plots to have Americans out there as opposed -- having people really secure the -- And then the question may come up welts and Smart tech Smart technology is mandated it's available it's out there. Let's take in all the guns that don't meet that criteria that's when the real rubber is gonna meet the road. I think that yes -- people do think ahead I think there's some people out there that would was certainly worry about that. But as you point out there or something like 300 million guns in America in the hands of law abiding American citizens and we have -- Second Amendment right to pass. All right -- you can be able stay a little while longer. I can't -- -- -- yes I would because when we come back from the news I would like for you to and give us the National Shooting Sports Foundation official statement -- -- The results of this poll has come shortly. I would talk with -- bassinet. He's with the job as a -- I'm sorry and director of public affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation. And when we come back we'll continue to take your text messages. Smart gun technology I'll ask a few questions and you can comment on the days I should the government mandate the use of the -- and when available. Also how likely would you be to purchase a Smart gun. If in fact they were available and also how reliable. Do you think it would be for protection if you would like to read the results of that survey how was taken. How your fellow American citizens responded. You can go to the National Shooting Sports Foundation infecting -- The short address I would go to www. NN SS path. Blog dot com and you'll see it pop up right there this was dated November the thirteen. We have Mike as -- anywhere this season director of public affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation commenting. On the results of recent poll that was taken with regard to Smart gun technology and that's the subject of operating opinion poll. -- unscientific poll that we take here on a daily -- sometimes an hourly basis at WW dot com we ask you to weigh in. Asking you should the government mandate that all firearms incorporates Smart gun technology. If it becomes commercially available Smart -- simply being. A far on that is fashioned in such a way that only -- designated own rural authorized purchaser is able to fire the fire on. In case it is stolen targets into the hands of someone who is on authorized to use that weapon and right now. 63%. Of you are saying no it should not. 37%. Saying yes that's kind of reversed over the the last thirty minutes or so. I'm Mike before us -- several text that are coming in some comments both about me and you a hospital I for you first of all -- Paso in an effort in case we do run showed on time give us the National Shooting Sports Foundation official. Response to the results of this poll in May -- even before that I'd like -- to may be -- give us the Cliffs Notes. On the national shooting sports Foundation's mission statement -- a lot of people misconstrue. What the National Shooting Sports Foundation really is all about. Well that's right that I'm happy to do that the National Shooting Sports Foundation as the trade association for. The firearms industry. And means we represent. Everybody in the industry from the manufacturers. Through the retailers. Range owners and even some of the the journalists to cover. The shooting and -- hunting outdoor sports industry. I'm very good end as far as after examining the other results of this poll what is the foundations official. Take a response on the use of Smart guns on the government. Possibly mandating that all file on manufacturers. Incorporate that technology into producing their products. Our position really is simple. The National Shooting Sports Foundation does not oppose the development. Of any owner authorized technology for firearms. Church such projects. Become available the American public we think individual should have. The right to make her own decision on whether that's the right firearms for them to have in their home. We do oppose any government mandates of this technology for the reasons we're discussing earlier. Got it on -- Mike I'm gonna rattle through some of these text real quick in. That will take a break what you digest them and come back in you can comment on any of them that you would like but -- here's the first one that says. This should be the direction we move it. It isn't ready yet but we can get it right if the Willis there if you poison the water with the negativity before and it will even take longer just imagine what difference it would make -- currently owns ten guns I would buy one if it was available. We have to demand that technology and it will happen. You have a guest on who is poisoning the water and we pretty much know where you meaning me stand in the mature that he does do you think it's -- the good idea would consider but only have to much much testing to make sure those five pounds a lot the next one says if you leave a Smart gun loaded. Then you leaving the normal gun loaded and -- That comes down to the responsibility of the owner of the gun will not make a difference on them not being responsible with his sentiment thing Mike said. Another says every piece of technology has been jail broken do you think they won't cracked a -- to bypass this technology. Yet another text is bad idea just like he can't rely on laser grips and laser sights to work when the time comes. And you need to practice with the iron sights you couldn't rely on the gun to work. Another one says do you wanna put devices on objects to make them more safe. And another -- says this technology is only going to restrict the citizens do you think the arms the government sells to other countries. Is going to have Smart technology. Do you think the guns they give to cartels like in fast and furious is gonna have that technology. Or the guns that are given to arcade is going to have that technology I think that a lot there to digest. And a guest is Mike as amazed -- director of public affairs. National Shooting Sports Foundation and now Mike we had an awful lot of -- a lot of information to address that and we'll get to that but. Before we come let you comment on that Yemen hunt bills joining us now -- -- -- on line Jim thank you for calling welcome to the thanked. -- -- Are you aware of the there are -- a company and I'm probably in the name wrong the -- it was magnate triggered something like that there's. Oh very there's on the you know there was a police officer. Well very prolific author trainer. Expert witness in the scorched almost you but who actually carried you re all over -- willows. -- affected by this company story sparked trigger it and all of the so you ring we. Several magnets in it. They were not people at that point trying to make it work and so automatic pistols. Ears and she carried on and off for Wilbur year. End it and the end of potential least sit that it was interesting and concepts put -- -- trustworthy. Because if you didn't if it is in worse for instance bloody war for instance he didn't grip the pistol. -- exactly the same way every time it would not fighter. It and you know she chairing that whether it be -- arms citizen oral law enforcement officer. Stretch Williams does the score officer. Well you'd need to work -- you wanted to work. Speak to noise you know pinnacle at the end of the they've probably well. -- I believe the federal government is also invested large sums of money. -- over the elapsed since fifteen years on this scale and ID bill I think in closing note that the -- the every law enforcement officers worse might be here is Steve Phelps problems niche is weapon and use it on it. And I think that it district though you were robust. Forward while probably the majority use one or enforcement officers would be carrying Smart pistols. When Jim I gotta tell yeah I would have the very same concerns this is a private citizens. -- -- -- -- you know tell you to work under those conditions do. Mike are you familiar with -- trigger the company that he's talking about only instance and he's quoting here. I'm not familiar with that particular technology -- but Jim raised a number of very good point. And he's right in fact the federal government has donated or are allocated more than twelve billion dollars to the study of this technology and they concluded. Just again -- included in June of this year. That the technology has never risen about our prototype stage and is not reliable. Sell bomb or I think until it enables reliable and we see law enforcement officers being willing to accept that that the farm American citizens aren't going to want to accept it either. Very good yes something's you know you can let him -- in the testing phase but when lives depend on it. Don't think so actually Jim thank you seek help appreciated. -- promise that lets you comment on some of those Texans come in anything there. Strike -- -- that you wanna jump up and talk about. Well a couple of points that like to react to the first is they are too. Any position that we might take as an association. Perhaps slowing the development technology. I don't think that's going to be the case. As we've said. We're not opposed to development technology we have serious concerns were well aware that history. We know what technology is currently available however should not gonna work come up with something that we haven't thought. That our manufacturers have themselves tested and many of them have been involved in trying to develop the technology. I'll will certainly certainly be happy to take a look at it. But more importantly. We think it should be the individual citizen's decision as to whether he or she would want a farm equipment that technology to be in -- house. Sell again. Not opposed -- development technology we are opposed to the the mandates so that's really that's the bottom line likely pure listeners with today. So if the presidential message was. If you like you present fire on you can keep it but we have some better ideas and maybe we could go along with that I -- And it. Mike -- thank you for joining us are really appreciated in thanks all the hard work in in in good information that was put out by the national shooting sports ought to thank you. Thank you and have a great week in negative effect -- -- -- day -- director of public affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation we got a couple minutes if you wanna get a text of phone call in. -- back to address those and also a good check on the results of our very unscientific yet I think. Very. And some prominent. Opinion poll question this morning -- Biden and really took a huge turnaround. A once people started getting some information about Smart does he think the government should mandate should force manufacturers. To utilize that technology should it become available -- -- -- WW college -- high school football headquarters tonight you can join the big chief Deke Bellavia for the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football roundup. Live from my prep game of the week it's -- that -- -- -- -- plus reports live from this week's big games. Including -- -- in east Saint John airline at Covington brother Martin Bruce's jazz what archbishop Sean saint Paul's. And -- 35 at east Jefferson and don't miss our WWL online game of the week with -- Dunlap during the play by play. That will be live from John Eric and man to -- starting at 640 you can stream the game on desktop laptop Smartphone tablet. And we have a new prep sports web site through WWO dot com with a -- form -- text email alerts updated photo and video galleries. Articles blogs and more check it out go to WW all dot com click on the sports link in prep football. If you -- high school football this is the place for the most comprehensive coverage in America. It's the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football -- 7 PM to 1030. And the WW well on line game of the week that starts at 6:40 PM. Tonight on WWL dot com also looking at very unscientific. Humble WWL opinion poll. I don't know off of ever seen this happen before. But we've been commenting about the the Smart -- situation it was a a company in the -- & Associates that conducted a very scientific poll. And the result state they took the pullback in October and the results were released this week and one of the questions on this poll. Was should government mandate the use of technology if and when available. The results. 70% saying no end the way they broke it down the remaining 30% 17%. Saying yes and thirteen dissents saying don't know. Well that's exactly. Mirrors are very unscientific. Little WWL polls 70% of you. I was saying no and 30% or saying yes both of them. Seen the polls work like that together. I also got another text then this'll comic close up of discussion on the Smart comes it says one a Smart on. Would attract a -- only the owner will have the key now that's Smart well. And again that sounds good but the key could be stolen the key could be taken and the other thing is do you really wanna have to go dig in for a key and unlock -- trigger a lot when you. Most quickly need -- Anyway it's been a great discussion one thing -- -- an -- director of public affairs National Shooting Sports Foundation if you really wanna get some information about firearms in the use of them in America. Odd terminology technology. You can contact them for a free guide to shooting sports and that's very comprehensive and and really unbiased probably mentally checked out coming up next hour. Robin marvels gonna join us we're gonna talk about the homeless. Now what about these folks why are they in that situation what can we do to help get amount. And provide the needs that they really. -- will be back with that coming up there on a think tank it's Friday I'm going to be.